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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Sidney Powell Drops BOMB! Military Can Determine Election Outcomes


  1. why is "anna" deleting our comments again? hmmm.... are you hiding some of the facts from the people "anna"??
    i said, and it got deleted that:

    the FEDERATION "anna" constructed and named The United States of America is not the Confederated Union set up from consent from the people under authority of the original July 2(Two), 1776 Declaration of Independence.

    and i asked if "anna" was doing something similar to what "she" is accusing Abraham Lincoln of doing? because it looks the same/similar to me.... so, is it?... and my comment and question is now deleted.
    Leave the comments i post on this blog up on this blog for people to read.... im on topic.... just because im sometimes presenting questions about the articles content does not equate to cause to delete my questions or comments....
    every corp including is funded using the property that belongs to the people without our knowledgable consent, so we can use it to provide facts to the people and if that is not true, prove it here on this blog for everyone to see and i will think about stoppping posting.
    and so it is.


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      youre Jealous... you cant make a sensible comment because youre too untalented to even figure out what people are talking about on here!!!!!
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    3. Here is my URL for blog:

    4. Baldwin I have reviewed your blog a little but one thing I must say is that if the legislation signed by imposter Ronald Reagan aka Frank Sinatra the hidden son of Fred Astaire then all of that legislation if NULL VOID

      The NVIC was created under a false umbrella and anything to do with it is NULL VOID as the legislation that created any of it was signed by a masked actor not even a real person a MYTH

  2. And just like this bullshit here

    No doubt the shit was staged and the books and all else were put in place to bring forward the bullshit we see today
    Plastic People hmm there is another one of their PP jokes, they love their DICK JOKES

    Instead of anyone being held accountable they will march all you truth tellers and take individual control self govern bullshit right in to their new world order, it was part of the plan

    Old Grandma here is guiding you gently making you think you are guiding yourselves

    It's a world wide heist folks and anyone pushing this shit is part of the CON

    On a side note I found this very very interesting how the longitude and latitude lines were removed from maps over the land

    And today we see longitude and latitutde being reapplied to the land mass as NAC CODES through the TROH show (the only outfit I have encountered that is applying these codes to your residence or domocile)
    It's a new identifier erasing the address and zip codes and zero's in to your exact location via longitude and latitude coordinates

    So all this zip code exempt put brackets around the zip code it is like it is not on the page and on and on they go
    When in reality the NAC codes are the new identifiers of you and your exact location on the land mass of whatever imagi nation they can dream up

    The entire timeline and changes were made on purpose to support the narrative including the first video I linked
    It was put out to make the populace take action and start the process of the TRANSFORMATION IN TO GLOBAL SERFDOM while being led to World Government and the Federation of Earth BULLSHIT

    The actors on the world stage sign whatever is put in front of them including those infrastructure build back better bills all part of UN and world parliament while on the other side the state assemblies reach out to you the serfs to donate to help those in need as the state of state is no longer supporting any of it - they just stealing

    World Parliament will incur no cost in the new public banking utility and the people the state of state did support they will no longer support
    They will steal from you claiming to support the ones in need when in reality it is yet another CON

  3. 60 years of stealing from you in support of the lie

    1. And the faking of a return

    1, To Anna’s mushrooms kept in the dark and fed the BULLSHIT you swallow. For the last time, your political freedom doc’s are NOT worth shit. They won’t STOP Rothschild, the banks robbing you and your $10 billion USD Birth Certificate trust, CUSIP number accounts by international pharmaceutical company heads, the foreign principals using you as milking cows, by but not limited to, engineering, creating and spreading more of THEIR viruses, cancers, diseases, sicknesses to force you into their medical monopolies to rob you and your $10 billion USD trust/s.
    COVID-19 is an engineered act of terrorism, scare campaign to get at your $10 billion USD trust by Rothschild, the international pharmaceuticals, foreign principals. French criminal law: ARTICLE 421-2; The introduction into the atmosphere, on the ground, in the soil, in foodstuff or its ingredients, or in waters, including territorial waters, of any substance liable to imperil human or animal health or the natural environment is an act of terrorism where it is committed intentionally in connection with an individual or collective undertaking whose aim is to seriously disturb public order through intimidation or terror. ARTICLE 421-2-1; The participation in any group formed or association established with a view to the preparation, marked by one or more material actions, of any of the acts of terrorism provided for under the previous articles shall in addition be an act of terrorism.
    They won’t STOP the international pharmaceutical company heads, the foreign principals using you as milking cows, by but not limited to, engineering, creating and spreading more of THEIR created viruses, cancers, diseases, sicknesses to force you into their medical monopolies to rob you and your $10 billion USD trust/s.

