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Saturday, June 23, 2018

The Actual Status Report

By Anna Von Reitz

Let us all realize that, first of all, banks and money are founded on the iniquity of idolatry.  Money is a "symbol" of value the same way that a little stone or carved wood idol is a "symbol" of God.  The same process of idolatry is at the root of the entire idea and use of all forms of money. 

Let us also all realize that in the modern world, money is a commodity, like beer or cheese.  There are a gozillion different kinds and brand names of money in exactly the same way as there are brands of beer or cheese, and they all present their own national characters and quirks. 

Let us also realize that there is a profound difference between "money" which has a value in-and-of-itself, such as a gold coin that has some intrinsic value in trade, and "legal tender currencies" --- like bonds and notes and letters of credit.  And there is additionally, a market in other "securities" --- like stocks and commodity futures. 

For the past week I have been deluged by circumstance and correspondence to explain what is going on in the banking world.  Well, which banking world?  The world of actual asset-backed money, or the world of legal tender currencies, or the stock market or.....?   

If I were to explain in very general terms --- there is a Gross Imbalance, at least so far as the bookkeeping is concerned -- between actual assets and bonds, notes, and letters of credit.  And there is a terrible, inappropriate, and looking-to-be fatal infringement of investment banking on the rest of the banking world. 

Up until the disaster of 2008 and what has been called "The Big Short" on Wall Street, banking -- at least in this country -- was separated according to function. 
We have had traditional trade banks, limited commercial banks, international commercial banks, and investment banks.  

It is this last category of banks that demands our attention: investment banks. 

Investment banks have always been the shadiest, most irresponsible, most intrinsically dishonest operators on the block, and for decades prior to the 2008 Lehman Brothers et alia debacle, they were prevented by the Glass-Steagall Act from participating in general commerce and co-mingling their operations with banks meant to serve the public and do "straight" transactions among corporate clients.  

By "straight" transactions, we imply the honest mundane Point A to Point B transactions we associate with normal banking, devoid of hidden agendas, double escrows, undisclosed usury fees, undisclosed investments made "for" bank customers and shareholders, and similar rotten business practices that no sane country would condone. 

In the aftermath of the 2008 mess, Glass-Steagall was repealed and the investment banks were let loose like a pack of wild hyenas to feast upon the flesh of the unsuspecting world.  For many large commercial banks this simply meant the merger of their "investment bank" with their public commercial bank functions.  

For some, like Wells Fargo, that had already been skating the edge of the law by abusive use of copyright non-disclosure (Wells Fargo hasn't been an actual bank for years, but is instead a securities investment firm -- an investment bank operating under the trademarked name of the old "Wells Fargo Bank"---otherwise known as a wolf in sheep's clothing.) the repeal of Glass-Steagall meant coming out of the closet and no longer having to worry about enforcement of the actual law. 

Investment banks presume upon their shareholders and especially their depositors to use their deposited assets as assets that can be invested by the bank. There is a (largely undisclosed) quid pro quo, that if you leave your jewels in a deposit box, they belong to the bank as assets that can be used to secure investments for the bank or lines of credit for the bank.  So by removing Glass-Steagall, one of the immediate impacts of merging normal commercial bank functions with investment bank functions was to open up all the depositor's resources as investment assets. 

Oh, you, the unwitting depositors, are now supposed to be investors in the bank, just like you are unwittingly being mischaracterized as corporate franchises of the British Crown Corporation --- but never mind that your pants have been dropped and you've been bent over. 

Merrily, the banks seized upon this incredible windfall of new investment assets and began investing ---- mainly on Private Trading Platforms. 

What, you may ask, is a "Private Trading Platform"?  

These are to a Credit Scheme what unlimited crude oil is to Exxon. 

Like most evils, Trading Platforms were initially designed for good reasons.  They were intended to give investors a safe way of using "unused assets" to generate cash for philanthropic projects while also yielding generous profits for the investors --- a sop to the Uber Wealthy to make themselves richer with little or no risk, and make themselves out to be philanthropists at the same time. 

