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Friday, August 23, 2019

Red Alert! I'm Baaaack!

By Anna Von Reitz

To quote the Terminator..... and squalling mad, too. 

Everyone needs to get their heads screwed on and right smart quick. 

The minions of the Vermin have discovered that yes, indeed, they have no basis to be in our court buildings and don't own our court facilities and that in fact, they are about a hundred years behind on their lease and rental agreements.  

Oh, my.   And on top of that, it turns out that the people that they have been persecuting and prosecuting are their Creditors.  Imagine that?  Fully admitted, in black and white, just as I have been telling you all for several years.  Take a close look at the attached pdf.

Notice something odd?  The Plaintiffs are the Debtors and the Defendants are the Creditors.  Enough said.  

So now they are going around to the humble Justices of the Peace that are still serving the actual people of their respective Counties and trying to wine and dine them into signing paperwork that would "gift" the courthouses and other facilities that belong to the actual People of this country to the foreign interlopers, corporate thieves, and renegade Municipal "Government" which is operating in flagrant violation of the Constitution that allows its very existence. 

What part of "ten square miles" don't the Pope and the US CONGRESS understand?  Do we need to draw them a picture?  

What part of "shall not be infringed" are they struggling over?   Again, are those little international symbols--- the red circle with a bar across the circle really necessary?  

These activities have been reported in several states now, and thankfully none of the actual Justices of the Peace have been stupid enough to fall for it---- but it is high time that we all "fully informed" everyone in local government that: (1) their positions do not allow them to make such deal for two reasons: (a) most of them have not properly declared their political status on any public-available record; and (b) none of them are authorized to sell, trade, distribute, or "gift" away any particle of our land or soil, our public buildings or our property in general ---- it is all ours, thank you very much, and as long as even one American retains their interest, the rats are SOL.    

Being trusted to use that property for valid public purposes is a serious Public Trust in and of itself, one that has been grossly abused by the Officers of these Foreign Courts who have been leasing the facilities to conduct their private corporate tribunals under conditions of constructive fraud and operating these foreign courts under color of law to extort assets and credit from Americans. 

I have instructed the Territorial United States Government to get off their rumps and shut down the Municipal COURTS which are all operating outside their limited jurisdiction and in violation of the constitutional agreements that give these institutions any right to exist.  

If they are to continue to operate at all, they must operate solely within the ten miles square apportioned to them and must stop addressing Americans as "citizens of the United States", which 90% of us are not and never were.  

As I speak, these idiots are gearing up for another "civil war" on our shores --- another mercenary "conflict" ----- and it's up to all the nations of the world to put a stop to this activity once and for all, on our shores or anyone else's.  

It's a lot cheaper to arrest, try, and execute members of a "Congress" operating in Breach of the Constitution, in Gross Criminal Breach of Trust, and in violation of their commercial contracts, than it is to involve millions of innocent people in extermination campaigns designed to kill off the Priority Creditors of both these foreign commercial corporations. 

And while we are at it, it is also much more time and cost effective to liquidate these corporations entirely, and gift the "receipts" to the victims.  The British Crown and the Municipal United States corporations and their European Masters have caused nothing but war and misery and planetary catastrophe for three centuries.  

All it really takes is to arm our tactical weapons and lock on the pre-selected targets in Israel, Saudi Arabia, Inner City of London, Scotland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Rome, Prague, New York, New Delhi, Hong Kong, and Washington, DC. 

Let them know that the rest of the world has had enough. We see right through their lies and we know who they are.  Literally.  It's time for all this crappola to stop or for the ringleaders to die--- on a permanent basis.  

Fear not the one who can kill the body and not the soul; rather, fear the One who can toss both body and soul in Gehenna. 

This time, if they push any more "drought", cause any more earthquakes, or create any more trouble at all, it's not going to be a lot of misled innocent people "sacrificing" themselves for the sake of lies.  

It's going to be the perpetrators of these schemes that get gutted and burned.  And they will not return. 


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  1. Just saw a comment in a live chat
    In their CAFR reportings they are sitting on $80 Trillion dollars!!!!

    1. Who has $80Trillion?
      The USofA?
      Wouldn't that be around $240,000 per American?

      In 2016? I checked in the 2015CAFR Investment account balance for a town near me of 125,000 people and it was 2.2BILLION. Thats just the town! That's around $17,000 per American.

      Guess the COUNTY has one too and I know the State does... I can't recall how many BILLIONS it was, it was broken up into different accounts.
      To hide it?

