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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Flattening the Hot Air Claim that Britain Owns Us

By Anna Von Reitz

This video is all disinformation published by the guilty Brits:

"King John" was not "the" King in Britain.  All these fools keep forgetting (perhaps on purpose) about the Norman Conquest.  John's actions had no such force, effect, or authority as the idiots promoting this crappola suppose.  His actions affected only his titles and ownership, not anyone else's--- which is why the Magna Carta was agreed to in the first place.  Use your heads!  If the Barons hadn't had the sovereign right (granted by William of Normandy upon his death in 1087) to enforce the Magna Carta lawfully, because they were all "kings" in their own right as much as John ever was---- how do you think it was lawful and preserved despite the vermin?  

Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up!!!!! 

This is not true and it does NOT have the affects or authorities that people are assuming.  You are once again being misled by those who have something to gain. 

Stuff their lies back down their throats and get with the actual program.  Now. 

I am counting on you and every single one of your readers to help put this pernicious nonsense down and put it down fast.  

Nothing that King John did affects us in the least.  We have always operated under The Magna Carta and we still do.  

To bring it all forward to the present day, we are once again facing a situation in which British guile is being used to try to deceive us into submitting to them. 

It isn't going to happen.  

They abused the powers we delegated to them and used our Patent Office to patent all the Territorial and Municipal Governments in the world (with a few exceptions) and that in turn resulted in all the corporations that were chartered by those Territorial (State of State) and Municipal Governments being chartered by us ---- not the Queen of England, who was only acting under our Delegated Power.  

Recently, the vermin outsmarted themselves, with the result that all the Delegated Powers returned to the Delegator ---- The United States of America [Unincorporated]and we, not the Queen, not only now own (which we always technically did) but are free to operate all those corporations.  

And all the Brits can think to do, is try to lie their way out of it and rewrite and obfuscate history ---- again.  

The Territorial United States was controlled by the British Government as a base of operations for their duties providing us and our States with "essential government services".  But as you should all have cause to know, Puerto Ricans and people from Guam do not have the same citizenship or nationality as the rest of us.  We are not under British control.  And now that the Delegated Powers have returned to The United States of America [Unincorporated] ----neither are the Territorial or Municipal citizens bound to Britain.  

It's over. Finally.  Kick them in the ass on their way out and fully inform the "United Nations".  And do not fall for any of their BS again. 

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  1. Britain is subordinate to the vatican. The vatican owns everything.

    1. And along with them, kick out the entire BAR and really clean house...we don't need attorneys or all these different courts anymore...we only need one court....a small and large claims court....nothing else, because things are much easier to prove than most people have been lead to believe because of attorneys....!! Face to face, with no attorneys is fairly easy to establish without the Corp State getting in the way...!! That goes for both criminal and civil cases...!!

    2. James, yes, like in the early days, they got in court and just talked like normal people, not all this pomp and circumstance and trickery. And they got it right back then. Simple and straight to the facts. Done.

  2. The vatican is subordinate to the Creator and the living soul of a natural man

    1. They don't claim to be subordinate to God. The pope claims they are God and Christ himself. Don't believe me? From the horses mouth....

      “To make war against the Pope is to make war against God, seeing the Pope is God, and God is the Pope.” -Moreri's History. (Louis Moréri (25 March 1643 – 10 July 1680) was a French priest and encyclopedist.)

      "The leader of the Catholic church is defined by the faith as the Vicar of Jesus Christ (and is accepted as such by believers). The Pope is considered the man on earth who takes the place of the Second Person of the omnipotent God of the Trinity." (John Paul II, Crossing the Threshold of Hope, p. 3, 1994).

      "The Pope is not simply the representative of Jesus Christ. On the contrary, he is Jesus Christ Himself, under the veil of the flesh, and who by means of a being common to humanity continues His ministry amongst men ... Does the Pope speak? It is Jesus Christ Who is speaking. Does he teach? It is Jesus Christ Who teaches. Does he confer grace or pronounce an anathema? It is Jesus Christ Himself Who is pronouncing the anathema and conferring the grace. Hence consequently, when one speaks of the Pope, it is not necessary to examine, but to obey: there must be no limiting the bounds of the command, in order to suit the purpose of the individual whose obedience is demanded: there must be no caviling at the declared will of the Pope, and so invest it with quite another than that which he has put upon it: no preconceived opinions must be brought to bear upon it: no rights must be set up against the rights of the Holy Father to teach and command; his decisions are not to be criticized, or his ordinances disputed. Therefore by Divine ordination, all, no matter how august the person may be — whether he wear a crown or be invested with the purple, or be clothed in the sacred vestments: all must be subject to Him Who has had all things put under Him." -Evangelical Christendom, January 1, 1895, pg. 15, published in London by J. S. Phillips.

