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Monday, November 20, 2017

A Most Valuable Process

By Anna Von Reitz

As you gird up to make your claims stick, watch Winston Shrout's YouTube video on The GoldFish Report No. 156 about the Writ of Habeas Corpus, November 17, 2017, and how to force the courts to deal with you as a private person. I highly recommend that everyone order the DVD, too.

Also go to to learn how to do a proper Notice of Liability.

These recommendations are about process--- the step-by-step building of a claim.

As Winston points out in this referenced video, building a claim in court is like building a house. You have to start out by building a firm foundation. You do this by getting your documents and recordings in place and by presenting the evidence in a logical competent fashion.

Claiming the writ of Habeas Corpus and properly identifying yourself and your capacity to the Court is key to claiming your indemnity (exemption) and the value of the bond that was established in your NAME without your knowing consent.

The first thing you need to realize is that United States District Courts and all the federated state and county courts have no jurisdiction related to the living man, also known as the living soul (L.S.). Any court dealing in statutory law has jurisdiction over corporations (that are created by statute) and nothing else.

They have asserted jurisdiction over you and your assets by falsely claiming that you are "missing, presumed dead" and then establishing public trusts and public transmitting utilities named after you---- corporations that they can sue and charge and otherwise manipulate under statutory law.

They have also falsified the public records concerning you, which you need to correct either directly in court or by establishing new public records.

Those of you who followed my suggestion that you record your Common Law Copyright Claim with the nearest land recording office already have a claim to the writ of Habeas Corpus in place--- subjecting all the courts of "this" state (the territorial or municipal "STATE" or "State") while retaining your own standing and domicile on the land jurisdiction state.

The simplest approach is always best. For all civil cases and criminal cases not involving direct physical arrest, I recommend not even going to their court, as you can invoke a "special and restricted appearance" under Rule E of the Supplemental Rules and "appear" via a Registered Letter instead.

If the prosecutors bring a charge against any federal PERSON named after you, you send a letter marked "Private and Confidential" back to the Senior Judge of the Court. You will want to use your Christian aka Trade Name--First, Middle, Last-- written in Upper and Lower Case, placed in the center of the page with a mailing address set up as "in care of" whatever Post Office Box or street address you care to use right beneath it, and under that the Registered Mail Number you are using to deliver your "special restricted appearance".

Send a black and white photocopy of your Authenticated Birth Certificate stamped "Private and Confidential" and write "For Administrative Use Only" on it and sign your own Upper and Lower Case First-Middle-Last name across all the seals that appear on that black and white copy of the BC. This is Notice that you have taken control of that "Vessel".

If you have established your Common Law (Land Jurisdiction) Copyright to your Trade Name by any of the processes I have described (formal correction and deed of re-conveyance, or simply recording your ownership of the Assumed Name(s) with the County Land Recording Office or both) include certified copies of these recorded documents as further evidence that you have taken control as the Holder in Due Course.

In your letter to the Senior Judge you will want to inform him that: (1) charges have been brought against a DEFENDANT corporation that was created and named after your Trade Name without your knowing consent via an unconscionable contract; (2) you are the Party of Interest in Fact and the Subrogee owed all Priority claim and interest against the bonds brought forward by the Prosecutor; (3) you are in fact exempt and known to be an internationally Protected Person; (4) the Clerk does not have your delegated authority to act as your Port Authority in the referenced venue; (5) please send the check for the bond recoupment to you at the address shown above; (6) please investigate and fine the Prosecuting Attorney should it be found that he or she failed to post a Bid Bond and/or failed to fully and truthfully inform the court of the actual Facts.

Thank you, very much, cordially, etc., etc., etc.,
John Michael Doe, a peaceful American state national....

That is the first thing you do when you are accosted by these rats in any civil case, including mortgage cases. Fully inform the Senior Judge so that his cojones are on the line and the court has no plausible deniability if it takes any action resulting in harm to you or your estate.

And since you have a standing claim to writ of Habeas Corpus on the Public Record (assuming that you followed the format we shared and recorded a Certificate of Assumed Name including such a claim) you can even use this in the case of physical arrest.

Just memorize the document number and recording district where you recorded your Certificate of Assumed Name and tell the arresting Officer that the Court is already served your writ of Habeas Corpus on the Public Record (recording number blah-blah-blah, Recording District blah for the blah-blah-blah County and blah-blah State) .....

They have 72 hours to release you and the Sheriff of the County has the obligation to serve Notice to the presiding Judge and the Clerk immediately.

The pieces of the puzzle are coming together and more and more of the pieces are falling into our hands.

See the Certificate of Assumed Name example (you have to add your own NAME/Name and other data) posted on my website.  

If the local land recording office won't accept it, go elsewhere, even to another state. In the federated "state of state" system a recording in one is a recording in all. Notice that the claim to the writ of the Habeas Corpus is already built into the Certificate of Assumed Name example.

This process is deadly when used properly against statutory claims and charges. It will not stand against charges involving actual men and women bringing charges of first-hand injury---nor should it.

Always remember--- rights go with responsibilities.

