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Friday, August 23, 2019

How to Kill an Archon

By Anna Von Reitz

Sometimes I wonder, seriously, if we as a species, are too stupid to live?
This morning I woke up to the "news" that the banks are 220 trillion "in debt" as a result of "derivatives" ---- basically false names and false titles that have been used to defraud people all over the world, with malice aforethought, by eight conspiring central banks and a handful of securities brokerages and holding companies.
"Ha!" I snorted into my morning coffee, much as my Father used to do when something startling came to the surface early in the day. "Is that all?" I thought. And then I thought, "Well, what to hell? The idiots just gave Prince Philip $950 trillion in "Life Force Value Annuities"---- all owed to innocent Americans and Canadians, by the way---- go shake his pockets loose and poof! That "derivative problem" just goes away..... and then some."
Then I brooded on the topic of so-called "water shortages" that we are experiencing as a result of the US NAVY and NATO Allies doing unlawful and illegal weather warfare "testing" on non-domestic populations in flagrant violation of the United Nation's ENMOD Treaties.
Their schtick selling you oil as a "precious commodity" is at an end, so they have cast around and found something even more precious that they can "limit" by manipulating the jet stream and causing a fake drought----- water, which, unlike oil, you need to live.
Just ask yourselves, how is it possible to have 85% humidity and no rain for weeks at a time? And how much could the bastards extort, if they "corner the market" on water?
Geoengineering. Weather modification technology. All those "chem trails" were establishing "field antenna" structures to bounce other radiation off of---- similar to the Japanese Pixel Paint that allows them to paint a wall and make it into a TV screen forty feet long and eighteen feet high.
Using this technology they can keep water vapor suspended in the atmosphere indefinitely, while using other technology to be able to "download" copious amounts of this atmospheric water for themselves. They can also use other technology to redirect the natural jet streams ---- rivers of water vapor in the atmosphere --- and cause them to dump their payloads of water into the oceans instead of letting them rain on the land.
Hence the sudden "threat" of a "centuries long drought" and sky-high water prices.
How about this? We all wise up and recognize a few things.
What is an Archon?
Basically, an Archon is an extra-terrestrial Bad Idea that assumes a physical form.
These things are the embodiment of greed. The ultimate Useless Eaters. All they know how to do, is consume, consume, consume.
And all they know how to do in order to consume is to cheat, and lie, and steal.
Because these THINGS are not, strictly speaking, alive, they are somewhat hard to kill.
It has to be done underwater, with an infrared laser through the eye sockets.
If you don't do it right the first time, they come back, sort of like warts or in-grown toe-nails, and continue to cause trouble.
Another thing about Archons is that they are, relatively speaking, physically weak and quite cowardly on average. That's part of the reason that they constantly hide behind "proxies" ---- proxy governments, proxy banks, proxy proxies.
Their entire modus operandi is to work through others to achieve their ends, so as to protect themselves, and to hide their identities, and to give themselves "plausible deniability" when the Shipping High In Transit comes down.
So they pretend to be Catholics --- but aren't Catholics.
They pretend to be Jews --- but aren't Jews.
They pretend to Muslims --- but aren't Muslims, either.
So never blame the people like Donald Trump or even Queen Elizabeth or Pope Francis. That's like blaming an evil sock puppet.
No, you have to think harder and look longer and suddenly you will start to see the actual shape and nature of the Beasts. It's easy to target their nerve centers: New York, Inner City of London, Rome, Luxembourg, Washington, DC, Prague, Hong Kong, New Delhi.... but not so easy to identify them.
Howbeit, we have done so. We know exactly who they are and where they live, how they came to be here, all of it.
And the information has already been distributed to millions of interested parties, here and throughout the galaxy, complete with a "How to Recognize an Archon Guide" that shows the DNA markers of bodies they are known to use.
So it won't be such an easy business for them to "externally manipulate" things any longer. Our attitude is, if they won't go peaceably, well..... there are other means of getting rid of the plague.
In view of their tampering with the biosphere and in particular, their attempt to corner the market on water and in full view of their actions deliberately causing severe drought conditions as part of their build-up scheme, we are ready to evict them forcibly and permanently.
Someone should inform the United Nations that they are being used as a storefront the same way the Roman Catholic Church has been used, and that the ENMOD Treaties are being violated with impunity by these vermin, but this time, it won't be me who carries the bad news to the Galactic Council and the UN Inspector General.
I have other things to do.