You have an asset in a bank --- say, a ton of physical gold cashiered away back in 1956 -- and you agree to "block" this asset for a stated period of time, say, one year.  During that time, the asset will not be available to you to use or withdraw from the bank.  The Trading Platform organization will take possession of the transaction from there on, and will "trade upon" that asset for the next stipulated period of time --- in this case, one year --- in what amounts to a futures commodity market for assets. 

Just like in any commodities futures market, the participants are betting on values and setting values for the assets in trade, making money off the transaction fees, and margins and the 7 to 10 fold expansion of credit that takes place when a bank --- acting under the bogus "fractional reserve banking system" -- issues the "new money" created out of thin air into the system. 

What happened in real life is that a lot of parties who had assets just sitting in bank vaults all over the world jumped on the band wagon.  They were wealthy enough not to need those assets anyway, so why not "block" them and go on the trading platforms?   

And the trading platform owners thought, well, why not cut ourselves in for 10, 20, 30.... whatever percent of the trade value?  Guarantee the investors a 100% of return on their blocked assets off the top of the "fractional reserve" --- an amount of credit equal in value to the whole investment, plus a percentage of the rest of the fractional reserve created by this process? 

And after 2008 and the repeal of Glass-Steagall, the investment banks thought--- what ho!  We can take all these "unused" depositor assets and go on the Trading Platforms and nobody will be the wiser.  

This "system" is so insane, so profitable --- on paper --- that some investors including the CIA Retirement Fund, simply plunked down a gob of gold back when it all began and "let it ride" indefinitely, with the result that there are now Trading Platform Investment Accounts with 250 zeroes of "credit" standing on the books, and still no visible help to the poor and downtrodden, no relief for the "taxpayers" --- just more and more and more credit for these madmen, and more purported debt imposed upon the labor of the people and assets of the world. 

The reason that there is no substantial feedback into the world economy is that the Trading Platforms are too profitable at too little risk. And nobody is holding the investors--- whether investment banks or individuals -- accountable for actually doing philanthropic projects with the money.  They are being allowed to just roll the investments over and over and over.  

In terms of investments there is no other show in town that can compare.  So all the giant public employee pension funds and giant State of State "un-budgeted accounts" have been engaged in this hoop-la along with all the investment banks that have surreptitiously seized upon their depositor's assets----and blocked and invested their assets "for" them without their knowledge or consent.

Now we come to the issue of the Historic Trusts.... as I have explained before, there are numerous kinds of Historic Trusts, mostly old family trusts, some old business trusts and banking trusts, some government treaty trusts -- but what they have in common is that they hearken from a day when actual assets were used as money, and nearly all of the assets belonging to these Historic Trusts have been held as "Special Deposit Accounts" in banks that the banks have used to underwrite their operations.  

Historic Trust assets underwrite virtually all central banks on Earth. 

Some of you will recall that in 2011 the Chinese Government asked for the return of Chinese gold that the Nationalist Chinese Government left on deposit with the New York Federal Reserve Bank back in 1928.  Initially, the Chinese just wanted to be paid some of the interest they were owed on the deposit, but instead of paying on what was owed, the New York Fed stonewalled.  

You may also remember a disturbing similar report wherein the German Government made a similar request for the return of gold held in trust and that they were told they could only receive it back in relatively small installments over a period of years. 

What's happened?  Why are all the actual trustees and owners of the Historic Trusts being similarly stonewalled when they ask for an accounting of their "Special Deposits"?  

Because the repeal of Glass-Steagall allowed all the normal commercial banks to morph into investment banks and as investment banks, they seized upon their depositor's assets and "blocked" them and put them under contract to these private Trading Platforms for periods of years unbeknownst to the victims of these immoral, undisclosed, and non-consensual practices. 

