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Friday, August 23, 2019

The End of Days

By Anna Von Reitz

Time, like money, is an illusion. 

It seems that "time is flowing past" us, but in fact, we and the Earth around us are the ones doing the flowing and changing--- and time is just a handy cataloging device to keep track of our events and changes.  

The things that were no longer are in our experience and the things that will be, aren't here yet, either. There is only now, this moment, and our position relative to it, forever.

So when people talk about The End of Days and Judgment  Day, stop a moment and think. 

This is, by definition, Judgment Day.  There is this day and no other in which any decisions can be made.  It is our Judgment Day when the decisions we make forever impact our lives and the lives of others--- for good or for ill in the sight of the True God. 

So let your judgments be righteous and good this day and everyday, for when we rise up in the morning you can be sure that this is Judgment Day. 

Similarly, you can be sure that the End of Days will come the moment that we all stop using days as a counting unit to measure a commodity that doesn't exist. 


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  1. It is she who lived true to herself that will be granted everlasting life.

    This scroll is the true judgment. The one that the Christians emulated in their writings only with a twist.

    The true judgment is that of one's own heart being weighed against one's own truth/ma'at!

    Those whose hearts are ladened with guilt & grief will be thrown to the crocs of the Nile as being no good.

    It's not a judgment of an outside influence, it's one's own truth weighed against oneself.

    1. Creatorsdaughter, you could not be more wrong. You are espousing Self-importance here, and that is in opposition of the One True Creator; you need to change your handle here.

      And I also strongly disagree with Anna here and her article is very misleading. Although what we do today can determine out ultimate destination and is a warning not to take a wrong turn that can be detrimental to our very lives.......And yes as Garth Brooks wrote ''IF Tomorrow Never Comes''...........however, tomorrow has been coming for decades, hasnt it?

      No, Anna, this is not Judgement Day. That Day lies in the future and will be like nothing anyone has seen so far. So lets not water it down by saying it is here and 'now''.

      Note: CD I strongly suggest you just delete your Comment here. Its downright ridiculous and heretical, to say the least.

    2. Ahh Anubis, very nice Creatorsdaughter :)

    3. She is talking about the Egyptian book of the dead Abby, one of the main sources the Jews plagiarized in writing their "Bible"

    4. Yes we are in the "Judgement day" ever since 1844 when the Messiah stepped into the "Most Holy" place in Heaven's Sanctuary. Our Creator is anxious to perfect His character in us. The Ten Commandments are the standard by which all will be judged. Eccl. 12:13-14 Our Messiah stands ready to forgive all who come to Him in faith, ask forgiveness and be converted. Then Messiah offers to live His life in us by His Spirit. When all have made this decision Messiah will close the books and return to this planet.
      The last decision to be made is who are we going to obey Creator or Man. The fourth commandment is one that all need to heed and obey. Most keep Sunday and not the 7th-day which is God's command. Those who say it does not matter are wrong. Everything God says matters. He has an appointment to meet us on that day and not on mans day! This issue will become a worldwide one. When the law is made for all to join in keeping holy a man made sabbath & not Creator's appointment (this is the great coming test for all mankind. Loving God with all our heart means obedience to Him. Blessings on all who keep His commandments. Douglas Cross,

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Thank you for this information. I used to wonder why some churches kept the Saturday Sabbath.
      The Philadelphia Church of God, Seven Day Adventist, The Worldwide Church of God, and many more.
      I always thought it was a Jewish thing until my studies revealed that the seventh day (Saturday) Sabbath
      was given in Genesis years and years before there was a Jewish Religion. I am now a believer in the
      Saturday Sabbath. From sunset Saturday thru sunset Sunday. I can’t remember where I read that the
      Catholics are the ones who changed Gods Sabbath to Man’s Sunday, (the first day of the week). I believe
      one day the government will make Sunday worship mandatory. At that Time Sunday worship will
      become “The Mark of The Beast”.

    7. Creatorsdaughter:

      I love your handle.

      If every man and wombman was true to themselves in every moment imagine what this world could be.

