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Monday, November 20, 2017

Special Message for the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, DIA, MI6, MI5, etc., etc., etc.,

By Anna Von Reitz

Just so everyone knows, my policy toward all "intelligence" agencies---is to let them stare up my skirt until they see Jesus.
I could care less about their snooping and eaves-dropping and telephone surveillance and email encryption hacking and all the rest of it.
I am sure that there are by now many agents from many agencies here and abroad who have been bored to tears listening to my "personal" phone calls, and still more who have gotten a real education from doing so.
So that is just all right with me. My policy is listen all you like and learn something of value to yourselves and your countries. Maybe your own conscience will be moved. Maybe you will start wondering about what really happened in 1865 and start searching for a Peace Treaty ending the Civil War.... maybe you will start wondering what a "Withholding Agent" really is.... or, maybe you will look up the history of the Postal Service and figure out that I am a party to the 2010 Postal Treaty of the Americas--- an updating of all the Postal Treaties owed to the Continental United States since 1754.
And maybe that will inspire you guys to look up the actual Postal Treaties and Offices, which will lead you to figure out why there are seven (7) offices all called something like United States Postmaster..... or United States Post Master....and what is that about? Why two different spellings? Postmaster? Post Master? Hmmm....? Got any answers? Smart asses?
Maybe if you spy on me long enough the ding-dong bell in someone's head somewhere will ring and "the government" will figure out that, yes, Virginia, there really is a Continental United States, a Territorial United States, and a Municipal United States.... and they all have Postal Union Treaties.
Who knew?
Who bothered to look? I did.
The seat of government for Americans is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and always has been.
The Supreme Court for Americans is the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, not the US Supreme Court in Washington, DC.
Wow. Isn't that a dilly? Kinda turns your head upside down and backwards, doesn't it?
And it is all fact, set in stone.
Now, granted, there are still a lot of rank and file Americans who don't know what I just told you, but then, they aren't pretending to be intelligence agents. Most of them wouldn't even claim to be intelligent, period.
But for you "intelligence" guys, it's different.
You are all paid quite well and given all the bells and whistles and clearances to investigate things, so I do hold you responsible for investigating. And with all these billions spent on intelligence and security, I expect to have some---intelligence on your parts and security on mine.
In fact, this may be a big wake-up call, but I expect all the highly paid government geniuses in the room to figure out who they are, where they are, who they work for, and WTH they are doing.
Today I had someone call me up and say, "Psst! Psst! There's talk...." Yeah, the Bad People are going to "take you down" for talking to Russell-J:Gould. He's under investigation for "Postal Treaty Treason"-----woot-woot.
Pretty hard to commit treason against yourself, isn't it?
There are three (3) sets of postal treaties, two (2) seats of government, and all these intelligence agencies need to get some---intelligence, that is.
So get on your headsets and hunker down, boys.
The same person told me that if I get too many people on my "ship of state" the omnipresent THEY would arrest me for treason.
Well, again, these intelligence agents are just awfully lacking one key ingredient, aren't they?
The first big announcement is that I am not subject to their government, they are subject to mine; I employ them, they don't employ me. Go figure.
The second Red Hot News item is that my ship of state is the one pulling their shore-to-shore dinghy along in its wake. If my ship of state goes down, guess whose rubber raft is going to get sucked down to Davy Jones' locker right along with me?
I have my own Postal Treaty and my own government, which hired THEM to provide certain essential government services (See Article IV) back in 1789, but somewhere along the road, they got stupid and mistook the Municipal Government as their employer, instead.
That's like a moose falling in love with a horse, and they still haven't figured out the facts of life 150 years later.
That's intelligence.... I just don't know what kind. Deluded? Delayed? Slower than an average glacier?
Maybe we need new questions on the Civil Service Exam?
You would think that after fifteen decades of the "innee" not fitting the "outtee" all these very intelligent government workers would get it, but no, they are still wandering around sniggering and swaggering and making threats against little old ladies and hatching entrapment schemes and trying their best to cause trouble---for their actual employers, no less.
(Is that why they think we employ them? Really?)
"I dunno, Clag," says Clug. "What do you think, Clug?" says Clag. "I dunno. Ask Glap. Glap will know."
Well, I certainly hope that "Glap" does know and that he gets a move on.
If there's any treason in this house, it's the treason of federal government employees defrauding their employers--- people like me. If there is any loyalty owed that has been grossly betrayed, it's the loyalty that federal government employees should owe to me----not the other way around.
If other Americans want to come home and reclaim their stolen identity and their trust estates and man their grossly neglected but still viable ship of state, guess what? That's their private business, not the business of any "agency" or any "agency personnel" of any bankrupt foreign governmental services corporation.
Now, here's a bit of INTEL that you all need to know and memorize and have tattooed on the inside of your wrist for quick reference:
You can't force citizenship on anyone nor can you alienate anyone from their nationality.
Both of those offenses are big time international war crimes and a capitol offense of the sort that involve firing squads and piano wire. Read the Geneva Conventions. Read the Hague Conventions.
Realize that you are dealing with the actual, factual government of this country when you are dealing with me.
I am your employer and the Priority Creditor of your bankrupt governmental services corporations. Both of them.
You all heard it here. Read those few sentences again. And again. And again. And again. Read it however many times it takes to sink in. This isn't any cops-and-robbers game and I am not running for any office or building any political movement or asking permission to spit on the sidewalk,
That's my sidewalk.
Get it? Mine. My sidewalk. I get to hop, skip, jump, run, and sit on the curb if I want to. Why? Because it's mine. And it's my ship of state, too. My heirloom. My heritage. My inheritance. It has nothing to do with you, unless and until you decide to come home, take up your lawful duty, and stop trying to hump a horse.
Research all you like. Get an earfull. Get an eye-full.
The Truth is a threat to Liars and Evil-Doers, a light unto the cockroaches, and if you are feeling threatened by a Great-Grandma because she is telling you the truth about your own country's history and the way your own government is set up, it's time for you to question what you are doing and who you are doing it for.
There's no job on Earth worth betraying your own country and your own people. Grow some Christmas ornaments and come home.

