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Monday, April 30, 2018

Insight for Churches, LLC's, S-Corps, Foundations, Trusts and Cooperatives

By Anna Von Reitz

If you have "incorporated" your business, you have given it away to those who offered you a charter and the "benefits" of a charter, which include bankruptcy protection--- mainly---- and the corporate veil, meaning that what you have in your incorporated business is all that you are putting at risk in conducting that business. 

Except for very large businesses engaged in risky business none of this adds up to any advantage worth spitting on, but the members of the Bar Association have been soliciting and advising everyone to jump on board and "incorporate" everything from dog kennels to Mom and Pop convenience stores. 

Why?  Since it offers no actual and substantial benefit for the small fry? 

The short answer is that it makes your assets subject to them and gives them an ownership interest in what you work for and create with no substantial risk to them in exchange. 

Suddenly, you have to pay "federal income taxes" and any other taxes they assess.  You have to maintain records and have those records instantly available for them to examine, because you don't actually own your business anymore.  You gave it to them in exchange for the "benefits" they offered ----purportedly, anyway. 

Non-profit businesses are especially at risk.  If you set up a non-profit and then decide that you want to "unincorporate" it, you have to give your assets away to another non-profit (still under their thumb and forefinger) or give the assets to them outright. 

No escape, or so they make it seem.  

Everything that you worked for and believed that you owned, has via your own ignorance been "donated" to these charlatans and thieves.  Your business---- like you---- is just another PERSON in their System and they control and own everything in their System. 

How do you exit this nightmare? 

For most businesses the answer is the same for your business as it is for you.  You remove the name of the business to the jurisdiction of the land and soil --- and permanently domicile it there, so that you are no longer considered to be engaged in "commerce" but in "international trade".  

For the vast majority of small businesses, this is sufficient to discourage the thieves, if you are resolute in your defense of your position.  You claim the name of your business as an Assumed Name and that's that.  The truth of the matter is that there are always bigger fish to fry and they can't waste the resources tagging down small operators---especially not well-informed small operators who bare their teeth and present Mandatory FSIA Notices upon first contact. 

And you revoke any "election to pay" federal income taxes on your small independent business, just as you revoke your "personal" election to pay by writing to both the Commissioner of the IRS and the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service and informing them that your business is naturally exempt and your revoking your election to pay these federal taxes and waiving any benefit of federal incorporation. 

There are notable exceptions.  If you are involved in the interstate sale or transport of alcohol, tobacco or firearms products, you are stuck.  The Federales have a lock on the interstate (not the intrastate) manufacture, transport and sale of these products. 

If you are a C-Corp subject to SEC rules and selling shares to the public, you are stuck.  The Federales have a lock on the international/interstate sale of these kinds of security instruments.  This is the Big Deal about "going public"---- you subject yourself to their foreign Territorial jurisdiction and are assumed to be acting in commerce when you "register" with the SEC and Stock Exchanges. 

The good news is that the vast majority of Mom and Pop businesses and non-profit organizations that never owed federal taxes and were never subject to federal reporting requirements in the first place, can correct their mistakes and reorganize as private, unincorporated businesses. 

For most businesses that are not involved in any particularly risky, controversial, or dangerous activities for which liability may be a big issue, leaving behind federal taxation and reporting and regulation is a blessing and no loss.  The rule of thumb for most businesses is that if you have less than a million and a half in profits every year, there is no likely advantage to incorporation at all.  

Buy some extra private insurance, if you want to, with the savings reaped from claiming your exemption from federal taxes and reporting and regulation requirements. 

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  1. Sadly, it the "small fry" businesses that get railroaded with all of these "regulations" as they know the small businesses cannot afford to pay high powered lawyers!!! I knew too many "bottom feeders" that were targeted by the irs, and assorted agencies. If all of this is true, and it would be in a "perfect" world where the "laws" are obeyed by the gov't, why isn't killary clintscum foundation being raided for records as we all know the criminality that has gone on there!!!??? Sorry, but this is BAD "legal" advice!!! Be prepared to have your life and business ruined if you follow this!!! There is no way to "get out of the system" until it is CHANGED by natural or divine intervention. Until then, do business at your own risk.

  2. If HILLARY CLINTON set up a non-profit and then decided that she wanted to "unincorporate", she'd have to give assets away to another non-profit (still under their thumb and forefinger) or give the assets to them outright, right?

    1. HRC is on a whole other level with trusts, foundations, shell corporations and dirty attorneys AND is foreign/untouchable. she is so far removed from her true name and nationality that she has to be tried differently in military tribunals which is why they are setting them up.

