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Friday, August 23, 2019

An Answer and an Invitation to Greg Hallett:

By Anna Von Reitz

Dear Greg,
I read with interest your long expository piece about Queen Victoria and the situation she faced in regard to the Rothschild coup --- all points duly noted.
However, saving the "royal line" via an illicit, underage, out of wedlock tryst between Cousins reeks of exactly the same practices and standards practiced by the Illuminati --- practices and religious beliefs steeped in the cult of bloodlines and intermarriage with close relatives and obvious disregard for standards of age of consent and marital vows and wedlock --- things that are all foreign and emblematic of the Egyptian Cultists, Druids, etc., and not "Christian" at all.
That being so, and the Rothschilds being acknowledged as the owners of the "breeding rights" to the British Royal family, a scandalous proposition in and of itself, who is to say that the Rothschilds ---operating from their standards, not from ours--- didn't order the rape and impregnation of a 14 year-old girl as the start of their breeding program?
As you are no doubt aware, these cultists have their own ideas about genetics and "purity" ---- one of which is to backbreed into related lines to preserve initial genetic content, just as dog breeders do.
It looks to me like they established exactly such an insurance policy of "blooded stock" when they took over the British Royals Breeding Program---- and deliberately produced your ancestors and co-collaborators to create exactly such a "backline".
According to their beliefs, only two virgins produce a pure line, because any other, later, intercourse is apt to be polluted via fragments of genetic material left by former lovers in the mother's bloodstream.
So they wasted no time in taking charge of the royal bloodlines and getting the virgin princess impregnated by her own cousin when she was only 14 --- a gross and despicable action for which these cultists deserve to be universally condemned-- just on the face of it.
It also makes sense that they would do this as a preliminary action, as it was their intention to otherwise adulterate and thereby invalidate the British Royal Bloodline ---- which is what they proceeded to do and which is the "trump card" you are now playing.
The diabolical genius of this is that they wind up with two bloodlines, one "pure" according to their ideas, one "adulterated" -- also according to their ideas --- both of which they own and control.
The impure serve as puppets and scapegoats. The "pure" serve as a fallback for them to continue claiming the throne no matter what.
If the adulterated line refuses to do their bidding, or people wake up and get out the pitchforks, they bring forward the "pure" bloodline and use that as an excuse to depose the "impure line" and then they present it (you) as an alternative to their same evil: Boaz and Joachim, Pillar and Post, Republican and Democrat.
You will all have to get up a lot earlier in the morning to put any such argument or facile substitution past me.
So what you appear to be saying is that you are rightful King of England and of the Sangrael ("Holy Blood"/"Holy Grail"/"Holy Vessel") as a result of sins committed by Princess Victoria under duress....but the total picture is considerably different and more problematic, and the more sober judgment would seem to be that both from a spiritual and practical standpoint, your claims ---and theirs--- are tainted and derived from immoral criminal activities, including underage sex trafficking, enslavement, child abuse, child rape, falsification of records, identity theft, substitution frauds, semantic deceits----all surmounted by no small amount of purposeful constructive fraud and conspiracy against the lawful British government and the actual Royal Family which was also defamed, deposed, bankrupted and murdered by the same Actors.
Notice the mistreatment suffered by the last Plantagenets at the hands of Princess Victoria: the Earls of Loudon, who are Belle Chers and rightful hereditary heirs and Christi. Notice the purposeful obfuscation of the origins of "America" as a series of "Armorican" ---Norman French colonies--- not British.
We can all see the fruits of such a religious cult in the two World
Wars and innumerable mercenary conflicts which have all but destroyed the world and the biosphere, both.
So, given that, why would anyone in their right mind continue to support any individual monarch or form of governance promoted by these Cultists at all? And I do mean -- period -- at all?
If you, as an individual, want to do the right thing --- then do it.
Use whatever power you may have or assume, to bring peace and justice--- and not through some monolithic military conglomerate merging all the nations on Earth into one Evil Empire ruled over by puppets owned, operated, and bred like dogs by criminal bank syndicates.
This whole story line of beneficent "merging" of nations all being brought together doesn't smell right, and there is a reason that it doesn't---- it's the same garbage that the Deep State has been trying to accomplish for years, only "re-branded" as something new and good.
Call horse hunks by a different name, Greg, and strange thing, ----they smell and taste exactly the same.
As you may have cause to know, there are German and French and Italian and Indian and Ethiopian Sangraels, the Christi, so there is not one "Christ", but many; as you certainly have cause to know, the only special status of your claimed Office is the overseeing of the Commonwealth, and finally, as you may know, my Office is not limited to my work as Fiduciary of The United States of America.
I would suggest that the Bank of England and the Society for the Economy and the government of Westminster simply give up, admit what they have done, cough up the records, do what they can to correct and make amends, and otherwise stop causing trouble.
If the Perps have given you all sorts of ranks and titles and passed the purloined scepter to you, its well-past time for you to tell the "US" Navy to stop its illicit attacks on America and stop its tampering with American water resources and stop its disrespect of its obligations under the ENMOD Treaties regarding domestic targets only----and stop trying to corner the market on water supplies.
It's never going to work. We have all the patents as evidence and proof in their own handwriting and need nothing more to condemn them all to death. No questions asked. And the people of over 200 countries would applaud the action.
My Office is not Terrestrial in origin, not subject to any Earthly King or Prince; I know exactly who I am and am in full command of my history. If you want to talk turkey, get on the horn and talk. Field has my number.


