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Sunday, June 17, 2018

American Un-Intelligence Network -- All Actual White Hats Be Aware

By Anna Von Reitz

I have just issued a short and scathing article explaining to everyone that the Norman Conquest happened.  

I know it may be "Big News" to those who dropped out in the Sixth Grade, but if you are an actual "White Hat", then stop promoting self-interested British Bunko and remember basic historical facts.  

King John was not "king" in Britain.  That right was shared by all the Norman Barons who were the conquerors in 1066 and their progeny--- their great--great grandsons in the early 1200's when the whole issue of The Magna Carta and John's double-dealing with the Pope arose.  

All John had was a title --- and a title is nothing more than a function of a trust, in this case, the Church's trust property in England at the time---the churches, monasteries, and other assets of the Roman Catholic Church, together with whatever "commonwealth" wasteland was given to the church's administration. It does not involve the rest of us then or now.  

Those who are misinterpreting or deliberately spreading this gross disinformation about King John need to be shut down--intellectually-- with extreme prejudice, because they are knowingly or unknowingly promoting not only a gross falsehood, but are seeking to build a basis for equally false British claims in the present time against our nation. 

Britain does not own us any more than "King" John owned the Norman Conquerors, and his actions do not undermine The Magna Carta then or now. 

If the idea was not so pernicious, it would be laughable, so let's all laugh --- and tune up your Shinola Sensors and clue in "American Intelligence Network" that they have fallen on their noses and will be known as "American Un-Intelligence Network" and a storefront for the British Bunko Squad until they redeem themselves. 

Remember that these Brits work under Roman Civil Law, and one of the main Maxims of Roman Civil Law is: "Let him who will be deceived, be deceived."   

If they can fool you into thinking you are a slave or subject to them, then you are. 

If you don't know the history of the Norman Conquest and The Magna Carta and you believe their false re-telling of it, then that becomes your reality and you naturally fall victim to all their other lies and the false assumptions resulting from them.  

It therefore behooves everyone to crack the books and examine the circumstances and know the history and the law so that you recognize it when these people try to pass a Whopper like this whole "King John and the Pope" story off on you.  

Remember Amos?  "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge."  Remember "Study to make yourself approved."

A man cannot be lazy and free.  

As I explained earlier today, the actual circumstance is that the Britain doesn't actually own anything related to the United States and was only allowed to exercise "Delegated Power" in the Territorial United States.  Britain acted in Gross Breach of Trust and Fraud and Usurpation against our actual Federal Government and so, abused our Delegated Powers for a hundred and fifty years. 

One of its primary abuses was to misuse our Patent Office to create a system of Territorial and Municipal Governments that then "enfranchised" all the commercial corporations.  This nefarious activity was staged out of our Patent Office in the (vain) hope and assumption that Britain would not be detected as the source of this foul scheme and we would be blamed for it, if it ever came to public knowledge. 

Well, it has come to public knowledge.  And so has the bankruptcy fraud.  And so have the "Life Force Value Annuities".  And so has the whole lousy, rotten, immoral, barbaric, fraudulent "Birth Certificate" system.  And so has the "dollar for dollar" exchange rate.  And so has the quasi-military court system.  And so has the role of the "American" Bar Association.  And so has the plot to undermine and vacate the constitutional agreements from the federal side of the equation.  

It's all exposed. And the perpetrators responsible are not the Americans.  The perpetrators are the Brits who usurped upon our Delegated Powers by means of fraud and semantic deceit.  

Ironically, as Our Father would have it, because the Brits did all this evil "in our names" and used our Patent and Trademark Office and Copyright Office to do it, we are the actual owners of all the Territorial and Municipal Governments worldwide, and therefore also the owners of the charters of all the commercial corporations that those "governments" issued.  Not the Queen.  

Always remember that she held only delegated power. She never had any power of her own on our shores.  She merely operated in Gross Breach of Trust and commercial contract and used our own powers to abuse us and everyone else. 

