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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Can’t Anyone In This Country Read?

By Anna Von Reitz

For the last three weeks I have been reading endless hysterical reports about gun grabbing in Virginia and I even shared my correspondence to the Pope about it and still there are people so clueless that they haven’t noticed what the “Governor” in Virginia is “Governor” of? 

The Commonwealth of Virginia. 

Is that Virginia, the State? 


Is that even the State of Virginia? 


Is it even the STATE OF VIRGINIA? 


Wake up! 

This man “acting” as “a” Governor in Virginia has no authority to issue any orders affecting any actual Virginian.  

Nor does he have any authority over any U.S. Territorial State of Virginia or its U.S. Citizen, either. 

If you are not a Pauper in the public dole seeking welfare benefits as a ward of the Commonwealth of Virginia, he can’t say or do spit with you or your guns. 

The only people he can order around are members of the Commonwealth— Paupers and welfare dependents receiving actual Federal Welfare Benefits. 

So stop calling this idiot by names and titles he does not possess! 

He is not The Governor of Virginia, nor is he the Governor of the State of Virginia.  He’s the Pope’s locale Nabob and the Queen is derelict in her duty to shut him down and observe his limits and so is the Pope. 

Don’t bother talking to him. Go straight to his Bosses and get in their faces.  They know the limits of his role and “powers” so make them responsible for controlling their own employee. 


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  1. The cops and other "officials" don't understand this. They have received faulty training, and biased training, and no training about jurisdiction as it pertains to the corporate tribunals in contrast to what would be real courts. Therein lies the problem.

    As an example, If I were to be carrying concealed with an expired concealed carry permit inside of the boundaries of a city or town in Montana where their permit is required what would happen? The poorly educated cop would arrest me, and cost me a bunch of money to defend against their false charges, and I would lose the ability to get their permit, and perhaps spend time in jail over it, even though I could carry openly in exactly the same places without any permit whatsoever.
    We know their codes and statutes are not laws that apply to Americans, but THEY DON'T so what are we to do? They can't be educated at that time. Their training is so faulty that they just arrest anyway with the attitude that you are resisting them, and they will get really nasty in the process. In fact if you do resist you might lose your life over it right then and there.
    SO, regardless of what I have recorded about being an American, I just yesterday went and renewed my Montana concealed carry permit.

    Can anyone now tell me what the consequences of renewing the permit have on the fact that I had previously recorded Anna's documents.
    I damn sure wasn't going to carry concealed anywhere in Montana without that permit. It's just too damn dangerous with all these stupid uneducated cops running around with badges and guns, and thinking they are god.

    1. So you are essentially saying that you have completed the necessary paperwork according to the instructions from Anna and/or the "" website, yet you are NOT confident that you will prevail after a possible encounter with an LEO?

      Most here know full well that these LEOs are not informed and do not know the difference between what most people think of as "conventional citizenship" and the correct American Political Status Anna teaches. Even Anna acknowledges that. The point is not to argue or confront at the time of the encounter, it is to Notify and Inform verbally and/or by presenting copies of your recorded paperwork.

      They will do what they will do, however, if this process espoused by Anna has any merit, you should prevail either during or after the encounter if and when any "court process" is served.

      Isn't that the point of all this? Has no one here who properly declared and recorded their American National status been able to prevail other than Anna?

      BTW, I would describe any arms you carry as your "property". Using the term "gun", "firearm" or any other words that show up in their codes/statutes will confuse the situation further.

      "This is my property and I believe I have a right to carry my property without interference."

    2. Good luck with that. I won't go there. Their ignorance precludes any kind of reasonable outcome at the time of the encounter and I don't want to end up in jail over such a trivial thing. Getting the permit is no big deal. I got mine renewed in 10 minutes without any questions being asked. My question was and still is, how does that effect my paperwork? Do I now have to start over, and what happens in 4 years when the permit comes due to expire again?
      So what I am saying I guess is as far as things like drivers licenses and Concealed carry permits they are not the issues I want to make into a court battle. I just don't have the time or money to fight them on the local level. I will keep on doing the education about the way things should be, to try and overcome their ignorance about their own jobs. I was tempted to sign UCC 1-308 and put my name over the top of it. But they are so damn dump that that would have probably been enough to prevent them giving me the permit.
      Anybody have an solution for this that doesn't involve going without a permit or some other nonsense that would get a person arrested and a bunch of charges filed?

