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Friday, January 17, 2020

American National Alert and Appeal

By Anna Von Reitz

I am being told by my intelligence sources (and bits and pieces are being confirmed in the news media) that rogue elements in Dick Cheney’s Department of Homeland Security (which is a private subcontractor and “executive” Department like DOJ—- meaning that they subcontract for our Subcontractors) —-were also working for “Hell’s Brigade”. 

They conspired with other members of this elite transnational mercenary group which has infiltrated the national militaries of many nations including Iran and the US to steal two small nuclear bombs called “Baby Boomers” that are easily transported via railroad car or shipping container —-from an arsenal in the Southeastern United States.

The bombs are thought to be intended to stage another even worse attack than 911 on our own soil.  The attack would take out the records of our so-called “Legacy Trusts” and Land Office Records for the past two centuries which are stored in Kansas —so the Vermin could come in and claim whatever they want about who owns our gold and who owns our land. 

For my money, call it yet another Papist-British-Zionist collusion scheme — an attempt to steal our assets and avoid their own debts by any means possible. 

Colorado would be a secondary target because that’s where the back-up records were stored. Please note—-“were” stored.  A team of clerks transported computer data copies of all our land records and Legacy Trust data to our safe, if humble, Patriot Archive this morning. 

Soleimani was involved in transporting and acquiring medical grade Uranium made in Iran into this country via our Southern Border, and from there it could be amassed and used to construct more bombs on site in major cities across America. 

Iranian and Danish officials discovered the theft of the medical grade Uranium from Iranian facilities and tracked it back to Soleimani.  The Iranian Government was afraid of him and what he was doing and ratted him and his collaborators out to the US. 

Now the hunt is on to locate the missing bombs and the “small batch” Uranium stolen from the Iranian nuclear facilities by Soleimani and crew. 

The men doing these awful things  are driven by hatred and greed and a shared total disrespect of life and truth. They come from all nations and all disciplines and walks of life but have only one true allegiance — to a pagan religion that is called “The Religion of the Dead” and which takes its premises from the Grimoire of the Egyptian Book of the Dead. 

This is the “religion” of the Nazi SS and also the “religion” of Aleister Crowley and his Temple of the Golden Dawn, which in its English form is called Thelema and which in its German form is called The Thule Society.

This is very creepy, very polluted, demon-centered magick.  The Practitioners forget what end awaits them. 

The rumors that Crowley was Barbara Bush’s Father are substantiated by Crowley’s own diary and together with Prescott Bush’s financial support for Adolf Hitler makes a convincing argument that the Bush Family was part of an inter-generational cult of closet Satanists.  

Do you think that it is a coincidence that GW was reading a nursery story about a goat to school children as 911 was going down?  The Goat is the animal totem of The Horned God, Baphomet, the Demon these people worship.  

ISIS was named after their principal goddess— Isis, the Egyptian name of Semiramis, also known as Ashtoreth, Astarte, Cybele, Sybil, and Columbia—- as in “District of Columbia”. 

This ancient pagan plague came to Rome became a popular religion after the fall of Carthage and was picked up by the Roman Legionnaires and the Coliseum Gladiators —remember their salute to Caesar: “We, who are about to die, salute you!” 

It has continued to be practiced in secret and not so-secret, especially in military circles ever since.  

It seems that at least some of those who make war for a living go soft in the head and make a cult of dying. 

So, Hell’s Brigade has been summoned to wage an ersatz nuclear war on America. 

By taking out Soleimani we took out one of the heads of the viper—- a man who was willing to set up his own country as the Fall Guy for this plot.  

As usual the Plotters were aiming for a Double Score—- destroy our trust and land records so that we could never claim back what is owed to us, and at the same time, use this attack as an excuse to attack Iran. 

Just like the bogus BS against Iraq and Libya and 911 it was a set up executed by the same group of mercenaries being paid by the same British and Israeli Banks and using the same subcontractors to do it and all planned out and supported by the same no-good politicians and industrialists. 