    2. Check the dates the quote is after the Jesuit/Gregorian take over, so with this line of Logic Peter the first Pope was also Jesus Christ? There is also quotes in the literature where every priest during mass is actually channeling Jesus , and all governments are basically divine under the Pope and must be obeyed? So we have a purely political system "spiritual politics" , the church and the state the two pillars of Masonry.

    3. This self aggrandizement by the vatican is probably the biggest piece of crap ever pulled on grown adults, into their old age, even. Only a fool who is biblical and spiritually ignorant would even give it the time of day.
      Jesus is just as alive and active today as ever, and does not need anyone to 'take his place'. Only spiritually dead idiots believe that some mere man who is called 'pope' takes His place.
      Folks, there is not a single thing that is 'holy' about the vatican or anything that is associated with it. God has nothing to do with that place......believe it now, or believe it when Jesus destroys that stinking place with the fire of his mouth, in just one hour. (I'm gonna party on that day, whoo whoo!)

    4. artsy, if i told you that "actually and truly" I was Elvis Presley, would you believe me? Yes, the popes have claimed to be God and Jesus Christ. They also have claimed to "own"
      all peoples of the world, and at one time they claimed to give men who paid them exorbitant fees,'absolute passage into heaven'... Now, what do you think? Were they acting as God?

      The Christ dwells in every one of us, as God in manifestation. Jesus said that "the Kingdom of Heaven is within you" -meaning within each of us, as created by the One and only Creator (Who created out of His Own Substance or Being) there dwells the Spirit of the Living Christ.

      Now, if I were living out of an 'ego' or false identity (not recognizing or admitting the Truth), and I wanted greater power and wealth, wouldn't it behoove me to claim Jesus was the only Christ, and that I was He? Lots of people would worship me and send me much money and their blind support.
      (Ooooops... that has happened, hasn't it?)

    5. Peter never made it to Rome. Paul did and the roman church killed him.

    6. Lots of people would worship me and send me much money and their blind support.
      Sounds like the catholic church to me.

    7. News Flash: Christ does NOT dwell in each one of us. What makes anyone think that Christ would dwell in Liars, corrupt people, murderers, thieves, or ordinary people who are God haters??

    8. Soul is in every living being Abby love.....God created ALL Souls.

      We met a nice wood duck today in a parking lot! A very happy Soul! The duck just stood there for over a half hour & watched us chatting about it standing there in middle of a fairly empty parking

      God loves EVERY Being it has created Abby.

  3. Politicians can be bought , Janet rino,John ashcroft,Loretta lynch,Eric holder,Jeff sessions appears to be cough up in uranium one top cop

  4. I will not be "subject to" ANYBODY! PERIOD! Anyone who wants to join me in the anarchist movement may do so at anytime. We are all sovereigns amongst other sovereigns. Learn to respect that and others rights, but first and foremost your own rights, then we can all pull together and form a compact. Its as simple as obeying the golden rule. Try to treat others even better than yourself and believe it or not, it works. 25 years as a private business man and over 3,000 clients in California alone, and I can tell you, it works. Sure you get the 1 in a hundred that do you wrong. Ostracize them and kick them to the curb.

    1. If you have a drivers license you are already subject

  5. Here's some more good news....

    Fox news is catholic news

    Trump Is A Jesuit Coadjutor

  6. Well, here we go again. Anna makes a big show of being the champion of the American people. In barking accusations against the Brits, true to some extent though they may be, she traps herself with her own words. I quote:

    "To bring it all forward to the present day, we are once again facing a situation in which British guile is being used to try to deceive us into submitting to them."

    If you read her husband's "Declaration of the Flag" nonsense, you will see yet another example of British guile. The wannabe king Jimmy claims his descent from the nobility of the mighty domain of Powys as his claim to the title of "Hereditary Head of State of the United States of America" and all the hereditaments pertinent thereto. All that so he can say the phony "civil flag of peace" is HIS flag! So, you see, if you accept "HIS" flag, you will have been deceived into submitting to him! Now THAT is a load of British guile!

