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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

What Else You Need to Know

 By Anna Von Reitz

There are two "US Militaries" involved --- just like there are two of everything else. There's the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE promoted by the Municipal Government, and the Department of Defense promoted by the Territorial Government.
You will note that Sidney Powell's discovery and announcement that "the" Military owns patents and technologies that allow them to determine election results is somewhat confusing, because it begs the question of which "US Military" are we talking about?
Sidney Powell Drops BOMB! Military Can Determine Election Outcomes
Apparently, it is the Municipal version, DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE that developed this technology in cooperation with the CIA and other usual Suspects.
After all the other information I've delivered to your mailboxes over the years, this latest hot mess shouldn't come as any surprise. Once you know that "the" military of one flavor or another has been in control since 1863, the rest of the story falls into place.
You have most likely lived your entire lives as displaced unknown persons, presumed to be living on a battlefield leftover from a mercenary conflict that was supposed to have ended 160 years ago.
With those being the starting premises, it's easy to see why lies and craziness have prevailed, along with a great deal of criminal activity involving commodity market rigging, currency counterfeiting and rigging, and yes, election rigging, too.

What can you expect, when you don't maintain supervision over your own employees?


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  1. there is two of everything they do.
    thats why their logo is the two-headed phoenix/birdie: Trump vs. Hillary... they win either way.

    1. Good point boots ,divide and conquer .
      Best counter is explain to everyone your being played .

  2. What else we need to know, per Mike Adams, health ranger....