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Monday, April 30, 2018

The Flannelmouths Among Us

By Anna Von Reitz

The description "flannelmouth" used to be pretty common.  It was applied to all the politically correct wishy-washies who "couldn't say shit if they had a mouth full of it" and who began appearing in larger and larger numbers after the Second World War.  

These people are always careful to not offend anyone, to "mouth over" everything repeatedly and never say or do anything that might be considered controversial or violent or unpopular.  

These are the people Ben Franklin spoke of when he said those who give up freedom for safety deserve neither. 

Most of them are deeply fearful and indoctrinated souls who somehow imagine that they can avoid being swept up in the catastrophes of the world, if they just sit still and do nothing and say nothing. 

Their theory seems to be akin to that of rabbits: maybe if I sit very still, nobody will notice me and it will all just pass me by like a bad dream. 

That's the same kind of thinking that resulted in the Nazis taking power. 

Was it Pastor Neuman who, in retrospect, enumerated the list of victims?  First, they came for the homosexuals and the disabled, but I wasn't a homosexual or disabled, so I did nothing; next, they came for the Jehovah's Witnesses, but I wasn't a Jehovah's Witness, so I did nothing; and then they came for the Jews, but I wasn't a Jew, so I did nothing; and when they came for me, there was nobody left to come to my assistance. 

Remember his rumination, because it applies to every one reading this. If you put up with lawlessness, it will increase.  If you turn away from injustice, it will increase.  If you think that you will escape by being a milk-toast, think again.  

As we should all know by now, that is not how the actual world works. In the actual world, silence is acceptance and consent.  Doing nothing means that you are consenting to whatever is coming down the pike. 

So all of you "cool, considerate men" who are "hanging to the back" thinking that if the rest of us go under, you will still be afloat---- think again.  You will be the targets of choice, because you present such easy targets for the bullies and the criminals. 

And they are criminals. 

If it offends your delicate sensitives to call for the arrest, restraint and apprehension of criminals in our midst, just slink away. Go find a hole and hope for the best.  History is not in your favor.  

This is a posting that belongs to law-abiding people who have secured their natural and unalienable rights and who owe it to themselves and to others to speak up and to resist evil and lawlessness in our midst. We consider it our public duty and there are plenty of laws on the books that say that it is in fact our public duty to report, to inform, to object, and to resist crime up to and including use of deadly force if necessary. 

If all these crimes including identity theft and unlawful conversion of assets and conspiracy against the constitutions and inland piracy and impersonation and personage and barratry and felony-level fraud and breach of trust and false claims in commerce and deliberate extortion and racketeering under color of law and abuse of bankruptcy protection and press-ganging, human trafficking, peonage and enslavement are not enough to get you on your feet --- except to run away, that is---- then how much more does it take before you line up for the gas chambers?  

You will all just have to sit down and put your heads between your knees and breathe deep.  

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  1. Yes, Yes, Yes...It IS Action & Go Time!!
    Thank You Anna!!

    Much Gratitude, Love, Peace, Divine Courage and Strength be TO ALL NOW

  2. Just remember, I did that 20 years ago. FBI and local dumbkaufs came down on me hard and I spent a year, facing 20 in prison, and 20 years later these criminals are still trying to hold the puppet strings. Its really hard to stand up to a massive throng of blackshirts, todays version of brownshirts, when you're the only one who has half a brain who knows whats really going on. Unless I start to see half of this town where I live showing up at my door volunteering to defend me, I'm keeping my head down.
    Pastor Neuman, thats my kin BTW.

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  4. I'v been beatup, kidnapped, jailed and robed three times for doing what you teach, Thanks but no thanks. I will not stand alone again.

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    2. I do agree and experience that also Steve.Until all your ducks are in a row and know there language fraud,and the backing of many you may face this cyst em that still has control over " for profit corporate policy enforcers" and the corporate owned military.
      And while the other sheep look on to see what happens when this sheep calls it quits and jumps the farm fence for freedom and sees his fellow brother captured by these criminal corporate wolves and do nothing.
      I am still hopeful and willing to stand up when everything aligns as this needs to be stopped for all to be truly free from this cyst em. .

    3. United we stand or divided we fall.

    4. Fallen we have and for many generations if you look at his story. Think were ever going to learn from his story? Wars after wars sponsored by evil beings and divided we've become because of ignorance and intolerance and greed.
      High time we pick up and stand up with all of our brothers and sisters and end this divide and conquer corporate rule once and for all.

