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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Logic of the Thing

By Anna Von Reitz

I've got people scattered all over the map and missing the logic of what they are doing and why. 

There are two levels of false claims imposed by two separate "US governments"--- Territorial United States claims and Municipal United States claims--- none of which apply to you unless you actually are a federal citizen. 

As a result of those false claims and false legal presumptions you are being hit on all sides with demands and bills and charges galore that you don't owe.  So you got two choices---- suffer the racketeering until you have nothing left and can't pay any more extortion, after which they will evict you and turn you out on the street, or, decide to claim your exemption and (nicely) tell them to bug off. 

You have to de-construct these claims and find ways to block the BEAST, step-by-step, sequentially.  

Maxim of Law: As a thing is bound, so it is unbound. 

This is like untying a knot--- one of those Chinese knuckle-busters that gets tighter the harder you pull--- if you don't get it straight. 

So why send back the Municipal PERSON'S Birth Certificate and appoint Steven T. Mnuchin Fiduciary for it?  

To get it out of your hands, so that if THEY drag you or your assets into THEIR courts, you can say---- "Hey, if the prosecutor wants to bring any charges against the DEFENDANT they need to talk to Steven T. Mnuchin, Secretary of the Treasury.  He's the Fiduciary for that ACCOUNT, not me."  

Right.  And is the Prosecutor going to say one word to Steven T. Mnuchin?  No. 

Is the Judge going to say anything more to you after having that placed squarely on the table?    Not if he has a brain in his head.  

The purpose of that whole exercise is to deprive the rats of their ability to pretend that you are the Fiduciary responsible for paying the bills of the DEFENDANT.  

So now you have a potent and provable defense against them playing their typical fraud scheme on you.  You can prove that you aren't the Fiduciary, so now the only other thing you can be is the Subrogee --- the Priority Creditor of the DEFENDANT and the bonds that the Prosecutor has brought forward in order to charge YOU.  

Next, you ask, "Will the Prosecutor or Plaintiff please certify me as the Subrogee in writing?"  

Bring out that Authenticated BC and put it on top of your pile of paper.  The Judge knows what it is, and about now, he's beginning to sweat.  

"I have the authenticated Indemnity Receipt guaranteed by THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE under the Full Faith and Credit Clause."  

Yeah, well, you sure do.  That's as good as a grenade with the pin out if you know how to use it. 

About this time the Prosecutor is: (a) sweating, (b) blustering, (c) red-faced, (d) suddenly pale, (e) making frustrated hand gestures to the judge, who is looking (a) slightly green, (b) very tight-lipped, (c) leaned back in his chair, (d) leaned forward in his chair, peering down, (e) rolling his eyes like a demented bull.  

"And I have my recorded Certificate of Assumed Name and recorded claim of the writ of Habeas Corpus enabling me to institute and maintain actions of any kind in the courts of "this" state while maintaining my actual true domicile on the land and soil of these United States...." 

Billy-bub-billy-bum and a teedle-dee-dee.....  The bottom just dropped out of the sea.  The poor sharks are flopping around frantically on the mud flat, flipping and twisting and gnashing their teeth.

"If the Plaintiff and the Prosecutor won't certify me as the Subrogee owed all interest in the DEFENDANT corporation and the bonds of that corporation, I guess I will have to ask the Adjutant General to certify me." 

Look around the court.  Give the Clerk a good stare.   Look the prosecuting attorney up and down.   Give the Judge a good-natured smile as if you were just discussing the nice weather. 

"Or ask for all charges to be dismissed because otherwise, the Priority Creditor would be cheated and Justice would be turned upside down and fraud would be committed on the Court by the Prosecutor and the Clerk and the Plaintiff...." 

"And I don't recall granting any consent to the Court Clerk to act as my Porting Authority, either, which means I've been misaddressed, too, doesn't it?  Yes, I believe so."

By now, things have gotten awfully quiet.  The Clerk of Court (not the Court Clerk) has probably turned off the recording so there isn't even a whirring sound anywhere.  