    3. A lot of police officers issue tickets to also raise revenue for their municipalities. Many folks simply pay that fine on a parking ticket or whatever--easy money for the village. Ditto for those big ticket items when the offender pleads or is found guilty.

    4. People asking for permission for something they have already affirmed the right to do. People have to stay on their ground even if it means suffering a little in the name of our father in Heaven. After all isn't this what this is all about, fighting for your God Givin Rights.

    5. The LEO's are free masons, Fraternal Order of the Police

      They know exactly what's going on

    6. Your paperwork is not effected; the believe-ability of the sincerity or your declarations are effected if you play "one foot in and one foot out". Paper is just paper; it's only a memorialization of your will, intents and actions concerning your own affairs. If your actions don't match your words (paper), then the paper is meaningless - paper has no power without the will of the living to carry out what is written on paper.

      Further, I do not believe that the right to property (in whatever form), the right of movement/travel by any means, the right to the fruits of our labor or the right of self-defense as one sees fit is trivial in any way. These are our inherent fundamental rights and we are owed FULL security and protection from our governmental employees who are bound to uphold them. Isn't that what we are here for or is this all just "feel-good" ear tickling like most experience in "church" on Sundays?

    7. Hey Paul,
      Let me take a stab at what I think you wanna know.

      I think Anna's paperwork has made you a national by effort and intent.

      I think applying for the permit to carry concealed puts you... while in the process of carrying concealed... puts you and your firearm subject to their whims (ie. rules, statue and ordinances).

      I thought the national's counter to a "permit" to carry a concealed weapon was with-in the National Passport (DS-11 through
      There it is mentioned that as a national, they are being 'notified' that you have diplomatic immunity (through the application). They are to print the notices within the passport book, a 'notice' of do not detain, a 'notice' of do not interrogate, and a 'notice' of concealed carry?
      ((correct me if I am wrong please))

      My only concern would be that people are not seeing these 'notices' printed in the book, I think on page 27???

      Definitions of nationals US Code Title 8 Section 11-01

      Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate

    8. In a recent call with clients, Christopher at Destination Freedom with 20 years of passport expertise, had a conversation with proprietor of Copper Moonshine regarding process.

      Evidently, Copper Moonshine does not issue an "Explanatory Statement" with the DS-11 application. Furthermore, he does not do a FOIA and request a Certified Copy of the ENTIRE APPLICATION including the Explanatory Statement, which Christopher says is the final step in the process.

      The reason to obtain a certified copy from the State Department is evidence of your intent being a State Citizen. In a court situation it is evidence of intent and that the US Department of State issued the passport to an American State Citizen not a 14th Amendment Federal citizen.

      BTW, I thought early on theamericanstatesassembly website included this application process. I did not notice it in a recent visit. Anyone remember seeing it??

    9. Paul,I can't believe what you wrote.The local level conformity has to be broken and sewn back together through resistance ,not consensual compliance.I know if your afraid to take on the beast on a small scale you will certainly cower even faster on a grander scale.I aint buying what your selling pal.Sounds weak

    10. Paul, I agree with you that it is not worth the agrivation and possible assault on your life giving them an excuse and opportunity by not filing their paperwork. That is just it. It is not your paperwork but theirs. That is why you always sign with a by: line. Unfortunately, just like the mob, we have to pay for their "protection" ruling the neighborhood. It is because of this, even after filing all of MY paperwork and having secured a 5 star State Citizen passport, I still file their papers for their driver license, their car registration and pay their insurance. I pay for the convenience of not being arrested or having my time stolen in long drawn out court procedures. Actually having my car registered allows the cop to trace my car to my passport through their FBI/NCIC database and not pull me over. This actually happened where the cop pulled up to my driver side window to look at me after he caught me speeding in his unmarked car with obvious red and blue lights visible through his grill from my rear view mirror. After staring at me for a good minute, he pulled back and trailed me for a few minutes and them veered off and took the next exit. What happened? He ran my tag and it popped up my passport picture and a message to not detain me. So he called in asking what to do and was instructed to confirm if it was me driving the car. After he made the confirmation and asked what to do, he was told to leave me alone and he took off. No cop would have just let me go after catching me speeding over 15 miles over the limit. He had a fish on the hook and was told to throw it back. This is the power of the 5 star passport. But I am not impressed with the coopermoonshinestills process and would not recommend it. I used Christopher's process and tweaked it a bit by using my COLB authenticated only at the state level since I was applying for a state passport. The certified copy of the DS-11 and ES is certified proof Certified by the DOS that you applied as a State Citizen and not a US citizen. My copy of the DS-11 actually reads handwritten in the official comments section "Claims to be a New Jersey citizen". It also comes with a cover page stating that this document is valid as evidence in any court under the FRCP and FROE.

