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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Domicile -- The Governing Issue

By Anna Von Reitz

We have been held -- incorrectly -- under "municipal law".  And what is "municipal law"?  It is otherwise described as "private international law".  Of course, we discovered this and other fun facts some time ago on the road --- as Cat Stevens put it -- "to find out", but beyond the names and labels, what does that imply?  

A state is governed by public international law --- or is supposed to be; a commercial corporation, however, is governed under private international law. 

I make a distinction here between commercial corporations which are chartered by states, and international trade organizations which are not chartered and truly privately held unincorporated entities. 

Prior to this I have observed that "unincorporated" indicates "sovereign" entities and political status, and that it is entirely possible to be "corporate" without being "incorporated".  

So, in a nutshell, what the vermin have done is to grant us all a franchise -- like a Dairy Queen franchise -- to operate under our NAMES for their benefit.
  This franchise is kept in a perpetual state of subjugation to their private municipal law by their presumption of guardianship over it, and periodically, these franchises are bankrupted for the convenience and profit of the parent organizations. 

Our lawful Trade Names, also known as our "Good Names" and "Christian Names"  have thus been infringed upon and have been abused via legal chicanery and transported into the jurisdiction of municipal (private international law) by fraudulent actions undertaken by the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Administration and more recently by actions undertaken by the Obama Administration. 

Whereas FDR mischaracterized us as Cestui Que Vie Estate Trusts, Obama has mischaracterized us as Public Transmitting Utilities.  And in both cases nothing is deserved but a firm and resounding, "No way in Hell." from the American Public.  

How to put an end to this pernicious deceit and fraud and victimization?  There are many issues to address, but by far, the most potent (and for them, unanswerable) issue is the issue of domicile.  Where do you choose to live?  And therefore, under what form of law do you live?  

You do have a choice.  You have to have a choice guaranteed to you, for any of this to be legal in any sense of the word. 

That is why the Expatriation Act was passed by the Rump Congress back in July of 1868 the day before they published their deceitfully disguised Articles of Incorporation as "The United States of America, Inc." --- a Scottish Commercial Corporation --- as "The Constitution of the United States of America".  

The main pillar of their deceit has been the presumption that you "voluntarily" chose to live and function as a British Citizen, merely "residing" here for the purpose of providing "essential government services".  

If they and their presumptions were to be believed, nearly all of the American population voluntarily went to work for the Queen and the UK --- sans a paycheck or any actual work assignments, of course. 

All of this concerns only them and their deceits and their internal issues and workings and multiple bankruptcies.  We are, in fact and in truth, not part of their baileywick at all --- they are in fact, part our our baileywick when they come ashore on American soil.  

So how have they contrived to rob generations of Americans of the value of their material and intellectual and labor assets?  

By making a false claim of domicile.  They signed you up as "citizens" of their version of "United States" when you were a baby in your cradle.  And they have used this falsified public record against you all the days of your lives to make your subject to both municipal and territorial law, instead of the Public Law of your actual state and country. 

Thanks to their fraud, deceit, and Gross Breach of Trust, you now have to make a choice --- will you be recognized as an American, free men and women owed all the rights, benefits, and property assets of your heritage, or will you continue to let these Euro-trash con artists continue to feed off of you and your country like leeches? 

Obviously, you need to change the falsified public records by returning the Birth Certificates to their Sources and by making the declaration of domicile (or as they spelled it back then, "domicil") and expatriating from their foreign jurisdiction back to the jurisdiction of your birthright. 

We have made this Declaration of Domicile part of the Certificate of Assumed Name process, but you must all become aware of the importance of this issue of declaring your domicile as "land and soil" of Georgia, Maine, Texas, etc. -- and enabled to bring it forward properly in court.  

What advantage does a proper declaration of domicile provide you?  

It means you have to be tried under the Public Law, not private international commercial law.  It means that there is no such thing as a "thought crime" or a "victimless crime" or a "statutory infringement".  It means that you retain the full roster of trial options set forth in Blackstone's Commentaries, including "Trial by Record"--- which, if you have done your homework, will more than adequately prove that you are an American and that you are properly domiciled on the land and soil of your birth state. 

