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Saturday, November 16, 2019

Vampires Coming to Dinner

By Anna Von Reitz

Remember the old black and white vampire movies?  

Remember how the vampire would stand at the doorway and everyone in the theater would whisper, “Don’t invite him in!”

And, of course, the dumb girl would always invite the vampire in for tea and cookies. She had to, of course, or the movie would end right there. 

It’s the same way with Federal Agents.  They can’t come in unless you invite them in.  

That’s why all State Assemblies need to use the Bevins Declaration at the beginning of all business meetings, and after any breaks.  

Give them no excuse to infiltrate your meetings or to influence your proceedings as a State Assembly. 

Word your Bevins Declaration to include all “US Citizens” so that you can identify people who don’t know any better, as well as those who are willfully adopting Federal Citizenship of one kind or another. 

Now I will ask you to remember another blast from the past—-recall how the Federales  got all the churches to fall into their “corporate franchise” trap?

They promised the churches tax exempt status. 

The odd thing is that the churches were already tax free.  

By applying for the offered “benefit” of tax exempt status, the already established right to freedom from taxation was converted into a privilege that could be denied by bureaucrats.  

The churches unwittingly gave up a right to gain a privilege, and subjected themselves and their property assets in the process. 

Now you may say, and rightly so, how stupid is that? 

But we have a similar gambit going on right now with the so-called Arbitration Award.

The Arbitration Award is the same kind of anti-intuitive drivel they used on the churches, selling you —at great undisclosed  cost—-something that they already owe you. 

It’s like saying, “We will respect your virginity after we rape you.” 

We will respect your rights and immunities right after you subject yourself to our Queen as a “natural person”, oh, and, of course, after you accept a Municipal Government issued “Title” being placed on your land....

Let me say it again and please listen closely and think about the implications: 

That THING in DC is a foreign government operating as a private, for-profit “governmental services corporation”.  

They think Prisons for Profit is a great idea.  Charging $6000 a day for a cot and gruel sounds wonderful to them. 

Cheating you out of your property assets using titles and tricky legal verbiage is business as usual. 

Selling you something you are already owed— why not? 

Convert your rights to privileges? Even better, so far as they are concerned. 

The Federal Government is like EXXON or Monsanto on Methyl-Ethyl-Amphetamine.   

That’s why we call it The Swamp. 

The Federal Government considers you to be prey. Trapping you and your assets is how it feeds itself.  

And there is only one way out of The Swamp. Reclaim your birthright political status as an American —no kind of US citizen at all — and join and support and protect your own State Assembly. 


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    A great video on how the jewish/babylon/ talmud/cia founded this country.clinton/supreme court/how the jews hid there names/waco/
    albright/al gore/how the jews control russia/the red mofia

  2. Telling it like it is, Anna. Bravo!

    Those who have any doubt of the correctness of Anna’s assessment of “the system” should look in the mirror and intently speak these words, asking:

    “Have I ever read the Constitution carefully, literally? Have I done any actual research about the origins of this nation to verify what Anna is saying? Does my own sense of the fairness of conditions I see around me alert me to my personal responsibility to be involved at a fundamental level of correcting the political, economic, and social circumstances of my time on earth?”

  3. Thx Joel. Couldn't have said it better.


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