"Does the Court have any remedy to offer me?  If not, I will conclude that I have exhausted all remedy.   I will also conclude that the Plaintiff has failed to state a claim upon which relief can be granted and therefore bears the cost of these proceedings.  I will request the bonds be liquidated along with the dismissal of the charges --with prejudice---and ask that the remainder of the funds be sent to me in care of the address you have on file." 

If by some fluke they actually offer you the bonds, waste no time.  Sign them right across the face: 

"Accepted for Payment and Settlement of This ACCOUNT Case Number:________" by (Your Name in Upper and Lower Case) all rights reserved. Date it.   

And now you just have to break off.  Nod and smile nicely and wish everyone a good-afternoon.  And walk out.  If the judge calls your name--- don't look back, just keep on walking unless some Bailiff is dumb enough to try to block your way and restrain you.  Play the same "I can't hear you and I can't see you" game as they play.  And remember Lot's Wife. 

All cool and calm and nice as a field of daisies.  

Keeping your freedom and your assets is Job One.  Anything and everything else that comes out of the process is gravy.  As we gain traction and more and more people wake up, the word will spread and the consensus of what to do about it will harden into action demanding correction and mandating change.  The police will know the truth.  The soldiers will know the truth.  The lawyers and bankers will all know the truth.  

But the Clincher is that you and your family and your friends and your neighbors will know the truth and the rats among us will know that you know.  

That is when you will see the mass exodus from the grain storage facilities. 

Until then, try to see the logic of what you are doing and go step by step. 

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  1. Give it to muichen.or Carrey it in court because the corporate vessel cared it the BC. they want to connect living blood you to it if the can . When the call the corporate name you hold up the BC. and say I am here about that matter as a special appearance . and I think appoint the judge your trustee. I think and let them hit the bond. I think that a pretty close.

    1. Close enough because the whole courtroom procees is nothing but a "constructive trust", where the judge is trying to force you into the position of "trustee" when in fact HE is because of the "public trust" he is in position to truthfully adjudicate if you trap him. And the prosecutor is the "executor", the court clerk is the administrator of the trust and "YOU" are the actual beneficiary and owed redemption...!! But judge Anna, you dont seem to realize they have been at this for years now and have planned for all this, and have come up with the perfect answer for taking any "liability"......a "Virtual Court"...! No one is actually in court...No judge, no prosecutor, no attorneys, no jury, no plantiff or defendant..!! Its all Virtual, and therefore there is no firsthand knowledge that anything or anyone is really there to testifiy and swear to anything under penalties of perjury..!! Google it.. Not only are you not going to get remedy, there will be no one held to be accountable for because you wont know who is really there or not..!! We are headed for an A.I. reality where robots(androids) will rule. Im pretty sure thats part of what the "chip" is for..!! We wont be ruled by fear anymore, we will just be ruled. And by some chance you can resist the chips control, they will send a signal to your chip for "termination".....and "you wont be back"...!!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. trinsey v pagliaro statements of counsel in brief or argument although enlightening to the court, is insuffucient for summary or default judgement...

    4. James, I think you have pretty much figured it out. Did they say when they expect to implement this virtual judicial system?

    5. No Abby they havent. But with "liability" becomimg a real problem for the courts, it cant be far behind...!!

    6. James, you are right again ! And what do you wanna bet they are working overtime emptying out all the Trust Accounts that contain our Names; vacating them and moving them to new Trusts. By the time they ever get to us, there will be nothing in them. That's why I've continued to say time is of the essence. Now they already have a big heads up about that.
      Ya snooze, ya loose.

    7. You don't need to worry. Trump has everything in control. He has the backing of the Marines to start handing out indictments to top government officials and the Judiciary. Were hoping the 1st two indictments will be the two Judges that overruled his executive order on illegal immigration. The one in Hawaii and the other in L.A. Once they get put in the slammer the others will fall in line right away. Expect the media to portray him as a deranged dictator if this actually goes down. The CIA building has been raided by the Marines and on lock down right now.
      Rogue elements in the CIA will all be flushed out and tried for treason. This could be the best xmas ever. Fa la la la la la.

