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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

On Death, Killing, and CopWatch

By Anna Von Reitz

I have known too many people for whom death was a blessing to think ill of Death.
I have also grown to realize that none of us would want to live forever, trapped in the same body, stuck in the same identity, polling over the same skill sets, centuries after centuries. How boring and frustrating would that be, with no fresh starts?
Can you imagine arguing with your second wife over your first wife and kids for 800 years?
Being an Accountant for 500 years?
Having the nickname "Binky" for 700 years? (Makes my skin crawl just thinking about it.)
Even if you could maintain a steady-state at age 35 and perfect health "forever" ---- there would come a time when you would want to move on and let go. I know it in my own soul. I think that if people are honest, they know the truth.
Now, killing is a different thing.
The reason that we shouldn't kill isn't that death is such a horrible-bad-ugly-no-good-awful thing, but because we can't create life.
If you can't create life, what right do you have to kill?
It's not your life to take. It doesn't belong to you. A murderer is a life-thief, and he can't even give back what he stole.
Now the rest of the conundrum is what do you do with crazy people and people who murder for fun or for profit?
You can't leave them running around on the streets, that's obvious enough. They have to be caught. They have to be stopped.
But what do you do when these characters are hired in jobs of public trust? Layered in like time-bombs ready to go off whenever their imaginations and trigger fingers get the better of them?
And what do you do with soldiers and agency snipers who didn't learn a thing from the Nuremberg trials? Gung-ho Whack-A-Mole types like Janet Reno and Dr. Strangelove?
These people exist and they are on our payroll, working for "our" government.
That should give everyone reading this cause to pause and itch.
You want people with no conscience and no moral logic sensors to be trained to murder people? You think that's acceptable? Or sane?
Somehow the Nuremberg Message that "just following orders" isn't a good enough excuse for genocide and other forms of murder---- needs to get drilled in. And the fact that "agencies" are not actually part of our government needs to be tattooed on sloping foreheads also.
FBI, FEMA, BATF, IRS----- these agencies are all private subcontractors, for-hire enforcement agents, also known as mercenaries----and they are on our shores, causing trouble for us, because the people who are supposed to be over-seeing their activities are misdirecting them.
Remember Christopher Walken in "Mouse Trap"? Imagine 1500 characters like that who are armed, dangerous, and who think that you are the mouse? And who have bosses who pay them to think that and act accordingly?
There is nothing sacrosanct about all these agencies and the men working in them need a lot better training and focus and direction toward actual useful functions than they are getting. When you have old Nazi Hit-Men and Russian Mafia buying these agencies and controlling their functions, you've just stupidly put yourself and your whole country in a world of hurt--and that is just the obvious stuff we need to be concerned about and riding herd on.
No doubt Lon H. (for example) thought he was doing something necessary by drawing down on an innocent young Mother and her baby and trespassing on her private property to do it, but in fact he crossed the line between duty owed to a Commanding Officer ---lacked the logic circuits needed to recognize--- and the Moral Imperative.
Good men don't trespass on private property. They don't shoot innocent unarmed women and babies. They just don't. Period.
So that right there tells you that these men who are doing these things are criminals in fact and don't have the brains or the morals to be behind a gun, no matter how accurate their aim may be.
The rule is--- if you can't do it when you aren't in uniform, you can't do it when you are in uniform, either.
If it is not lawful for you to trespass on someone's land and kick down their door and shoot them in their bath tub or stop them on a public road and ambush them when you are off-duty --- guess what?
A crime is a crime is a crime and this criminal government and its sub-contracting agencies need to be exposed and hounded and set upon in court and in public meetings and in every media venue there is until the message gets through the thick rinds and dead hearts on Capitol Hill.
This is why I subscribe to and why I grill police officers and hold them to high standards. I do this because I know that a few out of control cops are worse than any average gang and better equipped. I also know that these men are often misdirected by their superiors and that they protect their superiors, who are often nothing but nasty little political capos in need of a good rump reaming and a different job.
Most of the police and law enforcement guys I meet are confused or jaded, mentally and morally adrift while holding the power of life and death in their hands. Far too often these "enforcement agents" know more about filing reports and producing revenue quotas and different kinds of ammunition than they know about the job we have actually hired them and their agencies to do.
As with so much else, it is up to us to tell them and make sure they listen real good to their job description--- which does not include actions like Ruby Ridge and Waco and the ambush of LaVoy Finicum.