    11. PS: the rumors are that when they run your new passport card it pops up the message on NCIC as "DO NOT STOP - DO NOT DETAIN - DO NOT INTERROGATE - LIFE TIME CONCEALED WEAPONS PERMIT" However no cop will ever confirm that to you. It most likely also states to not disclose this information for any reason under threat of prosecution and / or termination. The proof would be to purchase a gun with just your passport card which coppermoonshinestills advocates. I have heard recently that someone was told by a cop to just walk into your local police station and give them the passport card and ask them to run it and let you know what it reads. Something to try.

    12. Please give us all more details on what you refer to as "Christopher's process" and some links where we can complete that like you did.

      Thanks a bunch for your insights on this.

    13. It was listed on this post already but here it is: Christpher Gronski at
      He's been doing this for 25 years and has the best process I have seen so far. It certainly worked for me. I took the full course because I wanted to know every step of the process. Beware that he does not subscribe to Anna's philosophy or methods at all and will even talk against them if you mention them. He is myopically focused on the passport which is not a bad thing.

    14. Hi Paul,

      "Can anyone now tell me what the consequences of renewing the permit have on the fact that I had previously recorded Anna's documents".

      I might suggest the way you autograph the permit has merit using a disclaimer like 'without recourse' or 'without prejudice' or 'All rights reserved, similar to what one should do with the drivers license if they operate in public as well as in the private. Having the permit is a statement that you have a legitimate concern for your safety while in addition you also recognize that you would not have the permit if it was not forced upon you. It is similar to the UCC 1-308 disclaimer.

      We will likely have some issues for a time with regard to various statutes, codes and regulations of the private copyright law of the British brigands running our American States.

    15. Dennis on the Nov 20, 2019 Wednesday Assembly call, introduced Max? and Max had a couple of additional papers (explanatory statement) to file along with the passport application DS-11. He mentioned getting a four star passport with his process.

      Anyone got anything to say about filing a "letter of repudiation" with the SECRETARY OF STATE as per David Lester Straight? David mentions 3 things, letter of repudiation, a national passport (through coopermoonshinestills was advised) and a Deed of Re-Conveyance makes you a state national.

      @Richard Connelly, I do not recall ever seeing anything about passports on the theamericanstatesassembly website. There were talks (only) about a National Passport, I have heard nothing new on the matter though.

      Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate your fellow man/woman.


  3. You are absolutely correct Paul. Anna encounters this same situation when she contacts government and military agents. Because so many people out there are ignorant of the facts and are compartmentalized, we don't dare take chances by not renewing a license or permit. It's best to pick your battles wisely. Save your firepower for the most crucial battles.

    1. Ready, please read my response to Paul. It may help, may not.

  4. What about Virginians who have paid taxes their entire adult lives and now receive heating assistance? Is that considered welfare even though their 'federal' taxes were taken out of our country for decades, and now the elderly can't even afford to heat their homes in winter?

  5. An interesting read about the US CONstitution

    As good boots many many times stated the Bill of Rights was very important

    And if you really want to be blown away the name Hiram Abiff in the below link will ??

    I have read that donald trump is a scottish rite free mason
    I have also read the the knights templars were jewish and that they were never exucuted as we have been led to believe


    IT is the first link on this page

  7. Can someone please post the contact information for:
    I am going to capitalize them to put them in their true status for those who are against ALL CAPS!
    I will write these people because I write everyone and I call everyone. Everyone needs to be calling these DESPOTS. Our freedom to have our own property is on the line with the USMCA. Here is one piece of the whole story on the USMCA AND IT IS NOT PRETTY!!!

    1. marie - This is from a document that maybe came from AVR's info years ago, maybe 2017 or so?? Sorry don't have the link to the article to verify if the content is correct. Unless the United Nations address differs, this could be it:
      c/o First Middle Last
      1234 Main Street
      City, State spelled out [zip code]
      Real Land

      United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres
      405 East 42nd St.
      New Youk, New York 10017

      Re: Act of Expatriation, Domicile Declaration and Allegiance

      Your Excellency Antonio Guterres,

      This letter is to inform you that FIRST MIDDLE LAST, aka FIRST INITIAL. LAST has expatriated by having issued an Oath of Allegiance to the land of her birth state.

      Please notify the Bankruptcy Trustees presently trying to liquidate the assets of the UNITED STATES that FIRST MIDDLE LAST is excluded from the asset roster.