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  1. Anna, why have you never explained the 'authenticity' of the Office and Fiduciary that you claim to have? Just how is it that you have such an Office in the United States of America? Who recognizes you as such, and acknowledges your claimed position? And most of all, what actual Effect have you had and what do you use for money and can you give us details of a real 'transaction' that you have made, as such an Officer?

    Not being a smartass, I really want to know. So far, all we have is your self making statements.

    1. Abby,
      maybe we'd better find out first if the self-proclaimed "Fiduciary" of the new "country" called "The United States of America" can add and subtract... I mean like we do, using whole "real" numbers. :):)

      Annamaria the mathmetican/ mathmegican turned "FIDUCIARY" must have said "Bibbity-Bobbitt-Boo" over about 6 or 7 zeroes that belong on the right side of the amount owed to the First Nations and American people.
      Some of the zeroes have magickally disappeared.

      Now where do you suppose they went?

      If you have time, see my comment (#1) on the next article.

    2. Omgosh I'm having a gigglefit reading your comments bodhi!

      Stay here so we can get all of this worked out for the good of the people, okay?

      We just need to take the info we have [from what "ALEX JONES" has, in the distant past, disclosed that the CIA calls: "the revelation of the method"] and separate the actual disclosures from the distractions, misleadings if any, and hobblin'goblin mishmash; and organize it so we the living people can use it to our advantage... If that is even possible... I'm not sure we will even need it.

      If anyone can use it:
      What I've learned along the way about the spiritual workings of what all is going on now, is by looking at how the bible says creator and the man they call jesus interacted with Satan or with evil spirits.
      That is: that there is a bona fide challenge to creator's right over what he created, or in other words: a claim has been made by someone/thing/entity who didn't create the earth that the earth and everything in it belongs to them.

      [So there is that "de jure"/BY RIGHT, IN LAW position versus the "de facto"/BY CRIMINAL MEANS THRU FORCE position on display.]

      The creator has allowed the challenge!!

      There are rules though, that *they* KNOW have to be followed.
      They are non-negotiable.

      The biggest three rules I've found so far are that:
      1. *they* have to do everything that creator did, but better. (Like the priests calling down fire from heaven. They DO have "super-natural/not found in nature" powers... So do we!, through being sons and daughters of creator.)

      2. *they* have to do it being a man/woman who came through the woman's womb matrix. And to do that, they HAVE to get that particular man/woman's consent. Freewill/sovereignty is in play.

      3. They CAN use deception or lying.
      WHY? Because we are part of creator, so we already know right from wrong. The laws of life were inscribed on our heart by him when he formed us.
      But he allows our choices and will not violate our freewill/sovereignty. It's part of being part of him, IMO.

