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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

26 Minutes about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies you need to watch.

As a part of my study of cryptocurrencies I ran across this video here:

It's interesting that one company now has brought Bitcoin into their compensation plan.

I would really like to see lots of comments about this video. I want to know your opinion.

Do you have any experience with cryptocurrencies that we can learn from?

Paul Stramer


  1. Hi Paul, I have been following this controversy about Bitcoin. It's interesting because no one knows who this Shitoshi is. Some think he is a group. Sarah Westall did good interview with a guy who claims that he was the 1st to develop block chain technology. He says that it's not fool proof and there is a back door in. John McAfee is trying to develop his own version of it. The coins have to be "mined" which is a process that uses a lot of resources in the form of electricity. They talk about Bitcoin taking a long time to process transactions. Catherine Austin-Fitts leans toward the belief that Bitcoin is "Mr. Global" as well as Lynette Zang. I know they recommend that you keep it in a paper wallet or it is not secure. Then there is the picture of Bitcoin on cover of the 1988 Economist around the neck of the Eagle. Bitcoin seems to me like fiat currency, what is the value based on? I like silver and gold. Mostly silver because I can better afford that. I would like to have a little bit of Bitcoin just to see where it goes. I wish it would help us get rid of the Central Banks and the bankster mafia. Of course if Jamie Dimon is against it I'm for it.... The jury is still out.....We do need something to replace credit cards etc. I really hope we can Nationalize the banks State to State and have our currency backed by gold and silver if we could get rid of the Banksters....

  2. I recently started learning about bitcoin , researching it and finally buying some . I bought the first batch of 6400+ and the second batch @7200+ and today the price is up to 8200 . For myself as an American I would pay any amount of money to decentralize money on this planet and in this country .
    They say there's nothing that backs it up. That is completely false. All currency is backed by an idea and an agreement of its value and the proof of that is the fact that the USD is actually only worth four cents which is generous in my opinion . I believe that it cost more to make a dollar bill then it actually is worth . And if the people of the world decide that bitcoin has such value that one BTC will be worth US$20,000 – and considering a US dollars only worth four cents – then maybe that's not saying that much.
    ultimately there's a limit to it. Only 21 million bitcoin will be available forever and so the value can only go up because is set up for deflation ...not inflation.
    This business of printing your own paper money is for shit and everybody knows it. the people of this planet, let alone this country have had it up to here with bankers and centralized government and the criminals that they have become . Bitcoin is an idea whose time has definitely come . And those who say otherwise are scared to death . Financial advisors , Wall Street, government officials , leaders of countries – they're all scared to death . the people are taking their power back , their lives back and their money back . Every expert on crypto currency says the same thing – this is the currency of the future .

  3. Paul I recommend reading about the energy that it takes to produce one Bitcoin.

  4. As soon as I began to see wall st. "speculating" on bitcoin price movement, that's all I needed to know.:(
    Speculators are driving the price to the moon, so it will blow up. (IMO)
    Then there's the E.M.P risk. Hack risk,etc...then what?

  5. I have been exchanging fiat US$ for Bitcoin and other cryptos for several years. My main reason is that it gives me an opportunity to help take the bankers and governments down, but also, I am turning slave certificates (FRN's) into real wealth. Bitcoin is the people's money and is completely outside of the influence of banks and politicians.

  6. I listen to ITM Trading on YouTube with Lynette Zang & believe how she views this Bitcoin. On 11/21 she talks of this was planned ... She will be going into more with this today 11/22... With an interview with someone, can't remember who she said...just get in the loop & listen. For me, this is a transition...for when building God's Kingdom...God will Not allow any of this world into His Kingdom. Jesus is the Only Way...the Only Truth ... The Only Life!

  7. a bit "coin" is "mined" in the sense of "i [this program i downloaded] solved this math problem, and have proof of it".

    so "coin" is accurate, not a physical coin, but a "coin" insofaras the "value" is inherent in possession, i.e. if you "have" a bitcoin, you really "have" the proof you solved that math problem, just like a "coin" inherently has the gold/silver/etc. in it.

    so, i would say they are actual "coins" with some type of "substance" beyond pure "fiat". there is "proof i solved some math problem" attached.

    originally, part of the concept goes back to "hashcash" -- meant to stop spam emails. didn't quite work, but the idea was whitelists block legitimate mail from people you dont know, blacklists the spammers just get new addresses/servers and you have to block the new addresses and it never ends, so how about enforce some delay so that people sending massive spams have to "pay" something more than just electricity/internet connection? hence "hashcash" -- prove you solved this math problem that deliberately will take a fair amount of time on modern CPUs, algorithm can be tuned as CPUs get faster.

    so, cryptocurrencies are really nothing new. hashcash was already there. it is the same core essentials, but broader application.

    my experience is 99% of people this is still not "mainstream" and nothing will change. no, this does not have "central banks" or "governments" scared. they in fact are happy to "invest" in bitcoin.

    an "anonymous" currency? the banksters are all over it.

    it is not all bad, and bitcoin people will say it is not their fault others hyped it beyond what it is.

    likewise, if you want to "mine" then it will benefit people who have fastest computers and power, the people who don't need it will benefit the most. so, it is not a "escape the rich" in fact "the rich" will mine all the coins first.

    none of that is reasons not to use bitcoin per se -- but i don't see it changing anything. a step in the right direction.

  8. What Anna's recommended site offers in answer to your request:
    I checked out this link and found when scrolling down to Makia Freeman's fifth article called:
    Final Thoughts: Fake Video and Photo Evidence Another Disturbing Sign of AI Takeover

    The 2nd paragraph is a quote:
    "This AI takeover is in full swing. Saudi Arabia has approved the first robot citizen. Plans are afoot to make more robots citizens so they can join the workforce, replace humans, earn wages and be taxed. Quinn Michaels suggests that AI is

    behind the creation of Bitcoin and that AI bots are now creating their own cryptocurrencies."

    When we consent to things we do not understand, isn't that how we came to the place we are today: seeking our daily bread, through fiat "money", or gold or silver.

    If I have a pile of money or gold or silver, do I see them producing any action? It takes our action for even the money, gold or silver to move one tittle.

    I do not consent to cryptocurrencies = "dead" currencies, or "hidden" currencies.

    Anna has taught us that WE ARE the currencies. It is our action of Love that unites us.

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