      "First Middle Last" is a living man/woman still standing on terra firma, who still has his/her wits about him/her and is able to say that "I am a Citizen of these United States".

      And, by the way, all his/her assets are due and owing as a Priority Creditor of the UNITED STATES.

      Please find included a recorded and certified Act of Expatriation, Domicile Declaration and Allegiance.

      Thank you for your time and attention,

    2. Just to add, he is referred to as 'Excellency'

  8. The united nations and NGO's, along with college Universities have a gang of URBAN PLANNERS Right now as I write this planning how many refugees from other countries including Africa, FYI which will be put right smack dab in the middle of your private land. The UNITED NATIONS plans are to bring in millions of refugees (and I do not mean 1 or 2 million. I mean many many millions of refugees and the plan involves African refugees trucked and flown into this country without your knowledge and your consent!!! I have nothing against African refugees but it is not our job to pay ALL REFUGEES $5400.00, a month (it was $4500.00, but they got a raise) and then also give them housing on my and your land! Where is there for Americans to flee?? NOWHERE! We must stop it now!! Once all of these refugees are here then how do we get them out. President Trump has promised to stop paying them they received a raise! Did you get a raise from our government?? All president Trump has to do is cut the money off from all refugees and then let the one's who truly deserve refugee status stand in line to see who really qualifies. The UNITED NATIONS & ALL These URBAN PLANNERS without standing, status and jurisdiction are plotting now to build communes of micro apts to put on YOUR private property. That is called UNITED NATIONS AGENDA 2030!
    Watch it here:
    and here are your starting points so you can write, tweet, call President Trump to tell him he has obviously NOT read the USMCA because he is telling us how great it will be in his tweet and at every rally. The car companies are already hiring their workerS full time if they were part time because they made an announcement to their worker bees and they think it is a great thing because they can NOW feed their family. And... there in lies the bait and switch. All of us get to work 50 hours a week to pay the refugees to come and live on your lawn!!! THIS IS THE NORTH AMERICAN TRADE AGREEMENT. WE ARE BEING MELDED INTO A E.U. STYLE GOVERNMENT! You will have your property rights stolen right in front of your eyes, which is not just YOUR land, FYI; it includes your car and everything you think that you own but at least you have physical custody of your property at this point! We will have millions of Africans in this country on your lawn. They are already here and if you community is building apartment complexes with lots and lots of windows then those are micro apts and there is your clue. That is what the NGO's and the Liberal BRATS on college campuses are planning for you and your children.

    Where is the law for them to do so??? Where is the law for the UNITED NATIONS to be on American soil??? Where is the law which states that they can take your private property rights?? Where is the law NOT STATUTE, which states that the UNITED NATIONS can purchase American land or better yet, where is the law preventing FOREIGNERS from buying up American land??? Saudi Arabia for farming, China for God knows what, and now the UNITED NATIONS!!! Where is the law which states that President Trump can take our guns and then investigate later??? I voted for him, FYI! Do you think under these red flag laws that you will get your guns back as soon as you are cleared or ever?? Where is the law to which gives Northrum the right to snatch you out of the car and frisk you and steal your guns? Even though all PUBLIC SERVANTS ARE FAKE AND THEY ARE FOREIGN CORPORATE ACTORS...Once PUBLIC SERVANTS (PRETEND) in the in the wrong status to take an oath to serve and protect "the people" and then take an emolument, which creates THE PUBLIC TRUST between "the people" and the government; even though they are fooling us by taking an oath to the foreign corporation that is FRAUD even under their CORPORATE STATUTES!!

    I call these actors at least once a week, and they very rarely answer anymore so I leave a happy gram telling them that we know that they are a FOREIGN CORPORATE ACTOR and that if they are going to act in the role of a Public Servant...then act like our public servants and work on behalf of the American people. If you do not contact President Trump and ALL of your Fake PUBLIC SERVANTS then your are giving them your tacit consent. It is everyone's job to do that simple thing. If you cannot help in any other way then you an at least pick up your cell phone which is already in your hand and dial the White-house and ALL of your fake representatives and respectfully but firmly let them know that you do not consent to the BRATS from college Universities stealing your property by planning how many refugees will be literally on your front of back lawn. Ask the Virginians because the state has already passed that law! Ask your reps why UNITED NATIONS is on American soil as they are buying up hundreds of acres of American land in Grant Michigan to house the fake refugees. Very few refugees qualify for Asylum and I am all for Asylum as the poor daughter of the Sheikh of Dubai has been imprisoned by her own evil father for over three years for trying to escape her father's evil ways (both daughters have escaped only to be kidnapped back and now Queen Haya escaped last year while taking millions of $$$ with her and her children; and they have escaped this evil thing running Dubai) so Sheikha Latifa is now in danger as she has tried to escape again in 2019, and the Jack booted Indian military kidnapped her as she was screaming the word, "Asylum". Sheika Latifa qualifies for refugee status as her life is in danger right now! It is up to all Americans to stop the refugees and the USMCA and the UNITED NATIONS from stealing our land,freedom and our way of life! Sorry I very rarely comment but this is important for people to understand most of the story because there is so much more.

