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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Symbols, Icons, and Keylons

By Anna Von Reitz

Ever go to a baseball game and noticed the hand signals passing back and forth between the pitcher and the catcher?  And often, the other players as well?  How about football?  Seen those signals, too?  

Okay, so, have you gone to a courtroom and watched the attorneys passing signals back and forth among themselves and with the judge?   Same thing. 

And if you are alert, you have long seen the same use of hand signals going on in the media and among the politicians, too --- for example, FDR's famous "V" for "Victory".  

But is it a "V" for "Victory" or is it a "V" for something else?   

It's actually a very ancient hand signal of the followers of "the Horned God" --- Baphomet. 

It takes discernment to know if someone is using it innocently to denote "Victory" in some struggle, or if they are an initiate in the Kingdom of Liars connecting to and asking for the support of other initiates. 

In the same way, a crucifix has a double meaning and discernment is necessary. 

A crucifix can be a constant reminder of what Jesus suffered  ----  a symbol calling us to repent our sins.... can be a gloating remembrance of how Baphomet "triumphed" over his body, mocked him, and inflicted cruelty and pain on one who was blameless. 

While a "V" for "Victory" is a temporary symbol that is here and gone like a flag signal, an "icon" -- a symbol made physical -- like the flag itself, is much more permanent. 

We are surrounded by such symbols that have acquired double meanings.  

Is it the Statue of Liberty?   Or an idol honoring a venal and foreign goddess named by various names: Semiramis, Ashtoreth, Astarte, Ashtar, Isis, Cybele, Sybil, and..... Columbia?  As in District of Columbia?  

The phenomenon of "Q" is an example of a countering symbol, raised against the Corporatists.   

The followers of Baphomet have always been Corporatists.  They change living bodies into dead bodies ---- Corps.   Get it?  

That's why they play games with legal terms like "natural person" in Probate Court, to mean "corpse".  

The only power that Baphomet  (whatever you want to call the Devil) has, is the power to destroy, murder, deflower, and defame.  These people take life, but can't give it back.  In that sense, they are thieves.  

And all their works are crimes, all based on lies and illusions and delusions of one kind or another. 

So it behooves us to see how these criminals do what they do on a larger scale, to observe how they get people focused on negative things, how they distract people from what is important in every situation, how they twist our emotions by feeding us bad information, and overall, how they impersonate what is living and seek to substitute what is dead.  

It also behooves us to seek the truth within ourselves, to face our struggle to recognize what is true and what is false, to discipline our imaginations and guard them against manipulation, and to be vigilant guardians of life -- all life. 

What appears to be physical substance in this world is actually composed of the symbols, the keylons, which includes numbers and letters, that project and order our perceptions.  

Those perceptions become thoughts, the thoughts translate to emotions, and the emotions become actions. 

You perceive smoke coming from the edge of your jacket cuff.  You think: "My coat sleeve caught fire!"  So you are immediately alarmed and fearful of injury.  This prompts you to take quick action to put the fire out, either by smothering it or splashing it with water.  

Perception becomes thought, thought becomes emotion, emotion becomes action.  

At every step, you must be receiving and properly processing true information, or you wind up thinking wrong thoughts, feeling wrong emotions, or taking inappropriate action. 

What if what appears to be a smoking coat sleeve isn't smoking?  What if the "smoke" is fog instead?  What if it isn't coming from your coat sleeve?  

You see the problem.  It's easy for these fraud artists to feed you bad information or set up illusions that you fall victim to. 

Like the illusion that the "Governor" of the "Commonwealth of Virginia" is The Governor of The State of Virginia, for example. 

You have to maintain clarity and be sharply observant, but this can be difficult to do, when you have spent a lifetime without such focus. 

Begin by trying to clear your mind like erasing a chalkboard. 

It's extraordinarily difficult for most people to do and maintain for more than a second or two at first, but try.  As you keep trying to "quiet your mind" you will be able to stay in this empty state of awareness for longer periods of time, and use it as a place both to rest and to observe without judgement.  

You will discover that you can be aware without words or numbers -- simply aware and taking in the view.  And in this restful state of awareness, you will know what is true, because you can bypass the jumbled up true and false symbols, icons, and keylons the same way that water bypasses a maze of rocks.


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  1. Thank you Anna von Reitz for all these questions and this help to better understand, absorb and reflect properly.