And now that the rats have finally outsmarted themselves by rendering all three levels of the "federal government" incompetent, and by Operation of Law, all the delegated powers have returned to the Delegating Authority, The United States of America [Unincorporated], and we have acknowledged, accepted, and re-conveyed those delegated powers back to our control----Britain no longer has a word to say to our government, except perhaps --- "We're terribly, terribly sorry. We will be happy to return all the assets that are owed to you."  

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  1. Does Anna have any thoughts about David Williams?

  2. Magna Carta is sited in many supreme Court opinions . King John was beheaded for violating the magna Carta by sneaking in a hidden tax.habus corpus comes directly from it and common law is not just case law although England started keeping case president to preserve common law .basically common law or Volks writ people's law or viking law was oral arguments as people were illiterate . But your Witt was good enough to to convince a jury of your equal/piers. You win.

  3. Let the deceiver-exploiter of the gullible receive judgment not to exceed hell

  4. Do people even still view those people? I had it out with them a year ago and left them with egg on their faces.

  5. Is this meant to reference American Intelligence Media, as we don't find an American Intelligence Network. AIM is on the UK Queen rant. Now doing T-drops, as in Trump tweets. Maybe its a 'hint' to the title?

    1. The Talpiot Program is said full force theft of our patents to Bolshevik us. Zohar Zisapel did 27 start-ups in 27 years?? And that intellectual property came from... where? USA, their feeding trough.

    2. Thanks Wink. That info on Israeli Talpiot needs to spread far and wide. Hope the real White Hats behind Trump know about it.

    3. It seems like AIM, but which video is the Judge referencing? They put out 2-3 a day.

    4. No answer from anyone so I will ask again:

      All the Queen's Men
      American Intelligence Media

    5. Hosea 4:6,Amos 8:11 NKJV - My people are destroyed for lack of ...
      My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being priest for Me; Because you have.

    6. 2 Timothy 2:15 KJV - Study to shew thyself approved unto - Bible ...
      Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

    7. Mustang, two great scriptures. Says a lot. One must study the word of God to SEE if they line up with God, or are falling to the outside.

  6. "A man cannot be lazy and free."
    Can a man be a slave and still be free?
    Can a man be persecuted and still be free?
    Can a man be imprisoned and still be free?

    1. If one can train one's mind to hear the inner audible sound current & follow Soul's harmonious lead on ITS voice to ITS true home...yes

    2. Leland, let me tell you 'audible sounds' are going on inside the body; I recently had some test done, forget which one it was, but man it is LOUD! It goes Swoosh, Swoosh, thump thump ka-boom ka boom swoosh. Its the heart pounding and blood rushing thru the body. LOL

    3. Didn't Ben Franklin write about your typical noise makers Abby? "Fart Proudly!"

    4. CJ, apples and oranges. And you don't know one from the other, Lol.

    5. u do an alkaline diet like Jehovah Witnesses? Now that is a sane diet imo.

    6. CJ, let me clarify then: Your entire summation has absolutely no relationship to me. I've never been a member of any church, nor do I feel ''I have to do'' anything. I have never tried to ''earn' my way, nor have I ever tried to impress God in any way. In fact I never went looking for God at all; He came looking for me and in a strong way.
      I never plan to do anything that I do; I don't feel obligated to speak to anyone about anything, nor do I feel it is my job to save anyone. I didn't do anything to get saved, but I was saved solely by Him, and of that there is no doubt. It was at that 'moment' that I just was saved; which means I was changed and He did the changing; I didn't.
      I will speak what he puts on my mind at various times, and whoever doesn't like it, well too damned bad, lol. I am not here to cow down to please people; I already have One Master.
      I am also not in this world ''to serve others'.
      I know all about the fakes; I point them out all the time, including the fake pastors.
      I know what righteousness is, and I know who made me righteous, and I know it wasn't me. Its You who thinks I think its about me; not me. I also know who taught me everything I know, which is all that I NEED to know, and I know that He didn't teach it to me to hide it under a bushel basket.
      And let me say, that what I do is point out things that I see are wrong, and I say so. Stop calling it ''complaining'.

