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Sunday, November 19, 2017

This Will Leave Your Head Whirling

By Anna Von Reitz

Many centuries ago kings and prelates and businessmen kept their own stables of messengers who hand-carried information back and forth, either verbally or by written means, and these physical communication systems gradually developed into the Postal Services we know today--- and to this day, a postal service may either be public or private in nature.  

Benjamin Franklin was the owner of one of the first private postal services serving the public in America.  For a stated fee, his company would take your letter or box over the rough roads from Boston, Massachusetts, to Charleston, South Carolina, and guarantee its safe passage (insure it) so that you didn't have to make the journey yourself or send someone in your direct employment on this arduous errand. 

Postal Service at that time was cheaper than doing it yourself and arguably safer and often faster than what people could afford to do for themselves, so the idea caught on and the economic advantages of being able to bundle mail going to a specific destination provided the profit needed to spur growth. 

Franklin's initial service was fine enough for local service around the Boston area, but to thrive and maximize profit, he quickly realized that the most expeditious and safest routes had to be identified and that a survey evaluating various routes had to be conducted to firmly establish the preferred byways.  These then became known as "post roads"---- the routes by which the mail would be moved. 

The physical structures at the junctions of post roads where the mail was delivered became known as "post offices" and the traditions of both going to the post office to pick up the packages and letters sent "general delivery" to that geographic location and the expansion of service to home and " post box" delivery also expanded. 

Such designated post roads  and post offices had already existed for a long time in England and France and other European countries and so had special "sea lanes" designated for the transportation of mail and international cargos.  Franklin dreamed of the day when his postal service would be competent to take a letter from Boston to Paris, or from New York to Brussels---- but in order to do that, he would need to negotiate relationships with other postal services in those countries. 

So far we are just talking about private postal services: for-profit private companies that move letters and parcels and bulk cargo similar to UPS and DHL and Federal Express today.   

The idea of a national postal service provided by and guaranteed by the national government of each country as a public postal service was quickly becoming adopted as a result of the government's own need for it and also as a ongoing need of the postal services themselves.  In order to operate efficiently and responsibly, postal carriers needed firm ingress and egress treaties known as "postal treaties" allowing them to cross borders and move mail. 

Most people are aware that treaties between nations are the supreme form of law on planet Earth, other than ecclesiastical law.  

Treaties establish international law.  In the international jurisdiction, people do not exist; only offices (such as "Mister" and "Esquire" and "Lieutenant" and "General" and "Head of State" and "Queen") and things (such as vessels and cargo)  and "persons" (such as HAROLD V. MORGAN) exist in this jurisdiction.  

For treaties to be implemented there have to be "sea lanes" and "post roads" to communicate and allow both commerce and international trade.

What happens when one country (land) or nation (sea) decides that oh, ho, hum.... I want to be isolated (like North Korea)?  Well, for one thing, commerce and international trade are both adversely impacted, for another, communications are impaired.  The world ceases to operate in a integrated fashion.  

Getting the world to function in an integrated fashion in the first place has largely been the objective of the Postal Service, because in order to do its duty and provide its service, the postal services of the world must have access and free egress of the international sea lanes and the nationally designated post roads.  

Please underline the word "service", because that is what the "Postal Service" is supposed to be about---service to its customers,  even if it has been abused like other "services"--- the Military Services, the Police Services, the Banking Services, the US Marshals Service, and so on. 

It does not take advanced logic or rocket science to deduce the reason that all the various countries on earth and all their governments have "postal treaties" and that those treaties are among the most solemn contracts that nations enter into upon becoming part of the international community. 

To begin with, they cede a portion of their natural jurisdiction both on land and sea to create seats of government and post roads and post offices on the land, and sea lanes and safe harbors on the sea and sea coasts ---which are all necessary if the Postal Service is to be enabled to operate and deliver mail and cargo from one country to another.  

A seat of government must be established before a postal treaty can be negotiated with other countries--- and without a seat of government and a national government competent to negotiate it, postal services in America would remain very limited and very local in nature.  This in turn would, over time, cripple the American economy.  

The flow of goods and information is crucial to commerce and trade and as Franklin correctly foresaw, without embracing this next level of international organization and establishment of postal treaties, we'd be left behind as a permanently limited and parochial society, impaired in our ability to communicate and trade with the rest of the world.  

Franklin chose our fate for us and chose to connect America to the rapidly developing postal service grid.  