    2. I wonder why they would be trying to shut down their own Recording Offices at the same time that they are trying to take over the peoples' court-houses?

      They have already torn down a lot of the jails and police stations and have rebuilt large multi million dollar facilities and bought fleets of new police cars a couple years ago. Plus all these brand new firetrucks. And I live in a county of people with very very modest resources.

      People around here didnt want them, or in other counties either, from what I heard, but they tore the perfectly good older buildings down anyway. It kind of all happened at the same time, suddenly, within, it seemed, a few months.

      With all that's going on it makes one wonder if they had planned to just steal all the land and then have more room for courtrooms to try people who wouldn't give up their land??? And have bigger jails to hold them all??? ...Or maybe they were just planning for the future population growth.:)

  2. That's the finial prize.
    Diasan.air base in El Paso.tx.unauthorized weapons high altitude EMP. capable and senator Lindsey Gram within days warned of terror attack on Charleston Port .
    Later we find it was an air force general and navy admiral.confousis.say he has the most guns wins!

    1. Hmmm the most recent 'mass event' in El Paso, hmmmmm
      Lets not forget we have old Gorby over sitting in the Presidio in California
      Bottom right corner of the below article
      Gorbachev Foundation and ole Nancy Pelosi working to disarm and devommission 23 out of 36 military bases??
      NC Jade Helm 19 slated for August 30 through Sept ?
      They are calling it urban warfare training (my ass)
      Just like Rex 84
      The below article is old but he explains Jade Helm 15

    2. Walmart Has Crystal Clear Video Of The Ice Cream Licker - But Nothing Of The El Paso Shooter.....Imagine That !

    3. The insanity of these freaks is off the charts
      Can you provide information about the Charleston Port?
      North Carolina they got Jade Helm 19 in the works??
      Read this article about the special forces and other groups they using

    4. See here Shelby......Susan
      Unconventional warfare training being staged in 21 North Carolina counties, Army says

  3. Just read on the Amazon. Municipal goverments there selling more trees caused bigger fires the municiaplities that sold less using a program called deforestation. People who have lived there for literally thousands of years in remote forests, who work toward protecting life and the land made a map of their territory and found the government had mapped out a large area of it claiming it was their property unbeknownst to the people whose home it is. Now it seems they are stepping up the genocide and land takeover since the people found out and have spoken that they will protect their people and land to the end.

    I noticed it was municipalites doing the work to kill off the rest of em just like here but as long as they give up they say they will treat them right if they are obedient to then

  4. Sorry, my computer has jump around text when writing, a corporate problem that takes hours and often no one seems to know much about how to fix the problem so my writing jumped off and it tried to send....
    So it was the right of first claim I just realized the Pope made a Bull so the ships captains and leaders would not be in violation taking away peoples land. The captains felt that God would punish them. The Pope the having a self adjudged authority of some kind made a law that said if they noticed the people. tacked up a sign on the land of claim that it was then OK to get people off of the land they had no claim on.
    Where are we seeing this now? People are said not to own their own name since they have not claimed it. Right of claim on anothers property by killing and violence is an act of shame.

  5. We have many, many more good people in this world than bad!

    Time for us to remain peaceful and calm and watchful; unafraid, vigilant, steady and ready and let those who actually ARE watching out for us and creation deflate the beast.
    It's gonna be ugly.

    1. Thanks Turtle :)

    2. I think Turtle is trying to help. Aren't you just trying to get people to assemble Turtle? That's how I took his comments. We do need to get on that. I didnt use #928 myself for reasons already voiced.
      Anybody's heart who isn't in the right place, will soon be recognized as a fraud, fake or "infiltrator".

      Actually it feels pretty good to me to have SELF-PUBLISHED my Cancellation of APOAs in the local newspaper myself without their Recording Office's involvement at all.

      The Recordings I have done have been a little different.
      1. I, being s/Sovereign, sent the originals to myself Regis Mail and sent copies to the DOJ. Inc.
      2. I gave Notice to the DOJ that I was not using the RegisMail System to create a Security (which, by the way, I guess it usually does) but was using it:
      A. For tracking purposes
      B. For maximum protection and security while in their custody
      C. To preserve the commercial/other claims that I may on a later day bring through my State/other: for fraud.

      I believe I also gave NOTICE that I believed the RegisMail system belonged to the people since they are the funders of it.