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  5. As I see it today, I recall a patriot friend telling me that they had a million patriots march on d.c. to peacefully let them know of their disapproval of what they were doing and letting their wishes be known. They wanted to present a mandate to our crooked gov. against the People.
    These patriots were so excited to accomplish such a feat; but they were refused to be shown on the News, so most people never knew about this March for Freedom for the People. They were allowed to proceed, untouched, and they went home and the whole thing just blew over without a trickle of success.
    So thats what happens when the People try to do anything peacefully.

    Conversely, if they did it with guns and bullets, we only need to guess how long it would be before those UN troops who are planted all over the country now, martial law declared, and the blood of the People will begin to flow like a second civil war. Dead bodies all over from both sides IMO. And just like what has happened during hurricanes in Tx and in FL, many would just disappear never to be heard of again.
    So folks, as I see it as of right now, those are the choices we seem to have; none of them are good; none of them will profit us or accomplish the end that is sought here.
    I am open to listening, but I also refer y'all back to the ''only solution for our country' which I have previously stated numerous times. If people cannot see this is the only solution, then there is not a whole lot of hope for you.

    1. Abby, it sounds to me like you are promoting violence.

      That is completely intolerable!

      Oh, and the one who has recently taken over writing the responses of one we knew as Abby, well, the change of writing style is so obvious that we can only assume that Abby's troll mates are also out in full force.

      Get back under that bridge!!!

  6. In 2002 , I started something called the blue collar movement. Had about ten-15 people then all backed out and said i'll wait and see how you get along and if you succeed, I will follow. Beer and sports rule I am afraid just as the dark want it. I still speak out and many say I am crazy. Unless you felt the unicorns horn up your ass, most have no willingness to fight.

  7. This is a fight for the brave in heart. Fear is of the enemy and it is their greatest tool. I say to you, let Thomas Jefferson's words soak in your hearts and minds as his voice of truth is for the hour: “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” I personally spent six years in federal prison (2010 thru 2016) for ignorantly using my trust account and not having my political status corrected. From 2016 through December 2017, I was under 3 years supervised release and completed all Anna's documents in accordance to instructions and they cut me loose. If I would have done nothing, I would still be under their absolute control. They cannot deal with the truth or the living men/women. I have received No phone calls, no visits, nothing, they cannot stand in the light. I say, if you choose to listen to the voices of fear and retreat, you will reap your reward. Absolute tyranny! If the People will wake up and take a stand in some form or fashion, such as correcting your political status and sharing with others, there will be a change! Blessings to each. Louisiana Tim


    1. Yes! changing your status is a way out. Still waiting for the docs for us north of the border.

    2. Thank you Louisiana Tim for BEing completely honest with your accounting and the errors you've made, corrected and learned from, which IS the KEY to our freedom. To Accept, Acknowledge and Forgive!!! This to me, IS BEing a True witness!! I am grateful to you for going through the Fire and allowing your experience to strengthen your true character and resolve for this cause and in your honest accountability IN genuine service to self AND others!!!
      Yes, Yes, Yes!!! True Accounting Time!!! Time to BE completely honest with ourselves!!!
      Much Gratitude, Love and Peace

    3. Louisiana Tim,
      Thank you for your post. I am under supervised release at the moment and have 10 months to go on a federal "crime" regarding the IRS. I am interested in learning what you filed to have the court terminate your supervised release. Is your record expunged? I would like to converse privately about this matter with you. So please email me at, if you would. God bless!

    4. Louisiana tim, Please stop accusing folks of having fear, and putting it out here as if it is some kind of cardinal sin. I am NOT fearful; I am cautious and try to use wisdom; it is foolish to rush head long into a snare, just as it is foolish to go to war with an empty cannon.
      Using caution is wise, don't you agree?

    5. See there Abby, YOU completely discounted and dismissed ENTIRELY the true value and humbling message (IN his truth) and personal accounting (the Facts) of Louisiana Tim's message shared (teaching) to ALL to help Unite and learn from. Instead YOU CHOSE TO BE Offended and COMPLETELY TWIST IT into being ABOUT YOU!!!!! Where oh Where DID HE STATE YOUR NAME (or anyone's name) in his personal experience and message???? Distract, falsely accuse, Twist, Confuse & Divide!