  5. 2, They won’t stop their HAARP/CHEMTRAILS weather weapon ravaging countries, with death and destruction, murdering people coz every dead person’s $10 billion USD trust/s money goes to the international pharmaceuticals, foreign principals.
    In 177 nations/countries ALL governments, Officers, Employees, Agents and Representatives are "Agents Of A Foreign Principal" pursuant to 22 U.S.C.S. 611, and are directed, controlled, financed, subsidized and/or compensated for aiding, abetting, counseling, commanding, representing, and procuring the gathering of information, soliciting, collecting, disbursing, dispensing contributions, loans, money, currency, or other things of value for, or in interest of "The United Nations," whose seat of government is in New York City, New York (22 U.S.C.S. 287, 61 Stat. 3416), "The Association" (22 U.S.C.S. 284 et seq.), "The Bank" and "The Fund" (22 U.S.C.S. 286 et seq.), and their subsidiary artificial beings pursuant to Public Law 94-564, Public Law 86-147, Public Law 89-369, Public Law 93-83, 87 Stat. 197, et cetera. (See also: 22 U.S.C.S. 263(a); 22 U.S.C.S. 285(g); 22 U.S.C.S. 287(j); 26 U.S.C.S. 6103(k) (4); Executive Order 10033.)
    It is known worldwide that the Vatican created a world trust using the birth certificates to capture the value of each individual’s future productive energy (traded as bonds, commodities on the US Stock exchange). Each state province and country in the fiat monetary system contributes their people’s value to this world trust identified by the social security number, tax file numbers or EIN numbers, maintained in the Vatican registry. Corporations worldwide, individuals became corporate fictions through the birth certificate; connected to the Vatican; to the Crown; to the Bar; to the Law; to the Judge; to the People; through the money; through the Vatican’s birth accounts; to the IMF; to the Treasury; to the Federal Reserve; to the Banks; to the People; through the loans; through the judges as the administrators; to the Sheriffs; or compensation. And judges administered the birth trust account in court matters favoring the courts and the banks acting as the presumed beneficiary, because they have not properly advised the true beneficiary of their own trust. Judges, Attorney’s, Bankers, law makers, law enforcement, all public officials, and public servants are now held personally liable for their confiscation off the true beneficiaries monies, homes, cars, assets, false imprisonment, deception, harassment and conversion of their true beneficial trust fund.

    1. m5m5,

      "And judges administered the birth trust account in court matters favoring the courts and the banks acting as the presumed beneficiary, because they have not properly advised the true beneficiary of their own trust. Judges, Attorney’s, Bankers, law makers, law enforcement, all public officials, and public servants are now held personally liable for their confiscation off the true beneficiaries monies, homes, cars, assets, false imprisonment, deception, harassment and conversion of their true beneficial trust fund."