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  1. What a load of nonsense, lol. Anna, these are Demons. And ya dont need any dna test to know it. For I know them by their (rotten) fruits !
    And P.S. there are also NO galactics. They too are nothing but demons and you arent gonna kill any demons, never did, and never will. They are evil spirits and they are invisible.

  2. It's good to know that you "know" what is true and what isn't true.
    Especially it's very comforting to know that you "know" that there are no galactics too. Whew! I can sleep now.

    Remember: pride always comes before the fall.

    1. Well Anon, tell us what your galactics look like. Show us a pic of one. Give us your proof of such pie-in-the-sky folks that you love to believe are 'coming to rescue you'. Time for all you daydreaming new agers to wake up and make yourself face Reality. There 'aint no galactics'. Just keep repeating that till you finally force yourself to get yer feet back on terra firma. Only people who cant face God, cant deal with a real God, go off into such pipe dreams frantically searching for any kind of substitute that comes their way.
      And yes indeed, I DO happen to 'know'. And your envy is a sin, BTW. Instead of thinking you can trash me, why dont you try to learn something, lol.

  3. Methinks someone cannot separate mythology and superstitution from reality. An archon is simply a Greek word that means "ruler", frequently used as the title of a specific public office. It is the masculine present participle of the verb stem αρχ-, meaning "to rule", derived from the same root as monarch, hierarchy and, yes, anarchy -- NO RULERS.

  4. Keep going, peeling back the layers. Archons as in Nag Hammadi are more than 'ruler'. Just as God means to most vs as god to some. Tell ya what, as Tree Admirers we see trees as conduits, purifiers, communication portals, memory keepers, sentient beings tho to look it up in the dictionary its a plant. Do we chose to be defined as to who we are, or chose to be the definition of who we are? Fractals of infinite, or two dimensional paper/screen? Quibble minutia or expound the expanse?
    Now, how is it these Archons are visible at times, even attached to people, photographed? And Santilli Concave Lens Telescope sees anti-matter right now. We can buy one. Its simply a reversal of the convex to concave lenses. Its in this reversal Entities (Archons?) can be seen with our eyes.
    We photograph many things, not as photographers, but as lookers w cameras. We have photos of craft in our sky, even seeming to present themselves to us purposefully. How is it we see them, photo them, & others looking at the same thing do not see it as such? How? How is it we see web of chemtrails above & others look up & do not see it? Their eyes see it, their minds do not. Are they blind? No. Are they incapable of seeing it? Seems so.
    Theoretically this is why I need you & hopefully you can see a need for me, as fractals in spacetime we see differently to see the whole. Archons are here & can be seen. Just wanted to add that reversed lenses have been used before, were used, only now Santilli presents his reversed lenses & its a great new thing. He's so happy his lifes work has contributed to mankind.

    Santilli's telescope detects Invisible Terrestrial Entities ...
    Santilli's telescope detects Invisible Terrestrial Entities (ITEs) Unlike normal telescopes which use convex lenses, Santilli's telescope was developed with a concave lens. According to Santilli (with pictures to back it up) his invention lets us see "entities in our terrestrial environment that are invisible to our eyes and conventional Galileo telescopes" (see photo gallery below).

    1. Was this Santilli guy an alcoholic? I know some have said they even see snakes that are not there, too. Lol.

  5. Abby - put the bottle down before you fall off your stool.