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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Update -- 18 January 2020

By Anna Von Reitz

The Great Fraud scheme we have unraveled comes back, always, predictably, to the same Persons, the same Offices, and the same Institutions.  

It is all caused and operated equally by omission and by deceit.  

The intended "Gift Recipients" of all the lucre and physical assets on Earth were set up to be the Pope and the Holy See.  These were intended to be the only unincorporated Public Office (Pope) and the only unincorporated Government (Holy See) left standing.  

This means that they would "inherit" everything of actual value on Earth, own all land, all businesses, all other governments, all people ---- and be able to run everything through their Vassal organizations, the incorporated government services corporations, all acting under the auspices of the United Nations organization, all secretly owned and operated by the Vichy French UN Corp.  

All power and ownership interest would belong to the Holy See and be exercised by the Pope by Default, because the living heirs and rulers of our countries were deliberately mis-characterized and left without disclosure or Notice that the entire world was in probate.  

You all know what happens in probate, don't you?  Well, everything gets thrown into a Slush Pile, and the Heirs have to come forward in the absence of a Will and claim back their own as best they can.  Otherwise, their assets are deemed "abandoned" and up for grabs. 

That's what they have tried to claim about America and much of the rest of the world, too -- as a means of gaining control of all assets on Earth.  

Rather than admit what they've done and the deals with the Devil [aka "Marduk"] that they've made, the various parties responsible for this circumstance have tried to avoid the facts.  Among the salient points: 

Benedict XVI separated himself so that he could still act as Pope in "the ministerial office" --- that is, the unincorporated Office---- and act in behalf of the Holy See, while Francis took on closure of the Pontificate --- the corporate secular government of the Church, and the incorporated Vatican, too.   

By their reckoning, there can be only one government, one church, one monetary system, one megalithic hell hole to live in.  And they think of that as paradise.  The Great Cause.  No borders.  Everyone mish-mashed together.  Everyone enslaved. 

One must ask ---- having control of all the corporations on Earth wasn't enough for the Pope?  Especially in view of the fact that he didn't do his duty to control the corporations and liquidate those engaged in criminal acts?  

So now they are deliberately folding the umbrella and rushing to try to pull off their intended fraud----when they need to admit that their Plan has been observed, the Great Fraud has been exposed, and none of it is going to work.  

Let us also observe that the Queen is in on this plan and has been since June of 1953, when she abdicated the actual Throne and occupied The Chair of the Estates, instead.  Read that: the British Throne has been vacant since 1953 and this has been fully proven in court.  She can't go back to the Throne, because she broke her Coronation Vow. 

So at this moment, the entirety of the British Homeland and the British Commonwealth is "unclaimed" by anyone having standing to do it, and the Principal Parties are trying their best to ignore the fact that The United States of America has "risen from the dead" and has the standing and is making the claim for all the American assets.  

A 'General Melee" must shortly ensue, in which all the member corporations of the United Nations acting "as" governments must come to terms with the fact that they aren't really national governments at all and never have been. By definition, they are just commercial corporations in the "government services" business.   

So far, the only government on Earth to have itself together, standing ready to deal with the facts, other than The United States of America, is Russia. Vladimir Putin has claimed his living status and is now occupying the vacant Throne of the Czar.  

This shouldn't be interpreted as a power-grab by him, because it's not.  And it won't be a power-grab when someone competent stands up to claim back the Throne of Great Britain, either.  

Someone with the correct standing has to act for all the people in each country to receive back their land and soil assets.  There has to be a lawful government --- not just a "legal" government --- present and making the claim for each country,  or the bogus "abandoned assets" claim rears its ugly head.  

Like us, the Russians woke up to the way that Operations of Law have been used to set up this situation, where it is all going, and what they need to do to stop it.  

And that is indeed a great comfort to us and to every thinking soul on this planet.  It means that The United States of America --- the actual country -- does not stand alone. 


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  1. Renaissance people learning and becoming dangerous to corruption inc.

  2. Who can claim the Throne of Great Britain?
    I really hope someone other than one of the windsor family.

  3. Seems to me laws were made so monarchs could not inherit throne, but if qualified yet the born royal windsors and other power greedy grabbers do not seem to even mention it. Same ones burn library’s to hide their actions that derive from toxic beliefs Scripture says leaders will be delusional from people not respecting the universe and not loving and enslaved because of it. The curses for choosing death instead of life

  4. A great 17 minute video that proves the people are sovereign
    and they ,the gov can be sued and that they are the true terrorist.
    letter from judge dale.ret

  5. A video that i hope anna and others will understand being a math person.This is what we are up against and what they are hiding from us.esp/anti-gravity/murder/ free energy/time reversal/anti aging/cancer cure/ etc...And i don't think russia is on our side, there in on it,there the murderers.All these things were known in 1905. video from Tom Bearden (whistle blower from boeing).WATCH ALL HIS STUFF PPPPPPPLEASE.


  7. Had the opportunity to work with Vlad's niece for awhile in the last decade. Her and her family where living in the well to do Russian community in Brooklyn. Got to know her well enough where she didn't hide the truth from me. Vlad and family are Orthodox Christians from what she explained so while I know longer and haven't for some time lived under the Curse of the Law and am not a religious being I believe Vlad has corrected his status according to your Article Anna. According to the Record Office of Secretary State of New York so has Donald,Bill and Hillary. Look it up I just recently had it brought to my attention and was shown a screen shot. You just can't make this "Shi" up. Our Creator never stops amazing me. Have a blessed Day

    1. Even the founding of this nation is a lie perpetrated by the crypto jews - timeline way before 1776

      All are related

    2. More to read on the liars and thieves of the world

    3. Here's the so called explorer who found this land

    4. And how about the Patty Hearst false flag - Hearst to this day is one of the media moguls

    5. How about those ancestry test they want so desparately for you to get
      How about that falsifying results


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