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Saturday, January 18, 2020

The Words We Use --- Substantive or Statutory?

By Anna Von Reitz

Never, ever forget that law comes from religion and religion comes from man's perception of God--- either the True God, or the False God of our own making.
All this while, you've been living in two worlds and never even known it.
The world of flesh and the world of thought.
The True God, independent of Man, created the world of flesh and rock and water and air and fire. This world has "substance". It's factual. It runs according to Natural Laws. You can hold it in your hand. So it should come as no surprise that the law of the actual, factual world is called "Substantive Law" or The Law of Substance.
You, as a living being robed in flesh, are owed substantive law --- but, instead, you have been "impersonated" as a corporation, and subjected to foreign statutory law by a process of "unlawful conversion".
Most people know that "impersonation" is a crime, and both the word "unlawful" and "conversion" should give us pause.
We most often hear about a "religious conversion", in which someone undergoes a change of religion, and if you change your religion, you change the law you are standing under.
A Jew who converts to Islam no longer stands under the Law of Moses. He stands under Sharia Law instead.
And a man who converts from his lawful existence as a man and who operates as a corporation named after himself instead, undergoes the same kind of change.
Such a man no longer stands under the Substantive Law of God. He instead subjects himself to the Statutory "law" created by men acting as Legislatures.
Therein lies the entire difference between what is "lawful" and what is "legal", what is "substantive" and what is "statutory".
As a convenience and as a profit-making mechanism for themselves, the Queen and the Pope and the corporations chartered under their auspices, have contrived to impersonate you and to subject this unlawfully converted thing operated under your name to statutory law--- all without your knowing and fully disclosed consent.
These are crimes of state forbidden by both the Geneva Conventions and the Hague Conventions, and these Perpetrators are well-aware and fearful of what they have done.
Despite this, they -- and their employees -- are dragging their feet about making correction, and trying to abuse bankruptcy as means of off-loading their own Odious Debts upon innocent people.
No amount of flannel-mouthed British charm can make up for the fact that hundreds of millions of bogus franchises of the British Crown and the Roman Municipal Government need to be liquidated and the unencumbered assets returned to the lawful owners: The United States of America and the individual States and People, and all the other countries and people that have been victimized.
We have asked for complete lawful conversion and re-conveyance of our Good Names and Estates, and offered them the chance to make good on their Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemption remedy.
To date, they are still trying to get a fraudulent "war" started on our shores, despite the fact that we have forbidden our Subcontractors to do any such thing, and despite the fact that the Pope controls both sides of any such conflict.
We feel that continued obstruction of remedy long owed and overdue, and continued efforts to provoke unnecessary conflict, and failure to heal the grotesque Breach of Trust involved, are all indicative of Bad Faith by the Governments of the Queen, the Lord Mayor of London, the Pope, and the Municipal Government of Rome.
All these offices and institutions deserve to be exposed for their corruption and the crimes that they have committed against America and most other nations of the Earth.
Their embezzlement of our substance via means of fraud and words of art is well-recognized and documented now. The exact mechanisms employed to unlawfully seize upon and mis-characterize American babies have also been mapped out in detail.
There should be no further excuse or question that these actions are grossly improper, both unlawful and illegal, and have been used to evade the requirements of the constitutional agreements existing between the government of The United States of America and these foreign service providers.
The same Perpetrators have caused a similar fraud scheme to be unleashed on a worldwide basis, and used it to bring false claims in commerce against whole countries.
On behalf of our country, The United States of America, we have taken action to declare our correct political status and our standing under the substantive law, not the statutory law.
Instead of working with us to heal their mis-administration of our Public Servants, the Queen, the Pope, and the Lord Mayor, have continued to wheedle and delay and obstruct: (1) a proper accounting and (2) discharge of Odious Debts and (3) agreeable conciliatory efforts to return purloined credit to those are actually owed the credit --- the living men and women, not the corporations.
Let our voices be raised and let them span the oceans. Let all our words be succinct and to the point. We are men and women, not "human beings". We are many sovereign nations, not service corporations. We are free, not at liberty. We have been purchased at great price, and nothing and nobody stands between us and the Divine.
Let those who would pretend to reduce us to the level of THINGS come forward before the Court of Heaven and contest their claims.