    1. This is all part of their plan to have everyone screaming at them for a solution to the madness that they created

      Which is their one world government and the implementation of the BRICS banks

      The Rockefeller Foundation and the plan for this invasion decades ago (1950)

  10. Paul:

    I believe as Ready stated, you are doing the smart thing. There is theory and the practical. As far as the effect of your paperwork, it seems total BS, you are forced as a practical matter to obtain the permit to insure your own well being, but the "Government" could use that one fact against you to reign you back into their jurisdiction.

    What is so frustrating is as American State Nationals or Citizens, we apparently have NO LEGAL MEASURES against these officials. If there are, LET's HEAR ABOUT IT. We supposedly can only voice our opinion with a letter or a phone call. Good luck with that.

    I remember Anna's letter to the Pope with so much respect etc, etc... In the past several months, maybe her tune has changed. These people she is dealing with, all of them deserve NO RESPECT. As I have said several times, the Pope, the people she deals are giving the "proverbial middle finger". They are literally "spitting in your face" and have a good laugh when you leave the room. In practice, they are in the driver's seat and have no good reason to alter their direction. Some people take a little longer to figure it out.

    E-Clause and Kirk's Law Corner are filing Court actions in state legislatures as measures to reign in the corrupt attorneys and judges regarding CPS cases. It appears to be long process but is getting results.

    The EMPOWER MOVEMENT has used "Notices of Liability" against "government officials" with great results on issues of 5G and Smart Meters and possibly Vaccines.

    I wish Anna would write a few articles addressing, if any legal measures are available. After listening to her frustration for the first 20 minutes on the Monday Night call, it's time for PLAN B, if their is one.


  11. Is there a comprehensive master Declaration of Fact by notary presentment or otherwise available to submit to notify and default otherwise unauthorized public servants... My last much more detailed message post was somehow deleted/lost - so, I hope this message requesting a proven effective document example is sufficient.
    Your explanation of how to use an ordinary notary public (or other method / authorized "person") as a sufficient and qualified document PRESENTER and RECEIVER is also requested...
    The goal is to have and use a "universal" status and other FACTS respondent notification document that basically says and (by either Response or Non-response) documents IT ALL... stephen

    1. Yes I agree, use a modified template from and use a Notary Presentment Or a negative averment contract in Admiralty with lots of stiff penalties, see how they like it when you come after their stuff!

  12. Meet the kabal who say they are jew but are not

    Goes along with the entire free masonic 33 degress I suggest that everyone read them

    You see they have a different interpretation of the book

  13. Interesting information about I r a n and nuclear energy - wars were never about nucelar weapons they are about keeping nations from moving forward in helping their people advance

    The green new deal pushes wind and solar which is rediculous while the free mason boys hoard all the earths resources

    With their military they are actively hitting nuclear power plants to push the green objective

    Shutting down power plants here in the US and in California putting forth new codes and statues to ban the use of natural gas and even burning fire wood

    Another link people may want to review

  14. Here is the process I have used with success. Cop gave me a ticket, i autographed in red and above it wrote UCC-1-207-All Rights Reserved without Recourse. (this was before 1-207 was changed to 1-308) I then took the copy of ticket cop left with me and wrote across the front diagonally, I refuse your offer to contract, I do not know who you are, I do not have business with you, I do not want to do business with you, All Rights Reserved without Recourse. Autographed in red ink below that By: John-Henry: Doe. I created an verified affidavit that I am a living Man and do not want to do business with the CITY OF TEN BUCK TWO. I then went to the courthouse the next day with 2 witnesses that also autographed the affidavit in front of the clerk, she got one and I kept one. (remember the 3-7-10 day rule applies in commerce and this must be done before 3 days) I held it up in front of her face and said you have been noticed turned around and walked out. When I did this the whole room in the courthouse where people pay tickets shut down, got quite and all the people listened and watched. I left and the next day i created another verified affidavit of facts on the rejection of offer of contract and the last point on the affidavit had this verbiage. “I hereby accept your oath of office in this matter and we now have a firm and binding contract where you will protect my rights as you swore SO HELP ME GOD!” I then created another affidavit of facts to the mayor, city council, chief of police certified mail and accepted their oath of office. I went to courthouse and pulled certified copies of their oath of office and their bonds. I also requested oath and bond for cop and the bond was hidden in a state police association that the whole state is part of. few weeks go by and I found out the cop retired early and left police dept..... Never heard anything else. I have done this several times or more but it is a lot of work. The key is their oath of office and bond. The oath is a contract to the people, I accept the oath and form joinder-contract and breach is a tort then go after the bond.

