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Saturday, June 8, 2019

A Word to John Best

By Anna Von Reitz

This is an official comment, directly from Anna von Reitz. John, with all due respect, your comments are all wrong. First of all, you talk about "We, the People" as many patriots do, without bothering to discover who or what the "People" being referenced are. Notice that the word "people" is capitalized? That "P" is there for a reason. The reason is that the "People" being referenced are acting in a specific capacity --- as the Lawful People governing the States of the Union. Correcting our political status records and acting in that capacity to assemble our actual States of the Union as "People" is exactly what I am teaching people to do ---contrary to your suppositions. I am, in fact, putting the pieces together to unite the People of this country to lawfully and peacefully self-govern. That is what The American States Assembly is all about.

I am teaching people the basics of how their government is supposed to be organized and I am pointing out the necessity of finishing the long overdue "reconstruction" of the Federal States of States. There is nothing "nonsensical" about it. It's the proper and lawful and established way for us to organize ourselves and conduct our own government and direct our own business. You suggest that we somehow use The Declaration of Independence to "remove our government" --- but it's not our government sitting in Washington, DC. Our government at the Federal level has been moth-balled for 150 years. What needs to happen is for our actual Government --- of the people, for the people, by the people --- to wake up and get organized and do the actual work of self-governance. All that we could do by "exercising" The Declaration of Independence is create another bloody war and blame others for our own ignorance and sloth and as you put it, "mind-numbing stupidity". Granted that we have been deceived and suffered constructive fraud, identity theft, Breach of Trust and a host of other evils, but also note that we were not awake enough nor motivated enough to do anything effective to prevent or even protest these crimes until now. For the most part, we have just trundled along under the lash of the tyrants and gone, "Oh, ho, hum, well, that's the way it is...." and paid more taxes and put up with more harassment until it has finally come to this. Be assured that this is not a "lie" and not a matter of "law". It is a matter of fact. Calling me a "liar" because I am not preaching insurrection against what is masquerading as "our" government is extremely irritating, most especially because I am not lying and am in fact offering the only course of action that doesn't lead to violence. 

To finish this comment --- our opponents in this game would just LOVE for us to blunder into their trap and "start something". They have been trying to get some kind of violent insurrection going for years.

They have tried all the motivators there are ---- race, religion, politics, false flags, you name it, and they have been trying to gin up something that would cause riots and other disturbances that they could use as an excuse to attack us all. Why? Because we are their Priority Creditors.
They owe us an unimaginably large amount of Credit and also unimaginably large amounts of actual assets. They don't want to pay us back. They want to kill us off instead, which is exactly what they have prepared for with 800 FEMA Camps and millions of body bags and 30,000 guillotines. Simply killing their Priority Creditors helps and enriches them in many ways. First, they don't have to pay anything back --- not the credit, not the assets, and not the interest. Second, they get to come in and claim all the "abandoned assets" of their victims -- our land, our homes, our businesses, our public facilities, everything. Third, they get to claim all the "Life Force Value Annuities" and Life Insurances they have placed on each and every one of us. Fourth, they get to charge the survivors for the "service" of killing us. This is why it is emphatically necessary for us to NOT give them any reason to do what they want to do. This is why we must follow the lawful path and do the work and give them no excuse.


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  1. this is very correct ! and i will point out AGAIN that i discovered designated burial grounds where i live here in morgan twsp in conjunction with 'dated sign stickers' and various colored tape on the posts (within about 30 miles) of here!! these 'stickers / tape' are military tactical markers (tackamarks)that act as "arrows" for military to follow !!! 120 mile minimum radius from HERE ! death routes 'hidden in plain sight' !

  2. How can I learn i don't have zoom. But want to learn the credit and being free. Governing my own.

    1. has every word you need. Start now.

    2. go to
      Read and understand every word of Anna's. Read and re-read until you understand the material, then do the paperwork and especially: understand how to use the papers and how to use your freedom. I see people doing the papers and think that's all there is to it. Then they go to court and say all the right things and talk themselves right into jail.

  3. I wonder how China feels about our jural assembles....!! I guarantee you they will see it as a mutiny and dangerous to their system too...!! The last thing they want is a "freer" America than the one everyone else in the world has or taught to believe we have now....!! How many other countries really know anything about our history, or even their own for that matter...!!.....NONE!! And they could care less because as far as all other countries are concerned, we were "ground zero " for all this mess in the first place.....and they would agree...!! They didn't just deceive us, they deceived the entire world...!!

    And if by some chance, China does win the "Currency War" and becomes the "RESERVE currency " of the world, you think they want to deal with "jural assembles" , when 90% of America doesn t even know what that means...!!

    Technically, a "Declaration of Independence " is a declaration of war, but it doesn't have to be fought on the battlefield anymore, because the new battlefield are the "COURTS"...!! But if that fails , as the Corp State gets stronger , their diplomacy gets weaker, and before you know it, this will be a dictatorship, and we will look a lot like Venezuela. ..!! The one thing we need the most is "TIME"...!! And we have none left....!! How in the world can anyone be free if the rest of the world isnt.....!!

    1. James, if you are so dam worried about how much CHINA, another MUNICIPAL FRANCHISE might "care" "Imagine a FICTION having an emotion like "caring", what we the living are doing to re-gain our Freedom maybe you should join a blog to help CHINA and all the supporters wanting us to buy nothing but their products here.

      As long as our People are enfranchised, I don't think I'll spend one second worrying about CHINA. We the living, including people on china need to work together to end enfranchisement of all people.