      While you gave up serving the Lord, and started serving the World, I gave up serving the World, and started serving the Lord, but I don't even consciously work at it; I am just a vessel. There is not a snowball's chance in hell that He is gonna spit me outta his mouth, either. (Matt.7)

    7. CJ, then you do not know the Christ of the bible at all. No, he did not come to serve US; but to get us to serve Him. He didn't come to make friends with sinners either, and he most assuredly did not. He came to die for repentant people, and those who are not repentant, condemn themselves.
      Never did he say he came to save anyone 'from the world'. He came to save them from their Sin; did you miss that? It happens to be the very crux of the gospel!

      You have a 'christ' that is not The Christ of the bible. The Christ of the bible said 'bring my enemies here and slay them before me'. He told the Pharisees they were of their father the devil and children of hell. And thats just for starters; do you want me to expound on that?
      Christ was no Mr. NiceGuy. Its time for You to find the genuine Christ and drop this worldly catering one. And BTW I have not condemned anyone; why don't you read more carefully. Just because I am so sure of what I say, is no reason to make all your false accusations.
      True, that He did not come the first time to condemn anyone, however, he is in the wings ready to 'make his second trip' and then it will be to condemn.
      Who is it that is in here all gung-ho thinking you are going to ''change the world'? Thinking You have such power to do so?
      And where did you ever get the idea that Christ is like any of US? But I will tell you this: I AM like Him. Neither of us are pansies who are catering to the whims of people. Neither of us 'loves the world' or the things OF the world.
      Neither of us are 'friends of sinners'.

      James 4:4 Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that friendship (with) of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.

      Now......who is it that You 'know'? and follow??

    8. Abby - Jesus loves u! God LOVES U! I love u! What a GREAT PIECE OF WORK U R!

    9. I Love You
      I am Sorry
      Please Forgive Me
      Thank You

      Much Gratitude, Love and Peace for ALL Now

    10. C.J. I resonate completely with every word and your spirit spoken to the false, lost prophet, literal believer above! Sooo many uncomfortable Feelings get triggered within me when I hear her shallow, small minded words, and therefore I have found that when I truly feel those words spoken above, it awemazingly heals the energy within me and brings me back IN balance and harmony within.
      So, IN essence it was me thinking and feeling out loud to balance My Now. No confusion or offense intended.

      I am thankful for your truth, your passion and compassion more than you realize....Thank you and Godspeed to you too!

    11. C. Johnson, is there anyway to have a little more in-depth discussion with you away from this site? I am even willing to give out my personal phone number off of this page.

    12. CJ, you prove over and over again that you are totally lacking in godly Discernment. In fact I find you almost comical in your ongoing butt-kissing diatribe and self-aggrandizement.

      You also prove you take your favorite scriptures, and have thrown away all the you can preserve your own personal popularity. What you have turned a blind eye to is that there are two sides to the entire gospel.......I don't have a personal gospel, but I DO quote the 'other side' of the story, and word for word. Which I did not write, nor did I slant it in any way. They are ALSO the very words of God....not mine.
      They just aren't very pretty and God put them there with the intent to ''prick the heart of sinners' to bring them to their senses.
      You choose not to acknowledge that those less palatable words are for the purpose of 'conviction of sin'....which causes one to come to repentance. That was/is His intention of those scriptures that YOU try to persuade me not to even bring up.
      Ezek. 3:18 when I say unto the wicked, thou shall surely die; and you give him no warning, nor speak to warn the wicked about his wicked way, TO SAVE HIS LIFE, ; then that same wicked man shall surely die in his inequity, but his blood will be on Your hands.

      So CJ that is also a command of our 'mission' which you chose to leave out, which is the 'other half of the story'....because You couldnt stand being hated for it,trying to preserve your own Self. But its still there, has not been erased, and IS the written word. And still the Truth.

      Coddling does no one any favor; but it is Truth that sets people free, and when they are freed, they are free indeed. Truth is true love; it is not beating people, which you owe me an apology for accusing me of.....but thats on You.

      Love forewarns people. The teacher lets her students know, study because there is going to be a test tomorrow; if you don't pass it, you will get a failing grade. A good neighbor warns there is a gas leak, get out of your house. Love is telling a deaf man to get off the track, a train is coming. A man who follows Christ warns, repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand; repent or perish.
      And NONE of these Warners warn, to win points with anyone; they just Do what is right.
      So those are the very words of God; anyone who doesn't like it, GO complain to Him; he wrote it, not me. So CJ I suggest you go complain to God that abby is in here quoting from Your Word and those scriptures are just too harsh, Lol.