      I really appreciate your warning bodhi to be careful about anything said in my papers since we are, no doubt, considered by them to be utilizing their Recording System, ..... and that they could try to use what I've written against me since they are liars for a living.
      I have so far only sent one extension ONLY, and that, only ONE time, in support of my claims.
      In each of my papers though, I am claiming the right to change anything at anytime for any reason or for no reason at all and specifying that their admittedly corrupt, criminal organizations.... ,,(DJT EO 13818); their Sovereign, the Sovereign of FICTIONS pertaing to non-Roman Catholics Moto Proprio July 2013; LTMcFad criminal charges pending on their Records, and many other things, that I name,... being purposely designed to prevent me from having the correct information, I preserve my rights to correct ....and so on.

    3. Yes, documented Americans need to assemble. I do see Anna's 928 as a very simple version of the DECLARATION OF LIFE each of us needs to do. We each need to rebut any claims of title against us. The Grand Jury, The Petite Jury and the Continental Congress needs to be at the front of everyone's mind. We the People need to assemble to be recognized as the employers we actually are. THIS IS A LEGAL BATTLE ON PAPER. Together we can END it all LAWFULLY!
      Yes, goodboots, I am simply here to help, thank you

  6. Some kind of deal or judgement was made over there 3 days prior to the fire starting?
    Haven't found the information about that
    See the UNO WARNING in the middle of this page

  7. I for one totally agree with Anna, this a good word for all to listen, we are near that point of no return but to push forward and restore what has been stolen for that last 300 years

  8. QUOTE What part of "ten square miles" don't the Pope and the US CONGRESS understand? Do we need to draw them a picture?
    they are following their "doctrine" anna.

    you got your "2nd coming" interpretation, they have theirs.

    i'm sure if you track down mr. nobody (around chicago i believe) legitimate catholics don't like the imposter "pope" and his demonic masonic minions any more than you do.
    all about the rosicrucian mason 2nd coming, america's "destiny" is to merge with england and mexico (paraphrase) preferably
    peacefully (in other words, by force if necessary)
    “To the Mason, God is our Father in Heaven...He is our Father; and we are all brethren.” - Masonic Morals and Dogma 1916 page 227

    “In fact, it is the equivalent of the Our Father in the daily prayer of many devout Jews. Listen to the powerful words of this prayer. Hear O Israel. The Lord our god is Lord Alone.” - Jewish-Freemason Joseph “Cardinal” Bernardin, sermon given at St. Mary of the Angels, Chicago, 1990.

    Above is a scan of an actual rite of Transcendental Magic from 1896. It is NO coincidence that the cult of Freemasonry summons “the Lord,” chant “the Lord's Prayer” and chant to the Morning Star, Lucifer, just as they do in the Vatican II heretical Mass designed by, who other than Luciferian Freemasons. The entire book is here in our Rare Book Scans Section. It is called The Ritual of Transcendenal Magic, Book II.

    All Bible versions lead their believers to the God of the Gates of Hell, a deceiving (3 Kings 22:22), jealous (Deuteronomy 4:24), perverse spirit (Isaiah 19:14), who speaks through a burning bush fire (Hebrews 12:29) from his house which is adorned with 666 talents of gold (1 Kings 10:12-14).

  9. Too long. Not sure what he was really saying.

    1. Goodness Paul, it is really too bad your site does not offer an option to collapse un-related post, I would truly like the idea of minimizing some of these long winded yet off-topic rants that some of these mis-guided fanatics feel they just HAVE to announce. Maybe with enough "collapsing" there post could be permanently collapsed in an effort to keeping on topic and suppressing mis-information. Its just a thought, you can claim the idea.

  10. Remember GUNSMOKE?

    Remember how MATT DILLON and CHESTER or FESTUS would round up a criminal and bring'em in and they'd have the trial at MISS KITTY'S LONGBRANCH SALOON in DODGE CITY, KANSAS?
    They'd get 12 men, listen to the witnesses, see the proofs and then hold the criminal over for the public hngang in the town square.

    All the women would come to town in their long dresses and their bonnets for thehagnign.

    Where American state nationals are, a trial can be held.

    Again, American state nationals ARE the court.
    U.S. citizens are not; they are subject TO the English Territorial and Roman MUNICIPAL courts.

    The free, sovereign and independent American state national, holds court and is the court. The jury makes/is/decides the law. If a truly-elected Justice of the Peace is available, they oversee the trial; if not, the trial can proceed without a JP, but its better to have one and every town/county/parish/other had one.
    Watch the Andy Griffith show, to see how the JPs were utilized by the people in their Public Offices. That's actually how America was before the mid 60's.