    I haven't even ventured into a discussion on authority, a subject which neither Anna nor her delusional husband seem capable of comprehending. I'll save that one for another time. It will surprise me if anyone cares to do so, but if you like, you may contact me directly via email: to discuss issues in depth.

    1. SteveCharles thanks for hit & run...& Paul Stramer for allowing u to do so! Now everybody spam SteveCharles @ to find out his version of the British

    2. stevecharles: the flag doesnt bother me. the hypocrisy i see is anna begs for donations while extolling the virtues of self-sufficiency, and wants to "tax" "the privilege of not bearing arms"

      (there ALREADY is such a thing, but the common law way was the hundred could be JOINTLY responsible for "negligence". i have seen this mentioned in two different books. how can anna not know this? bouviers law dictionary 1856 and "English courts of law" both mention such things. latter is a very short paperback.)

      thankfully, "rights" do not work that way. the "right to remain silent" is not a "privilege" and the "right to not be forced to purchase property" is also not a "privilege" and so forth. are we going to have arranged marriages too, because those single people are just no good loafers and troublemakers?

      when a grown up kid commits a murder, do we "Tax" the parents for "bad parenting" and failing to stop the crime before it occurred? how about we "Tax" the whole "village" as jointly responsible?

      "thought crimes" are never ending.

      a person who stands by while a baby drowns, is morally "negligent" and absent but still law-abiding.

      you might as well "tax" everyone who is not a millionaire, for dragging down the economy, "stealing" money from the banks by not making sufficient deposits, etc.

      all the "unemployed" far from avoiding a system of slavery, they are "blocking commerce", so are all guilty too.

      the "militias" clearly all failed to protect anyone, we should "Tax" them too for "dereliction of duty"

      the hypocrisy is boundless at times.

      however, the flag issue i dont see any huge problem. her husband is merely reminding/extending sovereignty to "americans", as before.

      how else do you indicate your nationality/homeland/native land? a seal/flag is a type of identification.

      if not that, where is yours?

      i have a harder time because the non-existent "militias" failed (no state courts martial means no actual state militia. arguably powers revert to common law waupentake, but again, non-existent in my neck of the woods.)

      the non-existent non-corporate "churches" also failed. the corporate "churches" are in bed with the bankers, that is their "golden rule"

      the noone-actually-follows-this "golden rule" so it has failed too.

      if i had a dollar for every non "self sufficient" person...the scales do not balance.

      i admire the persistence and desire to do the right thing.

      from what i see, "satan" will continue for a long time.

      as has been pointed out, the imposter "feds" also quote the "Bible". so do "masons" (selective passages).

      so do "Corporate" types.

      roman civil law is their "religion"

      the "bad guys" all tend to follow the "Bible" too...they just choose the other side.

      the paradox is, if the "bible" is going to save us..what do we need anna or anyone else for?

    3. in the end, her plan comes across as trying to tax people for non-received services.

      while anna's vision is preferable to the present hell on is hard to see why people should "pay" for things they haven't received.

      no offense anna, if "jesus" paid your (and mine, and everyones) debts, what do you need to "Tax" people for?

      endless hypocrisy. just use his credit he left for you, he is still "living", yes?

      it looks more like if anna's plan ever takes off, it will just be a re-run.

    4. okay, hypothetically i choose not to bear arms.

      anna tries to "Tax" me.

      my "jesus" died for my sins and "paid" all my debts, so which "jesus" wins, anna's "jesus" or my "jesus"?

      such are the mysteries of the universe.

      is this trial by champion? how exactly do they "fight it out" ?

      supposedly everyone has an equal claim to this "all debts are paid in full", yes?

      he died for ALL our sins, yes?

      my jesus versus your jesus, step right up to the battle royale extravaganza, a true fight for the ages.

      lets get ready to ruuuuuumble.

      tickets are $5, but all debts are paid in full.

      admit ONE next-in-line holder-in-due-course bearer of cross image on this paper card. this card is negotiable.

    5. "wager of law" is also mostly if not all abolished...yet with "he died for my sins" we have both "trial by champion" (vulgar compurgation) and the "canonical compurgation" (jesus will vouch for me, on his "blood oath", and/or my "oath" that he died for me).

      "there is nothing new under the sun, but many old things we dont know yet." ambrose bierce.

      while i dont intend to "split the jesus atom" ... it is clear that if i am being "Taxed for not bearing arms" that anna is acting as though "jesus" did not die for my debts/sins, but only for hers.

      so, clearly my jesus is different from hers. since he didnt pay my debts, in her mind.

      i would say she is "splitting jesus" into multiple personality disorder, one that only serves her, while i am merely claiming my debts are supposed to be "paid in full" as well, by her own words.

      how exactly does this "He paid all my debts in full" work anna, when you try to "Tax" me?

      it looks like you just substituted yourself as "pope" and another round of the same old hypocrisy.