      CJ against you hand out erroneous advice to kelli. You tell her to judge by 'what takes place in HER spirit'?? That is the same as 'her own opinion'. But scripture tells us to judge righteous judgement using the word of God as our guide.

      Final word to you CJ: We don't all have the same mission in life. Some of us have been given the 'hard stuff to do'. You? I don't see any mission in you, except that you decided to go coddle the world-ly. But that is on You; I'm not in charge of You, or anyone else and I don't go around barking Orders at people.
      And until you can show that these (harsh) scriptures are not written, then I think its Time for you to rethink the road you are traveling, 'to see if you are approved'. We do not get to choose what to mention, and what to leave out, which is what You are doing.
      Did you forget that Paul said 'I do not hesitate to preach the Whole counsel of God'. He was saying people are owed the whole story, not just part of it, and that God demands it.
      Half-truths are no different than Lies.

    13. CJ, No, what You mean is ''why don't I do what YOU say''. Who do you think you are fooling, lol.

    14. As most of u know...I love u regardless of which spiritual path one may choose this particular lifetime.

      God love u2 and has life after life & always will as Jesus does as well.

      Let's stick to Anna's ongoing mission:

      "Our States have been at peace since 1814.  Our People remain exactly where they have always been, despite the deliberate falsification of millions of public records by agents of the British Crown Corporation.

      We have seen the evidence in full and we declare that this is not and never was anything but unbridled international crime and legal chicanery carried out by the British Crown and the British Government and the British Monarch operating under conditions of open and deliberate fraud, Breach of Trust, and violation of Commercial Contracts (the Constitutions) owed to us."

    15. CJ, you don't witness because your knowledge is so insufficient. But if you really learn to read, you will see I am not witnessing to anyone at all; I am merely correcting your gross errors, but you try to deflect from that, since you can't stand for anyone to see your faults. So, you choose to TRY to deflect from your own errors and short-comings and want to try to shoot arrows at me. Oh, how funny is that.

      What makes you think my quoting of scripture is ''my teachings"? Do you still not see how you refuse correction BY the Word? And stubbornly reject the very written word? Are you really that 'hard of reading and hard of learning'?
      Did you not recognize that Ezekiel is a prophet of God, and that those were HIS words? But you want to call them ''my teachings"? And you try to persuade folks in here that Ezekiels prophetic word are anti-christ? You can't see how your even suggesting that, makes You the antiChrist around here?
      CJ, its time to go take a good hard look at your self, and do a few days of Introspection of your Self. Honestly, You have a bigger problem than you care to realize......because you have never received a love for the Truth; you have pretty much exposed that about your Self.

    16. CJ, you need to get born again, so you can actually learn what is what. Because its obvious you have never been born again.
      Thats why you have NO idea what I'm even talking about and don't know how to rightly divide the word of God.
      Nuff said.

    17. In looking at many of these comments.Are you all allowing yourselves to be pulled away?
      Just a taste?
      Very good reminder:"‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy. 44 But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45 that you may be sons of your Father in heaven.
      In the last few years i have been led to notice a competition between believers.
      And as one of you points out WE need to look at the Gospel as a whole. If you look at it as a whole you 'should see many of us are correct in what we are saying. Yet for some reason you wish to jump and conclude to the opposite simply to be right, and or to spike the ball.
      What does loving your enemies look like?

    18. CJ,it is those with ''another christ'' that are repulsed by the very word of God. You have never been like me, because you were never born again; you merely took up 'religion' which is quite another story. And thats how you got mixed up in the false 'christianity' by which you have been badly deceived. Satan is a deceiver and a counterfeiter, and you do not seem to recognize genuine anything.
      Sorry, but who you 'had a long talk with about abby' was NOT Jesus. Watch and see I am in no way stumbling or going to fall....simply because I am not anywhere near any 'fallen state'.
      You do not know anything about abby, but what we all know is how much you despise the very word of God. How can you even fathom that ''you are with the Lord' when you are sickened by His very word?
      No. CJ. What is making you nauseous is your speaking against the very God you profess to ''be with''. You are self deceived and being hypocritical, to boot. You are speaking against this servant of the Lord, and that ought to make you ''wanna vomit'.
      CJ its time for you to come to the end of your Self, stop overesteeming yourself, and repent for all your waywardness.

