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Friday, December 10, 2021

The Snooze Button Doesn't Work

 By Anna Von Reitz

Again, for all those Christians out there who are being bamboozled into condemning yourselves, the Sacrament of Communion is a Blood Oath.
If that isn't apparent to you, it should be. It is also a bond sealed by The Apostle's Creed.
Better read every word of The Apostle's Creed very carefully, because that is the contract with the church that your Blood Oath binds you to, and every time you take Communion, you reaffirm every single word of your obligation -- not to Jesus per se, but to the Church and its belief system.
You should also seriously consider which "church" you are binding yourself to. Virtually all churches have some variation of the Apostle's Creed as part of their liturgy.
Liturgy is a particularly enlightening word, as it originally referred only to the "Holy Eucharist" --- Communion, and it, Communion, was first subjected to "ecclesiastical regulation".
In other words, the Church inserted itself as a Middleman between Sinners and their Redeemer, and started arbitrarily determining who was eligible to "receive" Communion and who could not, thereby inserting themselves as the judges and executioners, holding the power over both forgiveness and eternal life.
Jesus admitted that he, himself, didn't have control over who would be saved to be with him and who would not; he openly told his Disciples that his Father would call whom he would call to be with his Son, and make the appointments of powers and positions within the kingdom to be established.
If even Jesus did not hold this power, you must ask yourselves --- what does the Church think it's doing, dictating who can be in communion with Jesus?
What is really behind this "power grab" by man-made institutions against the singular power of the Creator?
Money. Control. Power.
For centuries, ignorant and trusting people were misled to put their trust in the church leaders and allowed themselves to be coercively threatened with damnation if they didn't follow church doctrine and dictate to the letter.
Untold billions of people have gone to their graves, thinking that they were saved or unsaved according to the opinions and beliefs of others, who had no authority to make any such determination in the first place.
If Jesus didn't have that power, how did Peter acquire it? And how would Peter's successors acquire it?
This very simple question is at the heart of "church discipline" and the many wholly destructive doctrines that have been adopted by churches over the centuries.
Instead of accepting their limitations and trusting a greater and wiser power to sort things out, these men set themselves up to be not only kings, but rulers of eternity.
They weren't content to grapple with the very real problems that resulted from the demand of the Israelites to set a man as king above them, they had to set themselves above their teacher and claim the powers of God Almighty for themselves.
If it is so childishly simple to read the words of Jesus and know how grossly all these churches have overreached themselves, especially as regards their misuse and abuse of the entire concept of Communion, and their misrepresentation of the Ultimate Judge----what excuse do we have for being deaf, blind, and dumb?
Generations of good men have given their lives in pursuit of the Truth, so that we might have it in our possession, and not be like "dumb, driven cattle".
Many Christians are so worn-down by their own indoctrination and patterned responses that they don't even realize what they are doing when they take Communion in a church.
They have no idea that they are, themselves, acting as Oath-takers, and sealing their oath in blood. They certainly aren't told that by any church leaders, are they?
They don't understand that this is part of what the Muslims and many other people hold against Christians, and that this "blood drinking" sacrament is something they, Christians, must answer for, as well as the oath-taking associated with it.
They must also answer for turning a brotherhood of believers into corporations with vast material holdings and resulting obligations to Molloch and Mammon.
Kindly observe that the Internal Revenue Service (which operates under the Spanish Law of the Inquisition) uses your Employers to police you, and that they can do this and enforce their demands upon your Employers, because those Employers have stupidly incorporated their businesses to gain insurance protection they don't even need.
Kindly observe how Joe Biden has attempted (and partially succeeded) in imposing Mask Mandates and forced vaccinations using the same ploys--- ordering the incorporated Employers to do his bidding, even though his bidding is against the Public Law of this country.
And then notice, that virtually all the churches have done the same thing -- incorporated themselves to gain tax advantages they don't need (because they were already exempt) -- and subjected themselves "voluntarily" as incorporated Employers, to do whatever the politicians tell them to do no matter how illegal and immoral it is.
No man can serve two Masters.
We "Christians" have all taken blood oaths; it is up to us to determine what we meant by that and how aware we were of the substance of that action, how much disclosure we were given, and whether or not we will now repudiate the incorporated churches and their service to Mammon.
Regardless of what you think or believe, regardless of the comforts offered by many congregations, despite our desperate need for guidance and a moral compass, we must examine the institutions we have been relying upon and find them lacking.
We must gather together and find better ways of acknowledging our faith with our lives and our actions, better institutions that are not misled by the love of money, and most of all, we must all engage in the self-examination required to guide our own steps.
I take "communion" with Jesus every time I eat bread or drink wine, the way I am sure he intended it to be; I pause, I reflect, I remember him, I take him and his suffering into my heart. I don't need a fancy church to do this. I don't need a priest to sanctify it.
The alarm has been sounded and the snooze button doesn't work. This is your personal wake up call.
As things stand, Christians, you've been sold a bill of goods and sold it on to others, generations of the gullible led like sheep to slaughter, and those appointed by men to stand guard over you and feed you have failed, while those appointed by God have stood the test alone.
Look to those crying in the wilderness and heed the voices of the watchers on the watchtowers, but most of all, look at what you are doing, what you are accepting without thought, and what you are actually supporting when you join and give your money to an incorporated church.
A white-washed tomb.
A deceitful bastion belonging --- literally --- not to the congregation, but to Mammon, because clueless and duplicitous church leaders have given the churches away and brought them under the regulation of foreign State-of-State business organizations in a country where church and state are meant to be separate and where religious freedom is supposed to be guaranteed.
You can see for yourselves how well the incorporated churches are doing.
Only 18% of American households are families with married parents.
This week, in return for being blamed for the actions of a few Chinese businessmen and scientists, the Chinese Government issued a scathing indictment called, "Ten Questions for American Democracy".
Of course, they don't know that what they are addressing isn't "American" at all, but is rather the "United States" Corporation. They don't know that the Pope and the Queen and the Lord Mayor of London are responsible for this mess and that there is no such thing as an "American" democracy involved --- but they ask, pointedly:
Question 9: Bring development and prosperity, or disaster and turmoil to other countries? Some 241,000 Afghans were killed in the war beginning in 2002. 183,000-206,000 Iraqi civilians have died in violence since the war in 2003. Yemen currently has some 20.7 million people (71% of the total population) in need of humanitarian assistance. The United States is a veritable “refugee maker” in the world today, making at least 37 million people destitute and homeless by the war launched by the United States after the September 11 attacks.
Question 10: Safeguard world peace and development or undermine international order? As of 2017, the United States had conducted 392 foreign military interventions since 1880. The United States has been at war more than 92% of the time since its founding. The United States maintains approximately 750 overseas military bases in 80 foreign countries and colonies (territories). The United States spends about $778 billion on the military, accounting for about 39% of the world’s total. The Middle East and North Africa still have about one in five people living on the brink of conflict. America’s currency, the world’s problem.
They ask questions that we should be asking ourselves. Where is "America, the land of the free" in this? What kind of evil has walked the Earth using our name as a storefront, so that we are being misidentified as the culprits, when we are in fact the victims as much as everyone else?
The Chinese are right. What on Earth is wrong with this country?
As with the incorporated churches, the people are dead asleep, not a clue about what is actually going on and the venal motivations of those who are leading them.
If you are sick of being misrepresented by the war-mongers and deceivers, take heart. If you want the rest of the world to know the truth --- that America was among the first victims of this pervasive evil --- and that we want it to stop as much as anyone else, support your unincorporated government and look for unincorporated churches, too.


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