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Thursday, February 29, 2024

International Public Notice: Self-Service Denies the Change

 By Anna Von Reitz

It is a Maxim of Law that actions taken in self-service to avoid prior obligations change nothing. 

We invoke and enforce this Maxim of Law in the Air Jurisdiction against Pope Francis and Emperor Charles III. 

Both these men have been playing a gigantic fraud scheme against the people of the world, and have been caught. 

Converting to Satanism and bringing forward the Ancient Paganism of Rome as an excuse for failure to uphold and perform upon the contractual obligations of the Ecclesiastical Law is grossly self-serving and convenient; it cannot excuse what these men have done and what they are trying to do. 

The Popes have been using the "Kings" of England as Overseers of the Church's Commonwealth holdings for centuries and have in fact given these "Kings" their crowns in that capacity -- a fact that has been withheld from the people in these countries and guarded as a secret by both sides of this quid pro quo: the Popes to downplay their very earthly erstwhile role as the Roman Pontiff and the Kings to pretend that their authority came from being the legitimate leader of the whole country and nation -- not just a small part of it and operating as a Roman Overseer. 

Their Predecessors, from Pope Innocent and King John to today, have been engaged in the same subterfuge for over 800 years, during which time there has been no Jubilee. 

During the reign of "King" Henry the VIIIth, the relationship between the Popes and their "Kings" in England took on an additional dimension of fraud and criminality, wherein "King" Henry had broken away from the Roman Church in a dispute over his divorce and founded the Church of England -- only to be forced to continue as the Head of the Church of England while betraying its members. 

Henry and every King or Queen afterward, kept track of every Protestant Baptism and counted the babies as "lost" Catholics and trafficked them into the jurisdiction of the sea, seized upon their names and property assets, and split the take 60/40 with the Pope, an arrangement that has continued into the present day. 

The position of these "Kings" as the Heads of the Church of England was thus a gross Breach of Trust and Scheme to Defraud, which deeply harmed both the freedom and the wealth of the people living in England, and after the Union, the people in Scotland, Ireland, and Wales, too.  

The Trust established by the end of the Civil War in England requires that the British Monarch thus created as a separate Office must be Protestant, when in fact, all these men and women have been obligated to the Pope for their crowns and lavish lifestyles and could not expose this gross conflict of interest without losing their offices. 

This is yet another instance of the people of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales being led to believe that Great Britain formed a combined Kingdom, and that the British Monarch thus empowered was a Protestant, while in fact working as a Catholic Administrator and literally owing his or her crown to the Pope. 

In the 1860's, Queen Victoria went quite mad with grief after losing her Consort, Prince Albert, and sought restlessly for soothsayers, spiritualists, grand projects that would have pleased her husband, and glory for her reign. She had none of her husband's scruples or business sense; for that, she relied on the charming and ruthless Benjamin D'Israeli. 

In vain, D'Israeli's chief rival, Lord William Gladstone, tried to alert the British Public and the Laborers in particular about the evils of "enfranchisement", it's impact on British Land Law, and the denigration of Voters as Persons and Shareholders in a corporation instead of being accorded their natural and traditional role as people on the land and soil of their country. 

Gladstone feared, and rightly, that this would not lead to any redeeming social good. The secretive enslavement of the British Working Class via enfranchisement bankrolled the Raj in India so that the enslavement of one people bankrolled the enslavement of another.

This pattern, once started, has continued unabated except for the non-violent non-compliance led by Mahatma Gandhi, which briefly brought the world's attention to bear on the problem in India, but unfortunately not on the same problem throughout the world at large. 

The British Monarchs and their traditional directors at the Holy See, together with the Successors of the Holy Roman Empire,  have promoted these Raj-like Territorial Governments via enfranchisement and enslavement and war-profiteering and privateering and tax rackets worldwide, and it has all been done on the basis of deceit, non-disclosure, and fraud. 

Now that these evils have been fully discovered, and the British-Romano Caste System decried for what it is, those responsible have added to the long litany of their depravity, violence, dishonesty, breach of trust, and commercial wrong-doing by investing in every kind of war-for-profit, racketeering and tax schemes, human trafficking, slave rackets, gambling, medical hoaxes, false flags, drug smuggling, commodity rigging, abuses of monopoly, impersonation, crimes of personage, barratry, kidnapping, inland piracy, identity theft, conspiratorial contract evasion, unlawful conversion, misrepresentation and fraud known to man. 

At present, no less than twenty wars are directly attributable to these governments and personages; millions of deaths have occurred as a result of them trying to create "transhumans" as patentable products and claim them and their estates as assets belonging to the patent holders. 

This pernicious pattern of evil and willful wrong-doing has been ongoing and observable for the better part of a thousand years, and now, we have called upon Pope Francis to honor his obligation under Ecclesiastical Law and dissolve these criminal corporations -- only to have him and Emperor Charles III convert to Satanism as an excuse for their actions and failure to dissolve these grossly offending corporations. 

We care not whether these men are sincere in their beliefs or not; their High Offices come with known obligations and contractual content, which they have willfully and knowingly breached in pursuit of their own unjust enrichment and the self-interest of their incorporated conglomerates. 

The enforcement of these contracts cannot be avoided on the basis of a religious conversion or denouement; coming out of the closet in no way changes the obligations owed to us or to any of the other land jurisdiction governments. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

February 28th 2024


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