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  1. How many police officers would give up their jobs because of ethical objections to the requirements of official policies if, they had the human-right to own a free and fair share of the land and resources they need for their survival? The earth provides these vital things for free so why is anyone without their fair portion of them? If police departments had to make their work attractive to their employees instead of picking them out of the desperate pool of the unemployed and financially insecure we'd have a far more moral law enforcement provider.

  2. does everybody realize the bundy ranch tie in and why it is so huge?

    Uranium 1 deal. follow the white rabbit...

  3. There is a big difference between killing and murdering. The Commandment correctly stated is ''thou shalt not murder''. But men have changed that word to 'kill''.
    If a criminal burst into my home it would be with the intent to harm me so I have a right to self-defense, just say Stop or I will shoot. And I would definitely shoot and if he got killed, well too bad, too sad. That is not murder on my part, but it would be on the part of the criminal if he succeeded and if I didn't kill him.
    Murder is quite a different story, and we are seeing far too much of that. In fact I think much of the killing our soldiers do is actually murder. Ordered to murder.
    Scripture says 'train up a child in the way he should go, and he will not depart from it'. So do we really expect to re-train all these adults who are running our country and the world?

    1. No..!! But have you ever noticed how much the police are praised and glorified for getting the "bad guys"..! They all want to feel that they are actually Americans who are protecting other Americans so they can live with a clean conscious instead of knowing they are the front lines of the FRAUD, never knowing their true status and never wanting to because they make a decent living at it..!!

    2. James, I am even inclined to think that provocation without weapons is still a threat to ones life, in many cases. Such as the Menendez brothers. I am not for slaughter like that, but at the same time their parents provoked them to such anger which built up over many years.
      It is our nature to expect love and caring and nourishment from our parents, and when parents go against that, it can clash in ones inner being. It doesn't take a weapon to threaten a person. It can be done with simple words and actions. Just because a person ends up dead, does not make their shooter the guilty one.....if you untangle the whole web. There is even scripture which says ''parents, do not provoke your children to anger''. Must be a reason for that.

    3. James, I don't know what your ''no'' means, lol. But what I am saying is that putting ones lights out for self defense, is not against the law, it is not murder. And self defense doesn't always have to be against a gun; one can threaten you with just words; or they can just choke you with their hands; or they can beat you with their fists. Those are things that call for self defense even if you do it with a gun against one with no gun.
      But just look at how many people are in prison for shooting a person who does not have a gun, claiming that that disqualifies the person from claiming self defense. How stupid is that !

    4. Your absoluty right Abby.. In fact the bible(Gods word) does indeed say that the only exception to killing someone is in self defense. It is the great "equalizer"..!! How am i supposed to defend myself who is twice my size..?? Thats why places that have very leaniant gun laws have a lot less crime.. In fact, we need to go back to the "old west" mentallity...Everyone should be required to hoster a gun in plain site...all of a sudden criminals would have to think about the consequences of trying to take something from someone when everyone has a fact, im all for bringing back the gentlemanly art of "dualing" to settle controvercies....take 20 steps, turn around and fire...whoever winds up standing was "right". No judge, no juries, and no attorneys, with lots of costly paperwork..!! Everything is adjudicated that day for the price of a We dont have to go that far, but if the law gave people the right to carry a "concealed" weapon, even if you dont have one, everyone would have to assume that people are packing, so you had better tread the same with drugs. They need that war to keep making more and harsher laws against us until we are completely helpless... When i hear people rallying for gun control, i would love to confront them and tell them the only reason why guns exsist at all is because "law enforcement" demands them..!! Heres an idea that has never been about "NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO CARRY A LEATHAL WEAPON"..including law enforcement. I bet the war on drugs would end tommorrow..The way it is now, a persons life can be ruined forever just for $20 of an illigal substance....and a lot of people are functional addicts anyway..they realize that they have to work to have anything which forces them to never fully indulge in anything. Its the people who somehow feel they are entitled to live free even if they have to steal and kill people for what they want..!! Those are the most dangeous and irresponsable people out there and they do need to be arrested and jailed...Lets face it, these laws that are passed nowadays have a completely different agenda than protecting the public safety.. Its usually to imprisson and control nations by fear, and to weaken that same nation into accepting anything the govt wants us to do, including a complete takeover by another nation..!!