    Every American is (a) s/Sovereign = ...assume among the powers of the earth the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of natures Ggod entitle him...
    ---Declar of Indep, July 1776.

    American state nationals: are the s/Sovereigns,
    are the s/Sovereigns of the court
    The sovereign holds court
    The sovereign IS the court!

    That bunch in WDofC/Isis knows it, too!
    Here's soft proof:
    They just put forward the anti-lynching legislation.
    Why would they do that after 100 years of refusing to do so?

    ARE THE LAW...

    Including at the LONGBRANCH in Every town, USA uninc. :)

    1. Exactly goodboots, I also remember Jody Foster saying in an old Gunsmoke "I'll pay you with an IOU". And according to Bills of Exchange act, that is payment.

      I've been reading dictionaries everyday for some time now... the proof is endless. They've stolen our language and made it theirs. I give definitions with my notices to "them", and "they" cannot use "their" lies against me.

      They stop contacting those who show them their deceit in the very books they've also used to deceive us.

      So which definitions will you all chose from this day forth?

      Court [Oxford Canadian Dictionary Second Edition]:
      4 a. the establishment, retinue, and courtiers of a sovereign.
      b. a sovereign and his or her councilors, constituting ruling power.
      c. a sovereign's residence.
      d. an assembly held by a sovereign.
      Suite: [Oxford Online]: A group of people in attendance of a monarch or other person of high rank.
      Retinue [Oxford Online]: A group of advisers, assistants, or others accompanying an important person.
      Sojourn [Oxford Online]: A temporary stay

      Court [Oxford Online]: 4. The qualified members of a company or a corporation.

      COURT ... [INTERNATIONAL LAW Black's Law Dictionary, 4th Ed., 425, 426]:
      The person and suite of the sovereign; the place where the
      sovereign sojourns with his regal retinue, wherever that may be

      DE FACTO [Black’s Law Online Legal Dictionary 2nd Ed.]
      This phrase is used to characterize an officer, a government, a past action, or a state of affairs which exists actually and must be accepted for all practical purposes, but which is ILLEGAL OR ILLEGITIMATE. [caps are mine]

      SOVEREIGN [Webster’s New International Dictionary, Second Edition (1953), Page 2406]: "The person or body having independent and supreme authority."

      Sovereignty [ Case law]:
      “The very meaning of ‘sovereignty’ is that the decree of the sovereign makes law.” American Banana Co. v. United Fruit Co., 29 S.Ct. 511, 513, 213 U.S. 347, 53 L. Ed. 826, 19 Ann. Cas. 1047.

      Sovereignty [ Case law]
      “‘Sovereignty’ means that the decree of sovereign makes law, and foreign courts cannot condemn influences persuading sovereign to make the decree.” Moscow
      Fire Ins. Co. of Moscow, Russia v. Bank of New York & Trust Co., 294 N.Y.S. 648, 662, 161 Misc. 903.

      Sovereignty [Oxford Online]:
      The authority of a state to govern itself or another state.​
      Supreme power or authority​
      A self-governing state

      So we can call them illegitimate and illegal as the definition says they are. In Canada the ATTORNEY-GENERAL as her website had it printed at last viewing by myself, also had printed at one time we are the "De facto Government" of Canada....
      Prime Minister Harper was on a News "program[ming]" show (Global News I believe), and said "Canada is a de facto government"...
      So the Sovereigns are above de facto and he was trying to tell people that, otherwise why would he bring it up? Why would the AG have it on her site?

      The saloons are gonna be mighty full with wrongdoers one day soon.

    2. I hope this site is still up go to he has a bunch of information on his website
      They have literally destroyed him but he keeps going
      He takes donations and gets to a new hotel room or whatever and he brings his stuff back on line
      I was thinking maybe this is why they call them rabbi is because they are rabbid?? JMO

    3. That is right Bondi
      American Nationals is what we all are PERIOD
      And by this statement, on this internet of which they monitor EVERYTHING,

    4. Your declaration (rebuttal) needs to be of Public Record...just like their (falsified) claim IS. Make no mistake THIS IS A LEGAL BATTLE OF PAPER. This online format is wholly insufficient, it is completely forge-able. Public Record will have your must powerful tool...YOUR SIGNATURE! Those who DO NOT record their declarations (rebuttals) are part of the problem. They can only succeed in their LEGAL world, take their power away in the form of rebuttals! Claim your Good Name (#928), Claim your assets (UCC-1), then act within the capacity of a bone-fided American employer.
      (drops the mic)

  11. You guys realize that we are BEing American state nationals right here, right now, don't you??!!!???! THIS, what we are doing right here on Paul's blog, is what our grandfather's did!