The first United States Postal Service established as a national public postal service under postal treaty with all the other member nations designated Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as our seat of government, and so it remains to this day.  

This Post Office is owned and operated by The United States of America (Unincorporated) and includes the offices of the United States Postmaster (sea) and United States Post Master (land).  It flies the United State Civil Flag (vertical stripes) in peacetime, and still does, because these "United States" are at peace.

The Territorial United States Government also runs its Postal Service known as the U.S. Postal Service under the auspices of this seat of government and contains the offices of the United States Postmaster General (sea) and United States Post Master General (land).  This Postal Service flies the United States War Flag, the Stars and Stripes, because it has never ceased to be at war since the end of the so-called American Civil War. 

The Municipal United States Government has its separate seat of government in Washington, DC and its own postal service known as the UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE or USPS, and the offices of the US POSTMASTER GENERAL and US POST MASTER GENERAL.  It also flies the war flag.  

Please notice that the duties of the Postmaster on the sea connect with the duties of the Post Master on the land in the institution of the Customs Houses which are international post offices maintained in Coastal Districts and ports of entry throughout the country.  

The Postal Service worldwide  overseen by the Universal Postal Union (UPU) creates a nearly contiguous world-spanning global network and the Postal Treaties control egress and ingress along the sea lanes and post roads in every country.  This overlooked and little-appreciated fact and the web of postal treaties supporting this global network and granting it land interests within every nation (Post Roads and Post Offices) gives rise to a clear and present danger that virtually all national governments have ignored. 

As, one by one, national governments have incorporated as for-profit business entities and as franchises created by the Roman Curia, they have lost their sovereignty.  

Even though nothing on the surface appears to have changed, the character of the government and its institutions has been radically changed and reduced to nothing more than a large number of money-grubbing service corporations intent on selling the largest number of services at the highest price.  They are not operating as true national governments anymore.  They are not sovereign entities and they are not owed sovereign immunity. 

The Universal Postal Union operating as an association of private national postal service organizations is operating as a sovereign entity.  It has land jurisdiction bequeathed to it, sea jurisdiction bequeathed to it, a seat of government in Switzerland.  

There's your new world government wrapped up with bow and waiting in the wings.  

The reply to this challenge to national sovereignty is for all the people around the world to do what we have done: wake up, shed the "incorporated" shell, and begin operating your own lawful land jurisdiction government again.  En masse.

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  1. Ok. But what we really want to know is what does it take to tear apart those 9 Trusts Anna has, and disperse them to the People?

    1. Are these the 9 trusts already available to you for your benefit, that you're referring to;

      There are Eight Trusts bequeathed to you in this country.  They are: 

      Genesis 1:26-28
      The Twenty-Third Psalm -- pay attention to that line, "I shall not want." 
      The Lord's Prayer
      1620 Mayflower Compact
      The Unanimous Declaration of Independence 
      The Gettysburg Address
      The New Deal
      The Declaration of Flag 
      your name inscribed in the Book of Life

      If yes, then what exactly are you waiting to be broken up and "dispersed" to the people? Is it a monetary reward that you are expecting and waiting for that you believe Anna "has" for you or what? Please clarify

    2. Kelli, you are in dire need of schooling on Trusts.

    3. Please school me on the trusts you claim "Anna has" that need to be broken up and dispersed. I don't understand what you mean by this, please explain

    4. actually you're entire question is unclear as to who the "we" are you have eluded to, and to who exactly are you asking for assistance in "tearing apart those 9 trusts Anna has"
      please explain your question and who specifically are you speaking on behalf of and to who exactly?

    5. Kelli - - that means You. We -- that means 'we the People'. Trusts - - do not mean Documents and scriptures. Got that so far?
      Claim - that means bullshit and opinion. Abby has neither, unless she states IMO.
      Fact - quoted from Anna: 'there are at least 100 of these Trusts; I have 9 of them. If you lumped them all together they would amount to Trillions'.
      Trillions - - is noted with $$$ in front.

