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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Here Are the Rats Responsible for the Foreclosures:Dinner-Time!

By Anna Von Reitz

It appears to most of you that you have a mortgage with a bank and that the bank has a "loan servicer" working as a subcontractor to collect and administer the terms of the mortgage.   These loan servicers often have names that imply this role, but in fact, that isn't really their role at all. 

They've bought your Promissory Note from the bank after the bank already discharged it once and got payment from trading your assets through the DTC----and now the bank has sold the same Promissory Note to the "loan servicing company" and they are pretending that they have an additional interest in your collateral.  

Try to picture this---- you write a check, someone cashes it, and then the bank sells your cancelled, already cashed check to a Third Party, who comes to collect an equal amount from you again----even though you don't know these people from Adam, don't have a contract with them, and never gave them any interest in your credit or collateral at all.  

All those of you who are currently in some foreclosure proceedings take a look at the back of the Promissory Note the vermin are presenting and expecting you to pay off?   What does it say on the back? 
 Why, some bank officer signed off on it, endorsed it (just like endorsing a check) "without recourse".  

That means the bank has no further recourse and can't cash it again, but they've happily sold it on to some other suckers who are now intent on alleging that they have a new, separate contract with you, and that you are obligated to pay them under unknown and unstated terms. 

So the bank advertised a "loan" and gave you a future lease re-purchase agreement instead, which is false advertising and fraud on the face of it. Then they set up the ACCOUNT in the name of a municipal government FRANCHISE named after you without your knowledge or consent, which is unlawful conversion. Then they got immediate recoupment of up to 21X the amount of the purported "loan" via selling your collateral off--- a process that included cashing out your purloined Promissory Note --- and then, to top it off, they re-sold your already-paid Promissory Note to Third Parties. 


How is it that these Third Parties are being allowed to cash what amounts to  a cancelled check and also being allowed to claim that they have a contract with you guaranteeing such double-dipping? 

Answer: more undisclosed and unconscionable contracting processes brought to you by MERS, DTC/DTCC, Bank of New York Mellon, and First American Title (ALTA).

Chances are that you were never aware that your signature has Actual Cash Value.  Nobody disclosed that to you, did they?  Well, it does. 

Chances are that you were told you were being given a loan "in the normal course of business" meaning that you would be borrowing assets from the bank and paying them back.  

That isn't what happened.  

The bank seized upon your signature and sold it as collateral to third party investors who returned 3X to 7X the entire mortgage amount to the bank.  

The bank then wrote a check to YOU --- a municipal franchise corporation named after you---- and pocketed the rest.  They also charged YOU interest and got a security interest in YOUR property for nothing at all. 

Well, how's a "dead" man going to do anything about it?   After all, they snicker, they aren't bilking live people.  They are plundering "abandoned" public trust accounts (JOHN MICHAEL DOE) and public utility companies (JOHN M. DOE) and the "government" is letting them do it, because the government is getting a piece of the action.  

Those investors who bought (they think) your signature then turned around and used it like a rubber-stamp, counterfeiting it on everything you can think of---- other mortgages, new car loans, you name it.  Your good name has been whored-out and counterfeited all over the world. 

These four entities--- MERS, DTC/DTCC, Bank of New York Mellon, and First American Title (ALTA) expedited and controlled and caused and promoted all of it.

What do you say we seize their charters?  Nationalize all their assets and accounts along with all the assets and accounts of the colluding banks and corporations that have benefited themselves from these crimes?  

For the Notice of the Crimes of the Banks &: of the Courts:

:Date: 01/12/2017:  :Time: 18:00 Hours
:Place: Rockport, New Hampshire.....

:Dear Mr. Trump:

:THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE seized-upon my Given-Name when I was a baby in my cradle and the partner of  the crime: THE WISCONSIN STATE BOARD OF HEALTH made a false-public-registration-record-claim that I am a United States Citizen and also claim that I am ward of a federal-franchise-corporation doing business as a State-of-State.  They put what appears to be my name on federal-franchises including trusts and transmitting-utilities named-after me without my knowledge or consent:

:The indemnity-receipt (Birth Certificate) THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE guarantees is issued by:THE WISCONSIN STATE BOARD OF HEALTH which
makes me the Subrogee and the Priority Creditor of these federal-corporation-franchises they created and NAMED-after me: 

:The banks operate as crime-syndicates on our shores.  They engage in the plunder of these public trusts via the use of the false-contract-processes. THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE and the US ARMY are responsible for oversight of the Courts-of-the-Military-Districts.The Courts-of-the-Military-Districts are in-Dishonor. 