    Every one of us has something the whole needs order to get the complete structure and function working properly where we are all able to be:
    Alive and well
    Free to move and do, without interference
    Pursue our goals and desires
    Be safe
    Find our version of being happy.
    ALL A.L.L. *ALL* of the peoples' who "HOLD THESE TRUTHS TO BE SELF-EVIDENT..." (the qualifier for being a true and inherent American state national) ideas, thoughts, discoveries, talents, specialties, gifts, BRAIN POWER are vitally necessary.

    Even if you think you just have one little thought or idea, it might be the conceptual "motherlode" for an entire "corner" of the puzzle were putting back together.
    Paul always encourages people to comment on his posts. Don't be shy! We're all just working together to put these puzzle pieces into their optimally functional place.

    GO TO THE *people*!!

    The total body of wisdom and strength and courage and talent and compassion and honor and right decisions of all of the everyday people has never had any equal.
    Somehow, they knew this.

    And they set up this wonderful system for us and preserved it for us forever in the AMERICAN traditional common law trust called the DeclarofIndep.
    It actually is, for us who are under its authority, more of a stewarding agreement, that is:
    an agreement of honor more than of money...
    So that the men who were elected by the people to be their delegates and carry the peoples' voice forward into the larger group of Americans, more or less actually "bonded themselves".
    It's in the last paragraph or two of the DofI.
    As far as I have found, they were not yet working under PUBLIC BOND, so they actually did "bond/chain/put restraining bands" on themselves; it's contained, I believe, in their oath of honor to serve the people (end part if the DofI), by placing their own honor, their own lives, their own fortunes on the line if they failed to serve the people.

    We come from a long line of very honorable men and people.
    Who else will not only acknowledge, but also take an oath to protect, another man's rights, gifts, property, statuses under God the same as he protects his own, AND would lay down his life for them, but a man of honor before his creator?

    They were far from perfect and so are we, but they did not let that stop them from pressing forward toward becoming who and what they desired to be.
    They were unstoppable.
    So are we.
    We are honorable to, or desire to be.

    We're operating in American traditional common law right now.

    We know our intention.
    We've made our public declaration.
    Now we are DOing it.
    And so it is established.

    That's American traditional common law.
    It belongs to us.
    It's our heritage.

    1. I want to watch but can't get on UT. Can it be viewed anywhere else?

  12. Moreagora, great hard proofs!!!!
    Yes, we should use their own words to prove their fraud whenever possible.

    Jodie Foster: if the people she gave the IOU to accepted it as payment and then tore it up, I remember that.
    I havent gotten into researching about scrip yet, but that seems like an excellent example of the acceptance and use of private scrip from one sovereign to another.
    Do I have that right .....(anybody?...)

    I agree, we have to give our definitions.
    What I have been doing is specifying at the beginning, before I start my actual NOTICE, something like:
    "This NOTICE is written in Common American language [NOT Common American *English*], my native language and the is the only language I speak or understand. All words, phrases/other and their usages are defined by me alone; since I, being their author, am the only one who could possibly be able to rend the true and intended interpretation of same."

    We all need to get our heads together and get some of this wording perfected, don't we?

    Love your research. Thank you so much for all the work and for generoudly sharing it. I think I might chose all of the definitions at different times except the OXFORD ONLINE 4. :)

    Regarding "de facto" ANYthing: I think I'm going to drop the word from my vocabulary altogether after reading your comments... We might just as well go ahead and call it what it is: CRIMINAL.

    Same with "de jure", I think I will just start saying either "BY RIGHT", "IN LAW", or "LAWFUL(-LY)".

    If you have more info about private scrip and or its historical use in America, that would be so interesting to hear about.

    1. This format of communication is insufficient as rebuttal, due to security and repeat-ability. Anyone who believes that just saying your are American Nationals out loud, are NOT helping the situation at all. Everyone needs to make legal and lawful rebuttals to counter their falsified claims of ownership over EACH and every one of us.

      Most of you TALK the right TALK, Have you MADE any LEGAL or LAWFUL efforts?