    6. Nowhere does the bible say that Jesus died and paid our debts. What his death paid for was for Repented Sin. See, he did NOT pay for everybody's sinning; too many stupid people got the wrong idea the can sin ongoing and think ''its ok Jesus paid for them all, so I can sin till I drop dead''.
      N O T. The wages of Sin is Death, remember that? And Sin separates Man from God. Remember that?
      And he most assuredly didn't die and pay anybody's financial woes. Who comes up with this stuff??? Biblical Law says ''a mans debts are to be forgiven by Man, every 7 years'.

    7. Fortunately this particular lifetime I wasn't brainwashed into believing in ANY onlybegottenism Abby (& Xerces), so pushing Jesus & Biblical nonsensical law in this forum isn't my forte.

    8. He died for the worlds sin. It is our 'individual' choice to accept His gift and become healed. It is a process and many, many of us including myself need improvements.
      He did not take away our choice.

    9. Xerces, why would you choose not to bear arms? Are you afraid you might shoot some deluded bastard who thinks he can just bust into your house, and 'god forbid' remove the trash from taking up air he probably never deserved in the first place??
      Whats wrong with you? Are you still unable to distinguish the difference between good and evil?

      However, I agree with you about the guns/tax thing: Anna failed to consider that some folks don't have money to BUY guns..AND ammo ! But where she chastises folks for not wanting to ''harm anyone'' no matter how rotten they are, I agree with her on that. They need to grow up and get a backbone and quit being wimps! A Man is supposed to protect his own family at least!

    10. leland, you aren't brainwashed; you are delusional and spaced out. You can't get God to act on your behalf, so now you are full of vengeance. Nobody cares what you believe or don't believe; why don't you just go and do and be whatever you like, and relieve us of your unwanted presence.

    11. Abby-"Nobody cares what you believe or don't believe;
      Speaking for myself, as an individual and not as a 'group or strawman. i care.

      Leland-"so pushing Jesus & Biblical nonsensical law in this forum isn't my forte."
      You are commenting on thread by a woman who constantly uses the Bible to further her points and agenda. What do you expect in our replies?

    12. afollower, leland is in here playing, trying to get people to try to persuade him to ''believe' while he has no intentions of listening. He is one of those people who wants to waste our time in a worthless 'back and forth' conversation which is just a big joke to him.
      So I say again to leland, I honestly truly genuinely do not care what you believe or don't believe. How ya like that, Lol.

    13. That's great Abby! God love u & me & every Soul IT has created eternally!

      Ps no time limits on God's love for Soul!

    14. a follower...Anna as far as I can tell seldom uses the Bible references as a bully's pulpit.

      Correct me please if I am wrong.

      Besides Anna's ongoing mission is end the tyranny from way, way back.

      U will love this one by Judge Anna Reiz - dears��
      "There is reason, so far as I know, for everything including warts and stars in the sky.  I may not know the reason and I may not care what the reason is, either. "

    15. yeah, eternal life or else eternal damnation.

    16. That is where u r stuck Abby dear.

      1.6 billion people born Muslims this life (no, we aren't going to write about Apostasy issues that the Christianity once had & Muslims currently have) recently fasted from sunup to sundown for Ramadan w/o water or food for 30 days every year.

      They have FAR, FAR more physical dedication to their spiritual path than most Christians. Yet, they, too, r locked their thinking about heaven & hell just like u Abby.

      Is it possible God is smarter than most religions & has a DIVINE plan for EVERY Soul Abby?

      The most obvious answer is reincarnation of ALL Souls until they r after life.

      Countless examples support this p.o.v.

      But all in God's time....

    17. "Apostasy is the act of leaving a religion. It is deconversion. Normally it involves taking up another religion and sometimes it involves the taking up of a stance skeptical of all religions. If deconversion is the result of no longer believing that gods exist, then, the result is atheism. "Heresy" is the holding of beliefs that central religious authorities (or mobs) deem to be unacceptable. Religions often engage in a lot of internal suppression in these matters, subjecting their own followers to careful scrutiny to make sure that they are not merely believers, but, that they believe precisely the correct things. Dominant monotheistic religions often consider heresy to be the same as apostasy because they reject the concept of diversity or freedom of thought. Neil Kressel in his book on religious extremism lists "the willingness to implement violent sanctions against those who leave the fold"" as one of religion's most dangerous attributes (out of three)1. They have often made deconversion and heresy punishable by death, especially in historical Judaism and Christianity, and it still continues in present-day Islam."

