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Monday, April 30, 2018

Trillionaires for a Day

By Anna Von Reitz

To all the BS surrounding "GCRs" and "RVs" and "NESARA/GESARA" I wish to call a halt. 

The Central Bankers and their buddies are the ones who owe the debts, because they are the ones who profited from the gross misapplication of assets both before and after both World Wars and from the inflation this malfeasance has caused.  

Since when did you or I ever "benefit" from inflation? 

Since when did we get to "create money" by entering digits in a ledger? 

Since when did we get to exchange our I.O.U's for gold and silver under force of legal tender "laws"---and then go bankrupt, taking the gold and silver with us?  

Since when did we get to kite checks on empty bank accounts --- and have those checks honored?  

Since when did we get to "hypothecate" debt against assets that actually belong to other people?  

Never.  So, since we never benefited from all this madness, who did?  The banks.  And since the banks got the benefit, who owes the debt?  The banks, again.  

And if they want to escape mutual perdition, who needs to write all those debts off and "forgive" them?   The banks. 

Not us.  Not Joe Average.  It's not our debt.  Not our fault.  Not our problem. 

The debt belongs to the banks and the only way the banks can be credited is if they forgive the debt.   

Honest men would have faced the facts and jettisoned all this "debt" years ago.  Even dishonest men with brains would have done the same, but no.  

Instead, we have this crazy-making situation. 

Inflation equals devaluation of currency.  

The system the central banks set up in 1913 was designed to steal our money outright via the absurd "exchange rate" of their I.O.U.s for our silver and to devalue our American money via inflation.  

What they did at Bretton Woods was just more of the same.  Our money wasn't devaluing fast enough to suit the Central Banks, so they created the "USD"---- another "mirror" ---- of our actual United States Dollar, which is and remains, fine silver-----and they hauled out Bretton Woods and shoved that pile of manure down everybody's throats. 

Our assets and our money was used to rebuild the rest of the world after World War II and everybody including the Chinese know it.  We were kept working like slaves to make it possible, too.  We were the only nation on planet Earth that was never allowed to have peace after the Second World War.  

And now that they have devalued their look-alike-sound-alike "USD" --- which isn't the actual United States Dollar anymore than I am a public transmitting utility called "ANNA M. RIEZINGER" ---- they want all of us to take the fall for them. 

Nyet.  Not.  Nein.  No.  Non.  Not happening. 

The Central Banks owe the actual Americans $4,778 Trillion.  They owe the hardworking and inventive Germans even more per capita --- $2612 Trillion.  They owe the Italians $800 Trillion.  They even owe the Greeks, who were supposedly "on the rocks" and "insolvent" over $600 Trillion.  

Are you all beginning to get this gist of this?  That it is all make-believe and hideously absurd?  Where did all these astronomical numbers come from? 

What I said yesterday ---- bunko and bad bookkeeping. 

Not the Red Dragon family, the White Dragon family or the Purple Dragon family, either. 

Just bunko and bad bookkeeping. 

So now what is the banker's solution?  Oh, we "give it all back to the people"----which sounds good superficially, because it is the people who have been harmed by all this crap --- but then we get to the fine print. 

They propose to hand out trillions of "dollars" -----digit dollars ---- credit dollars --- to Joe Blow, pretty much at random.  

Imagine the situation?  Joe Blow from Pittsburgh is suddenly a "trillionaire" and his friend, Fast Eddy, is a quadrillionaire---- at least, that's what their account at the bank says.  

So they start spending all this credit loot ---- and before you know it, a cup of coffee costs a million dollars, everyone is charging a minimum wage of $10,000,000.00 per hour, a car costs a trillion and a half..... 

And the vacuous, illusory, arbitrary nature of money and credit starts to dawn on everyone, but the Central Banks have one more throw. 

When the "USD" --- which was never our American Dollar at all, just deliberately confused with us and our money --- is completely, utterly worthless, and everyone knows it for sure, ah, then they propose to come in and offer what they will advertise as "real money" ---- silver and gold. 

Oh, you mean like our American Silver Dollar that everyone made fun of and considered so novel and quaint?  

They figure that in the wake of the worst hyperinflation in human history everyone will be so desperate for a "reliable" alternative that they will be begging to buy gold at $10,000 or $20,000 per ounce. 