Cheney had better hope and pray to God that we find those nukes and medical Uranium stockpiles. If we don’t, and those things actually get detonated on American soil, the mis-named “Department of Homeland Security” is likely to be deconstructed down to a subatomic level. 

And as for those people planning on attending any Pro-Gun Rally in Virginia —don’t.  

The “Governor” of a “Commonwealth” has no power to take the guns of rank and file Americans.  All you have to do to stop him is make sure that you are counted as a rank and file American and NOT as any kind of “US” Citizen. 

For assistance doing that, go to:

Declare your political status and join your State Assembly and you can thumb your nose to all “offers” to subject you to gun grabbing, false arrests, child snatching, federal “income” taxes, political correctness, and all the other associated evils. 

Just come home to America.  Stop living in that corrupt and nasty Doppelgänger called “the US” and (unwittingly) subjecting yourselves to its foreign laws and its “Commonwealth” Governors. 

The organizers of the Virginia Rally need to have the good sense of horses, realize it’s just another trap— the Vermin trying to get something going so that they have an excuse for killing innocent people— and call it off. 

Cancel. Don’t go. 

With all this other crappola in the air and nationwide man-hunts ongoing over entire states, this is no time to leave home. It’s time to hunker down and help your family and communities. And keep your guns safely at home for self-defense purposes. 

Finally, we need our Prayer Warriors and People of Good Will to come to our defense as a nation that’s greatest sin was falling asleep. 

Please know that America didn’t do these horrible things to the rest of the world—-the Pope’s Municipal Government dba “the” United States and the Queen’s Bully Boy doing business as “the” United States of America are the culprits and they have been operating in our names and doing evil in our names like any other criminal impostor. 

The Pashats are needed now for the search and destroy mission. 


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  1. A major catastrophe is always planned to (remake America) and there is always huge legislation waiting in the wings as a solution such as the USMCA is waiting in the wings to be implemented if the above disaster happens, Just like the Patriot act was waiting in the wings to be implemented after 9-11, and just like the (so called) PG&E caused fires in California were the cause of all of the homes being demolished right in the same exact path of Richard Blum's high speed railway system. All which steal your property, sovereignty, and rights. How convenient!

  2. That really makes you sound stupid to be looking for guarantees.
    The only guarantee you have is that at the feds earliest opportunity they will make an attempt to lache you somehow. It is then we produce the requisite identity records clarifying beyond
    doubt our own state citizenship. We are for the most part dealing with total criminals in British federal 'states of states' in every one of our states throughout the land of America.

    As a matter is bound it must be unwound.

    But then I guess nothing is ever right with you ankle biters.

  3. future map of the world it really does not make any sense at all, where there are land today, it will be under water. and where the additional land mass came from?

  4. There's one flaw with your theory about "gun grabbing" it doesn't matter what your political status is. If it's banned in your state and you try to buy it, you can't buy it. Plain and simple. The companies that sell those "outlawed" parts or complete weapons cannot sell it to people living in that state.

    1. @Craig

      What state are you living in?

      Sounds like the 'State of Fear' to me.

      There are many more weapons which can be used for self defense other than firearms, the biggest one being on top of your shoulders.

      A pencil is a weapon if you know how to use it effectively.

      Paul sells this great tazzer that looks like a heavy duty flashlight. I don't believe I would want to get lit up with one of those.

      David took down Goliath with rocks and a sling shot. Ever take a look at the cool wrist rockets available today? A bb propelled from a wrist rocket can put an eye out just as fast as a bb gun. Can't see can't fight.

      These people want the masses to live in a perpetual state of Fear. Fear is a weapon and it is absolutely debilitating.

      Commonwealth of Virginia is a staging ground for the Fear Weapon. Let's see if LEO's will kill their family members on the orders of a foreign governmental service provider.

      All it takes for evil to prevail is for a good man to do nothing.

      Prepare and set your brain to critical thinking mode. Don't live 24/7 in survival mode cause that is exactly what they want.