      There is nothing in the universe that can excuse them for what theyve done.
      if their "gods" forgive them it makes no difference to me because their god isnt my god: and if they harmed me andor my loved ones, i dont forgive them.

      if they go "MilitaryFiction" on us/me, then theyre trespassing even MORE because they are using force on peaceful and lawful people who have intentionally harmed no one; thereby having no excuse to attack us: and i dont forgive them, oh ... and: neither do alot of other people.

      if they try to go Commercial "Jurisdiction", well i:woman[not Fiction] cannot contract[Fiction]; ... so they did WHAT?? ....pretended like i was dead? they could trespass on me? .. and cause me harm? ...when i was a tiny daughter? .. and they KNEW IT?? AND they didnt *CARE*??:
      hey... i dont forgive them.

      they have no Good Faith Agreement with i:woman whereby i:woman intentionally allowed or even knew about in most instances, ANY of the things theyve done to harm i:woman or others: its my choice not to forgive them, and i DONT...
      And furthermore, I WONT.

      And if i should ever SAY i do, then the world will know that i would be being tortured or threatened or other AND THAT I WOULD STILL HAVE NO INTENT TO FORGIVE THEM. BECAUSE I *DONT*.

  6. 3, FLIPZI's HAARP Attack on Phlippines. Vital words from the narrator (Rev. Michelle Hopkins): I have been asked to share information that I have discovered regarding the Phillipines and Typhoon Bopha. And now the powers that be are turning typhoon Bopha back toward the Philippines??? Interestingly, Typhoon Bopha took out the Philippines Army military base, leaving the populous extremely vulnerable. Do I believe Typhoon Bopha (Pablo) was contrived? Yes, I do. HAS THE US MILITARY BASE IN DIEGO GARCIA COLLABORATED WITH THOSE IN AUSTRALIA. US military facility in Diego Garcia, and the Pacific down to Australia. To President Obama of the USA and Prime Minister Julia Gillard of Australia, in Alaska a US facility in Alaska with transmitters at 1000 megahertz (Gigahertz or billion cycles per second) range. We get to an area that has a high tendency to manifest an earthquake such as a fault line. We turned the ELF machine on and earthquake occurs. Typhoon Haiyan (YOLANDA) ... wtopic=606
    Want to know about HAARP, VLF, VHF, RADAR, and Weather Modification?
    Posted on April 24, 2012 by sincedutch ... re-you-go/
    Don’t believe weaponized weather modification is real? The United Nations does! ... ions-does/

  7. 4, Japan? Hokaido SuperDARN (Super Dual Auroral Radar Network) is an international collaboration project by eleven countries in the world. SuperDARN consists of twenty-one sites in the northern hemisphere and eleven sites in the southern hemisphere, SuperDARN is used not only for the ionospheric research but also for the thermospheric and mesospheric research. Most SuperDARN radars have observed the polar regions higher than 60 geomagnetic latitude for more than a decade.
    2. SPHERE SPHERE Works in conjunction with SuperDARN. SPHERE is for polar heating and observation (?). (So, they will) use SuperDARN to observe the heating done by the SPHERE.
    The narrator said that it can be used to initiate weather manipulation. Also, the Japanese gov't may have been testing their own weather manipulation weapon now in response to the magnitude 9 tsunami, which was believed to have been caused by a HAARP attack. Engineered global warming to force you get rid of your OLD and to buy purported clean air cars, wood stoves, more expensive green everything.
    Dr Livingston presents evidence from the Stanford research Institute, who were brought into Project Storm Fury (a weather control program) in the late sixties as a third party, which stated conclusively that knowledge of how to stop hurricanes had been uncovered and that they would be directly liable should a hurricane hit and cause extensive damage and loss of life. Four decades later and Livingston exposes how the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina could have been greatly minimized but was allowed to fully impact Gulf states for political reasons.

  8. 5, You, the sit on your arse American people, are ALL responsible for all of the above.
    Including the “purported” kidnapping of Juliann Assange from the Venezuelan embassy in London. And to say it again. For the last time, your political freedom doc’s are NOT worth shit. I TOLD YOU SO. Keep swallowing Anna’s bullshit.
    And after your wife gets her COVID-19 Vaccine injection get the enclosed in the serum tracking chips number (just like your dog/cats vet injected tracker) so you can tracker her when she goes to the boyfriends not the supermarket.
    After COVID-19, Get ready to be put on “life support fed by a drip, shit and piss into tubes” kept alive so Rothschild, the international pharmaceuticals, foreign principals can get AT our/your $10 billion USD Birth Certificate trust, CUSIP number accounts. None of this will STOP until our/your $10 billion USD Birth Certificate trust, CUSIP number accounts, are RELEASED which Trump was supposed to do, FORGET Trump he won’t do the job.