    1. Like I said all the police are involved they are all masons

      Fraternal Order of the Police a private membership association just lije the Councils of Governments they have set up all over the country

      See CALCOG in California and in North Carolina they have 16

      All non elected private membership associations working the United Nations UN Agenda 21 behind the scenes

      Need to stat filing this kind of stuff on these organizations as well, would you agree??

      They are working in the Regionalism set up they got going

      This is the FEMA Regions of which FEMA is also another entity set up to handle the mop up of their crimes

  15. Also, I later found out and realized the key to making this shorter is to go after the principal, notice to agent is notice to principal…. For example if the police violate a Constitutional right go after the mayor, he will fire the cop. In one town I found out this happen and the mayor fired the chief of police and half the police dept. Threaten the mayors career and he will fire those below him if need be.

  16. I use the same thing on city manager about a smart meter, game warden, state patrol...... if there is a ticket return it before 3 days rejecting the offer of contract. THE KEY IS THE ACCEPTANCE OF THE OATH OF OFFICE AND BOND IN A VERIFIED AFFIDAVIT. Also, go ahead and go to the court house-police dept, ect and start requesting copy of their oath of office and bonds, do all of them, the sheriff, clerk of court, judges, all of them. Do this proactive now before any issues. You will see for yourself how freaked out them can get. That lets you know you are on right track!

    1. Regulator have you done your birth certificate paperwork? Files a UCC?

      We need all information like this and maybe templates of you affidavits etc

      5G, have you served notice about 5G anywhere to anyone

      I live in a 5G mega region and the frquencies they are pumping out are off the charts, this is way beyond criminal it is outright lunacy to subject everything on earth to this shit

      Thanks in advance for any information that you can share with all

    2. Shelby, I have a letter for you and along with the letter send all local city and county reps a notice requiring your local city, and county reps to follow the letter and then add their own incomplete and deficient in requirments to the list of findings to incomplete and deficient criteria to install the 5G, small cell towers. Even though they are already installed use your status and standing to compel them to send this letter to the TELECOM CORPORATIONS. Let us know if it works. This came with the letter:

      "Dear Friend,

      2020 is already off to a good start for the 5G Crisis movement.

      Just 8 days into the New Year, Crown Castle has withdrawn its 5G small cell application in Western Springs, IL after the village council sent them this fabulous letter. (letter posted below)

      If you’re looking to tie the telecom industry into knots and make their lives as difficult as they’ve made ours, present this document to your local legislators and encourage them to take a similar approach when asked to review small cell applications for your community. You might just get the wireless carriers to withdraw their 5G applications, too!"

      Here is the actual letter:

      I would also send the same notice with a copy of this letter to all of your surrounding TELECOM CORPORATIONS. I hope that it works for you. Let us all know if it does. God Bless

    3. Many sheriffs are corporate and have no bond or oath.

    4. Regulator. Sorry got out of sequence, last one was reply to you.

    5. Interesting findings in this letter
      First off Crown Castle?

      Notice at the top of the letter
      Government Relations Specialist, CENTRAL REGION (this would be FEMA region)

      Notice all the names on the side of the letter??
      Presidents, Directors, Trustees??
      Researching some of those now

      I would bet that these are part of the COG's, Councils of Governments or more brances thereof??

      Regionalism and how they have broken the states up in to regions

    6. And what the hell is 'Village of Western Springs'?

      Councils of Governments in Illinois

      Council of Mayors?

