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Friday, December 10, 2021

People -- the CDC is a Private, For-Profit Corporation

 By Anna Von Reitz

It's in the business of producing vaccines.
Are you all brain dead? Don't see a conflict of interest here? Lost your voices along with your minds?
And now, Fauci promises that the definition of "fully vaccinated" will be changed just as the definition of "vaccine" was changed to expedite his fraud.
Forget about the truth and common sense. It's only their lies that matter.
How about we redefine the National Institutes of Health as the defunct National Institutes of Health and rename Fauci "Leon Shitzshafter"? I like that. I think it fits. Let's just change his name and nobody in the Mindless Media will know any different.
By next week, they'll be quoting Dr. Leon Shitzshafter.
And they'll forget to mention that he isn't a Medical Doctor at all. Just a "doctorate" holder with a big nose for loot.
Did you know that Doctor Leon Shitzshafter is involved in getting a loan as "the" United States of America from China doing business as PACIFIC CORP, and then receiving its charter from Fauci's USGBF CORP--- aka, The Corporation Trust Company which is also being sold off?
Oh, it's fascinating how these grafters and the associated banks are trying to pull this off---- a giant sleight of hand by which British-Chinese interests, BANK OF SHANGHAI and HSBC---- use the Brits as the go-between to sell out the Commonwealth and the Americans to the Chinese to avoid paying their own debts.
Why do you think millions of Australians are being murdered by what they thought was their own government?
The Chinese slave masters need more room!
That's also why the IRS is moving its primary base of operations to the Mariana Islands, so they can be closer to the over one billion Chinese that they intend to tax.

Lift your heads up and howl.


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