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Friday, December 10, 2021

Religion v. Experience

 By Anna Von Reitz

I am told that some listeners at our Monday Night webinar this past week were "offended" because I shared my experience of the "Violet Flame" and thought I was mixing "church and state" and talking about something religious -- but that is not correct.

I experienced this phenomenon for myself, so it's not a matter of "belief".   Also be aware that so far as I know, it was not a religious topic. 

If something happens to you, it happens. 
Like getting a new puppy.  

And religion, unavoidably, treads upon beliefs about experience or other people's experiences--- extrapolations and interpretations and codification of beliefs, which are a different thing entirely.  

Same way with my interaction with the Draco Overlords.  That was a bit beyond odd, too, but again --- an experience is an experience. 

If your hair turned blue overnight, you would accept the fact that it turned blue, observe the phenomenon, and go on.  No value judgment implied about the pros or cons of having blue hair. You might decide to dye your hair some other color, but, there's no gainsaying actual experience.  It is, or it isn't.  

Religion, however, is a man-made concoction.  

Religion is a hearsay interpretation of scriptures that are themselves a hodge-podge of some-included and some-rejected ancient writings of unknown origin and authorship (even though we "attribute" certain books to various authors), supported by a group of people who examined these scriptures and reached the same or similar conclusions based upon them. 

Depending on which scriptures you consult, you can wind up a Hindu, a follower of Confucius, a Taoist, a Buddhist, a Jew, a Muslim, a Christian..... 

If there is a single unifying theme to religion, it would have to be "man's thoughts about God" -- for what they are worth.  

That's the truth and we have to accept the truth, because anything else is delusion.  We can talk about the Bible being "inspired", but then, so is our music, art, mathematics, and anything else that is good or useful "inspired".

So, folks, I was telling you straight across the board that I had this experience and it felt great.  What else it meant or means wasn't revealed in words and no "explanations" were given, though I can tell you it was revitalizing.  

I felt great while this  purple-red flame was leaping and playing all around me and I still feel great.  I'll always remember it as a very unusual, unexpected, and happy event. 

We don't exist in a vacuum.  We exist as an integral part of the Universe. 

It's not given to us to understand the Universe just because we are part of it, so we need to be open-minded.  It is.  It was.  It will be.  And it doesn't ask for our permission.  

The "Violet Flame" is a description of a phenomenon that exists in my experience now, and whether it is good or bad depends on its fruits ---- how does it impact me and the rest of the Universe? 

Thus far, I'd have to say it was very good, and time will tell if the results endure.  Right now, though I should, logically, be very worried, I feel at peace.  Right now, though I should be very tired and worn out, I feel fully alive.  

I don't know anyone else's judgements about such facts, but to me, that's a good thing, both in the result and how I feel about the result.  And I don't have to know why.  

Some things can't be bought and some things just are. 

Accept that without judgment and journey on. 

If I am supposed to "know" what this experience of standing in the midst of a cool-burning violet-colored flame meant beyond the direct experience of it,  I am sure I'll find out in good time.  


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