    18. Leland RothJune 22, 2018 at 5:27 PM
      a follower...Anna as far as I can tell seldom uses the Bible references as a bully's pulpit.
      Leland i did not say she uses it as a Bully Pulpit. She mixes in verses as a basis. Sometimes very out of context.
      Many here are under an impression that Anna's work is some sort of "Divine" mission.
      This is a concern.

    19. Leland,
      i might also add, with the addition of Frank O' Collins we 'all' should be more aware of the spiritual connection of these people and groups.

    20. leland, wait till you see where you end up being stuck, lol. There is no place in the kingdom for such a screwed up mess as you are.

    21. For the record should anyone care to pursue varous other Frank O'CONNOR will find reincarnation is a very acceptable p.o.v. to those getting the legal & financial scams.

      Here is a very old book review post of mine in Amazon I happened on the other day. Enjoy!

      "How to Become a Billionaire"

      "Missing Fractional Reserve Billionaires, Still A Great Book!
      ByLeland Rothon June 12, 2000
      Format: Hardcover
      A great book! The author steps away from judging these mostly rather ruthless people who have become billionaires and allows us to understand their overall motives as it pertains to increasing their wealth this lifetime.One of the more interesting methods was Warren Buffett's using his Bershire Hathaway company to acquire insurance companies and then use those companies insurance premiums to extreme advantage (like a 4 or 5 to 1 ratio!) which in his case translated into extreme profits which ultimately returned to the Bershire Hathaway shareholders.Those of us who remember the Oil Depletion Allowance and didn't get it back in the 70's should be delighted to know that this scam originated in conjunction with the federal income tax which came with the Revenue Act of 1913. These are just some the methods that were used by formerly rich and not so rich to become super-rich. One that was not mentioned at all was the fractional reserve system in banking which figures because that's perhaps one of the fastest ways to attain billionaire status since the formulation of the bank of Amsterdam back in 1609 and its still dominant offspring, the Bank of England in 1694.But that's just quibbles for other books such as "The Gods of Eden" by William Bramley tell those stories and others. Enjoy "How To Be A Billionaire" and don't let the author con you into thinking these guys are the Olympic Metal Champions of wealth! They are not. The Rothschild's were never mentioned in this book and it's hard to imagine such a wealthy family that owned much of the world during the last century not to be substantially richer than any Bill Gates or Warren Buffett. I suspect there are trillionaires out there that we as a society do not hear about at all. Would you want anyone to know if you had that much power? Leland Roth"

  7. It's so funny to me that despite all the FRAUD they have and are still committing, the one thing they won't seem to cross the line on is forging your "signiture"..!! They would rather tie you to a "rack" or resort to "waterboarding," in order to get your signiture, instead of them forging it....thats where all your power lies....they want you voluntarily giving it yourself...!! Hypocrital as hell....!!

  8. that quote is not in the listed case. is it in a hardcopy? a referenced case?

  9. Leland Roth talk about evil you got no room to talk!

    1. to explain your nonsensical comment to me above about evil?

      Or r u misinformed, too?

    2. leland, in a word, you are an anti-christ, admittedly so. And that is evil in and of itself. But you are so misguided you don't know you are misguided, so you are in here just to try to trash the Lord....and then that makes you even more evil.
      But have at it, it takes away nothing from me.

    3. Dearest Abby...Thank U for your ongoing very 'special' mission to spread disinfo on Jesus actual mission. Like so many misformed onlybegottenism fans...u forgot God created ALL Souls & sent them down here to get purified. Many Avatars have come & gone...Love of God is the very best password home. Love of God's creatures was my mother's ticket to heaven as well.

      Every Soul gets there eventually. That is God's truth whether certain religions teach it or not.

      I don't regret yet writing earlier about u Abby being a moron & idiot...yet.

      Maybe next week I

      Have a great day!

    4. Leland,
      i do disagree with. "Every Soul gets there eventually."

    5. Google 'Kalpa'...a wink of God:)

    6. Leland, i did google it.
      Perhaps if you gave me a link? A little more specific.
      What i found seemed to be a little more towards the hindu buddhism side.