      His laws:
      1. put creator first
      2. respect yourself, your life, your freewill, your property that are all gifts from creator
      3. don't hurt your brothers and sisters or what belongs to them.
      Pretty simple.
      But WE ARE FACING THIS STRUGGLE OF LISTENING TO OUR HEART OR WHAT'S OUTSIDE OF IT!!! because with sovereignty comes the opportunity for pride and cruelty and greed.

      JMO and experience.

      Just one sort of related other thing for bible lovers.
      It says the heart is desperately wicked, but also says that same spirit/heart of ours is the candle/lamp of creator. I guess it depends on how we use our freewill.

  2. For anyone wondering who Greg Hallett is have a look at some of his stuff on tube channel

    1. Also Anna and Greg were both on the same interview in one of Field McConnell's Abel Danger videos a few months back and Anna ran a follow-up post on this blog. I think this is the Field that she is referring to at the end of this post.

      It is reasonable to come to the conclusion that if the House of Windsor, vis-a-vis QEII is not the true heir, then there is a rightful monarchical chain that still exists somewhere.

      I got the impression from that interview awhile back that Anna was skeptical that Greg is the rightful heir to that throne. He does have many fanciful tales whose accuracy would have to be vetted but are nonetheless interesting to hear.

  3. Anna, please do not give an inch to these b*st*rds. They deserve the same death they planned for humanity. But since that's not possible, I'll be charitable and suggest they be taken to some tiny planet containing scarce food and water. And watch them fight over the last worm meal or muddy water that would be justice. A good place for them to learn humility lost. They have had plenty of time to repent and make amends, centuries in fact, to no avail. Abandon them with a bible with the following verse highlighted: (Matthew 16:24-28) "For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?"

  4. This is exactly the kind murdering, lying, completely narcissistic thieves with their bizarre, incest-generated delusions of grandeur that our ancestors were trying to get away from!!

    Breeding their cousins. Claiming this. Claiming that. I'm a princess. I'm a duke. I'm a Christ. I claim all the water. I own the world. I'm in the chair. I have the office. You do what I say or I'll whip you to death. Gimme your 14 year old or we'll torture you. I said you're a slave. I changed your paperwork in my system and now you are collateral for the financial calamity i create from my ignorance, greed and lust.

    These people have ruined their "line"/lineage.
    How did they do it I ask myself.
    By ignoring the laws of nature put in place by the creator of it.
    Their problem is: they are stupid.
    So consumed by their own lusts that they ruin themselves.
    And then once they screw themselves up so badly that they CAN NEVER RECOVER, then the stupid, literal mo-sister-cousin-dad copulators, HEY! They want to claim to be superior to the healthy, unincested, higherIQ, creative, spiritual people we are.
    And we're so nice that we're trying to figure out how to get along with them while they're robbing us, stealing our precious sons and daughters and trying to figure out how to kill all of us without having a big mess to clean up.

    This, THIS, is why our families ran like hell away from Europe. This, THIS, us why they said there were to be no Titles of "Nobility" in their government system over them, AT ALL.
    No Saviors. No kings. No Trustees or Fiduciaries. No Sovereigns. No State-sponsored Church. No centralized bank. No foreign entanglements. No bred-into political bands. No barons deciding which serf gets what.

    Here it is, it has just been laid out bare for us.

    Why our fathers dissolved the political bands that had connected them to another.
    Why they assumed their own separate and equal station among the powers of the earth that they knew had been given to them by their creator.
    Why they made sure that to be an American, the truths that were self-evident to them had to be recognized and received and lived or it was counted as treason and each one had to agree to accept a rope around his or her neck if they committed it.
    Why every man was declared a s/Sovereign.
    Why all things were done only *FROM* (not *by*, but *from*) CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED.

    Reading this pure nonsense that these crpyt dwellers fight over among themselves is disturbing.
    To think that these ghouls are commanding the nations of men is pretty unbelievable.

    Do we need them anymore?

