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Saturday, November 16, 2019

Urgent Alert from The Living Law Firm

By Anna Von Reitz

We have now had time to fully research and consider the elements of the program unveiled as Phil Hudok's Arbitration Award and Peace Treaty 2020.  

This Alert combines legal opinions from several members of The Living Law Firm, including former Bar Attorneys and Judges who have taken their stand with the people of this country:  

"Once you have admitted to being a "natural person" and admitted to being "at war" with them [the Federales] and allowed them to take title to your land assets --- what do they need you for?

Nothing. They can seize your property and abuse you and do whatever they wish, because you agreed to all of it.

We will not be able to protect people who take this "Arbitration Award" offer, because we cannot protect them against themselves....[they have the unlimited right to contract.]"

This is an Urgent Alert issued to all Americans interested in preserving their freedom, their lawful government,  and their standing to press claims against the British Territorial United States and Municipal United States for physical damages and war crimes:

"The Hudok Offer including the Arbitration Award and the associated "Peace Treaty 2020" is an attempt to gain multiple undisclosed advantages is a misrepresented commercial offer amounting to a bribe leveraged against restitution that is already owed to the victims." 

"The actual States and People of this country were never engaged in the mercenary conflict known as the American Civil War.  Encouraging people who were never involved in any such conflict to issue a "Peace Treaty" creates the false idea -- and equally false legal admission -- that these same innocent civilians were in fact at war and subject to combat status as Enemies."  

"This False Admission then serves to exonerate the actual Guilty Parties who have waged war against non-combatant civilian populations..." 

"While we are not seeking revenge for the past we do not advise anyone to offer inappropriate Peace Treaties that may or may not be honored and we do not advise anyone to seek or accept any settlement that uses deceptive legal terms like "natural persons" and which misrepresents land "titles" as Free Holds". 

"On the balance, these documents [the Arbitration Award and Peace Treaty 2020] are diabolically deceptive and aim at undisclosed and highly prejudicial goals.  Run like gazelles --- in the opposite direction." 

"We, as a Review Committee, find these proposals to be highly inappropriate and prejudicial...." 

"Signing onto these documents [Hudok's Arbitration Award and Peace Treaty 2020]  would mis-characterize the victims as knowing Enemy Combatants, rob them of their natural political status, and steal title to their land assets."

Bottom line: "You'd have to be crazy to go for this." 


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  1. SOOOOO CONFUSING!!! and especially when its so unclear even where the heck "theamericanstatesassembly" and "Sign up America" ~ is even at with moving one answers inquiries even after paperwork has been completed. I have done my due diligence and I study to show myself approved but there seems to be nothing but conflicting views that amount to a heap of confusion and wondering if any one really wants anyone to succeed.

    1. I am NOT. You need to learn to have spiritual guidance. Peace 2020 sounded too good to be true, exercising old law to control you. Crooks will be always BE Crooks.

  2. gee! I sure wish I could find the info to do the paperwork that is necessary to get my property back and what ever I need to do to get out of this mess.

    1. The crooks didn't want to respect my paperworks, I showed them my BC is not corrupted by them, they still treated me like their slave. I joined the team of class action and sue the Judges Bosses. The Title Co. are responsible also, Never sue them via their 3-level-courts. Once I know their pattern, I didn't appeal but gave them a Notice of Total Rejection of Admiralty Courts. I just give them lots of warning of Liability. You could demand your house back, under Reg. Z 226.23(a)(2) + (h), then(d)(1-2) and tell them you disputed their ID theft, Fraud etc.. WHEN SUING, You should attach a few evidences of the THIEVES/BANKS PASS-THROUGH Trust's, they move our hidden resources, 11,800 Trusts, in their position, to extract and pretending lending, etc. No actual money involved, when I demanded for a copy of canceled big check, the railroaded. Now they are in a BIG trouble to pay back.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Hi Mary,

      Your answers are with the following:
      Answers related to UCC are of importance to you and all steps in article 928 from Anna.

    4. Pinkham, what is your contact info, I have a question

  3. When are we gonna learn how to use Z-tags according to statute and do our own set-offs and discharges without the assembly's intermediation? It's like Anna wants to keep us in dependency to her regime change but no fundamental change. The Hudock issue is only a threat in her mind, and a real distraction why Americans can't get things done for themselves. Tired of representatives, really tired.

    1. @Happy camper

      Americans can't get things done for themselves because they don't do things for themselves. We have been indoctrinated to believe we have to ask to permission from Corporations to do everything.  Are you the Monopoly piece or do you control the Monopoly piece?