They are even bringing out that worthless old lie about "gold being a store of value".  

If so, why don't you show us an ounce of gold that is "storing value" versus an ounce of gold that has "discharged" its value?  

And they are inventing bogus philanthropists out of thin air, too, to try to explain how all this gold and silver got amassed in the first place.  

By bunko and bad bookkeeping is the real answer. 

Mao didn't leave any benevolent "Chinese Elders" loaded down with tons of gold to give away.  

If you believe that story line you have rocks in your head and are too stupid to live. 

So now, hopefully, you see why this purported "massive re-distribution of wealth" is really nothing of the kind, and is just the final hurrah to obliterate whatever value remains in the British Territorial United State's currency the so-called "USD"-----a hyper-inflationary hurrah that would serve the central banker's other goal of giving them an excuse to say that they paid back their debt, when all they have done is add a lot more digits to a ledger and cause a lot more misery worldwide. 

No.  It's time to call an end to this crappola and an end to the Central Banks and the bankers running them.  They need to be in jail the same way a little kid needs a spanking and a time out.  

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  1. How much is toilet paper going to cost? Time to break the monopoly on money and create our own usury free. Working class money. A mechanic job costing 40.00 in blue collar dollars cost 5000.00 in federal reserve notes.I wonder how the high and haughty would like them apples?

  2. What about the "gold backed USNote" they've been talking about? Is that bogus too?

    1. I'm pretty sure that it is !!!

    2. Look at how some other currencies are named: mexican pesos, viet nam dong, chinese yen, etc. None of them are called 'notes'. I think Notes infer an IOU, debt currency. We should simply call our dollars American dollars.

  3. I hope by now more people are beginning to realize just how extremely entangled these crooked self-serving leaders of our world have made everything; to the point where it is pretty much impossible to untangle or ever sort out, or ever get to the bottom of.

    I hope by now more folks are beginning to realize just how deeply evil these people are, which is who entangled and entwined all these things. Its time to realize all this evil has been engineered by satan, who is the author of confusion. This goes far beyond just mere confusion, but is a mystery no man will ever figure out IMO.

    IMO it would take every single person who has been involved in this entanglement to step forward and tell everything about his part in it. Then it would take smart people to put all the pieces of this puzzle in their proper place. NONE of this is ever going to happen.

    We can all see how Anna and Team get something discovered and uncovered and turned right side up exposing it for all to see - - only to find another layer, or another trick already set up to prevent implementation.
    This is exactly why I have not allowed myself to be recruited on the Defense team where 'they' never intend to allow the ''ball'. Defense never makes points, so they can never win playing Defense. They have to try to take the ball away from the Offense Team......if they can.
    Generally that happens when Offense makes a bad play.
    Rather than a legitimate game, we are just playing with a bunch of rats in a game of Keep Away; and they have been playing keep away from The People all this time. Thats why they still have it all and we don't.
    I am not trying to be a downer, but we have to look at reality, and then go from there.

    1. I read your posts on this forum. 99% of our family, neighbors, and friends have no idea of the F.R.A.U.D. and manipulation.

      I have many Opinions too, but they are irrelevant at this time because to those who have no clue opinions are the opitomy of "CRAZINESS".

      We as living Souls need to educate the masses to the facts and leave our opinions at the door.

      People believe private corporate codes and statutes are the Law. We all have to take many steps backwards to deprogram and re-educate ourselves.

      Most are not ready for the truth let alone singular opinions which make things worse when relating Facts.

      Education will migrate the sheep through the gate, not singular opinions.

      Please post facts rather than opinions.

      Their Prison is private and for profit. Opinions get a man locked up if he's not careful.

      I understand how important opinions are in our minds. Opinions will not get people over the fence or through the gate.

      You post all the time. You have a voice. Educate with facts. If something is not correct here, correct it with facts cause unfortunately every one has an opinion and they don't count for Shit.

      Less than 1% have a clue. Find and post facts and maybe we all can beat these pirates. Use your voice in the best way possible.

      Education is the answer now.

    2. Agree 100% Annie, thank you!!

    3. Annie, I guess you don't understand the game of Football, so then you did not get my analogy? Nothing I posted was opinion, everything I said was gleaned from observations of reality of what is actually going on and all watchful people who are serious would most likely agree.