      The more I look into scripture the more controversy I find. Which bible is the word of God?

      I have yet to see even 2 people posting on this blog about a specific topic actually agree on an opinion.

      I believe we were created in his image, man and wombman and his spirit lives in us if we allow it. Period. Go forth and do no Harm. We don't need scripture to Love.

      I'm not ever going to tell another man he must change his beliefs because whatever that belief may be is conflicting to some words man Translated from God knows what and then proclaims those words to be the Word Of God. Such as KING JAMES version of the Bible. We won't know God's Version until we leave here.

      We only get today to breath, to live, to make decisions that affect us and our those we love and those we don't even know.

      Just who is guaranteeing a Judgement day some time in the Future? Dead King James?

      We might find out when we leave this earth that all of it was made up to control us and keep us living in Fear. Then what Abby?

      Who can judge a man who loves his neighbor or his enemy as he loves himself?

      Most of us don't love ourselves. We have been taught to see the flaws. Ask a man what he hates about himself, he will surely give a list.

      Love is pure and can not be flawed or they would attack "Love".

      To thine ownself be true. If we truly loved ourselves as God loves us we would not believe the words of man no matter how they are translated or allow them to have more power to judge than to Love.

      Wipe man made religion out of the minds of man and see what creation comes forth.

      We find out the evils of men using religion to control others right here on this blog almost daily! How can any man not see manmade religion for what it is?

      May love set you free of the oppression of FEAR.

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

    8. Annie, I see you misunderstand almost everything about 'religion', churches, the bible and have yet to come to reason about truth versus BS. I also have no idea why you claim there are those in this blog that try to control others via 'religion'. I have seen no one pressuring anyone, except perhaps the owner of this blog.
      Ive also never understood folks that rush to the ''Fear'' word and then proceed to use it as their basis for bashing even christianity. Putting up a shield when one feels fear when folks talk about God, may just well be God's conviction of those folks that repentance is being called for. And in that case, that 'fear' would be considered a healthy fear.
      You drive on the highway, see the speed limit, look down at your speedometer, why? Because you Fear getting a speeding ticket.
      Why do you stop and look both ways at intersections, even on the green? Because you 'fear' some idiot will be texting and crash into you. You rush to the P.O. on Apr. 15 to get your 1040 off to the thieves. You lock your car doors, you lock your house.....because you 'fear' some freeloader might decide they want to walk in and take your stuff. You rush out the door like a madman in the a.m. hoping you wont be late for work. Because you Fear losing your job.
      So lets not knock Fear. It is a warning sign. So why do so many lunkheads just LOVE to accuse anyone who mentions scripture, of spreading 'fear'? You ever stop to think that the onus is really on 'you' and not on the messenger?
      Proverbs 9:10 The fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Wisdom, and the knowledge of the holy is understanding

      Those that earnestly contend for the faith, and desire to be obedient, sincerely, do not do it out of Fear and do not 'live in fear'. For they are those that have nothing to fear, as they walk in his footsteps, willingly and joyfully, because they have also attained much additional wisdom, as well.
      There are no contradictions in the bible, none. To think so, shows teachers have failed miserably to teach how to read and understand how the bible is written. Not all scripture is addressed to everyone. In fact I cannot think of a single scripture that applies to all 7.4 billion people in this world.
      Most folks think they can just pick out a verse and slap it on to themselves, when in fact it does not in any way apply to them. They pay no attention to who is being addressed, in what era it was speaking of, What Time it was in history, is it past tense, present tense, or future tense. Is it speaking to or about believers/followers of Christ, or unbelievers or ? There are always extenuating circumstances that must be first understood; no verse stands alone. The gospel is not a one-liner, but it must meld and blend with all other scripture and cannot and does not contradict one another. This is why scripture must be read IN context. And this is what Teachers and pastors never teach people how to do (at least none Ive ever heard).
      Some of the bible is addressed to only jews. Some only to the gentiles, and some to the world/nations. So if one is not a jew, then those scripture are not for a gentile, and vice versa.
      The Old Testament is NOT the teaching to the body of believers which are 'the church body of christ'.
      However, the New Testament IS the teaching for todays Gentile church body of believers. Christianity was birthed in the Upper Room at Jerusalem and THAT is the beginning of the Gospel....the teachings by the Apostles as Jesus sent them out to teach.
      It took the death and resurrection of CHRIST in order to have CHRISTianity. Doesnt that make sense? And it was He that established the Gentile church. That is why the Instructions for christians, is in the NT gospels, known as the Epistles and they are ALL the gospel. There are not just 4 gospels.

