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Thursday, February 29, 2024

For Declared Americans Only -- Part 3, About Money Claims

 By Anna Von Reitz

Do not use this information if you are not papered up and properly declared as an American.  You will get in big trouble if you do.  

Money by definition has to have intrinsic value in and of itself.  A gold coin has such intrinsic value.  A certificate guaranteeing ownership of a specific amount of gold has intrinsic value because gold has intrinsic value and you can exchange the certificate for the gold. 

A "Note" such as a Federal Reserve Note, which is a Promissory Note, otherwise known as an I.O.U., like the "Money of Account" representing such notes on a bank ledger, has no intrinsic value, it is not money, and by definition it cannot create a "profit separated from capital" -- known as "income".  

All that you have ever received in return for actual goods and services are paper promises to pay. 

This does not amount to profit or income of any kind.

It represents a loss to you and a credit owed to you. 

The accumulation of Federal Reserve Notes simply accrues more evidence of debt owed by the Issuers: the Federal Reserve Banks. 

That's why they want to get away from printing cash and why they have been refusing to print more. 

No cash bills or money of account based on FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES or any transfer of such debt notes via checks can be alleged to accrue as debts owed by you.  

All that is evidence of debt owed to you. 

The Tax Lien Act of 1966 placed checks and check claims under the Uniform Commercial Code; for a check to be a negotiable instrument, it must contain an unconditional promise to pay a sum certain in money and be payable on demand or at a definite time (UCC 3-103 (b) (c)), a condition which no check issued in the current system can meet. 

FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES similarly fail to meet this test, in that they have no set date of repayment and do not stipulate any form of actual money -- gold or silver or other tangible, fungible assets -- that they are to be repaid in. 

FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES are evidence of debts owed to you; their receipt, accumulation, loss or transfer cannot be used as the basis for any claim of debt against you.  

The same applies to Treasury Notes, EUROs, or other National Treasury Notes, etc. 

The Gold Bullion Act of 1985 makes it clear that Americans are not obligors or grantors with respect to the Federal Reserve Banks and their Notes--- Public Law 99-185, December 17, 1985, 99 Statutes 1177.  

Please note the following facts and admissions:

"Money" does not include treasury notes". Foquet v. Headley, 3 Conn. 534, 536;

"In legal acceptation, "money" means current metallic coins; therefore, an indictment for embezzling "money" is not sustainable by proof of embezzling greenbacks or national currency notes." Block v. State, 41 Tex. 620, 622.

"The term "money" does not include bank notes. They pass as cash, and constitute a part of the circulating medium, and for many purposes are to be considered as money; but, in the strict sense of the term, they are not included therein." Dowdle v. Corpening, 32 N.C. 58,60.”

"Money," as used in the Crimes Act, section 13, providing that any person stealing any money, the property of another, shall be guilty of larceny, cannot be construed to include bank bills, for strictly bank bills are not money, though for many purposes they are treated as such." Johnson v. State, 11 Ohio St. 324,325.
"The term "money," in the statute defining robbery as taking from the person of another any money or personal property of any value whatsoever, with force and violence, and with intent to steal or rob, does not include bank notes." Turner v. State, 1 Ohio St. 422,426.  

"Federal Reserve Notes are not dollars." U.S. Treasury, General Counsel, Munk.

Both notes and checks are acknowledgments of indebtedness and promise of payment." Hegeman v. Moon, 131 N.Y. 462, 30 N.E. 487. Smith v. Treuhart et al, 223 N.Y.S. 481. 

Now let's look at our foreign Federal Employees and their Municipal Corporation franchises considered CITIZENS --- concerning the exchange of fiat currency for gold or silver and vice versa: 

Federal U.S. Citizens and citizens of the United States have no ability to redeem fiat notes for United States Silver Dollars and are prohibited from doing so by Title 31 USC Section 408 which prohibits the redemption of any currency (that is, “Money of Account”) into gold, and Title 31 USC Section 405(a)-3 which prohibits the redemption of any United States currency dollar- for- dollar for gold /or/ silver, so that such foreign Persons/PERSONS are precluded from receiving actual payment and equally precluded from alleging any actual debt on the basis of commerce or trade using FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES. 

Notice this doesn't say that Americans are restricted from exchanging Federal Reserve Notes into gold or silver, or vice versa.  It says that U.S. Citizens and Municipal citizens of the United States, which includes all the US CITIZEN corporate franchises, are prohibited from doing so. 

The actual payment of any debt requires actual money, and even if we all had actual money readily available to us, none of the Federal Dual Citizens or their CORPORATIONS would be able to receive it. 

So, not only is it impossible for them to allege the existence of a debt against us based on FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES, it's impossible for them to receive any actual payment for any debt based on them. 

As an American, no debt resulting from the use of Federal Reserve Notes can be alleged against you, no matter how many you collect, transfer, or spend; and, no actual payment of any debt can be made to Federal Dual Citizens or any of their Municipal Corporation FRANCHISES --- including the IRS. 

They are incompetent to allege a debt based on FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES or any "Money of Account" based on FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES, and also incompetent to receive any actual payment of such a debt, if it did exist. 

The only kind of payment that is possible is a debt swap -- exactly the solution provided under Federal Title XII, which allows us to execute a Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemption transaction. 

Think of it this way -- we owe them the equivalent of  $10,000 for services and materials, and they owe us $35 Trillion.  In a Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemption transaction, we "offset" -- that is, write off -- the $10,000 we owe them and deduct it from the $35 Trillion they owe us.  This has the effect of reducing their Federal National Debt --- similar to paying down a Credit Card. 

If this had been done as intended from the 1930's onward, we would never have suffered the predation of the IRS and other bullies, and their National Debt would have never gotten out of control.  

The Pikers couldn't be honest and play it straight.

They had to pretend that you were someone and something that you are not, had to use racketeering practices to force you to extend "new credit" into their system on one hand, and force you to pay their debts for them on the other. 

They have had "you" --- or rather, the two foreign Legal Fiction entities they created using your name -- one British Territorial Estate and various Municipal Corporation franchises operating in YOUR NAME, both going and coming. 

They, the corporations and Principals involved, ignored both their moral obligations and their commercial liability as Usufructs. 

Millions of innocent Americans have been impersonated and attacked under these deliberately false pretenses; trillions of dollars in property and actual assets have been purloined under color of law.  

But as for you, Joe Average American, not only did you not owe a dime, you couldn't owe a dime. 

Having finally become aware of the fraud scheme against you, and having reclaimed your birthright estate and political status, you are ready to go forth and conquer this morass of criminality. 


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