    2. penny what is HRC's true name and nationality? And why then does she use what we know her as; what is her reason for that.?

  3. If what Anna said is correct that Bill and Hillary corrected their own birthright political status back when they were in law school, it would seem to me the only people that will be able to go after them in the court would be a common law court. Is there a functioning common law court set up yet? The Clinton foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, so they can hide all their ill gotten gains behind the current governments structure. Unfortunately, as much as I don’t like those two people, they are playing that game very well.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Try to open a back account or cash a check without a federal ID number. Using an Assumed name locks you right back into the Social Security system. I wrote the IRS to revoke my electron to pay. Their response was to make up a notice of lien and serve the credit union where I have a checking account and seized everything in it. There is no place to go for a remedy. The Feds control all of the banks and courts. There is no common law court available. The Fed and State have the power to do as they please regardless of any law, code or statute. They violate them all.

    1. I believe there are "common law courts in New York. Check with "National Liberty Alliance dot org"

    2. Jed, that is interesting. Did they ever actually respond to your letters? Or just proceed to steal your money. Can you give any details? And is there anyone else who has any results from 'revoking election to pay fed tax'? 1Freeman is the only one who has given us his results; why have we not heard from any other person? If this stuff works, then why have we not gotten any reports of success.


    4. Jedih2 I'm sorry to hear of your troubles. It would be MOST helpful to ALL to understand and learn from your personal experiences, if we knew what process you followed to correct the public record of your Political Status and how EXACTLY you Claimed title back to the Assumed Name.
      The "devil" IS in the details, and peeling away the layers of our intentions, behaviors and actions, taking a deeper inspection provides us with a much clearer picture to understand and learn from, and to help others learn as well.
      Thank you for your consideration

      Much Gratitude, Love and Peace

    5. True Success IS the abundant Love and Peace of Mind, Body and spirit that warms our very core when our thoughts behaviors and actions we engage in IN Truth and IN harmony/balance IN Peaceful, honest opposition to "WORLD" systems and programmed minions that ARE engaged in FULL Persecution mode to take you down and put you back in their little box. You know you are ON the right path when the only "thing" you have left to attack IS your private, peaceful, honest integrity in the public, and to publically slander and defame your true nature, purpose and character in the community you live IN to put FEAR in others and attempt to make a "example" of you, lol. This IS the FIRE We get tested IN. We either choose to SEE it for what it IS and remain true to ourselves, no matter what the "World" says and does, or we RUN with our tail between our legs and HIDE like "THEY" intend us to do, at even greater detriment to our eternal soul and diminished light of our True spirit nature and Christ character within.
      Choices! Stand Strong, Courageous and True to overcome or Go along with the Evil behaviors of this world to "save" your precious flesh and vain worldly false Peace and security. Choose Love for True success and freedom from the chains that bind in this "world" or FEAR for self preservation and service to SELF only IF You choose to NOT fully open your EYES to SEE and remain spiritually "dead" within (deaf, dumb and blind to God's True will and energetic words/essence being freely offered to light your way and guide you, no book or worldly translators required)

      Let your True Conscience BE your guide!
      Much Gratitude, Love and Peace within ALL NOW

  6. Captain: Kirk " Spock what do you make of all of this?"

    Spock: "Captain after attempting a galactic computation of the number 1 to it's lowest common denominator there is only 1 solution to this anomaly, Looks like divine interventions."

    Captain Kirk: "That's exactly what i thought.Spock you've earned your pay for the day. Zulo get us out of here warp factor 10!"

    Zulo; " Ay Ay Captain God speed ahead."

  7. The only way out of this mess is to do 1776 over the right way.

  8. The only way out of this mess is to do 1776 over the right way.

  9. Their business is to steal. I spent 39 years in small business and was both a prostitute ( Worked my body manually) and a tax collector. Found out in 2002 I was remitting tax which was unconstitutional and stopped remitting. Did not pay yearly incorporation fee (licence) Did not matter, they bared false witness against me with false bills and went direct to my clients and stole.They did not take me to court, they stole from the desk. Put me and my family out of business in 2014. Even if we went to court, the whole game is rigged. They all work for the same master Satan. However, their time is running short. If you are new in business, do not incorporate. In order to get a bank account out here, you have to register your business. You then apply for a tax number if so inclined. It is called the Registry of Joint Stock Companies which is under the jurisdiction of the Province. We are caught. Stealing IS their business. Banking is also stealing.

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