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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

They Are Using Doctors as Soldiers -- A Message from Hawkeye

 By Anna Von Reitz

It stymies me that I have to point this out, folks, but.... what did I tell you about Federal Title XXXVII (37) and the Uniformed Officers Code?
This is what the Territorial Government (Corporation) uses to conscript doctors, nurses, dentists, and other medical professionals.
They are not, strictly speaking, military personnel, but "Uniformed Officers" who are licensed by the military and thereby subjected to military code and discipline. They are assigned rank --- typically, an MD is rated as a Captain, like Hawkeye Pierce, and like other officers, they gain rank by years in service, additional training, and so on.
Because they didn't knowingly, willingly, and voluntarily join the Military, and only ignorantly fell into it by applying for a license to practice medicine or dentistry to provide these services to Federal Citizens, they are conscripted as civilian personnel.
If Hawkeye really wanted to get out of the Service, all he had to do was stop serving Federal Citizens, tear up his Medical License, and resume life as a private civilian physician. Knowing him and some of the other Knotheads in his MASH* Unit, they would have stayed because their hearts were in the right place and patching up the wounded mattered to them more than their own comfort and more than their political druthers.
But this is a different thing that is happening now. Now, the Medical Corps has been mobilized as an Offensive Force, not a Defensive Force. Now, the doctors, dentists, and nurses who are supposed to be helping and saving and healing are being unwittingly sent in to deliver death and maiming.
It's a dirty trick on them and a dirty trick on the American populace, but who's looking? Who is responsible for stopping it?
Well, ironically, the United Nations is responsible for stopping it, but we'd all consider our would-be rescuers as the foreign enemy, and go right on trusting our Family Doctor, who is either: (A) participating in the genocide without knowing what he is doing, or (😎 too selfish or clueless to throw his medical license away.
Here is my advice to all the Hawkeyes of the world: put up a Public Disclaimer in your office and hang it right beside your diplomas and licenses.
The Public Disclaimer should plainly say that you are a Civilian Physician who is additionally licensed to provide care to Federal Citizens. You respect the right of other Americans to choose foreign citizenship obligations and their voluntary subjugation to foreign laws as a result, but you retain your own right to provide or not provide service to anyone on a case by case basis. Just because you have a medical license does not provide presumption that you are continuously exercising it, nor does it presume an obligation to exercise it or provide any service that you, personally, deem to be questionable or harmful to the patient's health. Patients receive services at their request and at their own risk and the only guarantee that you make is that you will do your best to provide them with competent, caring, up to date medical services, and in all cases will strive to do no harm to anyone.
If you can live up to that promise, your patients should be able to accept it as a condition of calling upon you to act as their physician.
And the "Government" Corporations have to stand down, because they actually have no authority to demand anything of you.

Having a license does not obligate you to use it. And nothing prevents you from throwing any such license in the trash. You can continue to operate as a private physician and never have to treat another Federal Patient again.


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  1. .
    "Using Doctors as Soldiers"

    doctors are licensed drug pushers - what do they cure - only treatment for life

    Cancer was cured by Royal Raymond Rife around 1924!

    The Great Dictator Speech - Charlie Chaplin

    dies at 88 years old borne 1889 ( are we now living longer)

  2. Thank you for this article. We have more and more professionals opening their eyes and grabbing an oar and these kind of questions are popping up in my life weekly, likely to be daily form here forward. Much appreciated Anna!

  3. My RN license is coming up for renewal. I quit my hospital job when the maybe 35% effective flu shot became mandatory for the first time last year. It is just sinking in that I am probably done working as a registered nurse after 26 years. I never in a million years would have thought my career would have ended this way. Some of my best memories in life are the faces of open heart surgery patients waking up fresh off the table in CCU. After being off these past several months I find it hard to believe that I was able to work 12 hour shifts 4 nights a week and many years 2 jobs of that schedule. I feel like I was just born yesterday, again, with no parents and everything to learn. Thank you for streamlining the most important paperwork, tips, and must be done information for those of us that truly are newborns.