  10. Britain doesnt own us?? Sure they do. They do it by putting us under the BAR 'justice system' (British Accredited Registry) which is what hogties anyone who has to deal with the so called ''authorities'. It is pure Tyranny, and we all know it. Those bastards have been Notified, given a deadline to get the hell out, and Liened.......but they are STILL here!

    1. Did they own Christ? Did the Romans own Him? Did the Jews?
      What was the outcome?

    2. afollower, you have to understand I talk in two different relms; one is solely what is going on in the real world, this earthly world - which is under tyranny - and is totally separate from the spiritual side of things.
      We are all in bondage IN this earthly realm, but some of us are also Free, already free IN Christ. But while we are still ON this ball of dirt, if we drive 100 mph in a 50 zone, we are STILL gonna see the red flashers in our rear view mirror and get a big fat ticket, realistically, lol.
      So we have to think in both terms, separately. And Britain does Dictate us, as long as the BAR is in operation. The BAR is Britain's noose around our necks.....IMO

    3. Yes and we are to walk among them, live among them.
      If you drive 100 mph What should happen?
      The Bar also comes Originates in Rome, does it not?
      It seems many do not understand law did not originate in rome nor britain.
      They merely continued to twist and change it for their liking and benefit.

  11. CJ, what difference does it make; our ss# and our signatures are all over the world by now, along with us all having a DL, cars registered and taxed every year, on and on it goes.
    Besides, ''they' don't care if we write dear old aunt lizzie a letter using a P.O. and no zip.......or not.
    Sure you will say 'then change all that stuff too' but in reality few to none of us are gonna do that, IMO

  12. James there is your "Authorized Signature", and they try to get it through "threat duress and coercion".
    Unless there are sworn affidavits of witnesses that you signed it willingly and you confirm it is your authorized signature, even just the signature(mark) is not binding, try signing with an authorization date (from this date and ending on this date) if it is past the end date is it still an authorized binding signature or expired now? LOL

    C.Johnson Sorry but your video proves nothing, I picked through all of PrivatasMe stuff years ago and his website and many hours of audios yes some good "information". So they said their piece and walked out, the judge did not recognize anything or their Affidavit of Truth which was not even referenced, how did the court respond to the proceeding after, did the judge just schedule a trial anyway, ? were kids taken or they got them back what was the exact circumstances. There was adhesion by the fact they were present in court to begin with if they had any standing it would have been squashed before any proceedings with some simple paper work. As far as anyone can see the court recognized nothing and nothing was settled it was basically a challenging of Jurisdiction and nothing was settled, if the judge was stuck on anything he would have called a recess and made the first move, usually the one who leave the battle field first lost.

    No offense but your simply are recycling the same information that has been bouncing around for years, Definitions are not hard to research they are not milestones of achievement to cut and paste, a lot of people believe oh I have all the answers right here I found a dictionary and a few quote! One persona has written a 1000pg book on basically research and quote etc and thinks he understands the system yet has never won a single case on any level? Or how it all works out in a system based on procedures and revenue, and deeply rooted in Masonic degrees of understanding and an underlying class structure that keeps the elites separated from the peasant class by a system of gatekeepers called the Courts.

  13. Awesome find C.J ,Thank you!! All saved and safe!

    Much Gratitude, Love and Peace

  14. YES, C.J. the first court of record IS the Post office and knowing the difference between the 2 IS vital for our proper administration of our private and or public business "contracts". "The envelope IS the Contract, the postage paid via stamps(lawful money=bonded International security) or metered(legal tender=Subject/Servant, "U.S. PERSON) and the "Parties" ADDRESSED IS the SUBJECT MATTER and JURISDICTION. The contents are the terms and conditions, always. So important for us to learn and understand in moving forward and conducting/governing our business correctly, peacefully and accordingly.

    Thank you again for all your thought provoking contributions C.J, so appreciate!

    Much Gratitude, Love and Peace Now

  15. We have applied the 'zip code exemption' using: DMM 602.1.3e(2),Pursuant to Public Law 91-375, §403 for ALL Non-domestic postal matter being mailed OUTSIDE the corporate U.S., Inc. jurisdiction. On all envelopes, we also write NON-DOMESTIC; NON-COMMERCIAL to differentiate from "commercial" mail. The ZONE IMPROVEMENT PLAN is ONLY internal to the corporate government and it's licensed / franchised corporations at the state and national levels.... People use stamps, corporations use USPS machine generated "phony" stamps!!


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