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Thursday, January 16, 2020

New date set for Sunday, March 1st, for Ron Gibson's Seminar on Land Patents in Kingman, Arizona

Hi Paul!

Could you please send out the below info and Ron's flyer, attached, for his upcoming rescheduled Land Patent Seminar for Sunday, March 1st?

Thank you!!

Ron Gibson's Land Patent Seminar Scheduled for Sunday, March 1st in Kingman, Arizona!
Best Airports to fly into are Laughlin, NV  45 mins away from event OR Las Vegas, NV, about 2 hours from event.

Please RSVP by February 23th!

Payment can be in form of a check, money order, cash, or Paypal.
If mailing a check please send it at least a week ahead of time!!

The email to use for Paypal is:
If ordering through Paypal be sure to include your name, shipping address and phone number!

This is the address to register for the Seminar through snail mail:

Ron Gibson
815 North Central Avenue
Medford,  Oregon 97501

His phone number is: 541-621-5548

The Seminar is $150 and includes his Book, "What you need to Know about Land Patents".

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