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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Urgent-Care Doctors Explain Why Quarantine Should Be Ended

Found Here:

Doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi, owners of an urgent care facility in California, say hospitals are empty because ‘non-essential’ surgeries have been canceled while many doctors and nurses have been sent home to make room for COVID patients that never showed up. Dr. Erickson said that California, which has a population of 40-million, reported 1,221 deaths. That means there is a 0.03% chance of dying from the virus in California. This is far lower than the 2017-2018-flu death rate. He explained that the immune system is strengthened by daily exposure to viruses and bacteria. Isolation and a sterile environment are detrimental to the immune system, which means the COVID-19 lock down is causing a higher risk of illness and death. -GEG

Found Here:


  1. My Big Thanks to all good doctors, for their hard works, in truth findings

  2. eh, all the "elections" have been "october surprises" for a good century, at least.

    sad that any useful information will forever be tainted and associated with phony "federal citizens only" "election" BS and spin.

    it does go to show that everyone is disposable when either "side" has an election to "win"

    we now know that all the "elections" have been rigged for a very long time.

    who are these people who continue to try to trick people into participating in fake "elections" ?

    if people can't give up their delusions and hallucinations that "parties" stand for anything but themselves, it will be an even slower and more arduous "reconstruction" than it has to be.

    at this late stage, there are still people who think the feds are going to lift a finger for anyone but themselves.

    this has never happened yet, there is zero evidence of it ever taking place -- why would it begin now?

    "with friends like these, who needs enemies"

    1. "october surprise" -- the swamp can't be drained because there are too many bottom feeders who are cheesed they haven't had their turn at the wheel yet -- anyone who doesn't support treason is a snowflake.

      same old hegelian brainwashing garbage.

  3. Excellent videos. I think the gent with the bowtie is David Martin, very solid, articulate, thorough & action oriented, all by his lonesome. One tough American. Somebody near him, get him in touch w State Coordinator. He is a rocket!

    Drs. Erickson & Massihi (I think his name means Christ) Excellent, & are making video tours! Let jewtube try to ban them now.

    And ya know Fauci & Birx will be taking the heat, hopefully be sent away. But its a travesty those behind them & CDC, NIH, WHO won't be.

    “The trouble with modern war is that it gives no chance to kill the right people” Ezra Pound


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