It was never the intention of these out-of-control banks to share the proceeds of these surreptitious investments with the victims of these crimes, so what they have been trying to do is to circle the wagons and pretend that the records of these Historic Trusts have been lost, or make up excuses for why neither the assets nor the lines of credit that should be available from these assets are available to the Depositors. Well, the assets are "blocked" for varying periods of time, often years into the future, just like the Chinese and German gold deposits, and the profits from all this have already been contractually divided up between the offending banks and the operators of these "Private Trading Platforms". 

Meanwhile, Ted and Alice and Dick and Kelly are down in the trenches, suffering the hyper-inflation and bearing the purported (but odious) debt caused by this madness, and virtually none of the 'philanthropic projects" that were the excuse for letting this system exist in the first place are getting done, because the lure of compiling more zeroes is just too attractive to the mentally unhinged bankers and traders among us.  

Bottom line: the Glass-Steagall provisions need to be put in place again and the investment banks forced back into their boxes without any ceremony or great deliberation.  The "Private Trading Platforms" need to be shut down as illegal gambling arenas.  The assets need to be returned posthaste to the control and benefit of the actual owners.  The odious debts and non-existent credits need to be wiped off the books.  Those who already profited from this should be dinged for 100% of the profit, and that profit should be held in a Victim's Fund for the benefit of the people of this world including the permanent end of all taxation, the restoration of the natural environment, and the building up of new beneficial technologies and infrastructure. 

Since they couldn't bring themselves to actually carry through on the charitable and philanthropic projects, we will do it "for" them. 

In my opinion the members of the Municipal and Territorial United States "Congress" that allowed this whole situation need to run down a narrow track from DC to Boston being pelted with rotten vegetables the whole way, while their counterparts in London need to run a similar course all the way to Canterbury, where the faithful can seek absolution.  

As for the "Roman Pontiffs" and the Conclaves of Cardinals that allowed this --- and they are ultimately responsible for this entire mess -- no Hot Potato Reaction seeking to wash their hands by closing the Pontifical Office can excuse both what they have done and what they have left undone. 

The people and the Earth are owed far better leadership.  

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  1. AWESOME post Anna...few know about those trading programs.

  2. Not an honest critter every attorney general was a tool for world zionest.
    CFR. Created be rothchild inc.warburg,rockerfelter , Broffmans .
    In turned created the CIA. federal Reserve .
    we will have to seize controld through standing up common law courts as overseeing everything the defacto.does.

  3. Reposted as comment #270 here:

    If interested in Ben's full report 6/18/18...

  4. Great educational Report Anna, Thank you!!!

    Much Forgiveness, Love and Peace Now

  5. Glass Steagall was repealed under Clinton, actually only 2 articles. bankers wrote the act and they do not limit their own criminality. This non sense about this act being a firewall between real banking and speculation just isn't true. Look deeper. We do need to protect real investment but who will do it? The murderer is in charge of the autopsy and all agencies are weaponized against the people. Hard road.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Cube....i agree..!! And everyone that benefited by working for totally unlawful taxing agencies and posting tax liens against "the people" need to be imprisoned along with all taxing agenencies, and no more COURTS at all
    ..only small and large claims court...!! And instead of everything being "civil", it all has to be "criminal" ...that way a cop can never say to another per s on that your case is civil ass it is..@! If anyone steals even $5 from me, they are facing jail time...sorry, but we need to clean house of all people who refuse to be honest...!! But that's me...!! And no more ambulence chasing for people with drugs.....go after real criminals....!!! For FRAUD..!!!

  8. Pelted with rotton fruit and vegetables ?... Hang them , their families and cohorts and liquidate everything assoviated with every iteration of them and repay us... maybe it will count as part of their reperation for such insanity.

  9. Here we go again with queen ann's personal perverted history lessons as only she can twist the facts!!! If money is "idolatry" then WHY did the Almighty tell the Hebrews that THEIR "mony" gold/silver was to be equal to a certain weight!!!??? I guess the Almighty does not know Queen ann knows more than He does!!! EX. 30:13 is one verse the brain dead here needs to READ as well as other verses: Lev. 27:25 as well as others. As I stated many times on this forum, Truth is not a welcome commodity here. Enjoy the fantasy history lesson folks, it is quite amusing how many people eat this up!!!

