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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Are You Under House Arrest as a Result of a Crime Committed by the CDC

Found Here:


  1. Go go get them Good guys...
    You know what you're saying. Don't let the vermin evil get us, before too late, act timely!

    1. But beware Mr., before you sue the crooks, you wouldn't want to be rendered by their corrupt Courts, I mean their fed. or fictitious STATES OF STATE courts, of same entity in violation of Sherman Act. They will spin you into a loser. I've been there, done that several times. So know how to get them right. Lock them in tight.

      The Fed, of SEC Ceo didn't like Sherman Act, bc his Large group already violated this law. Here's what he said deceptively to cover up his own group dirty acts:
      Alan Greenspan, in his essay entitled Antitrust[31] described the Sherman Act as stifling innovation and harming society. "No one will ever know what new products, processes, machines, and cost-saving mergers failed to come into existence, killed by the Sherman Act before they were born.

  2. Oh, posted on the California docs vid & wanted to compliment this one too & pasting the same comment:
    Excellent videos. I think the gent with the bowtie is David Martin, very solid, articulate, thorough & action oriented, all by his lonesome. One tough American. Somebody near him, get him in touch w State Coordinator. He is a rocket!

    Drs. Erickson & Massihi (I think his name means Christ) Excellent, & are making video tours! Let jewtube try to ban them now.

    And ya know Fauci & Birx will be taking the heat, hopefully be sent away. But its a travesty those behind them & CDC, NIH, WHO won't be.

    “The trouble with modern war is that it gives no chance to kill the right people” Ezra Pound

  3. David Martin, articulate, researched, again:
    Butterfly of the Week, 20 April 2020: Inside the Simulation 50:37


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