    1. Now you know why they have been promoting tiny house living, go off the grid, last man standing because their end game is to hold us all hostage for electricity, food, water, transportation, the whole nine yards makes a whole lot of sense now doesn't it
      And if we can't extort it out of you we will take the monopoly money system down and chip your a$$ because we can and say so and you won't be permitted to live if you don't do as we say
      See how this is working
      Caught part of a commercial on tell lie vision today something to do with phone service and if you are a recipient of CHIP services from DHHS?
      So those who receive assistance for their children through DHHS (known as CHIPS) are being solicited by sprint (I think it was) for something.
      I did not catch the whole commercial, sorry
      See, it has all been entrapment, mothers with babies getting their help are now targets
      Those they have isolated and cannot find employment they seek assistance from DHHS for them and their children not knowing that the orgainzation is targeting them for chipping is my best estimate - they will take away their benefits if they do not comply

  5. Those who have not been following along keep asking questions I have already answered and making assumptions that are not justified, either--- for the same reason.

    I was visited by a Spiritual Being as a result of realizing that I had been prepared to do something. In gratitude for all my blessings, I simply said that I was willing to do the work. Shortly thereafter I was visited and told that "It is time." And the obvious need for a Fiduciary to serve the People of this country and indeed, the entire Earth, was also shown to me. This is not a role I ever wanted, nothing I asked for, and nothing I would have dreamed up. It is, however, a role I have been prepared for so that I have the skills and insights needed. So I was commissioned for this mission to return the National Credit to those who have earned it, to restore this country's lawful government, and to reclaim the assets owed to the American States and People. I and those who acted with me were the only ones who adopted the correct political status and properly recorded our claims and liens. So we stand in the doorway and hold it open so that the rest of you can also reclaim the rights, political status and assets you are owed. There is nobody else in position to bring these claims in your behalf --- just those of us who have come to protect and defend you.

    I suggest that you read the books and become more familiar with the whole progress of this effort and the necessity of self-governance.

    From time to time I get people flailing around and striking out at me and making vain assumptions that have more to do with their own ego and values than anything to do with me.

    Surely, I have defended myself in the course of this long struggle, but have also defended the rights and claims of all other Americans, too.

    This is because we are all owed equal treatment under the law, because we all are rightful inheritors of America, and we have all been grotesquely defrauded.

    Drowning people will fight those trying to save them, and abused dogs will bite those trying to feed them. So it is in America, when they finally have a competent and honest Fiduciary to champion their cause and help them reclaim what has so nearly been lost, they think I am trying to steal from them, too.

    Pay attention. Use your eyes and ears. Look at what I am showing you. Use your own powers to discern what is going on in the world.

    I have worked very hard for many years and I and many others have sacrificed greatly to bring forward the information that is here for you to read for free.

    At least do us the honor owed to keep your minds open and think things through before making assumptions.

    I am The Fiduciary because I am the only person who has done the work of a Fiduciary for this country.

    I am what I am in the same way that the Milkman is the Milkman because he delivers the milk, and a cabby is a cabby because he drives a cab.

    At some point in the future you will all realize that there is real value in having a Fiduciary to defend your interests--and also realize that there are supposed to be a hundred dedicated Fiduciaries, two for each State, sitting as Senators in a very different kind of Congress than you have ever known.

    Until the other Fiduciaries -- those land jurisdiction Senators owed to and elected by the People of each State, the only Fiduciary Officer you've got left, is me.

    So if you don't like this situation (and I certainly don't like it either, because my lonely rump is way out on a limb here) I suggest you all get busy, declare your rightful birthright political status, boot up your State Assemblies, get organized and Help.

  6. Greg Hallett: I did answer, on my facebook page, but I guess I'll have to repost my response here also. Could you people stop ranting in your own voice - like Trolls, Shills, and Agents going down the profane track of ignorance - and actually consider what is being claimed, queried and answered.