You can subrogate federal and state of state corporations with impunity and immunity, but in doing so--- remember that you also have obligations to your countrymen and your community. Live in peace and be at peace and let the peace of God be your portion.

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  1. state of minnesota is real eazzzzy and cheap and you can do it online, the extra added benefit is minnesota rule 220 for the well informed to use as well

    1. Rule 220 Minnesota can treat you as a child regardless of age until u registrar it with owner affavadit with attached BC long authenicated every govt level and tell them over 18 years old. As mom or dad gave it to them but you haven’t gotten it back. State/province holding YOUR TITLE by presumption and fact you have never claimed it.
      You are state agent

      Any country can use ANC online Minnesota for $50 usd for 10 years yearly renewal free. Setup account first. it to be certificate of title holder of your name in commerce. Only you or parents can own it!!!

      Perhaps Authentication of their own records when case against them with allegations @ library of congress
      Don't mix private with public.
      Stay out of their jurisdiction.

  2. Its true, however, the SOS documents have to be authenticated at all levels or they will be deemed deficient, for lack of the facts.

  3. What if I had my birth certificate authenticated/apostle, what happens next I'm so confused with all of these changes. I'll change my name, I've always been a poor person, I rather have my life than money any day.

    1. Shortgirl, next you notify the treasury to pay the debts of your trade name; make sure all paperwork is done; read step by step emancipation; and how to correct your status;
      You will be endorsing the B.C.; ensure you keep a set of certified copies for your own record; in peace

    2. careful what you say unless you have first-hand experience of success and remedy with that "process"

      if so, please share...

    3. @shortgirl no, you want non-apostile and use a non-hague nation like taiwan...

    4. Shortgirl,

      You need to apostile on all notary signatures on your docs. There is an authorizing force in the corporate system, county, State and fed. You may need certifications too, as in, SOS sends you an assumed name, his signature has to have authority behind it by way of certification, then sent to the fed and perfected. All these gurus that are attempting to find a remedy in the public are barking up the wrong tree. There is no remedy at law and equity doesn't aid the volunteer. Save your value in whatever form it takes. Focus on how to claim your property back and then throw that in a private trust that no one in the public can look at. Think about how the rich operate.

  4. Anna, there is another step that I have not heard you mention yet and that is simply to apply for a non-US-citizen state national passport. The Secretary of State's website gives you the option to apply for such a passport in lieu of applying for a no longer issued Certificate of Nationality. Once issued you would request a certified copy of your application and explanatory statement you completed claiming your state national status upon which they issued your state national passport. This document now becomes your proof that you are not a US citizen but a non-citizen state national as so determined, affirmed and certified by the Department of State under the seal and signature of the Secretary of State and the highest authority in this country of your political status that the corporate establishment must recognize and honor. Now take this certified copy and present it to any judge and let them try to contradict the Secretary of State. Christopher Gronski at has an excellent process for this and has been doing this for years with much success.

    1. Dear 1Freeman, it sounds like a great remedy; however, we must stay focused on the vision; to restore the law of the land; jural assemblies and militias; and, its all about recognition; if one has 1 million people declaring our courts lawful with our body of laws and principles and not theirs, then we have standing; then we can demand the right to a fair trial before a court of our choosing; this is how countries were taken back by their people movements; recognition;
      Every time we find a loophole, they amend their rules; we have all spend way too much time focusing on how they are doing it instead of doing it for ourselves; start a referendum; use signatures for recognition of our states, common law grand juries and militias; open a land's Office; invite all jural assemblies to record themselves; all militias to sign up; it could go viral; imagine;

      Remember, we are all enemies-in-the-field under naval military war; and, no matter what passport we use, the law of war remains and so does our status; definition of passport from BL.Dict 4th Ed. PASSPORT.
      Maritime. A document issued to a neutral merchant vessel, by her own government, during the progress of a war, to be carried on the voyage, to evidence her nationality and protect her against the cruisers of the belligerent powers. This paper is otherwise called a "pass," "sea-pass," "sea-letter," "sea-brief." It usually contains the captain's or master's name and residence, the name, property, description, tonnage, and destination of the ship, the nature and quantity of the cargo, the place from whence it comes, and its destination, with such other matters as the practice of the place requires.

      We must declare ourselves neutral states; maxim - Free ships make free goods. In peace

    2. Common law, I hear you, but don't overlook this as close to a silver bullet remedy as you are ever going to find in this just-us self serving system. They will only give credence to their own rules and determinations. Anna has said many times that they only go by what is on the public record and ignore everything else and that it is up to us to change the public record in our favor. What better way is there out there to correct the public record than by having one of their own admit, determine, affirm and certify that you are not a US citizen in writing under their own seal and signature and as such are not subject to their jurisdiction? They cannot ignore a US Department of State determination of your political status since they consider this their highest authority to make such a determination. This amounts to using their own rules and determinations against them.

    3. non-citizen national is really a passport that is undifferentiated from the regular one. have you read it and the public law that goes with it thoroughly? i would advise you to do so.

      careful common law looks like you are shooting from the hip and may not have the requisite experience to direct people accordingly... just my 2 cents.

    4. even though they call it a certificate of non citizen national...

