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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Why They Can't Gain Traction on Election Fraud Issues

 By Anna Von Reitz

It struck me tonight that all these brilliant people --- Donald Trump, Sidney Powell, General Flynn --- have been flying blind, and then, when a break in the clouds appears, they find themselves hovering above a caldera that is ready to blow.
Once they do understand why they can't get traction on the Election Fraud, it's all down to something they can't admit. Or risk Hellfire for doing so.
It's not really much of a crime for the Chinese Communist Party and the Club of Rome and other miscreants to interfere in the elections of a commercial corporation --- such as the election of the "President" of Exxon or the "President" of City Bank.
Unlike interfering with the election of an actual Public Office and the selection of an Executive Officer to run the affairs of an entire country, which would be a serious breach of international law, interfering with the private election of a commercial corporation president is a nothing-burger, and it stands outside the jurisdiction of the U.S. Supreme Court.
The CCP and the Italian Brotherhood and Mossad and God Only Knows Who Else did interfere in the 2020 Election, but it wasn't really an election to a Public Office.
In order to prosecute their actual complaint, Mr. Trump would have to admit that his own presidency also involved a private corporate office, not the Public Office everyone assumes.
Trump and Biden would both have to admit that their respective corporations have been substituting their corporate "presidents" for our actual Public Office of the President of The United States of America --- for decades.
Ouch. What an unpleasant, damned if you do and damned if you don't situation --- an ugly political mutually assured destruction detente worthy of any cold war.
There hasn't been an American President of The United States of America since 1856, and that rat, President Buchanan, betrayed us all to England and Lincoln.
Anyway, that's why Sidney Powell can't get past square one despite all her brilliance and persistence and research. That's why General Flynn is bedeviled by the Municipal Court System. That's why it, comparatively, doesn't matter that the Vermin fixed the 2020 Election.
The 2020 Election didn't result in the election of an actual President nor did it fill the vacancy of our Public Office -- and that's the bombshell everyone wants to avoid, because that then exposes the Great Fraud all the way back to the 1860s.
Mr. Trump wants to avoid that denouement for his reasons, and Mr. Biden wants to avoid it for his reasons, so here we are, at a standstill.
Even if Trump gets the 2020 Election overturned, he still would not be an actual American President. He'd still be the "president" of a foreign commercial services organization in the business of providing essential governmental services.
The real problem, that both these foreign commercial corporations have been substituting their "United States Presidents" for our American President, would still not be solved.
Given how close this issue comes to exposing the Great Fraud, you can understand why everyone in DC is dancing around it like a live grenade.
The answer, to hold honest elections for the actual office for the first time in a century and a half, is anti-intuitive for most people who want to cling to their familiar political parties and all the false assumptions they grew up with.
Confronted with the truth of what has gone on here in our "absence" most people want to run and hide, but neither of these reactions is helpful, when what we need are men brave enough to face the truth and people committed to running their own government.


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  1. Its not what they have done that has them stalling... its the CONSEQUENCES for what they have done.
    That is why they are stalling. and stalling. and stalling. and trying to eliminate those THEY OWE.


    and so it is.

  2. It was my understanding there were three 'oaths' the newly elected president takes. The one we all see that requires the constitutional oath. Second, there is an oath for the CEO of the incorporated government and lastly, there is the oath for CinC. The last two are behind closed doors. Obama could not take the public oath for reasons we all know. Biden took the first oath. Is that not where he hung himself?!?

  3. Nothing matters they appoint Kissinger aka killenger. To head 9/11 investigation. Micheal Chertoff mr Mossad to hone land security.
    Sidney Powell remarked all four of her cases thrown out because liberal bs excuses.
    DOJ is Holder mr bank attorney Lynch UN safe cities Barr cover up for Waco .
    American Israeli Political Action Committee terrorizes our congress and all the Alphabet bet gang knocking on our doors.
    Never fear they will hand us the keys to the love boat.

  4. thank you, Anna. it is much clearer why things are happening/not happening as they are.

  5. Has the Assembly reached out to DJT and asked him to come clean? What does he really have to lose if he loves this country?

    1. AG Barr speaking to federalist society stated Equity courts are unconstitutional.
      Lord Mansfield took common law mixed it with Admiralty and made equity.
      Think he was delivering a message to the zionest who was attacking his boss
      Back off or I will dump all your rice bowel s.

  6. It's a bit of a step back from Anna's stated position that the POTUS position is by Government appointment only.
    Reminiscent of the Bible being mixed with Pagan rituals by the (fake?) Jews at Nicea.
    Nevertheless, likely a wise one. The public seems addicted to the election circus. No need to flush good ideas with the excrement.