      Wake up.

      Mankind (Americans) have to enforce the regulations.  There is no place to go to apply for Z tags. Corporations are not going to give us anything to protect ourselves.  Make your own.

      The process for discharging is available, it's done through submitting the correct forms to the IRS and the borrowers of our credit. Learn it. It's all there in the code.

      1. Know who you are.
      Learn what the birth event is and what the all Capital NAME Re presents.  Kurt Kallenbach "Perfection Series".  Compliments what Anna is teaching.

      2. Get educated to protect yourself. Go back to Kindergarten, open your mind and do a complete "Reset". Relearn.  Warning! Takes a complete life change to accomplish.

      3. Act for yourself and stop asking permission.

      Many Supreme Court rulings
      clearly state a private vehicle is not required to be registered.  We are also not required to register our Land.

      It is not Anna's job to do our work for us. 

       I sincerely thank Anna for diligently providing facts and correct history, now it's my job to stand up and change things while continuing to Learn every day.

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

    2. Thank you Annie!
      In this forum the obvious must be repeated to those that do not like working and learning for themselves. Again, Thank you for putting the blame squarely where it belongs, on each and every one of the people.
      Bless you

      Documented Americans Assemble

  4. Thank you Anna, For everything you offer and explain.

    To readers of this blog....
    We the people have not updated our laws in many many years, this is what we are doing. Getting together in respectable groups within our nation-states to uphold the lawful nature we expect life to be. We the people have the opportunity to layout the type of life we as people want to live.

    Am I wrong in thinking the Bill of Rights was only created because we the people needed to more clearly define the presumptions of their world? It seems to me that some documents simply create a "fence' for them to simply "hop" over. Maybe creating a document that explains how we expect to be treated, what are our guiding Laws like Public law and Natural law. And how we the people wish to handle our everyday private and public business.

    Lets get together and do the one thing they the corporate world can not, lets turn back time, so to speak. Ever notice how Corporate always comes up with new rules to fix or reinterpret a mistake they have made? why only forward when going backwards could actually fix the man-made problem? Can everyone say "difficult by design".

    We the people have real laws on our side, we just need a court of law to actually be heard in their system of color-of-law, right? Anna posted the idea already, we need to update our Public Laws to actually stop all of this, we can not do it as singular people or even as small random groups of people. We need to be recognized as who we are! We the people of these Great Nation-States of the Union!!!!!

    I would ask that each and every person wishing to completely comprehend what it is to be an American to start with ....

    We the people need to get to educating ourselves and our neighbors.
    We the people need to start imposing self-segregation to expose our self-governing processes...not highlighting their processes by complaining about them all the live long day.
    Never forget people, we are trying to work with liars of the highest skill, their greed sustains them to lie, cheat and steal from each and every one of us.

    Think about the expression "...well that's just the way it is...", now throw it out for this one "...anything is possible...."

    We the people need to have the mindset that we are kings in our own right!

    The Z-tag is an 'exemption' from their system, they have to recognize their system for it to be effective. Here in Washington the STATE registers your "car" as a 'motor vehicle' without your "current" consent or "full" knowledge. I would prefer to "travel" 'privately' along side but 'not subject to' their system of commercial suggestions (road signs). The real problem is becoming the fact that they are not taught anything other than statute, we the people need to rise up and create what we the people lack in education with our own propaganda programs, just like they do to us. Such as the right to travel, no taxation without representation, no assumptions or presumptions of political status, etc. etc.

    Its just like those persons you might have a conversation with that always pulls out their phone to check whether or not 'Google' agrees to what you just said, this is not an educated person, this is not critical thinking at any level. This should not be an acceptable method of validation or fact-checking at all!!! This type of reply is simply checking the 'fraudulent' statute world for an 'editable' statute answer, nothing more..... NOTHING MORE!

    Discernment people! AND BOOKS!!!!!! Let us stand in the shoes of our forefathers and finish the great RECONSTRUCTION work they started!

    The confusion is.... knowing the truth but being told a lie!

    Let us NOT go silently into the night, let us scream and dance to our own tune of freedom and happiness!!!

    Documented Americans Assemble and Educate

  5. Who and what is Phil Hudok's Arbitration Award and Peace Treaty 2020 ? What in the heck is Reg. Z 226.23(a)(2) + (h), then(d)(1-2) ? I heard Anna speak of DMV Z tags in a video, can`t find anything about that either.


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