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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Sorting the Manure

 By Anna Von Reitz

On the Farm, you have to sort manure. This is because each variety of manure has different strengths and uses.
In the same way, we have to pick through the daily dose of offerings that come to us from our erstwhile Public Employees, with the knowledge that we are the actual Public, and have paid dearly for that honor.
Recently, David Straight and his Buddies have been promoting the idea of a new, second, and other "Declaration of Independence". They are preaching Universal Law, without any great understanding of the subject.
This is because they have cut themselves off from any true recourse to the original Declaration of Independence by stubbornly remaining Federal Agents.
The rest of you should be aware that the so-called New Deal wasn't a good deal, and neither is the current offer.
If you give up your Public Law and the basis for it, that is, turn your back on the actual Declaration of Independence, you give up control of your own future by denying your own past. You give up your country and all that your ancestors fought for and won, via yet another sleight of hand.
The Universal Law is the Universal Law, immutable, rooted to the foundations of consciousness and Nature itself. Any good Public Law is similarly rooted in the Natural and Universal Law that underlies it, and any bad Public Law needs to be jettisoned by our ordained process of Jury Nullification.
For now, suffice it to say, that David Straight and his Buddies have done some worthwhile work, but their current sing-song is all wrong for the vast majority of Americans who are not and never were Federal Agents or Dependents---- and never meant to be Indentured Servants as members of the US Military, either.
What I keep getting from "the" Military and "the" White Hats and all the other Federales who have, despite their handicaps, tried to do their duty--- is a basic lack of understanding about who they are and what they need to get back on track.
When you enter Federal Service of any kind, you enter foreign service and in our case, foreign jurisdictions of the law as well. For Americans this change is as violent as being shanghaied into the French Foreign Legion. You either learn to like it or learn to hate it, but either way, it's foreign.
Such status places you under foreign law, something that no American is naturally subject to, but which they become subject to via undisclosed and unfair foreign contracting processes --- unilateral contracts, implied contracts, presumed contracts --- none of which are valid on our soil.
Unfortunately, many people continue to labor under the false assumption that once they have been hoodwinked and defrauded, they have to stay hoodwinked and defrauded. Federal Employees and Federal Agents also worry about being "stateless" because they never really had anything of their own to call home.
They and their State of State franchises employees are here as custodians and caretakers of our Territories and Possessions, but they don't actually own anything.
One of the chief confusions surrounding settlement of all the issues that confront our country is this misunderstanding about the political condition of our Federal Employees and Dependents, including the American Indian Tribes that the Federal Subcontractors have treated as Prisoners of War since the 1860's.
We are treated to the spectacle of the Federal Courts that have no jurisdiction related to the land of this country and to the United States Supreme Court which has failed its duty to enforce the Law of the Land, trying to give away the State's interest in the States themselves --- something that no Federal Contractor ever possessed.
You can't give away what you don't have in the first place.
There is no "Federal Trust" and no "Federal Trust Land" and to suppose that there is, long after the actual heirs and States have claimed back all right, title, and interest in the State Trusts that these same Perpetrators established as a means to unjustly enrich themselves, is the height of illegal activity and Breach of Trust on the part of these foreign interests.
It reminds me of the Florida Real Estate Swindles back in the 1970's --- all these Real Estate Agents brokering contracts based on Quit Claiming interests in property, when those signing the Quit Claims had no interest whatsoever in the land they were signing off on.
And the Indian Tribes are standing there, lapping this farce up, and pretending that because the United States Supreme Court stands over them as Federal Dependents, that the rest of us are similarly encumbered.
Not so.
The only "Federal Land" that exists is land that the States have actually ceded to the Federal Subcontractors for their use in the accomplishment of their duties, and those parcels are few and far between. Even the Municipal Capitol, Washington, District of Columbia, still belongs to Maryland and Virginia, respectively. It was only accorded a Use Lease.
If the Federales can't produce an Act by the actual land jurisdiction State Legislature granting them land within the borders of one of our States of the Union, you can be sure that the State retained all actual right, title, and interest in that parcel and that the Federal Subcontractors have only a custodial role and Use Lease --- at best.
As our land jurisdiction legislatures have not convened on a regular basis since 1860, it is a sure bet that 95% of what stands as federal development and federal roads and federal buildings, etc., is actually standing on land that belongs to our States of the Union. Not Indian Tribes that are Federal Dependents.
So, in fact, the Federales in sum total, have no right, title, interest, dominion, or possession of our States of the Union and never have had.
Federal citizens of all stripes are our Employees and/or Dependents, and they have and enjoy nothing but Dual American National Status --- if they have sense enough to claim it.
Otherwise, they are not allowed to own land within our borders.
And here's the icing on the cake --- they haven't had a contract since 2005.
They've gone on gaily spending what they assumed was our credit and piling up huge mounds of debt "in our names" and they certainly haven't had a contract to do that since 2005 --- so all 330 Trillion dollars in counterfeit Federal Reserve Notes that have been printed offshore since then, go --- zonk! --- right over in their debt column. Not ours.
No wonder the GOP is stalling off any more spending.
Even Nancy Pelosi should be raising her head up from the trough and going, "Wha....? Huh? It's our money we are spending, not theirs?"
Yes, that's right, no contract since 2005.
And they all really need a contract, from us, or all the banks on Earth are obliged to suck up their orifices in tight little "o's" and not give the pikers another dime.
Talk of "selling the American SSNs" to Australia is nothing but fraud and stupidity. Again.
The actual owners are here and no officers or Federal Agents are empowered to speak for us about these matters: we speak for ourselves.
And this is what we say to our Employees and Dependents, both in the Military and in the Federal Civil Service: come home.
Stop this nonsense and return to the land jurisdiction immediately. Stop running around like proverbial chickens and realize that your actual Employers are the only ones that can straighten this mess out.
So said, so signed, so sealed on this 28th day of September 2021 by:
James Clinton Belcher, Head of State
The United States of America

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America

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