      You see CJ, I don't very often talk about my confirmed experiences in God, but I will at least tell you this: I have been sent on too many missions on His behalf, once even over a 100 miles to speak to 2 dozen wayward teens who were sent to a ''last chance Home' by a Court Judge rather than sent to prison at their tender ages.
      I might add that I myself was sick at the time, later finding out I had hypoglycemia.
      I did not know anything about these teens, except they looked very empty and lost. I did not even know I was going to speak to them, why I was being sent on this trip. The words I said to them were not mine.
      Afterwards, a lady came rushing up to me, telling me she and her husband were houseparents to all these teens, sent to them by the Judge. They were at their wits ends, having tried everything with them, and nothing worked.
      She told me they turned to prayer, asking the Lord to send them help; they did not know what else to do, and they had to show results to the Judge to keep them out of prison.

      She proceeded to tell me: When you stood up and began to talk we KNEW you were the answer to our prayers, and what you said to them was just exactly what they needed to hear, and you said it exactly the way they needed to hear it.
      Thank you, thank you, and we are now going to continue where you left off.

      So CJ, that is just One instance of many; and it has God's signature all over it.
      I am not the one making you nauseous; it is your own ditch that you have fallen into, and when you bash this servant of God, what else did you expect?
      You are dabbling in 'the wrong spirit' of that I assure you.
      It was not The Christ who gave you any such proverbs but I know who did. And I know who is trying to use you to so viciously attack me without just cause. But it is not working; all you are doing is causing a disturbance in this forum for all the others in here that are probably sick of hearing your vicious rants.
      Repent, CJ. Repent, for you have fallen into a ditch.

    19. "What does loving your enemies look like?"AFollower

      The Essence of True love IS
      True Forgiveness

      True Awareness and True Forgiveness of self. True forgiveness IS True Love, without condition.
      Our true "enemies" are ourselves, reflecting our darkest sides of ourselves, both within and without Now. We are ALL being given these INsights Now to learn, grow and expand beyond this limited "mental" (carnal mind) low energy construct that we've ALL been "bound" by or subject to, on and In this earth mother, and for some of us, for many lifetimes.
      It IS a great Time to Be Alive INdeed!!

      Much, Love, forgiveness and Peace within For All Now

    20. "C. JohnsonJune 23, 2018 at 2:18 PM
      ABBY i'm not reading anything you post anymore. you are toxic. Abby!"

      Well, renowned Dr. Beck called garlic a

  7. Not to worry, out "lawful" Sec. of State will issue another "decree" that will set us free!!!Yes, and just like though so-called "cure liens" against the American Bar Association and the pope's properties, and that touted Michigan Jural Assembly that never does anything-the Feds passed a law that ONLY the Feds can seat a grand jury-so enjoy your slavery folks!!! Nothing is going to change because there is no one that can FORCE change!!! And queen ann is one to talk about other people shelling out "stinky shinola" as she has peddled a good deal of it herself on this site and I have posted too many examples to repeat it here, just go back and REAd some of her asinine posts!!! And as far as exposing anything these evil Israelis do to this country will not be exposed on this site as they are queen ann's favorite group!!! anyone exposing it on this forum will get plenty of stinky shinola thrown at them or told to shut up!!! Sad!!!

    1. Sad r your repeating attempts to sound intelligent UNKNOWN...LOL

    2. Ps...Jewish/Zionists/Rothschild Power has been repeatedly exposed here....Where ya been?

    3. Leland, well Unknown does present a question we are probably all wondering about - - who is there to Force these changes? What Entity is there that is listening to all the Liens, Demands, or any of the other Orders issued, to make any of it Official? You know and I know there are a LOT of folks in this venue that sit there and wonder the same exact thing....right?