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  1. That's My Anna! Tell Them Bastards, Where They Stand.

    1. My Xmas ornaments are staying on well after xmas, thank you. Most of my friends forgot they even have them and only take them out once a year, then go back to their life as a dumbed down serf.

    2. My Xmas ornaments are staying on well after xmas, thank you. Most of my friends forgot they even have them and only take them out once a year, then go back to their life as a dumbed down serf.

  2. Anna; Kind of synchronistic. I'm reading The Reckoning, the Murder of Christopher Marlowe by Charles Nicholl and find it most fascinating by comparing Elizabethan Secret Service of the 16th century to today's world. Here's one quote from page 113. "John Le Carre calls espionage a 'secret theatre', and I find this applying time after time, to Elizabethan espionage. So much was concocted, so much unreal." That statement is in reference to the preceding paragraph on page 112 were I quote again. " One of the effects of a system of paid informers is that it encourages people to create information, to see conspiracy where none exists. This is the secret police atmosphere of these years. There are watchers and listeners everywhere, ready to twist some innocent remark into sedition against the State."
    Keep writing....they need something to talk about.
    From David the guy writing the screenplay: THE GRAND SCAM

  3. This lady is the most important lady in our American history. She deserves every prize ever invented. Hats off to you Judge Anna!

  4. Smart and Funny Grandma! I Love it!! Thank you for the great laugh and another awesome read.

  5. Yes its true they can't force the US CITIZENSHIP onto the living man or woman, but what they can do is create one US CITIZEN as a deceased, tricking the innocence into believing that government would never trick its own people, or would they? THIS IS CALLED ADMINISTRATING PROBATE, under HJR 192, collecting every possible angle E CREDITS from your royalties as a shareholder

  6. house of Representatives acting with Thair. Corporate hat on .
    H. is when they are passing bills for non corporate americans.

  7. Anna, thank you for your voice of truth and for standing in the gap of history. Your voice is indeed being heard loud and clear throughout the Americas. Blessings to you and yours always! Louisiana Tim

  8. I love this WOMAN Justice of the Peace Anna for telling these FRAUDULENT ABC AGENCIES & AGENTS WHERE TO STICK IT!

    My Sentiments Exactly!




    You GOONS want evidence, here it is: Geoengineering, Vaccine, Smart Meters, EMF Radiating Devices, Harp, Gwen, Valdez Spill, Pollution Through Oil And Gas, Polluting Our Planet With Nuclear Waste, Plastics and so many other poisons have too many of them to post here.

    You GOONS working for a FEDERAL GOVERNMENT = "THE THANATOPIAN DEATH CULT GOVERNMENT" Do you get it!!! You and your families will also die right alongside with the rest of this planet due to your negligence and stupidity following the WRONG ORDERS FORM INSANE PSYCHOPATHS calling themselves the "FEDERAL GOVERNMENT that are no more FEDERAL than Federal Express“ so called leaders only of destruction and disaster of all life forms your agendas 20, 21, 30...

    For being so-called agents of these intelligence agencies your not so very SMART, more like brain washed sheepels is what all of are.
    Like Anna said why don't you grow yourselves some "Bolas" and wake the "F" up!

    Maybe in your last day you can do something redeeming for the planet instated of pissing and wasting your lives with this FICTITIOUS GOVERNMENT DEATH CULT.