    4. uh defense does and can make points especially in football...I agree with Annie

  4. From what I know, it seems there is no evidence of an RV and even Christian Lagarde stated there is no such thing as a GCR. Others have also said this. There may be such a thing as a currency exchange but it is not going to be like an announcement and people going to banks to do so.
    Its also my understanding that flooding of huge amounts of 'wealth' is not going to be permitted, but will be capped to an extent, and then hydrating will be slow so as to not cause inflation. This may not be the agenda for all sources, there is no way to know what everybody has in mind, if anything at all.
    IMO it does seem like things are leading up to a crypto form of doing business, buying and selling. It seems this may be the way of ridding us of the unFed reserve and fiat currency. I think all of these things are up in the air, and not yet set in stone or may just be in the beginning stages.
    Any way we look at things, its always a good idea to have a Plan B if we can come up with one; easier to say, than do. I just would not count on anything, since nothing seems solid; and for those with visions of lamborghinis or Rolles, I would get the feet back on the ground and get over such unnecessary toys.
    I know of some people who are involved in this 'humanitarianism' and they admit they get a lot of their information from what they themselves call ''galactics'. For me, thats a big red flag as far as any reliability goes.

  5. abby, it will happen, the system cannot continue as is and so they need a new belief system, gold backed currencies i,e. USN, national currency and an international one, maybe SDR or TRN; they have rolled it out already in many countries, (russia, china, turkey and venezuela) america (has had it ready for years and trading/on back screens) is next/SOON; all they need to do AT MINIMUM is use the shanghai physical gold reserve market (not fake ETF's to artificially manipulate physical price) and raise the gold price to 10k/ounce, everything will change could be that simple at a minimum (if RV/GCR is pipe dream but i dont think it is they need to expunge old debt system and make us happier) and then switch all currency exchanged via the new "swift" system that china developed "CIPS;" all current fiat will be worthless overnight. its here and its coming any day, literally. its inexorable. be ready for down days and no access to money/atm's, tiers (dinar, PP's and bonds) have exchanged in large quantities, public is soon to go. it has little to do with galactics that is just pure 70 year or so cycles, pyramid schemes can only last so long, even if we are myopic, similar to when it was established via bretton woods etc,

    round and round she goes where she stops nobody knows.

    1. Penny, yes you are correct, money transfers are changing over from Swift to CIPS and I believe this is going toward extinction of Swift altogether, since the cabal has got their dirty hands all over it. Cips is much harder to break into as I understand it and is a good way to eliminate Swift; bypass the fed. res.
      As for the fiat dollar, I'm not sure how that is going to get extinguished, but its my understanding there will be a window to do even exchanges dollar for new 'dollar' or whatever that will be. I believe Law says no currency can just vanish overnight. The value may be different, but still an 'even exchange' will likely occur from all that I understand from over the past 5 plus yrs watching this kind of possibility.

      I too understand that there have been some exchanges going on in the background, untold publicly, but it seems the purpose is to prop up or underpin any public activity.
      Just a whole lot we still don't know for sure yet, at least I dont, lol.

    2. William Mount did a video said the gold bonds are worthless.

    3. short, yes, since bonds are just paper, not tangible, then its just paper and you can't buy anything with it. One should never buy any gold that they do not have in their possession, glittering before their eyes. Same thing with buying any gold Stocks in the stock market; those too are even less than paper is.

  6. Only when we, as a people, realize that money is only as good as the human energy associated with it, will we make progress.

    1. Any fiat dollar without a full, aware, documented, voluntary, signed contract is worthless.

  7. It is not about money. It is about commitment to human prosperity. We deal over seas. We deal at home. When will me commit to human prosperity?

  8. Another reason to corral our courts back under our control seize assets talk later.

  9. Their punishment will be at the end of a rope . There will be no forgiveness , no trial , no jury of their peers ( because they hang too ) . It will be as if they never existed ,all of them . Send Satans agents back to Hell , in pieces if necessary . We have suffered multigenerational misery too long.

    1. We live in grace with forgiveness. If we expect to have these things they have to be given to all also. Hell was created by man to control man. God is Love. Vengeance is not ours to implement.

      Education and forgiveness will free us.

      If you believe in "Common law" it protects every one not just those you have deemed worthy.