    9. Lastly, the New Testament is the Teaching of Instructions to the believers; what the Lord finds acceptable and what he finds unacceptable. What the rewards are of living acceptably and the consequences of not doing so. It is a loving thing to let the plumb line be known ahead of time; then there can be no excuses and no one can say they didnt know that. So,no surprises.
      The bible is NOT a 'book of scary rules'. One who finds such objection to set guidelines of acceptability and unacceptability, is one who is rebellious, impetuous and Self serving, and wants no obligation to God and shows indications of fear that God may make demands on them they will not like, may ask them to relinquish something in their life they want to hang on to - but at the same time hoping he doesnt send them to the place they 'fear'.
      Biggest problem I see among mankind is that they have listened to every kind of bullshit about 'religion' that buzzes around their head and grab on to it, while missing truth. Even when Truth comes around, they do what? Make silly remarks that 'nobody knows the truth',the bible is plagiarized,there are so many of them who knows which, it was written by men, and every other excuse they can find to maintain their OWN ideas.
      And so it goes, lol.

  2. The Amen priesthood are the ones that created the monotheism cult of Akhenaton and were kicked out of Egypt for corruption, trying to monetize religion, same shit the Jews are always doing, plagiarizing, monetizing and scamming. This is a good video on my channel about the Amen priesthood (like you say at the end of every prayer AMEN).

    This is a great article by an Egyptology grad student

    And this video I have in my archive is fantastic

    1. Bondi go look at this web site
      His site was down for a while, like I said he sometimes has no place to live they have basically cut him off from any resources, he lives off donations - he must have found a place and gathered some funds because his site is back up
      About half way down the page read about the UNO Warning
      Make note this guy is reporting what is going on in Canada, same as what is going on in Germany with Merkle, same as with Teresa May, etc etc etc - public private partnerships, land thefts, weather manipulation, he reports on all kinds of things
      The corporations, government, churches, everything
      My guess is the Koch brother that 'died' today is on a private island with ole Epstein - they getting out of dodge because they know the plan, what better way to get out than stage your death and run off with the loot to Swissy land?? Just my opinion
      Or like everything else they will put out the channels that say that it was a blood sacrifice??? Linking it with numerology etc etc etc when in fact we don't know if that is even their real names??
      Like Fred Smith of FedEx? Early on he couldn't make his payroll took some money to Vegas hit big and wala Federal Express is on the map?? And he's been making millions, billions since that trip to Vegas???
      You can bet he met up with ole Sheldon Adleson on that trip? JMO

    2. Have you ever watched the series on tell lie vision called American Greed?
      Greed doesn't even begin to touch what this is
      And it's not the American people either, this is just blatant in your face insanity
      And they want to make us out to be the ones that are conspirary nuts????? We can see the crap without own 2 eyes, or that third eye? Wow

    3. I will check it out ty.

      >Or like everything else they will put out the channels that say >that it was a blood sacrifice??? Linking it with numerology etc >etc etc when in fact we don't know if that is even their real >names??

      Clever girl : ) <3

    4. With our own two eyes, oops

      Word is that they hate the internet - it has opened many peoples eyes

    5. Ye they couldn't plan for it lol, all part of the plan of the age of Aquarius, the age of knowing, the age of mind. The rising of consciousness and vibration.