    1. Sonia, yes, little do any of these obedient little worker bees in all these agencies and offices doing as they are told just for that guaranteed paycheck, realize that when the Elitists are finished using them up, they will throw them away along with the rest of us.

  9. Hurrah, Anna! I am so proud of your spirit of truth, justice and the true American Way...what an inspiration! I am in the same mindset. I recently sent a "checkmate" message to the GAO regarding our missing $21 trillion dollars, saying that if they do not produce their CAFRs at once, they are criminally concealing a "material fact" under Title 18 USC ss. 1001 and each of their personnel could go to jail for 5 years on each count of making false statements or failing to reply to my request for their accounting records. That's just the GAO, and that's just for lying or failing to respond/concealment. Let alone the RICO Act stuff, misappropriations, unlawful conversion, collusion, etc. etc. Let's all come together and checkmate ALL these lying, thieving, cheating, murdering government stooges!

    1. With all due respect people, these dark clowns are way beyond considering anything we throw at them smacking of true constitutional law or moral values. I.N.M.O, unfortunately at this stage of the game, stronger measures than voting, and court hearings will be necessary to restore our republic. I think the abolishment of the so called "federal government" has been long over due. Forget about trying to charge them with treason, because in their minds they ARE the law of the land and they will determine who is treasonous and whose not. They have achieved a new level of arrogance that prompts the question, is the pen really mightier than the sword ? Why in the hell are we standing by idly waiting for them to round us up like cattle and herd us into their f.e.m.a camps. I know my comments are going to be viewed as totally radical, however, sometimes fire has to be fought with fire. Perhaps I'm way off base here, but I've been a slave to this tyrannical entity my whole life, and I'm seething with rage against these evil doers. Talk is cheap, it's time we start ringing the freedom bell for real !

    2. Randy, you have hit the nail right on the head. I think the longer one has seen all this, the more they see how it has built up into the Goliath that it now is.
      It takes having seen it from the days that people were still sane, had respect and morals and consideration for others and all the other realize how it has all flipped to being the opposite of all that, now........
      and so we are more able to know it for a fact.
      A good example that anyone can relate to...imagine going to schools back then for the entire 12 years,and into college without one incident. Versus, today, children are not safe going to school, during school, or coming home from school.
      And colleges are full of rapes, attacks, drugs, and brainwashed to communism and fascism.
      Our society was the same way back then, and decayed to what we see today.
      ''WE'' know it best, because we have seen it devolve right before our very eyes. So we have seen Goliath grow and know it has been permitted to grow out of control now. And that is where it is.
      Sort of like standing and seeing a house ablaze, and discussing what color to paint the walls.

  10. What was the purpose or intent of the letter? What is it expected to accomplish? Is there something in it that I can use? It was funny and entertaining, but the "expected outcome" of letter excaped me!

  11. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  12. 😄😄😄😅😅😅😅😅👏👏👏👏👏👏
    You tellem Anna!
    Love it! Especially the ending..😄

  13. need to put your "cheerleading" suit on, because you sure do a lot of it for judge Anna. Give me an "A". Give me an "N". Give me another "N". Give me an"A"......what does that spell..??? "KICKASS!! Im just tessing you Kimberly.....!!!

  14. Ditto !!!!
    We are all with you Anna...!!!

  15. Ok, this is what I have gleaned up to this point:
    Last week Anna told the vatican she is sending her Agents to the vatican bank.
    This week she is furious that 'she hired people to tend to her roses and instead they cut it down, yet expect payment for a job they failed to do'. This tells me those Agents got roadblocked at the Bank.
    Next, she tells us she is being spied on, has her phone tapped, and being threatened. (the purpose of the 'letter' is just to let them know she knows what they are doing.)

    So when you put all that together, the vatican is showing just how rotten it is, including the pope, and is in on the blocking. Somebody is working hand in hand aiming to block Anna's efforts and sending her a big message to back off.
    I have to wonder if this is happening with all efforts, and is that why we have no real results and just watching a big tug of war or a chess game? And given no idea how many months or years this is going to go on, since we are being kept in the dark with not one speck of progress.
    And because we have not been given any progress report, I can only assume its because there has been no progress.
    Even this wicked world gives dates and timelines and deadlines and reports. It has even set a baseball game to be 9 innings along with a Scoreboard to keep spectators informed of where we are in the game and keeps us knowing the score. But in this? Nadda.

    1. Abby, the United States has bankrupt three times. It is dis-solved at the present, but, all the federal actors are acting as though things are status quo. Why? Because they can. When the emerging power capable of unseating the United States shows definitive signs of exerting itself, this meritorious process will effectively complete itself. Until such time as our stick gets much bigger the playground bully will continue to act in total disregard of all opposing forces.