    6. Thank you Abby for your explanation. However it appears it is you that is in "dire need of schooling on Trusts" "Abby" I see exactly who you are, and know all to well the agenda that you have been hired to do. The playbook of your Masters have been so over used, and over played, they have become ridiculously evident, LOL

  2. re:
    This Post Office is owned and operated by The United States of America (Unincorporated) and includes the offices of the United States Postmaster (sea) and United States Post Master (land). It flies the United State Civil Flag (vertical stripes) in peacetime, and still does, because these "United States" are at peace.


    who is running this? are the other municipal/territorial "post offices" aware of it?

    that may certainly be how it should be...but is anyone actually running this nowadays? does it actually route mail through the "land jurisdiction" ?

    rather than playing "zip code exempt" games, this should be high priority to get back up and running (yes, i am volunteering)

    this should be very high priority to get back up and running. without it, one will always have to route mail through "third parties" who will then happily intercept/read/reseal it (or modern-day equivalents, decrypt, read, encrypt...or save copy, decrypt later) ...

    1. i will add part of "private mail delivery" (at least abroad) was Everybody's Favorites [*]

      it is a good way to snoop on the mail of the "princes" etc. you are "handling investments" for.

      "for a small fee, i will deliver your letters along with the gold, cheaper than the official post, and it will get their faster too"
      i do not mean to badmouth rothschilds (you will know when i do mean to) ...just stating, anyone can start a "private post office" to try to snoop on people.

      people who like "super fast" delivery want their own "post". "investors" want quick news before anyone else.

      modern "stock market" is the same. they want their own internet connection to "stock markets" and will relocate their servers to cut down "latency" to whatever "Exchange" their software trades on.

      [*] (the rothschilds)

    2. From Anna:

      We have been using our servant's mail system and they have been benefiting from charging us for the service.

      Yes, we can deal with this by re-booting our own postal system. We are free to use their system, but exempt from it's demands for zip codes, etc., and actually they are obligated to carry our mail at a vastly reduced rate --- 3 cents per first class letter.

      Amazing facts, but true.

    3. That is proof enough that at least someone in the chain of command at the Post Office knows there are two different jurisdictions going on here... you can prove it to yourself if you want by sending a letter to yourself and using a .02 or .03 cent stamp and spelling out your state completely, without a zip code and putting c/o in front of your address. You can even sign your name across the stamp, using a blue pen(or purple for royality and gold for KING). You know how hard it is to find a gold pen...??? They are almost non-existant.. I wonder why..??? In any case, i guarantee that your letter will be sent to you...But make sure you deposit it right at the Post Office and not one of their conveient local drop boxes which are strictly for the Postal Service(the sea). However, i have tried it that way two, and it actually worked !!! Everyone who works for these govt agencies are never told about the two jurisdictions..The only ones that seem to know are at the top of the CORP chain, where it stays..!! They have no incentive of being taught that people can mail letters for only .03 cents because like Anna said, it is a "for profit" entity and no company likes compitition..!! Ive never had a letter come back and say "more postage needed"..!! Especially when you consider the benifits to collecting an overinflated "Pension" instead of a measely SS check..!! Can you imagine making $100,000/ year for 20 years, and retire making the same amount as if you never retired...if everyone knew what we know, all of us would vote to collect the "Pension", and not the measely SS check..!! There is more money in being a US Citizen than an American National...they made damn sure of that...!! But judge Anna, i have never seen the flag with the horizontal stripes you talk about, not only at the Post Offices but nowhere...!!

    4. The actual postal rate is 2 cents per half ounce from non-domestic to non-domestic and 3 cents per half ounce from non-domestic to domestic. So if you send a letter to a friend with c/o addresses and zip in brackets, it is only 2 cents per half ounce. Just try it and you will see. Anyone who doubts me, I just send them a "see I told you so" letter with a 2 cents stamp. They are always surprised. If you send mail to any NAME, it is 3 cents per half ounce. This includes any size envelope. I recently returned something to Amazon in a large envelope for one 12 cents (2 ounce x 2 x $0.03 = $0.12) and they confirmed receipt and gave me my refund. I always write in red letters on the envelope "First Class non-domestic Mail, without the United States" and it always gets there. You can even add a Certification of Mailing by putting $1.35 in stamps on the certificate and together with your postage on the envelope, ask the postal clerk to just stamp your certificate. Don't ask them to put the postage on the certificate because then they must accept it whicn they will not do. But they cannot refuse to stamp your certificate and put it in the mail system. This is how I mail everything to the IRS and it is always received and processed.

  3. Another great discovery and history lesson Anna! Thank you for ALL you do! I have learned so much from your work, and I truly value the self confidence it creates in positive change to move forward!! You are Loved!

  4. Just ask JT. McBride about how a post master will be treated when the vacant office is reclaimed! Those with the guns make the rules. Three cent stamps is what it cost, however, good luck on that too!


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