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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Bitcoin, Bail Ins and Bullion from Mike Maloney

I have always valued Mike's advice and have watched many of his videos. He is the precious metals adviser to many well known investors like Robert Kiyosaki, the Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

I found this on Mike's YouTube channel here and thought you should watch it.

Don't wait to make your move out of the banking system.

Paul Stramer


  1. Paul,
    I have been a Bitcoin miner since 2011 and have commenced in Bitcoin. Heck, until I knew better, I was one of the 900 dumbbells that reported BTC earnings in 2014, 2015 and 2016. Noe I won't even have to report.
    Anyway, by using BTC and other high level cryptocurrencies, (LTC, ETH, BTC), Anna's funds will grow exponentially in fiat money terms in the next year. Use the leverage to move mountains!
    I look for BTC to be $30,000 in 6 months. I got in at $12.50 per Bitcoin. Most of my earned coin went to pay for computer electricity to earn them.
    Gold, silver and Crypto to get thru this unusual time!

  2. Warren Buffett says if China can't stop Bitcoin (cryptos)
    no one will. Jim Rogers long time investor big on buying and holding gold says: sell some gold buy some Bitcoin (cryptos)..
    Mark Cuban, billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks and a star on Shark Tank (TV) is big on Bitcoin. If a cow can be a measure of money, why can't Bitcoin? Are you going to be thrown in jail for raising more cows? Maybe.. if it threatens some ones profits and control... The amount of companies allowing people to purchase goods and services using Bitcoin and other (cryptos) is amazing and growing faster than anyone expected. No one will stop this growth if (they) (Miners)and (exchangers) can do more to control theft and insure more security on line .. I am in as much as I can. I do have some gold and silver.. I will keep it. But I am putting as much as possible in certain coins before the big crowd comes rushing in... and they will. It can go to the sky and higher ... ???? CKO

  3. Dear Paul,

    Over the last week a friend sent us a very disturbing video; and, we rarely do;

    So, we did some research; it turns out that cryptocurrency only has value because criminals use it on the deep web; and, transhumanists are using it to develop the A.I. that will one day be their “god”; and, the end of natural man; according to them thinking machines are the next step in the evolutionary process;

    Therefore, Crypto currency = A.I. = B.E.A.S.T. = E.T. = Sat-an = Non-entity; and, two-thirds of humanity will fall for it; and, be mind-controlled by it; this is the Antichrist; Mystery Babylon; soon, we will have to leave the internet behind or be under total mind control of the A.I. and, then there is no escape from its clutches; look around you at the 66% who are already “worshiping the image of the beast”; and, even us right here, right now;

    We are going to have to take this message to the streets; enough people are educated to; and, link up with common law grand juries and churches and militias; bear in mind that many are being persecuted and jailed for speaking out; we all here have already been labelled terrorists; if, there is not already, then a slaughterbot will soon be designed with your name on it; even if you only visit websites like ours; we are going offline within 3 months; we are not willing to risk our soul for mind control; its getting too risky; not for anything; no siree;

    Now, us Nazoreans and Christians were warned in Revelations of “the beast that was not, yet is”; and, the 7 years of tribulation which began 23rd of September, 2017; and, the war of every government on its people, and, the drone attacks;

    This is a battle for souls, dear living souls; and, the A.I. will take two thirds; and, no man can serve two masters;

    Isaiah 52:3 For thus says the Lord, you have sold your selves for nought: and you shall be redeemed without money. [KJV 1611]

    We don’t need money to free ourselves; we need Faith; not, in earthly things; but, in our Eternity; Christians ought to be supporting Anna; instead of tithes going to the Church, give it to Anna; the Churches ought to be involved in this; and, pass the hat for her;

    Matt. 11: 7 … freely you have received, freely give. [KJV 1611]

    So, anything digital is out; to be moral and ethical, funds ought to be raised from the trade of tangible things; such as cake sales, seeds, herbs, anything but digital occult, conjure-it-from-thin-air Ponzi schemes; we promote Biblical herbs and tinctures; offline and by word of mouth; every Christian ought to have bitter herbs and wormwood in their prepping kit; these herbs and spices were not mentioned in the Bible for no reason;

    So, be creative; think out the box; look at alternatives to digital banking; we are going to have to practice discernment; let those who have ears, hear; a word to the wise is sufficient; in peace

    1. I hope your path of understanding brings you the joy, fulfillment and provision necessary to help you through the turbulent time directly ahead.

  4. I spent like 100 dollars on bitcoin, invested it in packages a long time company that has been around and seems pretty safe and stable. It has grown passively, I have no members under me or I could earn more, and now there are 10 packages, after a few months. 1 percent a day earned and compounds. Once I get it big enough to produce there should be some extra to send out for helping folks. Just rolling it all back in now so it grows faster, compounding.

  5. Do you have a website for referring people to this company.

    If you do please send it to



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