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

    2. case you forgot China has always been a dictatorship and had no need of being a "MUNICIPAL " or "TERRITORIAL " franchise of anything....!! It wasn't China's fault for becoming a tech giant, it was ours...!! No one wants responsibility for what happened to this country and worse yet we all thing of war as some kind of the "Ultimate Professional Sports Game" where everyone roots for there own country...especially Americans...!! Why don't we just get cheerleaders for the waring countries while we are at

  4. James, I am German and I live in Germany and I can ensure you, we are aware! Certainly not all, like in your own land, but the nuber is increasing! And we do care! So, please, stop assuming things! What do you know about each European country? Are you aware of what es going on here???? We have exactly the same problems you guys have, and the same unlawful courts! Good souls are beimg thrown into prison for questioning! So, please, do your homework before stating things. With love from Germany, evelin

  5. Evelin....I don't need to live or even visit Germany to know what is going on around the world .....not with the advent of the internet...!! People in every country are complaining about the corruption and lack of funds...!! But Europe has always been under the thumb of England for centuries and you know damn well that they represent the financial part of this mess...!! We are the only nation that wanted something different than the rest of the world which is why this nation was created in the first place....thats why we have a "Declaration of Independence " and the only one to spell out all our rights in a "Constitution"...!!
    But there is no one on earth that can eliminate "greed"... which is the root cause of all problems and corruption on earth...!! How do you plan on correcting that...!! The only reason why people entertain the idea of socialism is because too many people see that there is financial disparity between the rich and the middle and lower class.....and often for things that don't help anyone like professional sports....!! All sports create only one thing...competition and division of the masses...!! You want to clear up govt when you can't even get rid of professional sports....!! Stupid..!! Get on board with the "reality train"...!! As far as the courts are concerned, I guarantee you I'm better than Anna in that forum...!!

    1. Winston Shrout said that Chairman Mao was a Jesuit. Do the math...

    2. Hi, James...please call between 2pm and 8pm if you are willing to get acquainted and explore helping each other. Thsnks. 949.878.7100.roxi

  6. The following are corporations authorized through the Vaitcan, Queen and DC - China is one of them
    This is a world wide corporate problem and all of it goes back to the 13 mafia families who are really running the show
    Pallavicini family created Islam Allah biblical narrative which is why there is trumoil now in the middle east to pit the religions against one another
    That's how it all becomes biblical because they started the narrative handed out the books etc etc etc
    Just like modern day israel and the so called star of david
    Brainwashing and steering the masses to this end for centuries
    Those that say they are jews but are not jews are actually german and from the order and all are run out of the vatican and by the grey pope
    They create the narrative because they own all the media - medici family
    Also big pharma
    UN, CFR all of them are under the control of these entities
    Just some things to look at

  7. Documents everyone should read

    1. Shelby, thank you, thank you, thank you. These are web links that need to be read by everyone everyday for as long as one will commit to changing one's Focus.

  8. I just started reading the site and it is remarkable. I have always thought that there were those above the Rothschilds and that they were not human. Even though I have been aware that we are a slave race, it just makes so much sense, the vital importance seems to be our need to think beautiful and pure thoughts as a collective whole to change the state affairs here on Earth. So this is a call to all to do your utmost to think pure and beautiful thoughts all day everyday. I realize it will take discipline and each of us must determine how to start. I thought is to wake up and do a visualization of the most phenomenal Earth you can envision and to feel it as true because your energy, vibrations and frequency will allow it to occur with others doing the same. It seems that if we do this say for a set 6 times a day, I say 6 because Tesla mentioned three six and nine being very important numbers and comprehending them. Even we could do it nine times a day because three does not seem to be often enough but it could be a start. Set our alarms 4 These Times Daily and do this focus on beautiful and pure thoughts making sure we surrender completely any negative thoughts that pop up in our minds against anyone and send them Divine love. If anyone would like to contact me oh, you are welcome to call 949-878-7100 between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. Pacific time if possible or email me your name, your cell, and your email with an introduction and that you have read this email and that you have grown to and have started to read everyday the information that is so vital for our survival. Even if we do this without anyone else we will be guaranteeing that we will go to the positive place to the positive Earth.

  9. Forgot to give the email in case it does not show. It is, secrets to youth at with no spaces.

  10. Hi, Shelby Davis, I would really love to get acquainted. I just finished reading the biblioteca palladius. Net dialogue with Hidden Hand. I did take time out also for a couple of hours to eat but it took me all this time since first leaving a message. I definitely recommend everyone to go to the websites that Shelby Davis has mentioned in his message. Shelby please call me at 949-878-7100 between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. Pacific time if possible or between noon and 8 p.m. would be the other parameters. Tomorrow Tuesday or rather later today I shall be so it will not be a good day to call me unless you call soon now. It is already 3:30 a.m. and if you want to call me because you are up, I am happy to speak with you for a short time but to get initially acquainted. My life has been unusual for many reasons I suppose the most unusual is the fact I was pulled out of my body when I was about 21 and asked to be a channel for the dark. I ignored it and was instantly on the formless plain. After being greatly welcomed by divinely loving beings, I was told I could stay or return to Earth. I asked why would I return to Earth. I was told there was much to do and so I volunteered to return not having asked enough questions for gotten enough clarity oh, but I was instantly returned to the body where I had been already proclaimed dead.

  11. Shelby, I first went to and I read the message from Hidden Hand. I just tried three times to put in the first link you gave of and each time it starts to go to the site and then goes to something totally non-related. I would love to have you send me a link to those sites because I have been striving to find them and connect to them. My email is secrets to youth at with no spaces in between. I'd appreciate it. I'd even be very happy to speak with you in real time if you're in agreement. I gave you my number in another message but here it is again 949-878-7100. roxi


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