    1. no,... its not just the american people m5m5, although i really enjoyed reading youre comments. youve obviously done alot of work to bring all that together, as have many people who comment on pauls blog.

      we are not all responsible for what has happened though. the same thing is happening all over the world.

      ... we, the victims of these thieving, Mooch-Class Losers, never even knew about it... how could we? ....what theyve done has been held by the PREDATORS in secrecy, under "Silent Judicial Notice"?

      theyve done all this UNDER the COVER of a CLOSED AND SECRETIVE PRIVATE ASSOCIATION thats Mission is to DECEIVE.
      hat THEIR VICTIMS dont even know exists because they take oaths (bluud?) not to tell!
      how could we have known?
      thats right, we couldnt have.

      ....but now, the *ATTORNEYS/ BruitishCrown/ other* certainly, MOST certainly, absolutely, knew what was going on BECAUSE THEY, MOST OF THEM, WERE/ARE THE ONES DOING IT.

      oh, and the various "Church Leader-SHIPS" ... alot of them knew too. We can begin to really recognize their complicity in all this, when appropriate, because many were bilking their "flocks".

      how about the so-called "MilitaryFiction INCORPORATED, [Foreign]" ... now THERE you go.
      what have they done to our men?

      where are those insurance policy payouts that belong to the families and so forth?
      were going to have to find out.

      have they been EXPERIMENTING on our men? god damn them to gell early, and deep, if they have. H.
      our men,... why the hell did our men have to Register with a Foreign Corporation! when they turned 18?? or be put in PRISON??? i mean, what was the initial, lawful, obligation SUPPOSEDLY OWED to the Foreign Corporation by our precious young men to begin with? if any such obligation exists, *i* havent found any so far. if an obligation is owed, certainly it should be paid, but what was ever owed?
      by whom?
      and under what lawful, initiating Agreement?
      man cannot CONTRACT, and can only make Agreements in Good Faith. so where is the agreement with our young men that obligates them to Corporate service in the Foreign Incorporations "Incorporated MilitaryFiction"?
      there doesnt seem to be any most especially since the BirthCertificate is "fraud" and their Constitution has no signers/signatories, but only has witnesses.

      None of the people who have been victims, worldwide, are to blame.
      in fact, it seems to me that typically, anyone who did "catch on" or whistleblow or even just say No to their offers has been mercilessly attacked, often throughout their lifetime... secretively, of course, since all the facts so far show the PERPERTRATORS to be nothing but USELESS, STUPID, FREELOADING, FLUNKIE-CLASS COWARDS.
      if im wrong about any of this, i plan to correct the errors and apologize but for now it looks like all of this comment is factual.
      And so it is.


  9. "5, You, the sit on your arse American people, are ALL responsible for all of the above."
    mighty5mouse5; Please post ewer accomplishments for all of US to use as a proven template that will end this whirled wide imprisonment of the people. Ewer outdated research has been known for decades.
    Just like some child that smokes a joint for the first time, and thinks they discovered something new.
    Many American Fathers, Mothers, Sons, and Daughters have given up their lives for others to have a life all around this here wide whirled. Take a deep stare into a mirror, and get a grip before ewe go pointing ewer fickle finger of fate. And with talk like that even the most altruistic would turn their back. So the question now that I put forward is; "what's my motivation, ewe and ewer pissy attitude"?
    I've stuck my neck out enough for those that are constantly blaming others. I have also reached an impasse so once again please, please, please put forth the solution that ewe have to save all of US.

    1. And ust how in the hell is it only the American people?
      This has gone on world wide and yet it is only the American peoples fault?