    2. Patriot, Indeed! Truthfulness comes above all else and right is right and wrong is wrong; good is good and evil is still evil. Evil does not deserve nor does it get any forgiveness. When they come before God at the White Throne Judgement they will not be asked to present any Defense, but their Record will simply be read to them and then they will be sentenced to Hell which will then get thrown into the Lake of Fire.

      Annie, I'm afraid you are way off on the wrong track; anyone who even thinks of wanting wicked people to have 'grace and forgiveness' is standing on the side of satan. You are also showing ignorance of the Fact that God not only made Hell but He has even enlarged it. God has absolutely NO love for the wicked, evil doers, or even a smaller thing like lying.
      I highly recommend you throw away all your wrong thinking, pick up the New Testament and read it till you understand it. At least pick up the final Book which is Revelation and read it.
      Who has mislead you to think as you do??

  10. To live in Peace is not to be judge, jury and executioner with a rope on this forum.

    Our duty, responsibility and obligation is to educate our brothers "NOW". The perpetrators will hang themselves without our participation.

    Harm to our brothers is Crime.

    Peaceful inhabitants are not criminals.

    Educate without harm.

    1. Annie, for those that are Gods true born again children, He commands them to judge all things using righteous judgement - - that means judging by using his Word to do it with, which is fairness. If something is outside the scope of what God said is Right, then we judge it as being wrong. The purpose in doing so is to point out the errors of people, so that they have the opportunity to make corrections; it is not done to be throwing rocks.
      If a parent is helping their child with their homework, and they see that child make an error, such as in math, isn't it beneficial to point out their error and show them the correct answer? Or do you just let that slide on by and let them continue in error?
      Our job is always to tell the truth, above all else. Nobody here is playing 'executioner' and nobody has tried to hang anyone.
      One other thing, not everybody is my brother. We are not ''all one' and we are not all in the same family.
      Just sayin'

    2. Did God love (Saul)Paul When he was the persecutor?
      Do you think people prayed that Paul might be saved?

    3. Annie.....Our duty is to educate our brothers and sisters...!! At what cost Anni...!! Are you willing to spend the next 20 years in prison like John the Baptist to educate our brothers and sisters...You woul DNT do one day in jail to help your so called brothers or sisters or give one dime to anyone you did it didn t know...get off your high moral are no better in God's eyes than anyone else, until you are really willing to sacrifice time , money, and incarceration if need be.....or are you afraid...!!

    4. Annie...our real job is to educate ignorant people in govt and the banks that they are the problem we are fighting, because all your laws are laws of foreign principles,making you nothing more than a foreign agent working against America and not for need to educate judges, attorneys, bank tellers, real estate agents who are by law supposed to be our fiduciary aren't they. Which means, why aren't you telling them that they are committing fraud when they make us sign unconscionable contracts that are patently "unilateral" for the banks only. What happened to "Consideration" , the most important element of a contract...!! They use our credit behind our back , using the promissory NOTE, which we signed, and use it to finance the entire cost of the home as soon as escrow closed..In other words, your home was paid for "in full" as soon as escrow closed...!! Did anyone tell us....NO..!! And then let's talk about law enforcement who only talk with a gun...!! The worst traitors we have, and absouluty dangerous..!! Do raise came when a normal working man or woman get stopped by a cop and find a little bit of drugs in the car , which the cops and court are willing to destroy lives and families over when there is no injured party except the "Corp State"...Or are you one of those who put drug addicts in the same irresponsible boat.....I bet if you say on a jury, you would do the "RIGHT THING" and vote "Not Guilty", no matter what the judge and prosecutor says......RIGHT..!! You judge people daily, you just don't know it....anyone who sends a person to jail on a non violent crime,with no real party of interest to come forward with first hand knowledge, is guilty of crimes against humanity...which means you Annie...!! Tell me I'm wrong..!! Put your damn bible down for 2 seconds and start learning what is going on right under your nose which is nothing but FRAUD and LIES...your trying to educate the wrong people...start educating the police and the courts, because no one will believe you until you lead the way and get a win in court for not paying an IRS Bill that none of us owe...except attorneys...!! And govt agencies..!!

