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Saturday, November 16, 2019

No "Peace Treaty" Needed

By Anna Von Reitz

Our States and People were never involved in the so-called Civil War.  The entire mercenary conflict wasn't a "war" and it was fought by States of States organizations, like "The State of New York".   

So we don't need any "Peace Treaty" to end a mercenary conflict we were never involved in. 

Instead, the Vermin need a peace treaty to justify their crimes against peaceful non-combatant civilians.  And that is why they are promoting "Peace Treaty 2020".  

Sign up and sign away your right to complain or seek compensation for their mistreatment  and abuse for the past 150 years. 

Now, ask yourselves--- 

Do we give them an excuse for their criminality and let them off the hook?  

Do we go back and subject ourselves to a Queen that has already done all these evil things to us —- by claiming to be “natural persons” instead of one of the "People" she owes good faith service to? 

Do we hand the Pope our land by allowing the Municipal Government to issue a “title” related to it?  

Do we fail in our objective at the last moment by being weak-minded and believing that the same crooks who lied about and mistreated us before will keep their word once they have gotten what they want — our subjection and our land? 

Stop and think. 

Aren't you already owed everything they are offering and more? 

Where is your guarantee that they won’t just take your signature, seize your “donated” assets, and leave you standing there worse off than you were before? 

After all, offering them a Peace Treaty doesn't obligate them to take it.  

And once you have admitted to being a "natural person" and admitted to being "at war" with them and allowed them to take title to your land assets --- what do they need you for?  

Nothing.  They can seize your property and abuse you and do whatever they wish, because you agreed to all of it. 

We will not be able to protect people who take this "Arbitration Award" offer, because we cannot protect them against themselves.   

You have all been given the facts.   

The American Civil War was a mercenary conflict, not a war.  
It was fought by confederated "States of States" not States. 
Our States of the Union didn't fight in this conflict. 
"Natural person" is a subject political status. 
Accepting a "title" for land means you are a tenant.  

If you can still think after a lifetime of false indoctrination, do so. 

If this is a straight up deal, why can't you change your mind and withdraw from it once you sign on?  

If this is such a great deal, where is Richard Schaum's name on it?  

Remember that they operate under Roman Civil Law, and under Roman Civil Law, it's okay to lie, cheat, steal, and defraud to your heart's delight, so long as you don't get caught and nobody objects to it.  

Well, I am objecting.  But you all need to wake up and object for yourselves. 


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  1. WE/I would not offer a Peace Treaty since we have never stood up and declared War against these corporations. The corporations have seized all Title, now vested in the STATE, and in exchange for the marshaling of the assets the military has issued a Lieber Code Article 38 Certificate.
    By holding onto the Reversionary interest in that Certificate, we hold THEM in debt to. Like getting a $1000 Walmart Gift Certificate binds Walmart in $1000 debt, and that is not friendly. But surrendering the $1000 Walmart Gift Certificate back to Walmart, then we are pees-in-a-pad friendly like family or marriage by the merger of the lesser estate [Gift Certificate] merged with the greater estate [Walmart] and now the stuff on the shelf becomes free [up-to the amount of the surrendered/forgiven value of the Certificate].
    And Section 192 has the standing 'simple treaty' where there is "no derrogation of the sovereignty of the party invoking the treaty.

    1. BBO: Except that you should never sue the poor (bankrupted military) for payback, bad idea. Sue the top crooks who had our assets.

  2. BBO, Thanks for the reference to the Law of Nations by DeVatel. In perusing, it has innumerable valuable and pertinent points to consider in this blog, especially being based upon Natural Laws relationship to sovereigns.

    1. Banks are THIEVES, never follow their lie in their fake loan papers, I followed their given bogus lender witch a fake address, fake officer. So the FICTITIOUS STATE is the same, imaginary STATE, they planted in your head, to disorient you. If you have 10 years to waste, go and try.

  3. Here is just one sample of the value of studying "The Law of Nations":

    “Finally, sovereign and independent states may unite themselves together by a perpetual confederacy, without ceasing to be, each individually a perfect state. They will together constitute a federal republic: their joint deliberations will not impair the sovereignty of each member, though they may, in certain respects, put some restraint on the exercise of it, in virtue of voluntary engagements. A person does not cease to be free and independent, when he is obliged to, fulfill engagements which he has voluntarily contracted. “The Law of Nations, Book I Chapt. 1 , Pg 3.

    You all do recall we American State Nationals have sovereign States currently organized under the Articles of Confederation? In our assemblies we will put things straight.

  4. Do yourself a fovor, Look up the definition for
    "Born Alive" in blacks law 5th.

    If you don't comprehend the definition or how it pertains to a what a "natural person" is, go to Kurt Kallenbach and listen to the "Perfection Series". $25 per month to comprehend just what these BAR Attorneys have jurisdiction over. Find out where and how this Fraud started and how we make it all work by our ignorance.

    Look for the word "Be" or "Being" in any Law Dictionary. To publish this definition would reveal the whole game. We the living are not in the world of the DEAD unless we volunteer and make their defected position, perfected.

    Annie McShane
    On Delaware

  5. So true !! In their legalese black ink pon white paper thay can change a word to mean anything the law merchants wish. The definition of live birth by the WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION is the complete expulsion of a product . ITS all right there in plain sight. DE-CEASED THE OPPOSITE OF CEASED ?? To being or not to being that is the question. The criminal cabal has disenfranchised us using the forced sig-nature on the application of birth. Fathers and Husbands please read chapter 30 in the book of numbers . We have let our wifes and daughters enter into contracts vows pledges ECT! We as living Men have to take a stand STOP our biological property being pledged and used as a asset for the criminal cabal to plunder. Some one needs to post a copy of the birth application on line and let all see the TRICK.

  6. Mother signs as the informant on the application in the founding wing of the hospital. She as informant has found an abbanded infant'" a criminal act in their world . Then mother must sign as a unmarried maiden in a name if used after vowed to become one with her mate is a criminal act in it self. Remember let no MAN put asunder. Oh and at the date of the marriage the pastor or whoever is joining the two state if any one object's to this union speak now or forever hold you peace.
    Well fathers we failed miserably. We let our daughters enter into a contract with the STATE. A three way con-tract and the STATE. believes their claim on you and your spouse's production is theirs. A very deceptive contract, larceny by trick I believe.You shall not make merchandise of men. And the Criminals at the top could care less. In the Bible making merchandise of man is under penalties of DEATH !!!! LETS wake up NOW.

  7. If anyone woul like there is a very eye opening series on you tube channel Justinian Deception . The one that really spelled out the trick is the the one titled
    The two births. Their - the cabal relies on our ignorance I believe once the masses become aware of this tricky fraud. The BANKSTERS The CROWN and the VATICAN will have to start an INQUISITION mass murder
    like when Martin Luther EXPOSED the CHURCH'S lies. Let us pray this is not the case.


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