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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Third Constitution and Help for Vets

By Anna Von Reitz

When I was about fourteen years-old I noticed that there were two Constitutions in evidence, even though everyone persisted in talking about "the" Constitution as if there was only one. 

Those two commonly available Constitutions are:
"The Constitution of the United States of America" and "The Constitution of the United States". 

As recently as two years ago, I was able to go down to the local Barnes and Noble, and pick up recent publications of both documents.  So, it really shouldn't be any Big News that there are multiple Constitutions.

Then, in my twenties, I heard --- from the local Congressman during a dinner after a Townhall Meeting -- about a Constitution "robed in dust" and laying in full view in one of the rooms at the Capitol Building.  This strange artifact was a Constitution, but under a different name:  The Constitution for the united States of America. 

Like so many other bits and pieces I ran across, I flagged that for further reference, but it wasn't until twenty-five years after that, that Bill Benson's research into the lack of ratification for the Sixteenth Amendment got me motivated to start searching for documents that "should be there" --and aren't.

By then, groups of people all over the country who had been inspired by Bill's pioneering work, were digging, too.  The search for the "missing" Constitution was part of that effort and it bore fruit.  We found two locations that had printed copies of the 1787 Federal Constitution and we made photographic copies and did our due diligence. 

A couple years later, we were contacted by a British Lord who, as luck would have it, was sympathetic to our efforts and who had found a cache of American Founding Documents in his library --- original copies of everything from the Declaration of Independence to the final Treaties of Westminster in the 1790's. 

Time went on, and the efforts to hide our history increased.  Both of the archives where we'd found the printed copies of The Constitution for the united States of America were closed to the public. 

Then, for a period of a couple years, the Sam Houston Library in Texas made a copy of it available-- but then that was shut down, too.  If you inquire today, they will say they don't have any such document and what are you talking about?   

Moving the Cheese is an established art form for the Rats That Be, beginning with the sack of the Library of Alexandria and more recently reflected by British attempts to burn our early records during the War of 1812.  We should not be surprised that the copy "robed in dust" also disappeared from the Capitol Building over the winter recess 1999-2000. 

Still, I and at least hundreds of other Americans had obtained copies of this Third Constitution and I was content that despite all efforts to the contrary, the truth was preserved.  When The Informer died and bequeathed his entire library to the Cause, we were awestruck on one hand and overwhelmed on the other, and created our own Archive to protect all these rescued documents for posterity. 

Obviously, Alaska does not present a suitable climate nor accessibility for such an archive, so the decision was made for me to move my documents to a new location in the Lower 48 and to be combined with The Informer's materials and many, many other contributions from others, sorted, scanned, and organized for ready reference by volunteer librarians. 

My copy of The Constitution for the united States of America was sent away for archiving and is still in the Slush Pile, so I didn't have it in my hot little hands, but I certainly knew about it, had read it, and held a copy in my hands when I made the (apparently) stunning announcement that there are in fact (3) three Constitutions, and that they are three separate contracts of our actual Government with three separate Federal Subcontractors --- the defunct and thus far never "reconstructed" Confederation, the British Territorial (Commonwealth) Government, and the Municipal (Holy Roman) Government.

Now, if you grew up thinking that there was only one Constitution --- "the Constitution"--- and someone proved to you that there were two (as I did) and told you that there were in fact three (as I did) --- wouldn't you be shaken enough to look around and pay attention, just on the basis of seeing both The Constitution of the United States and The Constitution of the United States of America on display?  

I would, but no, certain others ignored the trail of evidence in my favor and attacked me and did everything they possibly could to discredit me and my claim that there are three (3) Constitutions.  I was derided by "the Flag Officers" and dismissed as a "liar" by the Liars, and generally took a lot of rotten eggs over not being able to give them a photo copy of  The Constitution for the united States of America ---- and here it is:

Thank you, Barry!  Thank you, all of you, who had copies handy and who have sent copies since you heard there was a need.

We have struggled for many years to get this situation documented and "cut down" to size, so that people could grasp it.  The fraud has gone on so long and there are so many aspects to it, that it seemed impossible to do, but just recently, we think we succeeded in cranking it all down to six pages.

This was intended as a Quick Start for Veterans, but its really a guide to any American who cares about their own safety and their country and the rest of the world, too, which has suffered because of the same evils.  The Quick Start is published and available on my website: and also, and if you are receiving this via email should also be attached.


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  1. this will blow u away. It certainly has me.

  2. Anna, you may want to re-read that copy of the Constitution that you reference. It clearly states the Constitution for the United States of America.

    1. It also says "WE the PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES..." Which UNITED STATES, the government of the Northwest territory? The government of The United States of America? And who are these PEOPLE of (belonging to) the UNITED STATES?

  3. Anna and associates, I am finally grasping (overstanding) what you have been clarifying. The video listed by Jill up above has opened it all clearly for me even tho it is about Terra Australis. Very well done and clear.