    8. You don't need to worry. Trump has everything in control. He has the backing of the Marines to start handing out indictments to top government officials and the Judiciary. Were hoping the 1st two indictments will be the two Judges that overruled his executive order on illegal immigration. The one in Hawaii and the other in L.A. Once they get put in the slammer the others will fall in line right away. Expect the media to portray him as a deranged dictator if this actually goes down. The CIA building has been raided by the Marines and on lock down right now.
      Rogue elements in the CIA will all be flushed out and tried for treason. This could be the best xmas ever. Fa la la la la la.

  2. awesome job paul and anna for hitting the numbers and radius of people you are reaching...

  3. AWESOME! Who wouldn't want to do this? I'm getting close! Thanks again Anna and Paul! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Ingrid, UNLESS you have explicit instructions, working knowledge, and ability to defend yourself in case a of a "twist" by the court, judge, or attorney, you may want to wait until Anna has a complete, detailed manualm and or legal team that can back you up. Anything short of that, one would risk beng thrown under the bus (JAIL) by the "system", since they are well informed, nad have all the need ammo to "take you out" and remove your ability to expose the truth. Hopefully, at some point we will have the "full armor" to go ahead with all of Anna's suggestions. At some point, I hope we have the full info.

    1. As soon as we have all the info, they will have created two more hurdles to jump. Then two more after that,etc..!! They will always be two steps ahead ofbus because they are sharing and receiving info from the net and other people constantly..

    2. Ingrid, follow your own intuition and follow Anna"s suggested process if it makes complete sense and resonates for you. If the desired outcome and intention is to be free of the BEAST slave system, then so shall it be. Have FAITH and belief in whatever YOU choose to do, and STAND on it confidently, without wavering. There is no right or wrong if your intention is clear. The system is designed to confuse, create doubt and fear and keep you in that state for you to obey. Know this, and always remember this when influences are consciously or unconsciously are at work to keep you stuck, instead of you progressing forward on your personal life's journey.
      This is a great article I read this morning that I feel is spot on and timely for ALL to at least consider:

  5. What is the process for people living overseas? I can't appoint Steven T. Mnuchin as my Fuduciary. Do I substitute this name for my own Treasury Secretary of my own country?

    1. From Anna:

      It is different for each country. Everyone needs to find where "enfranchisement" began in each country.

  6. I have a problem with muuchin Goldman Sachs executive swamp rat can't be trusted .I think unless we copy Iceland and hunt down the criminal bankers that bribe all politicians . We never get to the source. And then all t.he separation from the fed the better.state nationals and eventually common law sheriff and courts.

  7. Yep, Iceland did indeed get rid of and jailed quite a few bankers around 2009. And after they got rid of them, they actually started a true comback economically. It looked like a miracle had happened..!! But then just recently it has been reported that Iceland is failing again...but i dont know the true reason why... im sure, no matter what the MSM says, that the banks somehow manipulated something that put Iceland back in the RED... !! You almost have to have relatives or someone you can trust there to find out what is really going on because the media can say anything these days and get people to believe it...!!