  7. In response to Anna von Reitz letter of 24 August 2017,
    Don’t sweat the small stuff … we are in the big picture now. Time to tick boxes and write right treaties.
    1. In 1834, the Age of Consent was 10 years old, and changed in the 1870s and again in 1900. The Age of marriage was 12 years old.
    2. In terms of saving the “royal line”, I’ve never promoted it. A correction towards non-illegitimates, and non-compromised incumbents would be beneficial to all. Currently the world is run on shame. Elizabeth II has made this patently obvious.
    3. In terms of your proposed ‘British Royal backline Breeding Program’ – the True Royals killed, then posthumously, as well as Walter Raleigh, and the-best-of others, bred the Holy Grael lineage in the utmost secrecy. Even the Royal Families and Rothschild did not know of it. This culminated with my name ‘Gregory Hallett’ – an anagram of ‘Reg Holy Grael tt’,
    4. The true purpose of the Royals is to fill in time for 2,000 years until the predicted one arrives. They call this ‘Christ’. Re-your ‘proposed many Christs’ – the highest joins time, then joins kingdoms. Since I represented the End Times–New Age, I welcome all challengers.
    5. The Hebrews call it Mashiach, Greeks call it Christ, and the English call it Messiah, although there is crossover. Each has specific requirements, as though they were three individuals, but are actually one person – that joins the Hebrews, Greeks and English. I fulfil all the five-dozen specifications I’ve uncovered, including the physical descriptions.
    6. The one who holds the title Christ is automatically the King of England. Queen Victoria was very much into Christ, and got me her letter assigning me King of England – actually King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and All Ireland … so there is talk of Ireland joining now, which I’ve contributed to.
    7. Princess Victoria and Blind Prince George were born three days apart. They were childhood sweethearts. They mated of their own cognisance. George was blinded for it, although it was actually two accidents: First George (10) was swinging a purse then hit his eye at Eton; then George (14) went rabbit-hunting with his tutor, and the gun stock hit his eye – in Kew Gardens.
    8. King William IV witnessed the marriage of Victoria and George. They were both 14. The marriage was legal and lawful, based on love, and produced a love-child that was legitimate and well cared for – by Queen Victoria, her cousin, the Artist Prince who became King Dom Ferdinand II of Portugal and built Pena Palace (you’ll love it), and also by the Duke of Wellington, and the Duke of Saldanha.
    9. The marriage was kept secret from the Rothschilds who had other plans for Victoria – to produce nine illegitimate bigamously born bastards to marry into European Royalty and thus destroy it, 1918–45, from Russia to Romania.
    10. Queen Victoria and Blind Prince George of Cumberland/Blind King George V of Hannover, continued to see each other. When Victoria bigamously married Albert, she slept with George on that wedding night as well. Poor Prince Albert, illegitimate son of a stable-boy died a virgin.
    11. The Founding father, Mayer Amschel Rothschild had a dream in 1773 that they would breed into the SangrĂ«al lineage. This was to take place from M.A.R.’s death on 19 September 1812, for 200 years, after which the Crown and Throne would return to the true Royal Family. The only thing that would supersede this is the appearance of Christ. My co-author was the SangrĂ«al. He was 1/128th Rothschild. I now hold the title Christ.

  8. 12. M.A.R.’s Dream and Pact is recorded in the Rothschild Archive Trust – R.A.T. in the British Museum.
    13. The Rothschild-Windsor Royals were due to vacate in-and-from 2012, and began breeding with the Goldsmiths in 1982. Goldsmiths were the Rothschild’s neighbours, and included Lady Diana and Kate Middleton who married William in 29 April 2011.
    14. The military appears to be on side with me re-coordinated flyovers, including seven helicopters at one time. The Banks appear to be aware of me in terms of cutting all funding, and sabotaging banking around my birthdays and Christmas and Easter. The Governments around the world seem to be aware of me, as they have been blacklisting me since 1972. As such, I was only every allowed to work for five years, and haven’t been allowed to work anywhere in the world since 2007, so I’m also a Targeted Individual surviving many notable attempts … but are they just designed to be notable?
    15. At the same time, the Bank of England photographed me for their brochure, and I was chosen to be the Royal Biographer. Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Mountbatten or QEII appears to be on side with me, re- getting her doctor to introduce me to her superior brother in 1967, render unto Caesar that which is Caesars and putting me on the coins to spell M0M, 1968–1998 claiming to be my mother, then trying to marry me to substantiate her position. Now that’s occult … so I’m important to Elizabeth in terms of fulfilling the predictions – which is ultimately what it’s all about.
    16. The theme is potential. They want someone from the opposite side of the world who’s known humility – to make him the Christ King.
    17. That’s where we’re at now, so let’s tick some boxes. Let’s see if we can transfer my good fulfilment of predictions and prophecy, into Treaties and positions of corrected Sovereignty.
    The Sovereignty of the True Sovereign goes hand in hand with the Sovereignty of the Individual. Consider the truly spiritual, consider love, and consider the high order of this universe. I’m up for the challenge.
    Joseph Gregory Hallett
    Title holder since 25 September 2014, affirmed 25 July 2017, confirmed 3 June 2019.
    PS. The Commonwealth ended two years before I was born, on 1 July 1959.