      All are private membership associations

    7. Even have subregional councils

      And looky what we have here their 2050 plans

  17. AVR's short, concise article is great for posting on videos about Virginia. We edited the spaces between lines to shorten it copy/paste for posting.
    NOTE: Now in Virginia ISRAHELLI JEWS mercenary military being brought into Virginia for the VIDEO TAPPED STAGED FALSE FLAG. Oh what a great opportunity for JEWS to use us as a teaching tool, such as to OUR LAW ENFORCEMENT who go to Israhell to learn how JEWS destroy Palestinians, Christians, Negros, Arabs... well anyone the JEWS deem a possible, pre-crime threat INCLUDING PREGNANT DONKEY'S who are left to bleed to death right before their eyes, after their dogs are ordered to attack it.

    Now its widely publicized that ISRAHELLI JEWS are coming in to help with the intended staged violence. Well JEWS are behind it all.
    According to the narrative of some, this really should all be mercenary CATHOLICS & BRITS... but its not, now is it? NO.
    Its JEWS. Now why would JEWS be involved? Becuz all of this is JEW COLLATERAL DAMAGE. Not Catholic, Not Brit, Not European, Not White >>>>

    Funny how JEWS appear behind all of this baalsh*t >>>> Now of JEW Shaun Irving's call for HEAT playas, pays pretty well. Must have received big shekels of OUR WEALTH to pull this one off:

  18. Wow! Here we go again JEWS changing history, tearing down historical monuments when it displeases them. Time to attack Martin Luther - Who KNEW it was the JEWS behind the capture of the true good Catholic Church. And JEWS ARE NOT SEMETIC, but Arabs are. JEWS never cease, never cease in their destruction of our everything to placate their never ending vacuous greed, sociopathy, narcissism & insanity. But somehow its the Catholic Church that's at fault according to some.

    The good news in all this blasphemy against the Catholic Church is folks will do research, find the truth about whats really going on :

    Germany: Ugly anti-Semitic remnant at center of court battle
    WITTENBERG, Germany (AP) — High on the wall of a German church where Martin Luther once preached, an ugly remnant of centuries of anti-Semitism is now at the center of a court battle.
    The so-called “Judensau,” or “Jew pig,” sculpture on the Town Church in Wittenberg dates back to around 1300. It is perhaps the best-known of more than 20 such relics from the Middle Ages, in various forms and varying states of repair, that still adorn churches across Germany and elsewhere in Europe.

    Time to set the record straight.

    1. and to add the date of 1300 as stated in above article is NOT TRUE, as our history has been grossly re-written, concocted, pushed far back onto a fake timeline by JEW Jesuit Protestant SCALIGER in 1768 (not 1583). Here a sampling:
      -Martin Luther The Captivity of Babylon 1705 (not 1520)
      -Holy Roman-German Empire (10th - 13th AD) & Jewish kings according the Bible (9th - 5th BC).
      -‘Ancient’ Rome (said 10th-13th AD) & ‘ancient’ Jewish state (said 9th-5th BC) have identical dynasty graphs…these dynasties are indeed the same
      -are a non-existent power until, approximately, the second half of the 17th century
      - Popes and the Holy Roman Empire appear at the same moment, and both take control of imperial powers and symbols.
      -Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire, are repeated in the biblical chronicles of the Kings of Israel.
      - Popes of Rome are a recreation invented in the 17th and 18th centuries, made by the Benedictine Order, along with the genealogies of the main monarchic currents in Europe.

      Fomenko's Chronologia
      We have been LIED TO ABOUT EVERYTHING by the JEWS, who lie to this very day, nothings changed, the jew never changes, only worsens.