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  1. Well stated, but is the Court of Heaven sufficiently Substantive or should it be a Common Law Court on the Land Jurisdiction?

    1. What happens when the real truth come face to face with the American people and the world ?

      Are there aliens; are we in part alien, scholars cant answer the tough questions with regard to the sites on planet earth - but do they really want to or know ? Government education....LOL

      Everything is fiction within a fiction - created in someones mind and its all just an illusion until we wake up.

  2. Hmm. Is it not written that They will make merchandise of you ?
    How can we hold them accountable. Eventually force must be applied if they keep refusing to act in good faith.

    1. We need an awakening by more than just a few hundred or a few thousand. Time to send the " apostles " on the road to spread the word and debrief as many as will listen. Be careful to not overly explain and there must be an agreed circullum. What do you say Anna ?

    2. Here Here I second this idea!
      Patriot58, where might the funding come from?

      Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate

    3. @Patriot58
      When explaining the state Assembly I start with 1. I AM not the Boss. 2. I AM here to do what I can to help. 3. We are United in our efforts. 4. We are each a state in and of ourselves, the Law of our Land(DNA). We have a territory, its boundaries defined by the borders of our skin. We each have a government, it sits on top of our shoulders. We each have a population, One. We each have free will. 5. People are "United" states! 6. The state Assembly is not about me its about us. A man or wombman can not be corporate or incorporated but we can be United for the good of all mankind.

      People are self governing or they are allowing someone other themselves to govern their lives. Who are you to say what People should or should not be allowed to choose what is and is not overly explained to People who are seeking the whole truth? Just who gets appointed to agree on a curriculum to feed the Sheeple? Isn't that exactly what is being shoved down our throats this very minute?

      Leaving the anger in it's box for just a moment while looking up the definition of the word "United" or the word "Freedom" or the word "truth" neither word gives rise to a pre selected group leaving out any part of the truth or to be ruled over by a group agreeing a curriculum. This is the situation we have now, thank you very much.

      I have respected Anna since finding her site because she is working to do exactly the opposite from what you have suggested. Anna helped form the American States Assembly website with information added constantly, no curriculum needed. All it takes for a man/wombman to find the truth is to make a choice to turn off the Main Stream Media Programing on the damn television and radio. Not just the channel on the device, the switch in your mind allowing yourself to believe the nonsense is the Truth in the first place. Reeducation is not an easy task as it takes over your life.

      To be self governing who is responsible for the education of our sons and daughters? I did not bring my Daughter Alexis and my son Jake into this world to be slaves but that is just what they are because both are still living in Fear of Criminals. People today are Grown up Children, because they leave their education and care in the hands of criminals. All the information is out there. If I'm awake I AM educating myself.

      Just watched a series on Gaia: Jordan Maxwell, Secret Life of SYMBOLS, 10 Episodes. If you do a search for Jordan Maxwell I'm sure the information can be found elsewhere. Series reveals everything Anna has brought forth especially the information on ancient deities which everyone gets in such a huff about.

      So Patriot58, I AM searching for the whole truth because I AM sick and tired of being sick and tired of People lying to me to fulfill their own agenda. We already have an agreed upon curriculum and it Sucks!!! I don't want your partial Liberty I want the Freedom bestowed upon me at the moment of conception by my Creator and the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, the UNITED STATES CORPORATION, the BRITISH CROWN CORPORATION, the VATICAN, the Queen, the Pope had nothing to do with my creation so have nothing to do with governing me. I have Love for my fellow man and carry no intent to cause harm and it makes me physically ill to watch what man does to each other under the programing of criminals chasing Power.