    1. i welcome Truth,
      yet most will not listen as you continuously bash them and belittle them as you go. And yes some of them will never listen.

    2. 'Almighty' was probably some space god mining the gold in the Grand Canyon eons ago Unknown. I actually enjoy your pathetic attempts to mine here, too, Unknown.

      I look fwd to your next comedic post probably coming soon;)

  10. "The people and the Earth are owed far better leadership."
    Do they indeed?
    Or do we have the leadership we deserve? Who owes us? God? Is He in fact the one who owes us? No!
    Is there in our Presence, within our grasp another Government that has been waiting for our commitment?
    Stop making yourselves victims. We are victims of ourselves first.
    Rome, Britain all the rest mean nothing.

  11. An unrepentant people get what they deserve.

    1. a follower, exactly. The people 'OF the World' have exactly what they deserve, yet isn't it strange how so many of them are knocking themselves out trying to fix what they themselves have caused.

  12. And we stand at a cross roads run by the illegal elite.Like any of this means anything to them.

  13. At least some consultancies, Anna as well as the people's project seem to be at the same crossroads. Nothing is accomplisable.

  14. Just more long and drawn out explanations with no actual actions being accomplished.

  15. Though someone must be running out of money ,because I haven't seen chemtrails for almost three weeks. But with all internet sales being taxed that could soon begin again as the Fed's squeeze another 450 billion from its citizens.

  16. I am not condemning anyone's hard efforts, just making an observation on current events across the board.

  17. And as far as this protest against families being one invited these people to come into our borders illegally, so they deserve what ever treatment they expose themselves too. And anyone who wants to blame Trump for it should start with Bill and Obama who implemented the system now in place and open up their own door for these people, pay for their med bills food and housing, and take responsibility for what ever crimes they commit while here or shut the f*** up.Just my thought on the matter.

  18. Up to 2000 of those children came here with NO parents.And shame on Time Magazine portraying that little girl who was never separate from her mother as being so on the cover, glad they had to do back tracking on that BS.

  19. There is no reality checking the branwashed.

  20. Illegal Aliens are a security issue not a humanitarian crisis.The humanitarian crisis is the government's they are running here from. For Security you can't just let people flood freely,illeagally into your borders because of your emotions being offended.

  21. Cube is right below. Glass-Steagall was actually repealed long before 2008 by our good buddy, Bill Clinton on his way out the door. Instead of being a post 2008 disaster, it was in fact the direct cause of the 2008 financial meltdown. It was directly because of the subsequent mergers of commercial and investment banking between 1999 and 2007 that the mortgages (whether sub-prime or not) of the American people were allowed to be turned into security instruments that were untruthfully sold to mostly foreign investors as "can't possibly ever go down" in value deals. Even worse, the SEC totally turned a blind eye when the investment banking sector created the monsters called "derivatives" and "credit default stops" that allowed the required reserves to go to virtually nothing. You will never hear the Democrats talk about what good 'ol Bill did for our country.

  22. According to the Learned Elders of Sion or Zion, the bankers/families, most likely at the root that first creation of a written plan of protocols the bad stuff is supposed to happen. It is in one of the protocols, a plan to create a dependency on currency, paper we see now , then crash it causing the targeted people ( low down folks that do not really matter, slaves, protesters, useless eaters, you know the drill by now) to fail and wind up dancing around happily with the final central dictator leader. The almost succeeded. Time is coming and here now that they are caught need to return the stolen goods, coins, gold, silver and especially stolen labor of the people who were fooled. Last time I checked and my opinion, tricking someone, by lying or deceiving is not a moral action and in fact a violation of others and even ones own rights, duties to God, family, friends, the Earth as thoughtful honest loving caretakers of our existence here, the life.

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