  8. I want to warn everyone that some of the things we learn from these patriot sites, even if they are spot on, can still get us in trouble or arrested if they decide we are causing to much of a problem in there community.. Therefore, I highly suggest that EVERYONE learns the court system their way first. Before i learned to fight using patriot tactics in court, i first learned to fight exactly like an attorney would. Thats a tremendous advantage if you ever find yourself in jail because you made some proceedural mistake that the judge took advantage of...and it can happen very easily because of that incidious doctrine of "silent judicial notice". What im trying to say is if you happen to find yourself in jail, and they block you remedy using patriot parroting, then you have to prepare yourself with plan B.....doing everything the way they leared it and are used to. And trust me they do notice what you are saying then..because hidden within their own law and the penal code, just about all patriot jargon has a coorisponding legal name for it that they are used to dealing with.. I can give you an example..What we learn to do is just "accept everything for value" if there is no one in the court with a "claim" against us..!! But the way they leared it and used in in court forever is called a "Demurrer"(PC 1003). And it actually represents an official "OBJECTION" to the "complaint". But you only get one chance to use it or its waived forever after that. And that time is at arraignment(first appearance before a judge). And because we arent attorneys(who have privilages with the court) , a Demurrer as stated in the penal code, has to be in writting and handed to the judge during arraignment before a pleading which is important because a Demurrer is the only thing under pleadings that doesnt give the court automatic jurisdiction.. And here is the real "CANNOT" be denied by the judge, like it was a motion because it isnt..Therefore, the judge only has two choices: either "SUSTAIN" it(you win and the case is closed) or he has to "OVERULE" it(meaning the court is moving foreward on your case). But you have to know this ahead of time because judges rarely if ever are confronted with a Demurrer and have forgotten how to respond to it or have just become so conditioned after years of motions, that he automatically just "denies" it. In any case, if you dont object right then and there, he will already know you arent well versed in proceedure either....once you straighten him out right from the beginning, he will be very careful on how he handles you after that, because he has to assume you know a lot more and possibly could reverse the "liability" of the charges onto himself or the PA. And according to the penal code, a Demurrer has to state a specific "objection" to the complaint/accusitory pleading. This is where we can mix their law with a patriot twist...Instead of objecting to a specific point of law, you can simply refer to the Demurrer as a "Conditional Acceptance". In other words, you will agree to the charges, but only apin proof of claim of the following:

  9. 1. Provide "verifiable" proof that a claim exsist and who is holding the claim(the court is trying to steal your exemption(tax), which rightfully belongs to you).

    2. Is the court charging the "person" (fiction)or the "Man"(living flesh and blood)

    3. If the court sees me as only a " corporate fiction" then prove it providing all the legal evidence for it and explain how it changed my status, since i never knowingly gave you the right to do it, or ever informed of it.Where is the "clean hands and Good Faith" the court talks about so much.

    4. Is this court working under the jurisdiction of a "constitutional article 3 court" or "Contract Law" and why??

    5. Is this court "solvent"!!! Prove it! I demand to see the actual accounting of this case, both the accounts "Receivable" and the accounts "Payable". The courts never tell you about the accounts "payable" because that is the "off sheet bookeeping ledgering account"..

    You could keep going if you want, because these points of law can never be answered by a judge. He never assumed you knew this much about law..!! Most attorneys dont even know what your talking about.

    And he is legally bound to give you an answer right then, not later, unless it is for good reason. But until he does, tell him you arent pleading to anything until you get an answer. In any case, he only has 10 days to either recommend that the complaint be corrected for defects or "dismiss the case with prejudice.. You better damn well "object" if you havent heard anything within 10 days. Im sorry guys but this is our system..if you arent aware of it, you will only be damaged by it..!!

    I learned there law by ordering a book that some patriot years ago created just to show you and prepare you for court as an attorney..! So i know both sides...Does that mean they have to play fair or recognize the "rule of law"... think again..!! It always comes down to the judge himself...always!! If he still has a conscious, he just might honor you and dismiss the case, because you knew both sides of the law and some judges will definitely respect that since all he sees on a daily basis are a bunch of morons that actually deserve these courts of Admiralty/Maritime courts..!!

    1. James, there is the system, and then there are the various judges, and you never know how they will react to you, until after you have put your head out there on their chopping block. They could very well ask us something we don't understand and answer the wrong way; like trying to trap us.
      A few years back I overheard a 30-something defense atty. talking with his client, and he was actually fighting for his client.
      So I caught him and asked him a quick question, something about their admirality court - - so he knew where I was coming from, nodded his head and told me if you try this, don't; you will end up with far more problems than you will ever want; just pay the ticket and save yourself all that trouble.
      So he was saying it is just not worth the risk.