    5. But you wont, because you have too much to lose, don't you. It's sad when people quote the bible, but perfectly happy at sending your so called brothers and sisters to jail just because the rest of the jury is ignorant of law and our me anywhere in the bible were Jesus talks about drugs and should be jailed...yet day by day you sit at home and let people just get falsely imprissioned for money only...screw the Law...!! Every good patriot has done time trying to correct the system itself, instead of trying to educate the masses who are only concerned if the Lakers won today or not....!! Start doing something . Action speaks louder than words..!! Start sueing these govt agencies in a court of law, if you want to help America's problems..And once you do 90 days in jail,then and only then, can you call yourself my sister, and not before.....!!

  11. Abby,
    Our job is always to tell the truth, above all else. Nobody here is playing 'executioner' and nobody has tried to hang anyone.
    i agree, and yet there are plenty who will and are willing to play executioner. Many who are ready to throw the first literal stones.
    This is what Annie is warning of.
    Examples, right here on this thread:
    1.Chris RobideauxApril 30, 2018 at 6:38 PM
    Hang the bastards and take it all back.
    Patriot58May 1, 2018 at 11:59 AM
    Their punishment will be at the end of a rope . There will be no forgiveness , no trial , no jury of their peers ( because they hang too ) . It will be as if they never existed ,all of them . Send Satans agents back to Hell , in pieces if necessary . We have suffered multigenerational misery too long.
    So i ask how does take it all back sound to a follower? How does we have lived in misery sound to a follower? Does it sound like whining & complaining ? Does this sound like gratitude in all things?
    This move to reclaim what is ours is sounding more and more like the left everyday. What we deserve etc....
    Does this sound Christ like?
    i believe this may be what Annie is pointing out.

    1. follower, as a matter of fact I do think their comments are 'Christ-like'. In essence, the entire Gospels (the whole NT) consists of warnings which ultimately amount to ''repent or perish'. It only gives two options. And because everyone has had plenty of time to learn and know these two options, and most do not take heed......God ends up saying 'when their day comes, He will laugh at their calamity'. He also says things like ''in that Day they will call, but God will not answer'.

      The devil and his minions, those people who work on his behalf ought to know better; they have had plenty of warning of the consequences; yet they continue endlessly to cause misery to the People without any just cause, they have pushed their luck to the limits. So now they deserve every harsh word hurled at them. And afterall, isn't it Jesus himself that is going to throw them all into the Lake of Fire?
      He is a God of Justice, and Justice will be served. When he does it is going to make GITMO look like a sunday afternoon picnic. Evil doers deserve NO mercy, and won't get any.

    2. follower, does the bible say that God loved Saul when he was a persecutor? No. Does the bible say anyone prayed for him to be saved? It doesnt say so. In fact nowhere do I see where God loves sinners. It only says they can repent and be saved, but love has nothing to do with it, other than that some may have that opportunity.
      You are using the word 'love' here in an emotional sense, when God's love is in his sending his son to make a way for people to be saved. Love is in Deeds; not in mushy emotionalism.
      As for Annie, she can do and think whatever she likes; but she is in NO position to be giving advice because she does not know the 'rule book' of good advice vs. bad advice.

    3. Nowhere do you see where God loves sinners? And yet His Son was sent for everyone of us.
      He Loved Paul otherwise he would not have called out to him.

    4. follower I am all flabbergasted as to why everybody is so persistent in having a love fest for sinners, when in fact that is nowhere in the Word. Also keep in mind that You have brought this up again, and so I must respond to it.
      But get it straight and quit selling love to sinners, it is NOT in the Word, so why do you keep inserting your own views into it and adding words?
      I have already stated some of them may still have an opportunity to be saved; isn't that enough? Isn't Gods intention that men's souls be saved? Why do so many make themselves ''love salesmen' then?
      Like Tina Turner used to sing ''whats love got to do with it'?
      The entire gospel is to show all of us that we need to get rid of the sin in our lives, and the consequences if we don't. That IS The Gospel. Period. If they are lonely and need coddled, they can go buy themselves a teddy bear.