    Thank you also for continuing your articles with all these reflections that feed us.

    Take care in quicksand. Take care of yourself.

    Souffle de Vie

  2. BrixitCentral lies, using misleading self-Comfort, here's what they said on Dec 2, 2019:

    Here in the United Kingdom we are lucky enough to have inherited a system of governance based on constitutional monarchy, parliamentary sovereignty and Common Law which have long been tested and tried in our history.

    They don't know their 4-corner square ahead do they?

  3. How to potentially REPLACE the corporate / for-profit / private entity (State of...) Governor, SOME seeming LIKE a potential (after being proven) organized crime king-pin, with a proper non-corporate (land jurisdiction) non-commercial lawful state Governor...
    Additionally, by proving any related for-profit corporate entity (alleged government organization) "IS NOT A GOVERNMENT ENTITY" by demanding written "IRS Letter" certified proof of of their (usually NON-Existant) IRS "subdivision of government" government letter - that the certified PROOF be shown (is mandatory - to be provided within 30 days) showing in-fact that they BOTH paid the fee and in fact are a qualified tax-exempt qualified "government" or otherwise same political organization is / or are officially recognized (by their own frekin IRS officials - remembering what took DOWN Al Capone) as a bona fide "government" or a "sub-division or instrumentality of government" entity. Without same proven "government letter" status none of them, neiher ANY of their private contractor employees (cops, district attorneys or other "private / for-profit" municipal corporation agents) that, by same actors using their private / for-profit administrative NON-courts, therefore, have comitted trespass and potential crimes against any / all people, through related crimes committed - and therefore by the FAILURE of the actor (any or all municipal corporation actors) to PROVIDE SAME DOCUMENTED PROOF same is prima facia evidence (since no "government letter" exists) that same entities and neither anyone else in their entire (bogus government) organization in any way or manner WAS ever - neither IS same a valid lawful government, nor the actors - government officials.



    Appointment to fill vacancy
    The governor must fill the vacancy and not the one who has vacated the position.
    LRS 42 §75. Appointment to fill vacancy
    Whenever the court of competent jurisdiction declares that any public officer, whose office is established by the constitution, has forfeited his office, within contemplation of R.S. 42:72, the governor shall fill such office by appointment under the laws providing for filling vacancies in public offices
    See More

    Stephen John: a very interesting way to have an actual non-corporate state governor REPLACE the, or all of the existing 50 corporate / territorial / municipal States' UNLAWFUL corporate governors with ACTING constitutional (land jurisdiction) governors , and WITH the requi… mo9re]

    Stephen John: Here, in-part, is how to do it...: §81. Demand for possession
    If the judgment is against the defendant, and rendered upon the right and in favor of the person alleged to be entitled to the office, he shall have the right, after taking the oath of …See More
    ...all per " IRC 115 (Internal Revenue Code), requirement for "government entities" to possess a letter ruling. The governmental information letter "IRS Letter 4076" describes the governmental exemption from federal income tax for any (alleged) "instrumentality of government" or any "political subdivision" (any alleged presumed or merely assumed ...City, County, etc. "government) regarding same's (valid or Invalid) status, political powers, judicial authority, or the proper status to claim and effect plus to lawfully enforce both".

    1. Why the DEEP STATE framed Gen. Flynn? What does Gen. Flynn know, that is so damning for the DEEP STATE? What does the sentence "Flynn knows where the bodies are buried" mean?

    Chris Stevens (the “Ambassador” who was killed in Libya) was the guy who was managing the transfer of weapons to ISIS, from Military contractors (& State Dept), through Qatar. They made him 'Ambassador' as a cover. Hillary Clinton used him - then shut his mouth forever - quick and easy.

    2. Gen. Flynn knows who created Al Qaeda. He knows who gave Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden weapons and money. Answer: Zbigniew Brzezinski (the father of MSNBC Mika Brzezinski), the CIA created Al Qaeda, in a secret agreement with Saudi Arabia.
    3. You will be amazed, but Brzezinski confessed it,in an interview. - the US gave Al Qaeda the weapons, through the State Dept. and Military contractors - the CIA trained the Al Qaeda terrorists and Bin Laden - Saudi Arabia and Qatar provided the money. General Flynn knows it.
    4. The British and the French participated, too.
    5. Gen. Flynn knows who created ISIS. He knows who gave ISIS weapons and money. Answer: Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, John Brennan and the CIA created ISIS.
    6. The US gave ISIS the weapons through the State Dept. and Military contractors. The CIA trained ISIS. Saudi Arabia and Qatar provided the money. General Flynn knows it.
    7. Al Qaeda and ISIS used those weapons and money to kill tens of thousands US soldiers, and thousands of American citizens. This is called "aiding and abetting the Enemy". Who did this by Law is an 'Enemy Combatant'.