    2. Years ago Abby i hired an attorney that another patriot had hired for his court case which was similar to mine.. but he hired him years before. The patriot i took advice from was brilliant at law but he still hired an attorney..!! But now this same attorney was old and ready to retire.. in fact i didnt learn till the case was over that he had cancer and was dying..!! So i showed up to his office with a "Demurrer" and had all the questions ready for the court to answer like i said above.. He looked it over and i could tell he understood it. So after he reads it he looks at me and tells me.."I understand what you saying but jim can a judge and the court do just about anything they want, regardless of the law...!! I couldnt believe what he was saying to me... But i asked him, is it really that bad...and he knodded yes..! So i let him handle the case . Of course i was found guilty. But because he was dying, i guess he had to clear his conscious before he died(which was only a few months later) and came to tell me while i was in holding benieth the court and told me he was sorry for not listening to me..!! Of course i forgave him, which he probably needed for redemption...!! So, your right. Its all up to the judge...period..!!

    3. James, that was exactly the attitude of this relatively young bright conscientious attorney I mentioned. I could tell he was rather peeved and stressed about the crookedness of the judicial system he was having to work under; like he knew people were getting screwed by the system every day, but the consequences of fighting it could be worse for his clients and didn't want to get them in hot water. Even risky for attorneys. There are just no guarantees one will succeed; even good attorneys are walking a tight wire.

    4. James, the past few days I've been trying to get confirmation of our marines raiding the cia headquarters in langley, va and it is now confirmed by the pentagon. Also raided the fbi. They got a lot of files of many of their dirty deeds, plots and plans and who knows what else.
      Though still unconfirmed, I am also aware that many congressmen are now wearing 'cute little ankle bracelets' and had assets frozen. It has only just begun, more to come.
      But I will go on record and say that the Time we are now in, is a Time of God exposing all the wicked deeds, leaving nothing uncovered, and then 'the end shall come'.
      I've said this before, but without any proof,or written words, or verification except discernment. But now we are beginning to see it in real Time right before our eyes.
      Discernment is a gift whereby you 'know' things without having any visible reason, and they have not yet appeared. But they have always shown up, and so far I've never been wrong. It is often astounding and almost unbelievable, but it always shows up and proven true. It can also be very sorrowful, so it takes a strong stomach.
      But I can say too, that the powers that be are not going to let go without a fight and they will pull out all the stops and do whatever it takes to keep their power. Take note of the looks on their faces; they can hardly believe they are being found out and the walls are crumbling around them.

    5. Abby...Ive heard to that both the FBI and CIA were raided by the military....thats why Trump had to kiss their ass and promised to give them everything they need to accomplish the clearing of not only this "swamp" but all others in the world....he is indeed sly..!! Not one word from the MSM...!! All Trumps work is being accomplished behind the scenes....not for public consumption...!! The less the MSM talks about it, the more he can use it to his advantage...!! But as far as the courts are concerned judge Anna and Abby and others here is how they view us...

    6. Judge Anna, the article above where you talk about just stating what you need to say, without noticing the judge at all and walking out without looking back because no one had a "claim" on me willing to come foreward, so i just walked out.....thats when the baliff came out and grabbed me outside the courtroom in the hallway, and dragged me back into the court and locked me in the cage where prisoners are usually held...!! Of course the judge was being very sly at this point, and tried to trap me into answering him or trying to get me into a controvercy. But i just turned away as if i couldnt see him(since hes the fiction, not me). That little incidence cost me 3 months in jail without being charged for anything...!! I live in one of the richest counties in the world...Orange County, California. And with that kind of money and power, the rule of law remains behind the bench....!! Orange County would find a way to get around that paperwork naming another fudiciary as the DEFENDANT..! Or just keep you in jail until you comply..!! Read that article above that i gave you about how "Patriots" are clogging the courts with paperwork amounting to "gibberist"...!!

    7. James, yes indeed. That just about says it all right there.
      So we are right back to square one, which we are unable to leave UNLESS it all gets toppled at the top.
      We can see how that young atty. told me, was correct and very good 'warning'.