  19. I will tell you up front and center I did NOT get rid of ALL the registered documents to TO CONFORM any further to consent to a CONTRACT i have not consented to PERIOD. The APOSTILLE Birth Certificate and the
    common law process of Notifying the Governor of the state you were born at that you are over the age of eighteen and are no longer ward of the state and a living flesh and blood man claiming my birthright from the date of this Notice.Send that NOTICE to the Governor of your state REGISTERED MAIL WITH A GREEN CARD RECEIPT . Then place a add in the paper under NOTICE that you are = your full appellation initial cap that you were born at your state at what time by your fathers full name your mothers full name and the name of the hospital and state . put that ANYONE rebutting that you are who you are can rebut to the address provided and put your name first care of the address. Run the add three weeks and MAKE SURE you get the computer recorded paper with the cost and ALL identification PRINTOUT for your records.=NO ONE will put themselves in a liable position to rebut. I will tell you I know that the Birth Certificate with the APOSTILLE has a BOND that SUPERSEDES ANY bond a PUBLIC OFFICIAL CAN PRODUCE ....I have recorded my paperwork and have no registered documents =driver licence EXPIRED no insurance EXPIRED gun permit = Minnesota and utah =EXPIRED and a colorado medical marijuana card = expired....I am NO LONGER in CONSENTED CONTRACT with GOVERNING agencies .I was pulled over doing 64 in a 55 STATUTORY ZONE no driver license no insurance and EXPIRED plates .First and foremost ALL WAYS use respect NO MATTER WHAT I rolled my window down 6 inches and when the cop was at the rear of my property i said loud i am traveling i am not in contract today and here is the contract i believe you desire and handed him the APOSTILLE Birth Certificate. He said roll down your window and i said i have it down enough for you to hear me . He looked at it and said my fathers name and asked if that was correct i said i am Beneficiary and executor of the bond you hold in your hand he said OK and went back to his car about 3 min later he came back and handed me the Birth certificate and said I BELIEVE THIS IS YOUR PROPERTY. AND LEFT . I did not mention that at the time i had not put my recorded documents from 928 in yet . The KEY people is on ANY confrontation HAVE THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE READY USE RESPECT EVEN IF THEY YELL if they THREATEN you with bodily harm TELL THEM I WILL ONLY COMPLY UNDER DURESS tell them RESPECTFULLY i am not consenting to CONTRACT PERIOD . If they ever tell me to exit my property i will ask IS THAT A ORDER because WITH every order there DAM WELL BETTER BE PAPERWORK TO BACK SUCH A ORDER ........all rights reserved without recourse non assumpsit ..

    1. Charles Robert Walker - thank you so much for this. Experiences are so valuable. We're taking note for our education. We appreciate reading your language used. This helps us very much.
      I'm not familiar with the power of Apostille. Wondering if we ought to have a couple of BC's w Apostille, as well as Authentication?? As you're Apostille was by the state of state only, for use in daily travels. Jurisdiction matters.
      Interesting about the Apostille Bond supersedes any bond a Public Offical can produce. We need to familiarize ourselves w this info.
      Alas, we're in a constant state of 'adjustments' in this process of becoming Free. Hopefully we'll pick up your posts... tho as we try to keep up, we often miss so much. thanks & stay sane

  20. the MEGXIT. Is it UK royal "budget cuts"? AVR, Team & American Nationals getting in the way? Gonna have to repay stolen assets? Next big grifter-scam ain't shakin'? Meghan doesn't have 'posh' to stimulate a royal public interest to pay for herself? And America won't be footing their bills much longer?
    Harry & Meghan moving into Canadian estate - said due to desire for independence.. will reimburse $3.1 million to public cash & lose their titles.
    QE says "I want to thank them for all their dedicated work across this country, the Commonwealth and beyond..." <<< hee hee "Commonwealth" - thanks to AVR & Team, we know exactly what that means, now don't we State Nationals?
    >>> They're going on the 'Charity Con/Kahn' - knowing what that could be about. Probably have jew advisors right out of City of London who know how to run the jig.
    Harry: "..providing our family with the space to focus on the next chapter, including the launch of our new charitable entity.."

    It says "WILL THE COUPLE BE ABLE TO BREAK AWAY FROM TAXPAYER SUPPORT?" & "MEGHAN MARKLE, PRINCE HARRY WON’T HAVE 'PROTECTIONS' IN US AS THEY DO 'AT HOME' WITH PAPARAZZI, ATTORNEY SAYS" <<< Ugh, are they planning on coming here? Should probably go back to 'sh*t hole' LA where Meghan can be among her common'ist leftie libs... OH, can cuddle & muddle w Pelosi, they speak similar tongue.

    >>>> Oops, the Q's desk of photos: While giving her annual holiday address to the nation, a photo of Harry, his wife and their new child was shockingly missing from the queen's desk.<<< Seems harsh, but hey, its just business!
    Can't help but wonder if City of London jews are being held accountable for 'bad turn in investments' in America … after all those 150 years.
    Sure hope the exposed C of L harvesting scam pulls their Crown sewer plug.
    Doesn't Prince Consort Philip 'the Hun' owe us a little few trillion$?? Oh yeah, that 'retirement plan'. ITS PAYBACK TIME, HUN.
    Well, as for Meghan 'Marxle' reported nasty comments about America & Trump = low class. Wonder if she knew she'd be skipping the pond so very soon? We don't want to pay for anything of theirs, they've had quite enough of whats ours.

    Next event: Diversity Divorce.

    Prince Harry, Meghan Markle will no longer use royal titles, Queen and Buckingham Palace announce


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