    4. The 'force' indeed runs the show dearest Abby.

      George Cukor ("My Fair Lady" director Oscar winner) reincarnated 30 years ago as an earth dragon born in Jewish hospital to a North Dakotan mother with a Gualmalian refugee father.

      This earth dragon very badly (& quite irrationally!) lost his temper days later after his 30th birthday in late May & viola...that volcano blew near his father's remaining extended family in Gualmalia hours after his uncontrollable outburst!

      The 'force' is quite real...Abby. Maybe your Bible knows of it?

      Ps Ganesh loves u, too:)

    5. Leland, yer way out in outer space. Put yer feet back on the ground, and think 'reality'.
      Nobody has reincarnated; they've just got mental issues.

    6. Abby...your an idiot in general, but not specifically. Many idiots like u think they know REALITY & they don't. They only know their own idiocy.

      U r a really nice moron Abby, so I hu-mour u with true tales...

      "Dragons’ Fortune, Career, Love, and Health Prospects in 2018
      The overall fortune trend for those born in a year of the Dragon is disturbingly rocky in 2018. However, with lots of hard work and being careful, Dragons can still navigate 2018 successfully. They will need all their innate tenacity and courage facing challenges. 😂☇ "

    7. leland, oh what bullschitt you do conjure up. You're hilarious, along with being spaced out.......which you will find out in due time. You are just a fool going nowhere. LOL

    8. Abby...when it come to fools...what can I say? U r so stuck in BIBLICAL nonsense that it is IMPOSSIBLE to have a rational conversation with you because u know little else outside your Bible & legal bs - which we actually do agree on.

    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    11. For those that STILL need to get their facts straight;

      "From Anna:

      James Clinton Belcher never said any such thing.

      And neither did I.

      The Belchers acted as Heads of States because someone who was already a sovereign in 1783 had to act in that capacity in order to conduct international trade and commerce. That's the way things were set up back then. The former-Colonists didn't want to choose one of the European Monarchs so they chose William Belcher and used his Coat of Arms as their emblem and seal. Both the Great Seal of The United States of America and the dependent Great Seal of The United States are part of the Belle Cher array.

      What this means for you is that AFTER the Revolutionary War was won, William Belcher extended individual sovereignty to every man who served in the Continental Army and to every "Mother's son and daughter" born on the soil of this country forever afterward. He didn't stay with being "king" ---- he made you all kings and queens in your own right, just as his own ancestor, William the Conqueror extended sovereignty to him.

      So that when Americans say that they are sovereigns --- that's literal. And that is something that has stuck in the craw of the European nobility for over 200 years, even if most people, like you, are too ignorant to know the basis of their claim to be a "sovereign people".

      And now that we have dealt with that issue, let's observe that extending sovereignty to everyone else in this country did not change his own sovereign status. He continued to serve his country in that capacity until he died and he taught his children the history and instilled in them a sense of duty that has lasted over 200 years and which brought James Clinton Belcher forward to serve in this hour of need.

      James is an artist --- a very, very accomplished artist. He is a man with zero interest in politics. He is also a very private man who hates limelight of any kind. So coming forward and risking his life to save this country and your asses is not exactly something he wanted to do.

      I suggest you shut up and thank God that he did.

      The one running around pretending to be "Secretary of State" is John Kerry, the former Secretary of State under Obummer."

    12. Never was one to shut up and follow blindly. Never believed a man other than Christ could make me a king or a queen either.
      Do you forgive me?
      Do you see the Belcher story strongly mirrors the George Washington history?
      i am not looking for any man to be a King. i am not looking for an "Artist" to save my ass.
      Can you forgive me?

    13. Kelli...Thanks for Belcher history clarification...not that I have an issue with this p.o.v. in general.

    14. Leland, your welcome. I apologize for posting without putting it in its proper context, and causing confusion. Forgive me.