      The proof is in the puddle, not on the box it came in.

    2. For me, right now, because were dealing with CRIMINALS, I feel coerced by the CRIMINALS threats, intimidation and known violence and disregard and apparant hatred for free men and women to do both.

      These people actually agreed to accept a contract and payment to knowingly act outside of our law and violate the natural God-given rights of other men while on our land and soil IN EXCHANGE FOR a portion of what they steal from us...Prizes in Admiralty from their Sovereign, the "Pope/Papa/Papacy/Vatic-an", who is Sovereign over FICTIONS ONLY, although has insanely (from what we are learning: incestuously??), claimed to possess the world and everything in it.
      So they couldn't care less what our law or creators law is because they've been told by the Poopster and Qwhine that they ARE the law when it comes to Americans and to plump up their "accounts", they need to inflict as much harm damage injury loss on Americans and their property through as many violations, trespasses ,and fraud as necessary.....all is forgiven.....the Poopster said so.
      And Long live the Qwhine and tally-ho?

      Therefore, nothing really has "worked" 100%, since we're dealing with moronic freeloaders who thought lying and being a thief for a living was a good idea.
      Especially since another man, just like them, told them it was okay.

      Not only did they agree to accept payment for violating people's natural God-given rights, these feral morons actually took an oath to another man!!
      I mean come. on..., how stupid can one be?

      75% of them are crawling with demons.
      Some of them do human sacrifices.
      All of them have pledged to each other, under blood oaths of agreeing to cut each others tongues out, to harm you and me and other people as much as possible because that is the system they agreed to work within in exchange for a portion of what they steal from all of us!!!!
      Really, for me, it is starting to boil down to being almost as simple as that.

      So, answering the direct question BODHI:
      If anyone doubts that what you are saying is not absolutely correct, all they need to do is watch how the attorneys are handling then illegal immigrants. They are RECOGNIZED by the USINC to be Foreign Nationals and therefore Sovereigns while in the USINC.

      Whatever they SAY (being s/Sovereign), is what is, and cannot be changed by the attorney. The attorney has no jurisdiction over the migrants....:
      Is that little girl your daughter?
      Check √.
      Are you married?
      Check √.
      The attorneys who don't know what we are talking about and cant hear us, know exactly what the migrants are saying when they say the very same thing.

      Now those attorneys are down there to reel in more citizens cause they know this crop of slaves is escaping.
      But so many people are awake!
      I sense that what once was, already is no more. The tree is still standing but the axe has already been laid to the root.
      Were just waiting for the dam thing to fall over on those under it. JMO


      I did not Record annamarias #928 basic free packet. I found too many things I was not completely comfortable with that I could not get answers for, so I published my own Cancellation of All Powers of Attorney and then Recorded my own Correction to Errors in Political Status and Extensions. I am using them in my claims. My present claims are private claims being brought forward by me, the natural born living woman and soul, being one of the people, in AMERICAN traditional common law authority on the land and soil against the men and women who have harmed me by claiming to have a commercial contract obligating me to service/performance/use of my private property/payments/fees/charges that I did not agree to.

      They have opportunity to enter the original INITIATING (*INITIATING* is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT) lawful, valid, enforceable/other claimed contract into the court's Record to establish proof of their claim.
      (Otherwise pay the claim.)

    4. Oh I am talking with a lot of Mexicans here in Texas, in fact I go out of my way to tell the Mexicans here about this fraud
      I talk to people of all nationalities about what is going on especially folks from India
      Remember India is where they working the BRICS deal and all their people are being biometrically marked, fingerprinted, iris scans, I think the program is called ADHR or something like that
      The company Infosys is doing that project in India, at least that is what I read
      This is their cashless society shit
      That's why the puppet in India recalled the currency like he did
      The Rocky boys and the BRICS deal
      How about that Brazil, you think it is an accident that the people of Brazil are being firebombed out of the amazon
      Bush and his fresh water aquifer and 150,000 acre spread in Brazil
      Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
      Of course they will blame it all on climate change, cc = 33
      They didn't create those climate stock exchanges for nothing - they intend for it to be a green new deal for them
      Disaster capitalism
      When they burned out Paradise California logging companies went in there faster than you can say boo - pre planned
      FEMA was set up two days before the fires?
      Planned bankruptcy of PG & E so they can take control of power source
      Berkely just banned the use of natural gas
      See it's about a green new deal of we get solar and wind while they sell and/or hoard the oil and other natural resources
      Meanwhile Gates and co pay harvard to block out the sun that solar panels work with

    5. Bodhiyour8/24,2:12 pm:
      Sadly true.
      When I have been reading winkwinks info its struck me that in ethnic cleansings they always go for the high IQers first. American people, honestly, have not always been this brain dead though. In grade school it was pretty common to have a 105-108 IQ.
      Now, if you've managed to escape the silent injuries and damages somewhat and exhibit an IQ over 105 people either report you for (thinking/deciding something and) not rotely following all the rules or they think you're a genius.
      It is grotesque to watch people salivate over watching other people get hurt though. They love it.