  9. Meanwhile they burning Africa to the ground

    1. Shelby is speaking about the actual world we live in that these inbred monsters are trying to destroy, and for the living people; not for the hobgoblins, spectres and ghosts dreamed up in the IMAGINATIONS of these wonky-eyed pedophile incesters screwing their own little cousins and sisters and daughters after they've drunk a sherry-glass full of adrenochrome taken from one of the blonde-haired blue-eyed sons and daughters they stole from one of us.

      They have just about finished "divvying up" the earth and its resources among themselves.
      You get nothing.
      Death maybe?

      They are pulling their "masks" off.

      Perhaps in their cannibalism-infected kuru-riddled brain leftovers they believe "its time." Didn't their trump just announce he's the chosen one? :)

      2Corinthians 10:5 (a)
      "Casting DOWN I.M.A.G.I.N.A.T.I.O.N.S. and every HIGH THING"
      [/being/ entity/ thought (thoughts and imaginations are things) that *they* bring into seeming-physical/ illusory "manifestation"----- we can knock'em down though].....
      "that exalts itself against the knowledge of God [creator]"
      "and bringing into captivity"
      "every thought"
      "to the obedience"
      "of Christ"
      who is the only BEGOTTEN son of creator;
      is the express image of creator's own person;
      who a dustbody was prepared for by creator, his father;
      who came through the matrix of a dustbody-womanswomb;
      who lived as a man;
      who *IS* Torah/teaching--*NOT* the "LAW" to mankind, but the LAW *fulfilled*:):):) ;
      who IS the "logos" (3056) (the Word, as Paul S. already pointed out): from Greek primary verb: "lego" (3004): to lay forth or relate as a systematic or set discourse.
      1. The Word, creator's systematic, methodical teaching: torah;
      understood as a similar but unique manifestation of his dunamis/miracle power to:
      2."rhema"/voiced, something said; spoken dunamis/power that brings the miraculous: "Lazarus, come forth.", "Let there be lights in the firmament".

      This is our opportunity to dig DEEPLY into the wisdom of creator.
      This revealing of the deceptions is farfarfarfar more than it seems.
      The false claim made upon the earth by these hobgoblins is the catalyst for us to hugely grow spiritually.

      Don't miss the opportunity!
      Don't let *them* take it away with all their fear and blubbering distractions and fairies stories and claims that "I own THIS region" and "THEY own THAT region" and you,.... well you don't get nothin' at all.


      The earth belongs to the creator of it and everything in it, not to them. We belong to the one who created us. I believe we are to "occupy until he comes". Thats what THEY are doing! They're doing OUR job!!!! Because we wont do it. But we *will* do it, and we are already doing it, and there is nothing they can do about that.

      They've already missed the boat.
      That's why they are clanking around in their own chains in mental dungeons, trying to capture us in their pathetic paper chains... claiming they own things that belong to someone else, poisoning the earth and everything in it,
      trying to burn the earth down.
      They want to be the ones who bring the fire. After all, they claim to be its creator.
      And they are *not*.

  10. wow, bodhi... you don't do research huh? yet your lack of intelligence has just gotta spill out your cake-hole? go back to the beginning and READ, put to memory the documents Anna has filed with the world and been so kind to share and teach with us...then balance that with your own efforts.
    your dis-respect is completely evident to the rest of us. you do have the option to dip out at any time, we wouldn't miss you nor your closed-minded attacks.
    Again Paul, an option to collapse miss-information would be stellar!
    Thank you Anna, some just can't comprehend the big picture.
    Thank you Paul, we appreciate your efforts deeply.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.