      It was intended as response to "Unknown" with his/her repeated false Claim of James Clinton Belcher as "SEC of STATE" for which that was Anna's response back in May to "UNKNOWN", and he/she STILL keeps making this FALSE Claim like a broken record, and twister of words as usual:

      "Not to worry, out "lawful" Sec. of State will issue another "decree" that will set us free!!!" Unknown

      Afollower, I too have never been one "to shut up and follow blindly" (a.k.a black sheep of family) thankfully. I'm also very thankful for knowing in my heart (Christ spirit within) Anna and James divinely guided intentions Now. They are not Now or have they ever claimed to be our saviors, that's our own individual job. I'm eternally grateful for their mentorship and inspiration and sparking many lights within to their awakening and raising (rapture) of Christs consciousness Now.
      Out with the Old world of mindless, superficial, unconscious, following blindly!! IN with the New World of Conscious, Heartfelt, thinking, knowing and Being Christ's unconditional Love and Abundance!! Forgiveness IS an Awemazing healer!!

      Much Gratitude, Love and Peace Now

    15. Thanks for nice note Kelli! As u may know from my various posts here & there in Paul Stramer's EXTRAORDINARY MISSION TO PROMOTE ANNA'S MISSION - I long ago moved on from ANY adherence to ANY form of onlybegottenism.

      May the Blessings Be!

  8. Absolutely agree C.J.!!! learning, growing everyday IS our new way with open hearts and minds shining their lights and sparking others divine lights within leading our way!! Very grateful!!!

  9. Look folks, there are some people who have traveled a much longer road than others have, so its time you all took a pause and realize that. When that road still has us ''traveling' and still not ''arriving'' then they will get downright nasty. STOP with condemning people for that, and START thinking where folks are coming from.

    We are NOT all at the same place.Everybody is NOT 'You' so stop expecting it. There's a big problem with some of You who have NO empathy whatsoever; you think everybody is You. You have a bad habit of demanding carbon copies of You; are you so mentally and emotionally disabled that you cannot fathom where others might be coming from?? Get a grip and LEARN to not take things so personally; LET others be themselves, because You have no idea whats going on with them, where they are at, or what their circumstances might be.

    I don't know what the hell Anna is up to or what she has in mind, but I DO know that something needs to be FINALIZED and PDQ. All we homemakers know is ''when we know mealtime is coming, we have just so much time to get it on the table''

    1. CJ, Im already 'fixed and fixed up' and my Name is perfectly in its proper Place. I'm all up to date on everything. All I have to do is finish my own spring housecleaning, then I'm off on a little trip. I am not consumed with 'fixing a swamp' that will never stop stinking, lol.

      Variety is the spice of life, and you might be surprised at the variety I have on my Plate of Life.

  10. What does DONALD J. TRUMP believe? Romans 13:1
    Is it true, or false? Can Robert Mueller prove
    GOD and DONALD J. TRUMP colluded to fulfill prophecy?

    1. God often uses ungodly people to do His bidding, and when He is done using them, He can throw them away. I've never been hired by a godly employer, yet in retrospect I know they were doing God's bidding, to put me where He wanted me to be, for a specific purpose.
      Just because someone 'got elected, or selected' for office does not mean God wanted them in that Seat. We do not have any officials that are Godly. They are all heathens of one degree or another....everywhere from our one-stoplight towns clear up to d.c. and everywhere in between. Crooks are everywhere, lol.
      (but if we all just file all our papers, they will all vanish)

    2. Ganesh is a he as I understand it...your true God Abby?

    3. Who in the hell is Ganesh??

    4. Google it lady...u know how, right?

  11. when our intentions are clear, the methods/knowledge appear...its awemazing grateful for all those aha moments, and those willing to share them!! Thank you All!!

  12. What does a person need to do if they are not a US citizen, they were not born here, but they were brought here by their parents from another country 28 years ago? I know there are steps but does anybody know what they are? The one thing I do know for sure is they do not want to become a US citizen and then do this process. It is way too expensive!

    1. The guy in question is married to my daughter and lives in Florida. They want me to write a letter to immigration on his behalf. I really do not feel comfortable doing that, especially since I just mailed off all of my documents to put me back on the soil and reclaim my birthright political status.

  13. Leland, sheesh, the zionists are not jews themselves. They are Khazars (sp). They are of mixed blood; fake jews. So this sounds like just more arrogance going on. And ps. they are not 'chosen'. None of them are.