That cuts you free of their municipal law, and it also demands that instead of being treated under their territorial law, you are owed The Law of Peace from their military courts, as a Third Party Civilian Non-Combatant having nothing to do with their internecine power struggles and con games. 

If you have not actually and factually harmed someone who is bringing complaint or stolen or damaged someone else's property by your direct actions for which a complaining party appears --- there is no case, no prevailing law, and no presumable jurisdiction for THEM to operate it. 

You, therefore, have the option of declaring yourself free of their enslavement and their false claims, and merely have to become aware enough of the issues to do so and defend yourself and your assets accordingly. 

Here, courtesy a friend to the cause, is the controlling British law summation from Foreign and Domestic Law -- a Concise Treatise on Private International Jurisprudence, by John Alderson Foote:

"The 'right of expatriation' is not, perhaps, the happiest of phrases, but it is manifest that the feudal theory of indissoluble allegiance had become an anachronism, and a Royal Commission was appointed in May 1868 to inquire into the English laws of naturalisation and allegiance generally."

"As to domicil for testamentary purposes, or with relation to succession to personal property on intestacy, the law has been considerably modified …”

"British subjects dying in a foreign country shall be deemed for all purposes of testate or intestate succession as to movables to retain the domicil they possessed at the time of going to reside in such foreign country, unless they have resided in such foreign country for a year at least, and shall have made a formal and public written declaration of an intention to become domiciled there.”

"Domicil being a question of fact, it is not competent for individual States to enact restrictions upon, or facilities for, its acquisition ; and such enactments should not, in the tribunals of other States, obtain recognition."

"The principle that laws are commands addressed to persons, which has been referred to above,(«) renders it important to consider what entities come within that term."

"With regard to any particular municipal law, a foreign State must be regarded as occupying a position closely analogous to that of a foreign corporation ; the personality of the latter being conferred upon it by its own municipal law, while that of the former is created by the public law of nations.”

"Foreign States, or bodies politic created by international law, occupy a position analogous to that of foreign corporations. In the case of monarchical governments, the Sovereign may be regarded as a corporation sole, representing the State; in the case of democratic or republican governments, the State itself, under its international name or style, as a body politic, may be regarded as a corporation aggregate."

"Neither a personal Sovereign nor a body politic (or State) may be sued in an English Court, unless the privilege of sovereignty has been waived, expressly or impliedly, by voluntary submission to the jurisdiction or otherwise." 

Bring their BIRTH CERTIFICATE to court and lay it down on a copy of The Holy Bible and on top of that, lay down your Expatriation of your identical NAME from their domicile and back to the land and soil of your birth state. Add the Certificate of Assumed Name on top of that---- and stare the Judge in the eye.  

You, as an American, are owed the full faith and credit provided by every municipal and territorial corporation on Earth.  You, as a British Territorial or Municipal "Citizen" are a slave and are owed nothing at all, not even common decency.  

You make the choice.  

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  2. Where, and how do I get those two documents?
    1. my Expatriation of identical NAME from their domicile and back to the land and soil of my birth state.
    2. my Certificate of Assumed Name.


    1. Steve, go to post 928 Basic Package of Editable Forms and follow instructions.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Hi Steve,
      You'll find the Basic Package of Editable Forms, article 928
      on Anna's website located here;

  3. C, Johnson: 'LOOK AT THIS UCC 9-311

    Reposting here to Move ON...

    Kelli MillerJune 23, 2018 at 4:56 PM

    Thanks C.!!! That triggered a wonderful missing piece for me as well! I dug deeper and also watched the videos that I discovered in the comments section, very interesting INdeed!!
    I Now have a much clearer understanding and realization regarding "Titles" and the importance of Authentication for our "deeds" to have proper Witnessing and lawful/legal standing!! This fits perfectly and finalizes our paperwork in peaceful accordance within their own "rules" for True returner and True holder in due course on ALL our recorded Acts/Deeds at the county recorders office!!! Perfect!!
    It has always bothered me to have the "STATE OF" assume custodianship and "Holder in due course" of My authored ACTS and deeds by recording in their "system" so this to me IS huge! Now the plan of action is to order authenticated copies of ALL my "Titles" back, Authenticated at every level, finalize with Affidavit of Acceptance, Acknowledgment and be the Sole and True "Holder in Due Course" as it should be. YES!!