    5. Iam sick of hearing this same arguement for years now.. Its nothing but another diversion that people can fight about, instead of finding out why is half my check going to taxes. Who is the IRS and why do i owe them anything..!! Not even the "Fox News Channel"(FNC) ever tackels the answer to that question. In fact, it never comes up..!! They would rather show you the latest car chase going down..!! Of course more and more people are running from the cops. They know as soon as they see those lights behind them that "common sense" goes out the door and this is either going to cost me a lot of money or jail time or both...!! Something i know for sure is that their is going to be major changes in "currentcies" this next year, with China more than likely winding up as the country with the new "reserve currentcy". I must say however, that as a population grows, so do problems and arguements between people, so that it becomes impossible to keep the peace, or our constitutional laws, or even the "rule of law", whatever form that takes..!! We have grown to fast , with new technologies coming out everyday..Its too much to fast. We need to slow down and smell the roses.. We have enough technology...give it a break..!! But recently, i just saw something on Amazon that will finally remove the one thing that has separated us since the "tower of babble"....actual real time language "Translators"..!! Right now they are limiting, but it wont be long before a single translator will become universal for every language on earth..!! Then we can really communicate with nations like Syria, Iran and everyone else on the internet and find out what they think is really goingon with ISIS and you..because there is even technology that can take a texted message from one language and translate it into your own language..!!

    6. James, we are really living in a growing nightmare. Another thing I've noticed is how some of our politicians try to brainwash us with the word ''transparency''. And I'm sure many people think they mean they are going to be more transparent with the people; stop doing so much in secret and be more open with us.
      But that is not at all what they really mean behind their masks. The truth is they want to have more transparency into OUR lives; more cameras, be able to listen to what is said in OUR house, and to see everything we do in OUR homes.
      See how tricky they are with their words?
      Samsung tv's already have that built into their more recent tv sets. There is a camera on the newer computer monitors, and in nearly all laptops. I would highly advise putting a piece of black electrical tape over the camera, or a piece of duct tape. I don't know what you can do about the built in microphone. But they love to listen to what is said in your homes.
      Look what they have found in those computers that schools give to kids; they are listening and watching what goes on in their homes !
      I have an older monitor with no camera in it, and I use a different cell phone and system than most people do. I don't use apps and I have never signed up with any social media. And I know how to muzzle my cell phone if I wanted to go that far or if I travel and wish it not to be known. I don't even use a normal landline. No particular reason; not hiding from anyone; I'm pretty much an open book; whatcha see is whatcha get. But this transparency is an invasion of our right to privacy.

    7. Buckminster Fuller said it well: You don't change the system by fighting it. You create a new system that makes the old one obsolete.

    8. Dennis, maybe there is some truth to that; however, I don't think we can live under two different systems, so I think the old 'obsolete' one has to be removed. But the 'obsolete' one is a crooked one altogether, therefore it should not be allowed to stand at all. Tyranny and Justice cannot stand side by side.

    9. Transparentcy....what a joke..!! Typical attorneys...its the new "go to it" word of the day....!!

  4. You can go to and see the picture posted that was taken that captures one of our finest with an automatic weapon firing on the people in Vegas from the top of an RV. There were THREE different perps captured on camera firing from the tops of RV's in the parking lot and the pictures are undeniable!!! And just WHAT is going to be done with people like Janet Reno and these evil perps filmed murdering innocent people!? Why, they are going to get big fat gov't pensions and enjoy replaying over in their minds till they die of the evil that they inflicted on the brain dead sheeple!!! Preach it to the choir anna, keep preaching it to the choir!!!!!!