    2. Abby once again you speak from both sides of your mouth, and you've created your "ill usional story" (aka your bullshit opinion) based on your very narrow, limited perception and beliefs. lol Like I said before "Abby" I see exactly who you are, and your true agenda keeps showing as well,LOL

      Get this straight once and for all:
      Anna DOES NOT work for YOU, AND DOES NOT OWE YOU any damn "THING"!! So take your greedy, self serving, corporate hired, Lazy ASS and go do what you do best....listen to the wind and seek out rumors and plant your government sponsored GOSSIP (mis-info)somewhere else! Move out of our way Abby, because real work IS being done on a MASSIVE level that you remain clueless to SEE any REAL Progress IS being made EVERY Moment of EVERY day!! Fact! Just because NO ONE is "reporting" to you or that you haven't received some EXPECTED and illusionary financial windfall to appear in your personal bank account, does NOT mean progress and hard work is unfruitful. Quite the contrary IN Fact! "Abby" I intend to shine and focus my very bright light directly on you and your type, and expose you for the mind controlled, negative virus that you are! YOU "ABBY" and your type cannot be trusted with any such "report" that you seek, and many of us are wiser and know better than to fall into your trap!

    3. Kelli, I see you really do need professional help in deprogramming from whatever cult you have fallen in with; whatever false religion you have been led to believe has any relationship to the One True God. You all act like spoiled little children. Time to grow up, doncha think?

    4. haahahah silly wolf with your same old predictable responses. You may want to speak to your god for your demands and assumed entitled reports. Also let him know your mask is needing replaced,lol

    5. Net, all true. But what is this same ole bankrupt gov. using for money? How is it they still have their hands on the checkbook. My thought is to take away their finances so they can no longer remain in business. What are your thought on that, because it sure is a puzzle to me.

  16. The NWO.or Rothschild zionest.conquered the world .our founding fathers threw up some roadblocks ( individual sovereignty), (guns).

    1. bubba, that is all true. However, what I take into consideration is that today their ''toys and bullets'' have been upgraded and their tactics of 'war' are much more subtle and they work hidden in darkness where they can attack unseen. How do we tie old successful conquests together with new modern day methods and 'weaponry'? Any ideas?

    2. Now you're talking from personal first hand knowledge and experience wolf Abby!! Be mindful bubba as it appears that wolf "Abby's" handlers have her on a hunt for anyone that she can provoke to say something that can be twisted and construed to be a "threat" lol Like I said "Abby" I intend to keep my light shining directly on your paid agenda.

    3. Kelli, so you are admitting you are a stalker and intend to harass me? Hmm, last time I looked, those were criminal acts. How soon would you like a surprise visit from someone who will not so gently explain that to you?
      And after that, prepare yourself to prove you claims (defamation of character).

  17. Judge Anna, just wanna be certain...

    'The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania'?

    Not the 'Pennsylvania supreme court's?

    Been at this awhile and this g/d spelling and legalese/glossa nonsense has me a 'lil confused...

    'They' still Have a euphemistic reference to 'Kings Bench' here on the common wealth....

    robert: Carr
    Pennsylvania common wealth...

  18. From Anna:

    Pennsylvania Supreme Court for land issues, Supreme Court of Pennsylvania for sea issues.

  19. I absolutely adore you and your fine mind.. Thank you for all you are doing for Humanity and to educate the Americans for lack of what else to call them by.. Do not stop now Anna You are slowly winning this battle against those who oppress Humanity...

  20. yes, with "spies" and "snoops" the reality is whoever ahs the biggest toys and money wins, "Truth" be damned.

    so, i am likewise not concerned about "spies" very much. if anyone has anything to say to my face, they know where to find me.

    i am not saying go post your SSN, bank account, spouse and children's info to the world...nor am i saying people with things to "hide" are inherently "criminals" ... privacy is not a crime...

    however, people who are comfortable in their own skin, really are not afraid of what "others might think" ... in that sense, we have nothing to hide.

    people who believe in truth, also do not try to hide it in some vain attempt at "power" that they can lord over others.

    it is liars who try to silence others and cover things up.

    reality is, when you ask "government" people questions, they will simply not answer.

    there is no reason to hide from them...they are 99% clueless.

    1. "specie is the only constitutional money in this coutnry",, bouviers law dictionary, 1856

      that is always a good one to ask "government" people.

      so, where is the actual treasury? if you guys truly are "the government" why do you not use actual money?

      i see "we the people" are not "federal citizens", which did not even exist at the if you guys are truly "The government" how come only "federal citizens" can "vote" in your "elections"?

      the best thing to tell the "Government" people is they should be shutting down the fraudulent "state of x" organizations and their false "elections", as they seem to all be in states of insurrection/rebellion/treason by only letting "federal citizens" vote.

      "if you claim to represent me, how come you don't let me vote?"

      people who claim to be "the government" really is nothing to fear...they will not answer any questions in my experience.


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