      IT IS real life experiences and humbling accountability shared that IS going to help strengthen and Unite us ALL!!

      Wake UP and Get Over YOURSELF already...PLEASE!!!

  8. Anna, you have a voice of the people. I'd like to see an uprising of the a Pro-test to the NDAA. It's got to be revoked at all levels, from Fed to State, to City. I see people of all walks of life getting arrested for a very minor offense, and next thing they have a felony charge. All of this escalated because of the Police Powers granted by the NDAA. The People of this Great country need to go together and stand up to have this criminal bill removed from existence.
    I know you have a huge amount on your plate, but I feel this is paramount to We the People's freedom, and it can't stay in place.

    1. Dave,

      There will be no success in what you suggest. It is a waste of time, a leaf on a tree that should be pulled out by the roots.

      You talk out of both sides of your mouth. Which is it? Are you an American National or a U.S. citizen. Maybe you don't know the answer to that question. If you don't it will behoove you to truly grasp the truthful answer.

      Why would any sane man resist a bill that does not apply to him? Because he is being directed by those who wish for us to continue to beat our wings into the air!

      Your observations are fact. However, the cause of this is an illegal congress, who by craft and stealth, stuffed our America full of legislative united states district courts. These courts are Article IV courts and not the Article III courts intended by the Constitution.

      The only Article III entities the Article IV congress was authorized to create were Article III inferior courts to the supreme Court.

      As an Article IV creation itself, congress can only legislate into existence bodies subject to congressional oversight which did not include the Article III courts the Constitution gave congress the power to create.

      So you want to see an uprising do you now? You and Abby should get together. What is with the talk of uprising and violence? That is entirely the wrong approach to take if we truly love our country and our neighbors.

      I will also tell you that if you have not engaged the thugs who have terrorized you using an Administrative Process you have missed the entire purpose for the existence of the process, and that is to bypass the united states district courts and get justice through the Common Law court of record, By serving this notice properly you do the one thing in your power to correct all that is wrong with your world.

    2. Net, it looks like you don't bother to read very well; where did I ever encourage an uprising or violence? You have me mixed up with somebody else, or else you just can't digest what you read, or have a poor recollection or maybe you just want to try to pick a fight with me cause your day is not going so well? Its probably my mention of God's coming Wrath that has you trying to shoot darts at me, lol, but that's quite a different story. Get it straight.

    3. From Anna:

      When you stand on the land instead of "subjecting" yourself on the sea, you tell them what to do and they had better hop.

      That's the difference.

      All of you who have suffered so terribly at the hands of these interlopers have done so because of falsification of the public records that you didn't know about and therefore didn't correct.

      You now have the opportunity to correct those records and stand on the land again. Do so.

      Once your records are corrected, you appear in your true guise as the Employer of these feckless monsters.

  9. As mentioned ,when we on this side of the border may receive these helpful docs we can refer to ,I will do so. I have asked and said they are coming. Hopefully for other countries to that want to stand in honour and truth in the public records. I am tired of swimming.:]
    Thank you

  10. If you don't fight them, they will beat you merceylessly. They know that they are thugs and criminals only because that believe that they can get away with it. The only thing they understand is equal or greater force. The remedy to criminal prosecution is filing a criminal complaint against them. There is a process for this called Slam Dunk at

  11. 1freeman how would you suggest proceeding with ex-employer of 24 years that due to ignorance, and fear falsely claimed you "not eligible for hire" and in a harsh over reaction to subbmitting corrected filing status and proper notice of correction, was then wrongfully terminated of all longterm pay and all vested benefits from employment?
    This has NOW turned into a serious slander and defamation campaign using Corporate ABC Bully Agents to disseminate false information and make false claims to small community peers/ex coworkers and falsely portray terminated employee as a "serious threat" to the "government" and their community, falsely suggesting as "violent" etc...
    Discrimination is a big No, no, We know this, but in our capacity as ncsn passport holders and proper political status changed on and for the record, how would you proceed in "fighting back" and putting these bully's back in their box?
    All thoughts, suggestions by you or others are welcomed and are greatly appreciated, thank you!

    1. Kelli, many things come to mind but it depends on what you want to accomplish. If you are looking to recoup money you have legitimate right to sue them for your vested benefits as well as defamation of character and discrimination. You can do this in court or by administrative process. You can also use the IRS as your pit bull and file a wrongful withholding complaint. Again it all depends on what you are looking to accomplish.

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