  5. I was trained in the Army to follow lawful orders, and that one did not have to follow unlawful orders. Trouble is few if any are told anything about what lawful is. No morals are required, blind obedience is preferred, do as your told, do as your told and do as your told, the three rules were were taught. Order followers have caused more damage, committed more crimes, done more wrongs claiming " I was following orders" and pretending their is no right or wrong as long as someone else told them to act. These basic rights and wrongs, that if you cannot do it to your neighbor the same applies acting in an office like a police officer, must be drilled in not blind obedience to any order.

  6. Khazars are white... How do you explain?

  7. Public officials are hired to do a job that requires them to be kept to higher standards than everybody else. They should be hired and trained with full knowledge accordingly. What we have now is poorly educated, poorly trained Nazi paper pushers just doing their jobs to get a paycheck. I heard it straight from a deputies mouth as he was escorting me into a courtroom in shackles for having an alleged 3rd taillight out that escalated into a full blown driving without a license scam they pull. They are on the take by their corrupt seniors whom have no intelligence to know any better. The current FBI memo pushed across the land demanding that no one over the IQ of 100 only be hired into law enforcement was done on purpose by these criminal thugs in office.
    I am all for setting up a prison such as Queen Victoria did with Australia 200 years or so ago. Only put up a BIG fence around with with nothing but miles of ocean. First complaint of wrong doing you get a trial and if convicted, jail. Second complaint, trial then local prison. Third complaint trial and then the island. I think if the legislators here in California voted for it, they can abide by it. 3 strikes and your on a real tv reality show.

    1. every "charge" involves a bid bond, payment bond, performance bond and a reinsurance policy on the bonds, since the courts never award damages to victims and there is no injured party they are committing insurance fraud because of the non-disclosure agreement between the bonding agency and insurance agency they are perpetrating insurance fraud with a kick-back to the black robed devils pension fund sitting on the bench which is about 1 million per year...

    2. An they pocket the money never declaring as income want to shake up a D.A. ask him for the 1040.he will say no need you tell him I will take care of it and watch him squirm .

  8. Gamesmedic, there is a lot of information about jews and israel on
    He has done a LOT of investigation on all that and has written many books about all that stuff. A no-nonsense, non 5013c pastor, now pretty much retired. Very interesting site.

  9. Most of the problem is that part of the requirement of being a police officer is that it requires you to be a "criminal". If you can accept that then you can be hired with a good salary and excelent benefits and more than likely a good pension..!! I can see it now....where do i sign up...!! People dont care if they work under "Hitler" himself as long as the pay is good....!!

  10. When one sits down and really thinks about all that is going on, you can see that all of this is one big silly game being played, and its being played by so-called 'brilliant adult minds''.
    To even think that printing ones Name in all CAPS actually changes anything, in reality, is really just totally nuts !
    Its still the same exact letters regardless of the type of print being used. How utterly ridiculous to try to say that makes a living person, suddenly a 'dead person'.
    And even further, for some nitwits declaring that putting ''of'' with State changes anything, is just further childish and games playing.
    And how these same 'brilliant minds' decided that stamping a loan application on the back by some bank, can be deposited just like a check, can suddenly become 'money' for 'them'.....but if we did it, it would be a crime, is just downright ludicrous! Manufacturing 'money' out of thin air - and the truth of the matter is, its all just a game to deceive People into thinking some bank loaned them actual money, when nothing could be further from the truth !
    Just imagine! Grown adult so called Professionals, playing such deceptive childish games with the People !
    What the hell kind of world are we living in?? Do you all see how stupid everything is? Who falls for this stuff?
    Just add the word ''The'' to United States, and that suddenly creates a New Country that is suddenly declared not bankrupt? Or vice versa (who can keep track of all this shit)?
    Even children's games are more sensible than this crap is !

    Think about it. They create all this stupid stuff, and then WE are supposed to play ''our part'' by trying to untangle ourselves from it all ! Are you kidding me? Like we have nothing better to do with our lives but play this silly game??


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