    6. Julian ASSange is in that card game - word is he is actually the grandson of J B Hunt like in the J B Hunt trucking industry
      It's All in the Family
      This blog here has bunch of information that I found to be very telling

      Some links from within the pages from above

    7. The CFR in the united states is the illuminati and the world planners

      Illuminati hell or the aquarian age
      Their aim is to destroy all religion hence their new testament
      Their globalist agenda

    8. Burning Africa to the ground

  3. If you are ready to consider anything outside of the bearded gods circle of religions, in which the square was created to bind the circle, no eyes to see no ears to hear.

    1. Squaring the circle and circling the square, wow impressive ladies <3. I had no idea people of your level of knowledge were lurking these pages :). I have something you will enjoy Spiritwalker. Watch this when you get a chance you won't regret it I promise.

    2. I think all of you are amazing!!
      Lets manifest our destiny, not theirs!!!

    3. Hear hear Shelby, and thank you Bodie I will look at the video soon as I can

    4. Bodhi did you make the video you posted above?

    5. No the guys at spirit science did, best sacred geometry video you will find anywhere, absolutely stellar. Theur history is wonky though so I wouldn't pay much attention to much of their work outside of this specific topic but to each their own. I actually write about our true history and provide all the proof for it rather than just guessing like some people like spirit science do. History is much more tricky because it is so hard to piece it all together some people have biases that make them guess incorrectly on some things. As I said though look at the evidence and decide for yourself don't take anyone's word for anything.

      Yes we are manifesting a new reality with a noetic surge of gnosis, the Jews magic grows weak as ours grows stronger, it will only continue accelerating, their matrix of deception is crumbling quickly : ).

    6. Thanks for the information appreciate it.
      Stellar information that you share, hats off my friend

    7. Bodhi I don't know if you interested but this is of some interest
      He did couple of videos while back about this redesign of this school
      Lots of folks have used the phrase as above so below?
      I wonder if this alignment on the ground with this school has an alignment in the sky that matches it???
      I'm not good with google maps, stuff like that?
      Read the comments section lots of information on some very old families involved here

    8. They say that the pyramids line up with Orion the hunters belt?
      At least they did when they were built?
      As above, so below
      Heaven a place on earth - the stars and things mapped on to the earth?
      Your thoughts and input would be appreciated

    9. Ye did you see my pyramids pic in the black sun article?

      Watch this documentary called the pyramid code it is aces : )

    10. Oh also some of this is covered in holy blood holy grail as well, churches being built on on the ley lines. That documentary expands way more on it though

    11. You have to read this stuff too
      Off the charts with these old bloodlines
      People don't know but the bank of america used to be called the bank of italy

    12. Yah the Venetians/Phoenician banks ty I will

    13. A link taking you to some of his other stuff

    14. Bodhi, ever hear of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon?
      Link came from this site

  4. That was supposed to say a few not if you

    1. Oh btw if you want to get the money back for your house you want to do a void judgment claim then sue the bank : ).

  5. Thanks bodhi!

    1. YW I am looking into how to do the paperwork for but it is essentially open and shut tbh. Everything all the courts and banks do is illegal as hell they just bank on the fact most people will rarely figure out how to hold them accountable for it. Your "produce the note" defense would have worked in a court of record (common law court) but since you had a lawyer in "their" court under their civil jurisdiction they just screwed you over like they always will. You need to challenge the ruling with a void judgment and once the judgment is thrown out as void they will owe you just compensation for the property they stole from you and you can tack on 10's of thousands of dollars for fraud and assorted stuff you want to throw in like emotional damage and what not, moving expenses etc. You can take them to the cleaners pretty much because you will have them in your court with your jury and it won't be hard to find a jury that wants to f*ck the bank right in the a$$ after you do the proper paperwork to get it prepped. I have the different fines you can charge them for 10k a piece for each one they broke as well. I imagine they will probably settle without even going to court in fact if you just get the paperwork rolling. I really hope you focus on this and nail these dirt bags lol it really isn't even that much work tbh. The work was figuring it all out, actually doing it is pretty easy just sending some letters and filing some papers at the county clerk. But yah "void judgment" is want you want just check it out at your leisure

  6. Thank you so much bodhi!

  7. On some trips flying from Nome to Russia those physically present live in two different days by crossing the time line. Kinda odd even that people in New York are 3 hours older already than people in Washington or Seattle.

