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Saturday, June 8, 2019

52nd Anniversary of Israel’s Attack on the USS Liberty

Israel Is a Dictatorship, Not a Democracy

Paul Craig Roberts
Two days ago the US celebrated the 75th anniversary of D-Day with accolades to the armed forces and thanks to surviving veterans.  The country stood strongly with the military.  But today two days later is the 52nd anniversary of a day of shame when Washington turned its back on the US Navy. 


  1. Israeli attack on USS Liberty (US Navy ship)
    Attack on USS Liberty Recalled by Ron Grantski
    President Johnson was a crypto Jew who was also involved in the assassination of President Kennedy

  2. Isreal is a corporation just like the united states - set up by the same bankers and in doing so they are genociding the people of palestine
    Same thing they have been doing all over the globe for centuries rewriting the stories as they go
    If you read this link their commandments - the plan is to wipe out the jews during their planned holy war that they are fomenting now
    Creating Israel was a way to get the real jewish people to converge in Israel so they can all be genocided
    The Vatican 4th Reich
    Just some links that may be of some interest on how and why israel was brought in to existence and for what purpose

  3. Our great democratic friends and allies the Zionists????I think I'll add that to my manure compost pile.

  4. Israel, The House of Israel is none of the above.
    1948 put a target on a group of people.
    They and we have been used ever since.


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