    8. Enemy Combatants are tried in Military Tribunals, under the 'Law of Armed Conflict'. It is ON RECORD. Reference: Sen. L. Graham - Brett Kavanaugh exchange of Sept 5, 2018 – Death Penalty.

    9. List of Enemy Combatants who created ISIS and provided them with weapons and money: Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, John Brennan and more. Saudi Arabia and Qatar, of course.
    10. Who aided or covered up the ISIS operation? Enemy Combatants too: John Kerry (State Dept) - Sally Yates (DOJ) - Robert Mueller (FBI) - James Comey (FBI) - James Clapper (DNI)
    11. The list of Enemy Combatants who aided the Al Qaeda operation is too long to be reported here. I will add just one name: Michael Hayden (fmr CIA & NSA Director) also a CNN contributor - of course!
    12. This is why the DEEP STATE framed Gen. Flynn - Because he knows all of this. He was Director of the DIA (Military Intelligence) while these 'people' were founding and aiding ISIS.
    13. And rest assured that if Gen Flynn knows who created Al Qaeda, Bin Laden and ISIS, President Trump knows it, too.
    14. "Flynn knows where the bodies are buried" General Mike Flynn is a Hero

    “Thank you Greg people need to wake up to the pure EVIL that has been going on under our noses for decades. He was speaking out loudly about their CRIMES. He was trying desperately to inform the American people to the CORRUPTION AND EVIL and they set him up. #FreeGenFlynn
    Hayden and Clapper are the most corrupt. Unbelievable that even the Pentagon has been INFILTRATED by these traitors.
    Awesome thread. Informative and explains why they set up Flynn, going after Trump and associates. It also explains why they continued with the Impeachment process. They are all guilty as sin...”


      A Senior Fellow Brother of London Center he is working for think tanks
      And how the disinformation and their Kabbala 'magic/con' works

      I got news for folks there is nothing spiritual about any of it

      Have you heard of Black Hats and White Hats - hmm like the masonic black and white checkerboard floor

      I said a while back, hmm I wonder where all these whistle blowers coming from well now we know, they are all military intelligence assigned the task of providing disinformation to move the agenda forward

      Every last bit of this circle of thieves was put in play when they created the CIA, not put in place to protect the intelligence of The United States of America but to subvert and conjure up their manufactured reality using their Kabbalah bullshit

      Big CON job across the board going on here

      If you read the links above you will see their workings in putting laws in to place for antisemitism, jewish culture, not a religion and so forth

      This is the false teachings of the Talmud and Kabbalah

      This is why we are seeing gematria mixing of letters and numbers and gnostic teachings and raise your vibrations for asention crap all over the place

  5. The baphomet sign is not a V as in the index and middle fingers raised up together in the shape of a V. Rather it is the index finger, pinkie finger and thumb all raised together. There are plenty of pictures of politicians showing this hand sign in public. See the hand sign here:
    I'm sure that courts have some hand signs too but why bother when attorneys have the judge on speed dial right from their office. Had an attorney call the judge while I was in a deposition with him to have the judge order me directly on speakerphone to answer the attorney's questions. They are definitely not independent referees.

  6. Regarding: "... seek the truth within ourselves, to face our struggle to recognize what is true and what is false, ..."
    Consider Jung: "Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. He who looks outside, dreams, he who looks inside, awakens." - Carl Jung

  7. And this very same 'fake government' sets the minimum wage for the serfs

    How about some hate crime laws brought to life with events they created

  8. I suggest that everyone read about just how the church has reached it's status today and under the cult of chabad

    In the below link scroll down to
    SUBJECT: Vladimir Putin, the Jewish King of Restored Khazaria

  9. Boy, you sure do must overtly love to listen to yourself babble!

    We've had other fed shills like you here before. You're so patterned in your criticisms there is no mistaking your British territorial bent.

  10. Lets have a look at the significance of the V to the chosen ones


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