      If you are seeking the truth, let the light of your mind shine and don't settle for partial truth and especially don't settle for someone's shit agenda or limited curriculum. Criminals have had 3 generations to indoctrinate the People, to relieve us of the Freedom bestowed by our creator. Do you want the gift of critical thinking, a 3 dimensional world or the gift of a corporate franchise filling the lowly OFFICE OF PERSON, a 2 dimensional world hence governing every choice you make leading to living in a state of Fear.

      Annie McShane
      on Delaware

    4. Edward, has it ever occurred to you that 'they' wrote the bible? So of course everything they planned was masked and documented as a prophecy because weak minded people are so frickin gullible. Like today, people are taken captive at the enemies will by totally allowing the religious crap they spread to totally entrap their minds until no strength and purpose to stand and resist can be found. It's time we embrace the more obvious questions and identify ourselves to ourselves and to the rest of mankind.

  3. Once crime is committed it cannot be uncommitted only dealt with if necessary to protect everyone. Blaming crimes on others like innocent plants blamed for people’s dirty drug pharmaceutical doings. The fakers forked lying tongue blaming everything of their filth crime on many who do not know and in that sense innocent. Is a fool guilty or the trickster? Sorcerers who create the spell are more held responsible than the one believing in the spell they did contract for with intent

  4. Paul, I posted a comment to this article about 10 pm, today Jan. 18, it published,I read it to confirm it was published as I submitted and published it, then an hour later returned to answer any questions there may be from other readers and I find my comments disappeared. Please explain. How does my comment appear as "published", then disappear an hour later?. Have you any knowledge of what happened to my comments?

  5. This blog is not a platform for you to promote your polytheistic religion of Mormonism. If you want to do that start your own blog.

    Christ only founded one true Faith, and it's not Mormonism, which was founded in the 19th Century and is not Christian, regardless of what the founders claimed. God is not divided against Himself.

    There is only one God. Biblical evidence there is only one true God: Isaiah 44:6; 45:5-6, 18, 21-22; 46:9. Cite these passages to show God is omnipresent: Psalm 138 (139):7-8; Wisdom 1:7; Jeremiah 23:24; Ephesians 1:23.

    1. @Paul

      I agree with you about not promoting another agenda here. People are distracted by their own interpretation of man made religion no matter what book they are referring, they are missing the point of what Anna and you are working to bring forth here.

      Man and Wombman are the Church. The body is the Temple. Christ is the Light, our Holy spirit, which provides Life to the Body. Christ lives through us by our faith. We Dwell in the House of the Holy as Gods gift bestowed with God's blessings. Man's soul is saved by Christ's Grace. The Body dies without the spirit.

      The word God translated from the Hebrew language is EL, Elohim. Elohim is plural

      The word GOD translated for the Illuminati is Gold, Oil, Drugs.

      Geneva Bible 1599
      Genesis 1:26
      26 Furthermore God said, 1 Let us make man in
      our 2 image according to our likeness, and let them rule
      over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the heaven,
      and over the beasts, and over all the earth, and over
      everything that creepeth and moveth on the earth.

      ***Look up any version of Genesis 1:26 and you will find God refers to himself/herself in the plural form.***

      The ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH is founded by the Emperor Constantine in the 4th Century and is Domiciled in Rome. Fact

      Blacks Law Dictionary 4th Edition
      ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH. The juristic personality
      of the Roman Catholic Church, with the
      right to sue and to take and hold property has
      been recognized by all systems of European law
      from the fourth century. It was formally recognized
      between Spain and the Papacy and by Spanish
      laws from the beginning of the settlements in
      the Indies, also by our treaty with Spain in 1898,
      whereby its property rights were solemnly safeguarded.
      Municipality of Ponce v. Roman Catholic
      Church in Porto Rico, 28 S.Ct. 737, 210 U.S.
      296, 52 L.Ed. 1068. To the same effect as to the
      Philippines; Santos v. Roman Catholic Church, 29
      S.Ct. 338, 212 U.S. 463, 53 L.Ed. 599.

      The ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH is a business

      Definition of Catholic is Universal,
      Air is Catholic as it is universal;
      Water is Catholic as it is universal;
      Land is Catholic as it is universal;
      Man is all the elements of Land, Air and Water.