  8. YW :). If you want sources for all this stuff let me know. I am pretty deep into it and have it all mostly figured out. I also have templates for the letters and claims forms.

    1. I'm interested Bodhi, even though I probably will not actually use them (right this moment) because I have already made my claims in American traditional common law authority...
      BUT I included full preservation of all of my rights to bring claims under other authorities later, through my State, States, the Confederated Union, Admiralty/Maritime, Law Merchant, Commerce and/or any other authority that is lawfully applicable and/or allowable for me, an American state national; with no time or statute limitations because fraud has been involved.

      So, I would love to see your work if you care to share it under those circumstances.

  9. Read the article - rain forest on fire
    No coincidence either that george bushs' family heavily involved in Brazil
    Bought 150,000 of land that sits on the worlds largest fresh water aquifer
    Burning out indigenous people?
    I pray it is God burning out the Bushs'

    1. I have joined you in that prayer Shelby.

    2. Just a thought
      I used to work with medicaid medical claims where they referred to those patients as indigents

      indigent - poor enough to need help from others. destitute, impoverished, necessitous, needy, poverty-stricken. poor - having little money or few possessions

      Well how about that when you control the monopoly money and shoot the patients up with 74 vaccines before the age of 6 and feed them GMO modified foods and poison their water supply guess you would have a bunch of indigenous/indigents now wouldn't you

      Can you say Obamacare - the knights templars hospitalers!!

      Obama care or the Affordable Care Act just another step closer to their shit universal socialist healthcare for all indigents around the world - the ones the bankers have impoverished in the first place

  10. As in "Lucy ", the movie that came out recently, she tells the scientist that "time" is the only thing that gives legentenism to our exsist...its the only measure of it...!! In the movie, she make a car go faster and faster until car disappears because it has reached the speed of light....!! It is quite a testamoney..!! Time is indeed the only thing that gives anything legitimacy to least on this plane...!! And the elites time is is the FED and IRS.
    TRUMP is going to get rid of both soon...he is just waiting for the FED to make the mistake so he can print real money again....!! And of course he is going to owe the military for this, but it's worth it this time...!!

  11. Have a listen to this
    This is not something new we are doing we have every right to rebut their presumptions
    The white haired guy was shot and killed by Phoenix police

  12. Well folks, we have judgments all the time, in every 250, 480, 1480, 2000 years. But NOT the final judgments most people thinking of.

    WHY? The SUN is only ½ life. It is our foods, energies, nourishment, human life supporter. God is so smart, humble, and quiet. HE is NOT stupid to design on something and dump them. Otherwise he would be incompetent God working in vain, by generating 250-Billion souls (to these days) to fail, and rescuing His failed products. That’s not the case. We didn’t come here for a 1-shot deal judgment. So the world WILL continue to go another 2-3 million years, for sure.

    In year 1000, people used to say final judgment is at hand, now we are in year 2020. What we will next are BIGGER, BETTER or WORST changes, According to signs God is giving us, BETTER are the signs.

    The crooks are losing credibility, they know it. They will have to come to term with us, or the losers to China?

    Like the bible said, God knew us and let us have limited choice, before he sent us here, for the purpose of self-correcting systems and our own imperfection. So expect the self-correction to happen 2020 – 2025 by people and fraudulent Gov’t. IF we don’t correct, the crooks too will have horrible lives, for another 125's years.

    1. Pinkham yer missing a whole lot of stuff here. First there are only 7.4 billion people on earth now. And in all time there has never been 250 billion, so I dont know where you got that from.
      You also seem to be of a fantasy opinion that God would not destroy Man? Well, in fact he already did that once.
      Genesis 6 tells it all. Called the Great Flood where he flooded the earth and drowned everybody on it except Noah and his family a total of 8 people. And that was by God finding favor with Noah, had him build the Ark and that was their means of survival.
      That worldwide destruction was because of wickedness and corruption, and this world is right back in that same condition, again. Keep in mind too, we are not individually created, we are all pro-created. Of course you know what procreation is.