:The banks cash-in and sell already-paid-off:Promissory Notes.  The banks convert private-property in-to public-trust-property without full Closure.  I inform you that
THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE does nothing. The People of the states of the Union suffer Grand-Felony-Level-Theft. 

:Other corporations expedite this plunder of the public-trusts and of the
transmitting-utilities with the NAMES/Names in the forms: JOHN QUINCY PUBLIC;&: JOHN Q. PUBLIC:&: John Quincy Public:&: John Q. Public. 
:Guilty-corporations are: MERS: DTC/DTCC: Bank of New York Mellon: &:
First American Title (ALTA).  Seize-control of the MERS and of the DTC/DTCC and of the Bank of New York Mellon and of the First American Title (ALTA) assets and of the records NOW. Stop foreclosure-fraud. 

: As a life-long Wisconsinite & as a private Person I object to this deceit and this piracy on our shores.  I insist that these banks and these STATE-OF-STATE/State-of-State courts be brought to heel. It is mandatory that the Americans no longer be false-conscripted and placed in-to this position. 

:You, Sir, are the Commander-in-Chief responsible for this circumstance.  Please kick the US ARMY and the U.S. Army and the United States Army and THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE and The Department of Defense  in the butt and in the pocketbook.

:We bring these BIRTH-CERTIFICATES as evidence and we bring Certificates of 
the Assumed Name(s) established by American Common Law = Indemnity Receipt and Claim by the Subrogee of the Policy.  Courts must shut up and leave us alone.  Courts must dismiss false and duplicate-charges against Americans NOW.  Discharge all Promissory-Notes re-leased without re-course.  Re-claim signatures of the people for the people.  

:THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE and THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE HEIRS and Assigns must defend our property and our Persons/persons or THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE and THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE HEIRS and Assigns must be fired for the cause of this Dereliction-of-the-Performance-Duty:Oversight of the Military-District-Courts. 


Stuff a couple million letters like this one down Trump's smoke stack and see what you see. 

By the way, we are now reaching 70 million readers each week.  That is about one percent of the world's population!  Pretty amazing, no?  The "Tin Hats" are proving to be the only ones who knew what was going on and their critics are proving to be the crooks responsible for all the crime and theft and misadministration. Who knew?

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  1. Thanks Paul, to confirm from Neil Garfield:

    Another likely candidate to join hands with; in peace

  2. People go to jail for double selling titles I knew a man who worked in a title co.How do they get away with the with selling your signature will I know the SEC.and people like Eric Holder are put in place as protection.
    And the media machine and Democrats impeach who causes a stink.
    But a free nation has never been conquered. If we recognize our responsibility to protect our nation and fight even it it takes establishing our original government I'm all in.

  3. I have seen the "without recourse" on mine...twice. What should action should I take?

  4. We were already chewed up and spat out by these detestable thugs who claimed our business and our house and land. Is there no way to gain recompense?

    1. You mean..."Recoupment"..!! Thats the term in Admiralty for your remedy on a foreclosure..!! We arent looking for remedies in "Common Law", because there are none.. But there is if we go in demanding an "Admiralty" jurisdiction, where no one in court can claim "immunity" from prosecution..Its called "Saving to Suiters" under 28USC1333..But it has gone on now far to long for anyone to get a remedy on a foreclosure because of the "morgtage meltdown" of 2008..!! We have never came back from that bankruptcy till this day. Again, its the courts to the "rescue" for the banking cartels.. I call it "THE WALL"..!! Theres no getting over or under it..!!

  5. "a private person"! therefore you are claiming/stating that you are a person "to the president of the country within which you reside no less",the powers that be will be loving this one,bit like a "sovereign citizen" don't you think?