      Mothers deliver at one of their Ports (Hospital)after the perfect baby, a born alive blood sacrifice and poor the little fatherless mass(afterbirth placenta,mothers DNA) soulless human creature left behind is salvaged, granted Eternal Salvation by the Vicar of Christ(Pope) as a CORPORATE FRANCHISE Titled as one of their VESSELS. The abandoned property now belongs to THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH and they can prove it by the Legal Title they Hold for the VESSEL called a CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH. When a new baby is so called Baptized into the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH the proud new parents are given another CERTIFICATE of REGISTRATION. The baby is christened with water blessed by a man but the SHIP carrying our Estate is christened in the jurisdiction of the Sea sent on its journey into commerce controlled by the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH.

      The genuine baby in the real world is free to practice any religion. The piece left behind belongs to the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH by salvage right. The Father of the Baby did not come forth to claim the Baby or the Name of his House for the Baby therefore baby is lost, missing or Dead. We can only inherit our Estate, now on the SHIP, through our earthly father. They even tricked our Mother into being an informant, reporting the crime of the Father, as all Fathers must Claim their issue(Land). Mom left her Private Literary Property with the STATE and never claimed it for herself or her baby. So who is responsible for being a voluntary slave? We are…..

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

  6. The coastguard needs to be informed that they have allowed pirates to take over the waterways and the land and they have been derelict in their duty.

  7. The Coast Guard is sailing on a bit different sea due to foreign corporate influence, so no help from them until our American owned and operated states are operating.

  8. Mr. Patriot58,
    Am I correct recalling that you had once publicly stated that you might "suit," or bring "suit" against Anna?

    If I do recall correctly - the lyrics below, of this song, are for you to consider.

    If I am incorrect please correct me, meanwhile enjoy the song, wherein you can witness revelation, by an artist revealing a "similar name deceit" applied to the word love. It is a catchy tune!!

    by the pernicebrothers.
    Love is a shoeless charlatan, a silver-tongued huckster with a sadist’s lipless grin. Love is the breaking of a bone, a burning cauliflower ear still throbbing on the telephone. No matter what you do, it slithers back to you. It’s not enough to leave. It’s not enough to be left. Love is the devil and the jinn, a brazen changing problem. It’s a fight you’ll never, ever win. Love is a cruel company store, a trans-global disaster it’s a meltdown to the core. Despite a college try, it’s paints a sorry sight. You piss away your life writing stupid songs that try to say what love it. And when it comes you had better let it in. Go wipe the lamb’s blood off your door. Novenas won’t work anymore. And when it comes you’d better kiss its feet and beg, “Please let me come with you, from love-me-not to love-me-do.”

    from Spread The Feeling, released September 9, 2019
    all rights reserved

    1. ... And for balance, consider this song which had been banned in Greece circa their sorrowful coup, in 1967. Yet later sung in 1987, by a child, backed up by her chorus.

      The words are too simple to imagine they were ever banned. Song by Mikis Theodorakis.

      Sto perigiali to kryfo (Arnisi) – English lyrics

      On the hidden shore
      white as a dove
      we got thirsty at midday;
      but the water salt.

      On the golden sand,
      we wrote her name;
      How lovely the wind blew
      and the writing was wiped out.

      With what heart, what spirit,
      what desires and passion
      we took on our life. Wrong!
      and we changed it.

  9. "We have asked for complete lawful conversion and re-conveyance of our Good Names and Estates, and offered them the chance to make good on their Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemption remedy.

    We feel that continued obstruction of remedy long owed and overdue, and continued efforts to provoke unnecessary conflict, and failure to heal the grotesque Breach of Trust involved, are all indicative of Bad Faith by the Governments of the Queen, the Lord Mayor of London, the Pope, and the Municipal Government of Rome."

    Anna, Please, the above is not indicative of bad faith, it's indicative of an international crime syndicate. You didn't honestly believe that these child killer/traffickers would honor anything did you?


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