  14. So I’m sitting here trying to fill out form 56 notice of fiduciary and my birth certificate does not have a state file number on it, nor did it ever. The state, if they did file this, never put a number on it. The county issued the birth certificate, and all of my copies I have received came from them.
    So now what?
    Anna‘s instructions say the “ docket number” Will be the state file number from the birth certificate.

    I don’t have that number on mine so what number do I use?

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. I just finished talking to the county office that issued these. They said if there is no state file number on them, that would likely mean that the state I was born in did not get these filed with them. She said the county did all of this. Help

  17. Certificate of live birth. One copy from 2002 and 2 from 2 weeks ago.

  18. Remember, that link is just the basic package of forms. I received a little more in-depth from one of the Living Law Firm members.
    It has Anna giving explicit instructions as how to surrender the federal "PERSON" back to the U.S. Treasury from whence "IT" came.

    Others have used IRS form 56, but I do not have a State File Number on my Certificate of Live Birth paper. I need it for part 3; Docket number of proceeding.

    And while I was answering this, I was speaking to another individual in the State office where I was born. I would need to apply in writing for the State file number because my COLB was issued by the county and not the State!

    1. Thanks C.!!! That triggered a wonderful missing piece for me as well! I dug deeper and also watched the videos that I discovered in the comments section, very interesting INdeed!!
      I Now have a much clearer understanding and realization regarding "Titles" and the importance of Authentication for our "deeds" to have proper Witnessing and lawful/legal standing!! This fits perfectly and finalizes our paperwork in peaceful accordance within their own "rules" for True returner and True holder in due course on ALL our recorded Acts/Deeds at the county recorders office!!! Perfect!!
      It has always bothered me to have the "STATE OF" assume custodianship and "Holder in due course" of My authored ACTS and deeds by recording in their "system" so this to me IS huge! Now the plan of action is to order authenticated copies of ALL my "Titles" back, Authenticated at every level, finalize with Affidavit of Acceptance, Acknowledgment and be the Sole and True "Holder in Due Course" as it should be. YES!!

      Thank you again!!!

      Much Gratitude, Love and Peace

    2. Most beautiful indeed!! Thank you kindly😍
      Much Gratitude, Love and Peace

  19. Bubba - you mean ((AIPAC)) right?
    If you mean AIM, American Intelligence Media, You make a point about their avoidance of that issue. Defango claimed their last names were "Bernstein", not Douglas.Maybe that's true? Name-changing goes so easy with that Ashkenazi tribe.

  20. One should be careful in throwing around the expression

  21. Thanks for reply. Wanted to tell you much of what you say i agree with. i have also been led to many of the same revelations. Yet we all have room to grow, as i think you will agree?
    Found this to be an interesting read this morning.
    Trump’s New World Order, by Robert Gore

  22. The only Godspeed I know of is Soul's awareness of IT. That speed has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with time, space, energy & matter.

    Eternity has always been in the here & now.

    "This is why when you're in court you ask the judge if they can hear you; If the judge says yes, then you respond with, 'well then you agree I'm alive right?', then watch them shit because now they have a living man/woman in court; oopsy!"

  23. I signed up on that site but I have no idea how to find you.

  24. A recent coment on one uh these dang threads (lost in the shuffle) expressed a concern for Anna's thoughts on taxing those without firearms.
    If True, is this not a-kin to being taxed and penalized for not having health inc.
    We seem to get taxed more than enough on what we have let alone on what we do not have or cannot afford.
    And yes if it matters, i own firearms. i do not choose to live by them, yet they are a tool if needed.

    1. afollower, I agree. Yes people ought to be prepared to protect their own household on any given day. But to even allude to taxing people for not having fire arms is beyond the pale; Guns and ammo are not cheap and not everyone has money to buy them.
      I also think I recall anna saying there should be no more taxes.

  25. "I also think I recall anna saying there should be no more taxes."


  26. I like this web blog its a master piece ! Glad I observed this on google

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  28. Either way, great web and I look forward to seeing it grow over time. Thank you

  29. What an awesome way to explain this-now I know everything!

  30. Hey, that's a clever way of thinking about it. fuckin amazing


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