    1. No it isnt..A private person is completely different than just a "person". In fact, if you look at the penal code, sec. 834, it tells you there are only "two people" able to make an "arrest"....."An arrest may be made by a peace officer or by a "private person"...Even in Blacks Law dictionary, a private person has a different definition than just a person. There is no connotation of corp status in the definition of a private person...!!But again , who stands up for the rule of law....??? I just found out today that Trump , after his visit to China, has agreed to a "cryptocurrency" , and looks like the yuan will be the new "reserve currency". The difference this time though is that China, America, and Russia will have control of it...!! And you people with "Bitcoins" are in for a big suprise....!! They wont be recognized by the new cryptocurrency coming..!! I dont think Trump is betraying us. I just think he really has no choice because of accounting imbalences that has occured under this monitary system and the "grip" the banking cartel has over the United States..!! China knows all to well now how these banks and Wall Street operate..but im sure he cut a deal with China to do something about N. Korea. Trump wants that fat ass out of control...for good..!! And for their peoples good who are starving to death. Next will be Iran ,Syria, Libia and it will be a clean sweep..!!

    2. Oh, and buy the way, this new currency will be based only on "Gold"...And we all know what that means....CORPORATE!!!!

    3. Are you referring to the NEO coins?

  6. Anna: This is a great service you are providing.....EXPOSING the scam behind the money we work so hard for. There are so many "onion skins" to peel off of this "down the rabbit hole of money" , but the ONE I got my head around eight years ago, and I think very beneficial to anyone trying to figure this thing out is.....Banks never lent out any REAL MONEY. IMHO, once you have that wrapped around your mind, then it is easy to SEE the peels of the onion, the layers of fraud, the massive illusion/s and continuing deception that HAS TO HAPPEN in order to hide the fact, that banks do not lend money.
    A side Note: I have a character in my screenplay that makes a 10 minute speech in front of a jury explaining to them how the GRAND SCAM works. Anyone care to read it let me know @

  7. The above is NOT a new revelation of what is and has gone on. It has been known for YEARS. The problem: There is nobody that can come forth with a rock solid procedure to carry the truth to the courts which may include the US Supreme Court. Perhaps there is no such procedure or answer that we the general public can be informed and guided (legally) through so as to make it stick. I have tried many times on several properties of my own. I lost them ALL. Now, I am down to the last piece of property which is my home of 40+ years which has been in foreclosure for 9 years. I am currently doing an Appeal but know that I will not wim the appeal, however I plan to do am "Arrest of Judgement" based of the fraud committed from the outset by the banks, Attorneys, Judges, et al. I am NOT trained in Law and need someone that is, such as the Law Firm that Anna mentions often. Tried to reach several times but, apparently, they are overwhelmed with other cases. At 77 years old, and a wife that is blind and has Alzheimer's, I really do not want to lose my home of 40+ years after losing 25+ rental properties, and have very little income -- just do home repairs to survive. Not so great for a retired engineer, Honorable Discharged 1st Lt, hard working Southern boy! BUT, it is what it is. I have fought hard, and will continue to do so, so help me God.

  8. Another great poke in the eye for the morally challenged - and stands with you and will repost this article!


    1. Thank you very much Paul. We are honored to be on your website. Feel free to do all you want with these articles according to our copyright toward the bottom on the right column on this blog.
      Paul Stramer

  10. I have a question & I start by saying I do not doubt what Anna has researched, but I do have one nagging torn: why do banks deny loans to anyone? Why not loan to anyone who asks since they get paid regardless?

  11. What is DTC and DTC/DTCC, Bank of New York Mellon, and First American Title (ALTA) ???

    1. Here's the story in 1989... The Pope, CONgress, and GHBush scamming Affordable Housing Act 1989 (42 USC 3545(d)) is tied--> their section 911, 102(d) and to --> their altered UCc 8-102(14) {a/k/a 8-102(d) in hexcode}, also tied to -People HJR192 credits (taken by Corp.'s) to play their magic Lending/Fraud.
      Signed under H.R. 5334, by GHB, Public Law No. 102 – 550, fraudulently released on Oct-29, 1992 by GH-BUSH and CONgress to direct their sub-Corp.s (Bancorps), Bar lawyers to perpetrate GREAT FRAUD, to scam all souls worldwide, but mainly in N.America.

      So what is UCc 8-102(14)?
      (14) "Securities intermediary" means:
      (i) a clearing corporation; (DTCc, Cede & Company) or
      (ii) a person, including a bank or broker, that in the ordinary course of its
      business maintains securities accounts for others and is acting in that capacity.


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