    5. follower, something I always did was take notice of how the Apostles preached, their mannerism, and so ask yourself did they EVER go telling those on the outside, the unsaved, that they were anybody. In fact the Apostle Paul was very straight spoken and he did not coddle anyone, in fact he so often chastised the brethren and harshly.
      As examples, take a look at 2 Corinth. 6:11-18. Or Galatians chapter 1:6-8. We ought to follow their pattern, don't you think? I have long ago realized that telling the nitty gritty truth is never going to win any friends, just like it didn't win Paul any, and they hated Jesus for telling truth and for just being who he was, and today people still hate him for who he is and it should be quite obvious they still hate His Truth, lol. So why should anyone be surprised or miffed by that?

    6. Abby,
      There are many examples:
      Mathew 5:44
      Love Your Enemies
      …43You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ 44But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45that you may be sons of your Father in heaven. He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.…
      Berean Study Bible · Download
      Cross References
      1 Samuel 24:17
      He said to David, "You are more righteous than I; for you have dealt well with me, while I have dealt wickedly with you.

      Proverbs 19:11
      A man's discretion makes him slow to anger, And it is his glory to overlook a transgression.

      Proverbs 25:21
      If your enemy is hungry, give him food to eat; And if he is thirsty, give him water to drink;

      Luke 6:27
      But to those of you who will listen, I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you,

      Luke 6:28
      bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.

      Luke 23:34
      Then Jesus said, "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing." And they divided up His garments by casting lots.

      John 13:34
      A new commandment I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so also you must love one another.

      Acts 7:60
      Falling on his knees, he cried out in a loud voice, "Lord, do not hold this sin against them." And when he had said this, he fell asleep.

      Romans 12:14
      Bless those who persecute you. Bless and do not curse.

      Romans 12:20
      On the contrary, "If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him a drink. For in so doing, you will heap burning coals on his head."
      That said, i am not saying sinners get a free pass as perhaps the false churches might say, once saved always saved etc. etc.
      The Bible also speaks of a Hardening of hearts. This is also a warning.

    7. The entire problem with this site is that it is not dedicated to making things right....looking for the REMEDY that will free us all..instead you all want to talk about the bible....Shoildnt you all be on a Christian site, so you can argue about the bible all day long...but this site was supposed to be about exposing the fraud and how to get REMEDY in a system built on fraud...!! Wasn't it..!! Arguing about semantics will get us no where..!! In fact that's how we got into this situation in the first place...semantics..!! I can't stand so called "Christians" anymore..!! The ones I have meet are the worst thieves in the world. And LIERS..!! They try and solve every single problem with a bible quote...But every problem we have in the world is like the always has 3 aspects to it in order to arrive at the TRUTH, not one..!! You need the bible for sure, but it won't mean anything without the two missing pieces....our legal system, and money. No one claiming to be a Christian seems to know all three. They only know the bible... If you know the bible so well why do you just lay back when the "lord" told us there are only two laws, not even the Lord you God with your whole heart and love your neighbor as thyself.....Now where did all these other laws come can only be from one source.....Satan..!! And all his minions of law enforcement and judges..!! But what do I hear from christians...No outrage at all...just whippers, then they just go back into their house were it's safe....people are encouraged to call 911 if they know anything but 99% of the time they know nothing and use 911 as a weapon of war against their neighbors, because of the cowards they are..!! Instead of being a true Christian and going over to their neighbor directly to tell them they are not happy about something and try and work it out....NO...its a call to 911 to solve their problem using foreign agents to an Americans home...chickens all of you..!!

    8. James you are a character! I mostly love reading your posts, sometimes you ramble, but I can see why, you have lived through a lot. I agree with you about this site being dedicated to correcting the wrongs of 150 years, not a bible lesson. Yes it's nice to know people want to be close to God, but there is a place for that, and this isn't it.

  12. Annie, from your language I see you are one of those Gaia New Agers which BTW is a very false anti-christ ''religion''. Have you also fallen into 'the course in miracles' which was written by many many men and women, and changed more times than a baby with diarrhea.

  13. My goodness Abby! Give it a rest! So distracting for you to carry on. Please lets work together on this cause!You are very intelligent so you can drop that chip on your shoulder now! Lower the defenses!!!

    1. doonstr, chip on my shoulder?? You gotta be kidding. You may want to rethink that. (what is distracting is the new age crap. yuk, lol)

  14. Abby is a paid "Chaos Merchant".
    The more anyone keeps trying to help her, the more enturbulative she becomes.
    Hasn't anyone noticed that yet? Or even wondered?
    Ignore her (him)...
    All The Best,


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