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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Granna Up to Her Ears

 By Anna Von Reitz

I am a short person, so the rest of you have a way to go before you have to start swimming. For me, the moment to start dog-paddling has come.
Many people don't truly grasp this little factoid, but my work is 95% international and global in nature --- and there is a lot of work to be done, all the time, every day, 24/7, and 365 days a year.
There's banking. There's diplomatic outreach. There's research. There's rebuilding the State Assemblies (a process that the Federation oversees just like a construction supervisor oversees a job, and then leaves the house for the people of that State to occupy). There's publications. There's court actions. There's negotiations. There's reading, scanning, and archiving precious documents. There's organizing records. There's meetings and teleconferences with people all over the world trying to get things in place. There's training of peacekeeping forces. There's training of Federation Coordinators. There's training of Assembly Officers so that they know their jobs. There is training of Assembly Members, so they know their jobs. There are treaties to be enforced. And right now, there are boxes to move, furniture to move, services to contract, fuel tanks to fill, and, and, and....
Somewhere in the middle of it all, I have to try to get the Military and Federal Civil Service back on track, and put an end to the genocide and the corporate interests causing it.
Oh, and fix dinner for my husband and swab out the toilet bowl and feed the cat like every other red-blooded American housewife.
People forget that I do have a life like everyone else. I forgot to pay the telephone bill this month and got a "reminder call" like everyone else.
I have to figure out what kind of snow plow I need to be able to dig the new bank property out this winter (the snow removal equipment that came with the property is too expensive to repair and buying new isn't practical at this point, so yes, Grandma has to give up her truck for the winter and get a snow blade on it.)
If all this sounds one degree short of panic, it is. It's good panic, because we are getting a lot done and making huge strides forward organization-wise. It's just the logistics of it that drive us mad. And the time crunch. And the occasional money crunches that drag momentum down.
We try to match our projects to our means and always move cautiously but determinedly forward. As a result, we've never been overdrawn at the bank--- come darn close, but never overdrawn on our work here. That is, of course, a record that I want to always maintain.
Right now, we are holding our own. We've got possession of the new bank facility and are moving fast to winterize and prepare and get it up to speed for our purposes. We are ordering supplies -- faster computers that can keep up with modern bank functions, ink, paper, you name it. It all has to be shipped from somewhere else, so we always have to order things ahead of time when we need it.
It's all coming together fast and well. We've had volunteer manpower sufficient to work all the problems involved and have good progress to report on all sides. All in all, these are exciting times, good times for fellowship and community, and striving together to get our whole country up and moving.
As I had to remind my Granddaughter who is going through some hard times in the midst of all this --- there's always more to do, and more that we wish to do, but never cease to be grateful for what you have. Never quit doing what you can do with what you have.
I am grateful for all the sacrifices of time, money, prayers, stamps, precious books, and all else that all of you have contributed to this effort and I think about you all and about all the States of the Union every day. There is still more needed, still more mountains to climb, but we are doing all we can and it is gaining momentum and making a difference.
The days are not far off when we will have our country back in the control of our civilian government. Together, we will all learn the very different form of government that we are owed as Americans, and we will teach our children our heritage, so that it is never forgotten or misinterpreted again. In a very real sense, you are the change that is needed.
I've had some calls from people wanting to contribute who have had problems with the PayPal address, but it is working and it is the same as it has always been: PayPal remains the quickest and easiest way to get funding to us.
I've also had a couple incidents where a check has inexplicably taken forever to get here. Most recently, a check sent in early August arrived in mid-September, but it did arrive. Alaska is always an adventure and prone to mail delays, but I have to say that less than 1% of the mail gets lost on average, so it is still very safe to send checks to my Post Office here: Anna Maria Riezinger, In Care of Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652--- even if it takes longer than you would expect for mail deliveries within the continental contiguous States.
Think of the Grey Brigade up here in the Far North, getting ready for winter. Our trees are already golden and leaves are falling, the mountains are all snow-capped, and the sky is a pure deep blue. There's a chill in the air and we are packing up bags of pinto beans and rice and dried vegetables and fruits. The Moose Season ended yesterday and our freezers are blessed with moose and salmon. All but the very late season harvesting is done.
Somewhere in the midst of all this hectic scurrying, I am going to find time to sit down and have a cup of hot apple cider. I'll be raising my glass to all of you. Despite all the nay-sayers who thought that America was done, we are here to tell you that America just woke up.

And it's a bright, busy morning.


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  1. Well, you did it again!! Excellent day of articles, just excellent! Thank you for the reminders.

  2. Having purpose in life is the only thing that makes you not forget to inhale, and wake up in the morning. My progress has been slow, but expect to be going full steam by Christmas. I would think you will live a very long time, and pray for it daily, for all you do. One day at a time, and a strong relationship with God does wonders and bit by bit, we will all rejoice when we can say we served our purpose!

    1. .
      "Having purpose in life" What might that be?

      The Great Dictator Speech - Charlie Chaplin

      dies at 88 years old borne 1889 ( are we now living longer)

  3. Practically all of Hollywood was communist whom John Wayne had nonstop confrontations.
    So bad if any actor ever worked with John the communist/Russian Jewish mafia would ban them
    Form ever working.
    The most active were Humphrey Boguart who was called the General he made non stop anti European anti German propaganda., Chapman, Kay, notorious.

  4. Thank you for your uplifting articles Anna ! GOD bless you and your family.

  5. God Bless America ✨🥳🥳🥳✨🫖☕️🧃🍹🥃✨Cheers!! ✨🥳🥳


  7. Thank you Anna and your husband for all you do for all of us in particularly California. Also thanks Paul Stramer for all your notifications.

  8. God Speed! Hard work, perseverance & meeting God half-way!
    Upwards! <3

  9. I am in awe of what you have accomplished and what you have done for us all in teaching us the truth about America and the filthy dirty rats who had and are trying to bring American down. Bless you Anna and all who are in our fight for our rightful government to come back into fully functioning status.

  10. The labor of our own hands produce the fruit we get to pick. Let us tune ourselves for harmony to sing our little song and let our little light shine. We love you Anna

  11. I love this one!!! Thanks for putting up with us, you are amazing!!!

  12. God Speed Anna. The Lord bless you and yours. His Will be done through you and your team. ❤️🙏

  13. Banks are closely tied to Federal Reserve system get free money number of ways do the gladly turn you in to IRS and law enforcement for transactions that violates any internal bank policy or federal law.
    They work for the robber Barron’s that run the government.
    The further we can get out from under thair cartel the better.

    1. bubba,

      and you had mentioned local banks/ peoples' banks or something like that in the recent past, hadnt you?

      i totally agree, though, this is absolutely the first step/ one of the first steps necessary to get the lying freaks' nasty, sticky, two-toed PAWS off of us!

      it should actually be pretty simple (comparatively) since it WILL BE UNDER AMERICAN COMMON LAW authority from consent from actual lawful man (men and women); rather than Commercial Fiction.

  14. Roger Dowell said he discovered the governor is under the Lt.Govornor and he is under the vicker Jesuit /Vatican agent .
    One thing Roger did that went from 15th in nation to number one in world is hire team players don’t hog everything let young blood have the ball .
    Like incumbents in office they burrow in taking bribes.
    No body trust them so they rig media/voting machines.
    Trust is cooperation