  13. When we purchase something and sign a contract for it, such as work on your home. OR such as a loan at a bank, nothing can be hidden, otherwise you cannot be held to the contract. Its called Full Disclosure and most of us are familiar with what that means.
    Therefore, none of us are what 'they claim' we are, and all of this stuff is Fraud, simply because we not only were given full disclosure, nor did we sign our names in Agreement, in fact none of us even knew about it.

    And so, it is all null and void, and as some have said, that leaves us with nothing to do except maybe make the Declaration. The problem is, 'they' do not hear us, do not acknowledge what we say, nor do they intend to.
    How disgraceful and disrespectful is that ! The People are treated like doormats; that is what it amounts to. The lid is being blown off of everything now, and even more will be exposed, unending, till everyone will be affected and they see Reality. Like Goodboots said, 'its gonna get real ugly'.

    1. Verrrrrry helpful dear friend.

    2. You're cracking me up!!!

  14. "^^^^^^ bingo. I invoke my right as the sovereign in this land to MY court and do not consent to your jurisdiction. Come at me bruh : ) <3"

    Actually that is exactly what we will be doing shortly, I trust.

  15. Math, science, history, unraveling the mystery, we build a wall
    It all started with a big bang
    Ever notice how the guy from oath keepers (whos oath are they keeping is the question) wears a patch over one of his eyes?
    I might also add that this wall is equipped with many of the new technologies surrounding 5G, IoT (Intenet of Things)
    How about the underground tunnels and bunkers is the wall going to stop the trafficking through them?
    How about H1B visa's?
    Go watch the Hunger Games
    Destroyed 14 mid west states (farmland) where do you think we gonna get food?
    Destroying California, food
    It's all part of the UN plan for the world not just us
    Police departments joining their jurisdictions as per their NCTCOG, regionalism

    Absolutely nothing they have told the public is on the up and up

    1. I would also bet that those 14 counties they working this Jade Helm 19 is all part of one of the Councils of Governments deals
      16 Regional Councils of Goverment in North Carolina
      In 2010 they signed an Inter-Regional Cooperative Agreement
      Below is an example of one of those agreements
      My guess is this all falls in with the Organization of American States and the North American Summit that ole Pence has been attending

      There is absolutely nothing they have told the public is true
      Behind the scenes they are all working for the bankers

    2. Another link that may shed some light on what they been doing and some groups that are involved

    3. The Regional Planning Act of 1965
      670 Regional Planning unelected associations with Board of Directors carrying out the UN Agenda behind the scenes

    4. Thanks for keeping up on all this Shelby. I wouldn't be aware of but a fraction of all this dangerous, intrusive, harmful stuff going on if it wasn't for you.

    5. So while they wildlands almost the entire us land mass they stacking and packing all of us into regions
      70% of worlds populations to be in overcrowded polluted cooridors
      by design
      While the Obama crook purchases a $14 million doallr estate on Martha Vineyard - all nice and private and beach front - how about that
      See how that works

    6. goodboots YVW
      I agree with Anna that we did not give away anything to the UN but as you can tell they are carrying out the plans right under everyones noses
      This was all part of their plan even before WWII was started
      Again this guy here tells it like it is - Catholic Church, the men in black, the rabbid dogs doing all of this to mankind
      The black nobility goes way beyond ole Rothchild and the Rockyfeller bunch
      Bankrupting the world is the plan for their new world order rise of the phoenix
      Which links directly back to black nobility like the Plavachinni Family
      It's all mafia, think Godfather and you bet your sweet a$$ ole Donny boy is in it up to his neck
      Trump Towers, the TT double cross their Trump card, Trumpence
      Just like AT & T who has double crossed all it's consumers
      5G and the IoT is their virtual world prison for the peasants
      We either dump this technology or we work to create our own currencies and start a new else they moving forward to lock this whole damned planet down
      That's what the dance around the globe was about in Saudi Arabia