    Thank you again!!!

    Much Gratitude, Love and Peace

    1. I have this archived some place from awhile back. Jonah needs to learn how to read codes especially the Rule 220 "foundation". Does not say what he is claiming, does not mean BC is evidencing a Title , it is stating the BC can be used to prove you are the same owner as listed on an actual title. Then when that is established they can use the date to prove when you are over 18 because now you have established that it is your info on the BC, it does not mean you are in perpetual childhood until you provide affidavit claiming otherwise.
      So 2 mis-interpretations on 1 code. So if he laid the wrong "foundation" the rest of his document possible falls apart with nothing to stand on.

    2. Yes, agreed Mike, however it did/does trigger a deeper consideration from those responsibly doing their own due diligience on the subject matter. Like all INFO put out there, its just "words" till you do your own seeking to innerstand its true value.

      Much Gratitude, Love and Peace

    3. Do you have a claim without meets and bounds on the land? Does the ROLB need the medical portion of that document evidencing weights and measures to meet the required rules of the game? We have been given a character to use clothed with suitability in a world of fiction. Now, for my next act!

    4. @ mike v call him any monday or wednesday 7pm and see if you can prove him wrong, it is cowardly to call him out without hearing his side. betcha you have misinterpreted jonah. He is spot on with the law. I look forward to hearing you challenge him on air, he thrives on rebutting erroneous allegation and misinterpretations of his work.

  4. Can we take our ball and not play?

  5. The English did not like the concept of "Domicile"!
    (see Introduction pg XV)

  6. I have never seen such an awakening as we are currently experiencing.Where were all these people 40 years ago...they were just being silent because they heard to many stories of people fighting the system only to find out that most of them wound up in jail...but there is a ton of people now that know what is going on....!! Every site I go to involving our financial system , under the comment section of every utube article....!! And now that Trump knows our "Federal Reserve" has stolen the wealth of the world, starting and including us, he is starting to agree to get everyone's gold back, including Kim Jung Um who apparently also had huge amounts of gold stollen...The banks strategically stole everyone's gold without realizing what they gave away for it...!! Truth and justice..!! If Trump accomplishes everything he plans on doing we won't need to correct our will be "stare decisis" ..!! And instead of Corporations, we will only have "international trade organizations "!! I used to ask you what is the alternative to a corporation...and you finally gave us the answer..!!

  7. If we are not acting under commercial law, how do we file a mechanics lien or commercial lien? Do we still use the UCC to lien those owing property back- for example, in Probate Court, on behalf of the deceased, whose parents holding adverse interest as the first principal to this attorney, who then became their sons attorney who now have concealed his will, altered the documents to disinherit his children who are now their 3rd party principals inopposite the Ohio law of natural descent, falling upon some ancient theory they are allowed to exercise their right as the first principals, so this attorney named Swift now holds no duty to disclose to his joint-clients, as he was foisted upon the kids who are under duress and coercion fearing loss of their jobs and loss of love from their grandparents- yet these are the true heirs of the Estate. Attorney has placed his loyalty to the Grandparents holding possession now of the assets of the deceased. This Attorney's loyalty is to his first principal client. Under client confidentiality he holds no fiduciary duty to this third generation acting on behalf of the grandparent against their own deceased child I bring suit directlty to Presdent Trump under his Executive order of Dec 20, 2017 authorizing Mnuchin Secretary of the Dept of Treasury to seize the assets transferred out of the nane of the deceased? Do we "skip" the Probate Court but "lodge on demand" Notice of filing a Complaint in the Executuve Branch? Do i still use the UCC-1 & 3 forms to secure the complaint? Is an Affidavit of Commercial or Mechanic's Lien proper?

    I am baffled how to proceed on Behalf of the Estate if we are now acting under private law common law instead of commercial law!!

  8. The itnj deals in human trafficking and child sex abuse. It seems that the fraud of the ALL CAPS NAME accounts could be considered as human trafficking. Is that possibly why you brought it up here? rational

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