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Friday, January 17, 2020

JFK to 911

By Anna Von Reitz

Not "America"  --- the "US"

When you are talking about the American industrialists working as trans-nationalist corporations, then you need to think about the idiots serving them?  

The politicians and the militarists? 

I watched this whole movie and the major part of the error is that it was not and is not "America" to blame. 

The major part of the problem, then and now, is that "the US" is not America. 

The US is a vicious collusion between "the" United States Municipal Government and the Territorial "United States of America" as put forth by The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States (1937). 

And they both belong to the Pope, because the Municipal Government is his responsibility directly, and "the" United States of America , Inc., is his indirectly via the Queen as Overseer. 

All this is bogus BS to the extent that it tries to blame "America" for the sins of "the" US.  and  it is beyond high time that we all recognized the fact that these two things--- "America" and "the US" are not synonymous. 

And what the "US" has done in our name is not our doing, either. 

As we crank down to the end of this movie, what we hear again and again is that "America" has done this and that these people --- the criminals---- are "Americans".... but in fact all these Bad Actors are NOT "Americans".  

They are all  (1) British Territorial United States Citizens or (2) "citizens of the United States"  (Municipal citizens) instead, and they have nothing to do with America or Americans. 

That is, as useful as this film is for certain purposes, it is still missing the point, that these Bad Actors are not Americans now and never were.  They are simply criminals engaged in criminal activity and they have nothing else to justify who or what they are.  


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  1. Thanks Judge AVR. Hoping that Trump and any White Hat Patriots will help bring these facts out into the open. What a bad movie it has been. JFK, Jr stated that he wanted to bring his Father's killers to justice even if he had to 'tear down the whole Govt".
    Since Trump seems locked in for a 2020-2024 reign maybe he will see his friend's wish come true?

    1. Or maybe he'll be here to see it himself--hmmmm?

  2. In your previous post you talk of a scale in your eye what are you talking about I've only ever read of a plank in the eye where is this posted it is news to me

    1. use a proper handle!
      read the rules for placing comments with in this format....
      We can talk easier once you show yourself as a real people.

      Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate, educate your Family Friends and Neighbors. We need our courts opened and people willing to fill the vacancies to make it all happen.

  3. I am planning on inviting over as many people as I can to watch this film. I'll make a feast, so they can't say no!

    THIS is the BEST JFK investigation/analysis available.


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