      Since 1302 get that date that is when ole constantine and the clan created the Vatcan and the Papal Bulls claiming dominion over all us poor lost souls on earth
      Check out the article down on the right
      Roman King of the Jews
      This is where their Society of Jesus comes from

      G7, G20 and they now having a meeting on the Noahide 'laws'

      Ole Bush and his role in the deception

      And you bet these people who say they are jews but are not jews are actually the black nobility and their cohort n a z i s perpetrating this entire plan for the rise of the Holy Roman Empire IV Reich which will rule the entire world under the 5G, IoT, control of everything, land, food, water, resources etc etc etc
      Think Georgia Guidestone
      Charlie Danials Band, Devil Went Down to Georgia, Jeckly Island
      Georgia just happens to be where they put up the guidestones, hmmmm
      Full circle, started there end there??
      Except they don't control all the nations yet, this is why they want Iran

    8. If its Stewart Rhodes, he's said before that he's a BAR attorney..
      ...oh! But wait!! he doesn't use the "Esq." after his name!!!!
      So, that would make him a British subject?

    9. Stewart told me he got rid of his BAR card several years ago.

    10. Think Rhodes scholor

  16. "...all of this stuff is Fraud..."

    Yes, that is the foundational issue.

    Dealing with these people's moral and ethical trash lives is like being forced to sift through someone's mental outhouse. Like peee-uu-EEE!! None of us want to go into the sh!thouses of their lives and minds.

    The good thing is they only have paper chains, lies and violence.
    We have courage, our honor and knowing/believing we are in line with the creator's laws.

    I think were going to "take 'em down".
    Be ready. :)

    1. Well, I will probably faint when we actually pass through the eye of this needle these CRIMINAL slouches have been such Busy Beavers constructing to trip us all up with, but yes, lets bring it on!

  17. Actually, there should be just one simple statement any one needs to make upon entering their court system - - which, if you dont, they issue an arrest warrant for you as I understand it - - And that one Statement ought to nip it all in the bud, in one fell swoop, and goodbye and end of story. NOT this having to learn how to handle ourselves in a court room before the 'black devils'.

    As for all these 'plans' everybody is setting up for us, well plans are just plans, and they dont always get implemented, lol. What will happen though, is their plans will ALL get suddenly interrupted by a Power much stronger than all of them put together. Neither side is going to win; 'they' are not going to take over the world, and the people arent going to 'take back control of it' either.

    1. I am the creator of that instrument (certificate), it is a recorded event
      I am the Sole Beneficiary and Shareholder of my corp
      I am the General Executor of this account

    2. The Chevron

    3. Like in Kung Fu, thank you grasshopper

    4. And start waving your birth certificate around. It may as well be kryptonite to them.

    Like I said JUSTIFY winning the triple crown was no accident

  19. I am working on a document that will detail out this regionalism stuff so people can get an overall view of the scope of their planning
    Already know there are 16 in North Carolina
    24 in Texas
    Will see how it goes
    Mind you these are all private orgainzations with Board of Directors, Presidents, Vice Presidents the whole nine yards and they are all working the UN agenda
    MPO's, Metropolitan Planning Orgainzations, another level
    This is just one of the COGs in Louisiana
    Check out the site and the ITS information that comes up on the banner as it changes pictures
    This is them setting up the control grid and most likely this is part of NAFTA and the spy highway system
    This is where they link your car, plates, registration, toll tag with rfid chip in them all to the so called intelligent infrastructure but in reality it is their 5G IoT shit to control everything
    This stuff is all over Texas already with the Trans Texas Cooridor
    Wherever they have destroyed the land and relocate people off of is where they are now saying they are fixing and upgrading this stuff but it is all pary of the overall plan of control
    They pass the natural disaster off as Biblical and then they come in with the public private partnerships and build the control grid infrastructure
    You can bet those 14 states they just destroyed in the mid west was done on purpose to steal the land and continue the NAFTA Super Highway
    Not to mention they take control of the bread basket of the nation or whats left of it and they get it for pennies on the dollar after the change the rules and codes and things to prevent the farmers from returning to their land

  20. Is the PDF posted in this Article supposed to be 'filled-in', or just a 'blank form". I'm just seeing a blank form when I follow the link. Thanx Judge anna for all the info you continuously provide! :)

    1. It is supposed to be the blank form that a court uses as records of who is who on various cases.