    8. James, the raid at cia has been confirmed. Even now, the marines are still there, or were, guarding everything so nothing can get destroyed. It is at the cia where nearly
      all the proof lies.
      Yes, the fact the MSM has been mum about it is all the more proof of the truth of the matter.
      Trump is doing it right; toppling from the top; then all the dominos involved, will just fall. And I think its only just begun. Gonna get real nasty.

    9. I never thought that all this would happen in my lifetime..Trump already fired the cocky "Commissioner" of the IRS..! And the Director, lois learner, was taking the 5th on all senate questions, but finally agreed to something because she has a family and they are all getting death threats because people are starting to realize they have been fleeced. What kind of person takes a position with govt knowing that the agency is pulling fraud on its citizens....and all for money..!! Doesnt she realize she is damaging and ruining other peoples families because of their dispicable tactics of leins, levys, and unproven "assessments", that are never signed under penalties of pergury. Instead, they want us to assess ourselfs AND take "liability" for it ourselfs....Criminals..!!!

  10. Thank you to the commenters speaking the truth--that our judicial system is corrupt, does not follow the law or its own rules. It is a hard truth but we cannot change things until we accept the truth.
    Kudos to Anna for putting the "real" solution on the table. Trouble is the people in the system not honoring it.
    So, what are we to do? We may be able to bog the system down by going on the defense instead of offense. By filing claims against judicial officers we at least are not at risk of getting jailed--having our suits and claims arbitrarily dismissed for sure but at least not a risk of being jailed.

    1. It has to be on the civil side. Only Prosecutors can bring criminal charges and they are definitely not going to help. An easy civil case can come from court watching then suing for violating their oath to support the Constitution. Each and every time they deny someone else's rights they are denying your own. At a minimum they are diluting your rights.

    2. Dennis,with money we can take on some of these bigger fights, and thats the reason why I have been trying to push Anna for a response about the Trusts that are made up of our Names, which she says belong to us. But at this point we are pretty much shackled; battles cannot be entertained without money.
      With financing, those with Freedom knowledge and know-how can give assistance to newbies and greenies, write briefs and guide......and hopefully stifle some of those black robes.
      But, alas.......

    3. I totally agree with Abby...without money, you have no authority or power to do anything. We are throwing rocks at a naval jet carrier, the largest ship at sea..its either money or a "patriot" class action suit, where we no longer take them on one at a time...!! That is simply suiside..!!

  11. This is from franklin legal publishing, codes of my town

    Sec. 1. Incorporation.
    The inhabitants of the City of Garland, Texas, within the corporate limits as now established or as hereafter established in the manner provided herein, shall be and continue to be a municipal corporation and a body politic incorporated under the name of “City of Garland,” Texas, possessed of all the property and interest of which it was possessed immediately prior to the time this Charter takes effect or may hereafter acquire with the powers, duties, obligations and liabilities now pertaining to said City, as a municipal corporation.

    Basically sub-corporations of the municipal corp. Right there in black and white

    What is their definition of inhabitant? anyone?
    Possibly resident of the municipal district.

  12. Anna has it right. She recommends listening to the video by Winston Shrout which she mentions in her recent post ( Personally, I would skip this one and focus on her second recommendation,, especially Part 2. But, first things first: declare your proper, actual status. Do all the steps she shows us at #639, "The top ten articles for rapid assistance." It starts with #560, "How to correct your political status, and why."

    The InPower Movement video (Part 2) is an excellent, step-by-step instruction set on how to take control of a court by using their own rules against them. Although the Movement focuses on defeating the global push for "Smart Meters," it applies to any situation where the corporate "courts" try to get us (by deception and deceit) to accept their jurisdiction. It shows the path to victory by making the living people behind the robes and corporate titles personally financially liable for the damages they inflict. It does not require us to prove that any "patriot theories" of law are correct. The video shows that the judges and people working in their system know they are vulnerable to knowledgeable opponents, to the extent that judges have actually run out of courtrooms to avoid facing such liability.

  13. But how does that get them out of :liability"..someone is resposible for dragging us into court and wasting our presious time and money and nerves..!!


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