      Get rid of the SURNAME

    2. Come out of the trance

    3. And I just happened to notice at the very end of this page

      Wer das lieber in Häppchen gucken mag:

      Lieber hmm there it is again and the LIEber code is nothing but lies

      It's all lies

      As seen in these records now removed from the internet this liber code has been in play since this german swine brought it here in the 1600's

      Take a look at these records for Francis Pope

      These records dating back to early mid 1600's
      Sep. 9, 1649 - John Court demanded for self & for Francis Pope 200 acres who were transported in 1639 by Capt. Fulk Brent. Warrant for Patowmeck River.
      Source: Maryland Land Office, Patent Records, Liber 2, p. 509.

      These fucks care nothing about the money it is total control they seek

    4. Watch it

    5. They've done this to everyone on this earth not just America

      By 2030 under their UN agenda everyone and thing on this earth will be registered

      16.9 – “By 2030, provide legal identity for all, including birth registration.”

      —United Nations Sustainable Development 2030 Target Goal 16.9


      “No community should be considered to be outside the span of this new agenda. Whatever your ethnicity, whatever your livelihood, whatever your lifestyle or location, all of you are inside the agenda. We need to inform everyone that these goals are the heart of a plan for the future of the worlds people, as well as for the planet itself… Peace and security, human rights and justice, and sustainable development, brought together within this 2030 agenda.”

      —David Nabarro, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General of the United Nations, from a speech on April 15th, 2016


      What Anna is talking about in RECHARTERING shit all falls under this new an improved UN

      She has lied to all of you this is not freedom and it never was

  10. END IT

  11. I've said it before and I say it again I want nothing and I mean nothing to do with any of this especially their money or the name

  12. These video series here may explain why they looking for DNA of say those who have Cherokee blood - the original peoples of the land

    These inbreds stole the land and introduced the narrative to spawn what we are witnessing today

    If you are part native american you are a target make no mistake
    Or if you are of any of these other native tribes you too are targets

    1. I have no doubt what so ever these folks including Anna are part of the same tribe lookin to steal it all folks and if you take part in any of this you are assisting them

      This guys blog has now been scrubbed from the internet make note of the date of the introduction of the hollywood space farce

      NOTE: Should the war get triggered this week, it looks like the globalists plan on staging the Space Force intervention on October 16. That is Yom Kippur on the adjusted Jewish calendar, 9/11 on the Chinese lunar calendar, and the day the US Space Force (founded December 20, 2019) turns exactly 666 days old. Many thanks to my gifted partner Onnabugeisha for digging up the occult cues. More details will be covered in the next update.

      If you can get to his blog his address was

  13. These freaks are destroying everything and I do mean everything all around the world

    Lots information in this one except what is missing is the truth about who these so called musicians really are and the roles they've played in the mind fuck played on the entire world

  14. The Abrahamic Religions

    The Abraham Accords = AA = 11

    The following chart portrays the some of the symbolic connection from ancient Babylon to present day freemasonry. The rulers of the globalist empires have intermarried since the beginning of human history. In this way the limited kaballistic information given to the elite is certain to be maintained through the notion that blood runs thicker than water. In other words, the information given to the elite of the world, though limited, was to be kept as a sacred family heirloom. For instance, the royal families of Europe, who really are all one family, strictly intermarry, and will shun any family member who marries a commoner with no royal ancestry. This is the luciferian inspired elitist bloodline, with the alleged divine right to rule. These are the chosen people of god (in their own eyes) as stated in the new testament, which is the new/next stage of the agenda).

    And if they're all a bunch of inbred actors on the world stage they have fooled the world

    1. All kinds of scripts to choose from

      Those are called Plan B, C, D, E, F, G and so on

      Change the story change the lead
      Wag The Dog All Day Every Day

    2. Throw in a Texas school shooting, a godvernment shut down, raise the debt glass ceiling and the kitchen sink see what pans out and which plan/script to go with next

      Don't forget about your mental health, it is very important to them


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