    5. Penny, yes, on its appearance the NCSN (non-citizen state national) passport is identical to a standard passport. You cannot see any difference on its face. This is in order to hide the truth in plain site. The difference however is in the coding when they run your passport through NCIC (National Crime Information Center) it pops up on their screen as a NCSN. So when you carry the passport card (I highly recommend you get both) and you are stopped on the road, you hand them your card and politely ask them to run it through NCIC, it pops up in their screen as something like:
      I have heard of one individual who has done this, was stopped and when the officer ran his card, he profusely apologized for stopping him and asked him if he would like an escort to where he was going. That's because you are no longer subject to their jurisdiction. In court, tax or other matters, the DOS certified copy of your application and explanatory statements upon which they issued your NCSN passport, is your "government" proof of your political status as a NCSN and not a US Citizen.

  5. Does this process work in other states than usa land states, as in states in australia? Or do you have any links to groups that are doing this down under?

  6. also if you appear in a non-representative capacity as an unincorporated religious association, that is the main reason they cannot do anything to you with the certified assumed/trade name etc. violation of [FRCP 17] i believe.

    and sahrif i believe all the queens territory work similarly you just have to find out specifically what is different in the details.

  7. I was born overseas and became a “Citizen” around 2001. What is the process to become a National? Is it the same as for those born here in the US? My BC, used in the process to become “American Citizen” is a foreign BC translated to Engishs so I am confused how to go about reversing this citizenship to become a National. Please guide me. Thank you.

    1. Mamami, I would recommend using that has a process for this. A friend of mine is working with them right now. He was born overseas and "naturalized" as a US citizen and is now getting his non-citizen state national passport to be able to overcome trumped up statutory criminal charges.

    Declare your nationality, Register your NAC code, get a non-corporate corrected passport. And many many other great things... tell them Free The People AK sent you.... the same that sent the Iink for Inpowermovement to Anna.... already filed against our governor in Alaska over smart meter but need more sent. God bless.

    1. have you done this, have this passport and the other great things? i am in the middle of this process, would like ot speak further with you, if so, please email

    2. Careful, penny, their privately printed non-corporate passport looks wonderful but it is not recognized by any authorities and will not let you cross any borders and is not accepted by TSA or any country's immigration. Why bother when you can have the DOS issue you a corrected non-citizen state national passport that is recognized by authorities and even declares your true status?

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. A post on Anna's site,, has an embedded link to the site of the InPower Movement, where they have two videos for free. Part 2, at this link,, focuses on the process by which you offer a contract to your opponent. It's a remedy which bypasses the court system, and converts the UCC weapons they use to slice us up into weapons against THEM. The site has downloadable templates, the uses of which are explained by the video, in detail. I can't praise this work enough. (The templates are focused on the issue of Smart Meters, but they can be opened in an app like Word or LibreOffice and modified for other purposes (like foreclosures, for example).

    Anna's site is like a big box filled with sticks of dynamite. What's needed is a team that can bundle and tie those sticks to weak points in the "enemy's" infrastructure to blow it to bits. Anna has many projects going on (like the Living Law Firm and her letters of demand to the "highest authorities" on the planet). However, we must remember that WE are really those highest authorities.

    To win, we need more than an "Anna fan club," we need an organized movement to educate, motivate, and organize the "troops" in coordinated actions to reoccupy the vacant offices of the Republic. Anna urges her readers to organize jural assemblies, elect local de jure officials, etc. these are necessary actions, but meanwhile, millions of defrauded, injured Americans are suffering from the actions of criminals (kleptocrats and the de facto "officeholders" whom they sponsor to protect them).

    I see the InPower movement as a potential hub where the "Anna fan club" can coordinate its efforts, guided by the linked video, to ease that suffering. The only missing piece I notice is a lack of awareness of the multiple Constitutions (for the multiple versions of the "United States," etc.). I don't think this lack is a real stumbling block to an alliance between InPower and followers of Anna.

    1. Jay, great post. You are correct, but it takes from the Trusts would work just fine, but they seem to be invisible.

    2. Jay, while I too am a big fan of the InPower Movement, keep Anna's warning in mind that they are still operating outside the box as US CITIZENS. If you want to use their paperwork which is excellent BTW, as a non-citizen state national, you will need to change the NAME to your Name, Address to c/o Address, etc. all the way throughout their documents.
      Otherwise these folks are to be commended for laying out all the paperwork not only in perfect order for a proper administrative process pursuant to the APA, but also for making it simple for a layman to follow and be able to complete. The real Power in their process is the clout of multiple people, like 20 to 30 people or more, doing this all at once. This scares the living dickens out of them!

    Published on Nov 17, 2017 This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.

    On The GoldFish Report No. 156 Winston returns to the subject of technology and the Habeas-Corpus Writ that has guaranteed our Liberty against illegal losses of liberty including imprisonment etc.. This ancient and powerful writ Habeas Corpus has been a feature of English Common Law since before the Magna Carte and included in it. Winston underscores here the importance of changing your status to effectively use this technology for U.S. residents, although can apply internationally in any country established by the British Crown. Winston reviews the steps to undertake this process on the PRIVATE SIDE.


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