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

    2. Cool so when police or abc boys can own weapons I cannot, am I going to throw that stun gun at them?

  5. The fake government all corporations doing things by contract.
    And the contract with our signing everything they shove in front of us.
    Corporate courts who love the codes they created to clean our clocks.
    No oversite all politicians /attorneys protect each other and the system .
    Only threat to the matrix is smart patriots who can play thair game better than they can .
    Some go around the country preaching the word like David Straight .
    The council of Ryan Bundy that was so effective.

  6. Dick is aware it's EXPENSIVE, the power at be is helping him out, sharing the costs, Dick doesn't mind, "Let's do it he said". So there they go with their crimes.

    1. The Amazing thing about Dick Cheney is, he just turns 79 years old. He doesn't seem to want to slow down on his evils.

  7. Jimstone
    “It is obvious they are going full steam ahead with a Virginia gun grab, and it is going to be staged from Israel

    PRO TIP: If you can, take your guns to a neighboring state NOW. Keep ONE with lots of bullets for combat or they might kick off the genocide, it is THAT SERIOUS.
    FACT: They have glorified the AR because it is useless against their toys, the common guns that matter most will be a .270, then a 30.06, then a 12 gage slug.
    ENHANCED PRO TIP: RENT A CHEAP STORAGE LOCKER IN ANOTHER STATE IF FRIENDS AND FAMILY CAN'T RECEIVE THEM. Keep only what is necessary for combat, boat accidents do happen and if you put them in a storage shed, use your own lock and keep your mouth shut, even with the people who run the place.
    That way, if you do manage to survive getting the ONE (1) gun you kept at home taken from you, you can just go to the storage shed for the next best option.
    If the Israeli's really do handle this, you're going to learn all about Palestine, first hand.
    If you distribute your weapons to "keep them safe" and they are in the same jurisdiction, it won't work. Communists first learn of friends and family associations, and act against everyone in a family or group with pin point timing, they'll hit Bob, Joe, Eric, Donald and Roy in separate homes at 3:51 on the same day. No one will be able to warn anyone, "keeping guns with friends to reduce losses" won't work, keep ONE gun and the rest really do need to be kept out of state and fetched when needed.”… more

    1. >> than a 12 gage slug.
      Ready good advice, however, having a 12 gauge slug is better than nothing. There is a way to turn it into a power one. I cannot tell you how, you can figure out, they can be mft fast and be distributed. Keep it handy and wait for the transformation.

  8. Guys I know it's a frustrated situation, I would tell the crooks this, with my guns loaded: "Fraud vitiates everything. I don't buy your fraudulent US citizenship, you commit treason, you're not my Govt".

  9. be sure to have a good bulletproof,

  10. James Perloff Retweeted
    Like A Boss!

    Sheriff: “I don’t mean to be disrespectful however,...

    Crowd Erupts With Cheers

  11. if you don't like confrontation, then learn to block your doorknob with ss. don't open your door.

    The last people I knew gave up guns ended up with NO COUNTRY. See religion doesn't save people anything.

  12. The Samson Option: Israel's Nuclear Arsenal & American ...
    The Samson Option is ultimately a narrative of how the bomb influenced the diplomatic relations between Israel and America far more than was seen or understood by the press and the public. It shows that, in every sense, Israel was born a nuclear power.

  13. I see it’s a class 2 type. “Americans are being Conspired Against,” by foreign Crooks. It will escalate to RED HOT from Feb 16 to 28, it'll cool down by March 10, 2020, the wave of upheaval will be like this, to explosive point: 2023.

    It has something to do with “American Trust, dated back to 9/9/1776”.

    The crooks agitate Americans, in order to bring death to people, in turn, the crooks would profit from our Trust.

    So, is that a bad Omen issue? Yes!! Can it be changed and bind to a new destiny? Yes, wait until 2023.

    Is it a US citizenship inter-locking issue? Yes and No, but we know that “Fraud vitiates everything” Refer to Act of 1871, back there, the crooks used to call people American citizens, NOT US citizens.

  14. We've been giving up guns since the 30's


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