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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

"Why Do You Need Money?"

By Anna Von Reitz

Every once in a while, I get some bewildered people who think that I work for the government, asking me, "Why do you need money?"

Well, let's see..... because I don't get paid for my work, and it takes money to pay expenses, court fees, travel costs, printer ink, paper, electric bills, lunch for volunteers..... there's a long list of such constant demands above and beyond all the work that researchers and paralegals and non-Bar lawyers just donate to this. 

Another reason we need money is that unlike virtually everyone else out there, we don't require people to pay "membership fees" to have access to the information and we don't make them pay for books of copyrighted forms and we don't charge $2000 per head to help fill out the forms, either.  If we did these things, we wouldn't need donations --- but on the flip side, there would be millions of innocent people left in the dark and up a creek without a paddle.

So.  We make our stuff available for free.  And we share and try to help everyone as best we can with what we have.   It is -- WWG1WGA.  Literally.

Another reason is that we are not public employees, nobody pays us, we don't get any part of your taxes as revenue.  We are all just Americans like everyone else, plodding along with our own lives, our own dramas, doing all this as volunteers. 

I had a man inform me that he was too busy to do anything to help, because he was in the process of moving, so it was all up to me. So I sat here at my desk for a moment with my head bowed and then I shot back a list of what I have facing me in my own little individual human life and role as a Great-Grandma. 

You don't want to see that list. 

It woke him up to the realities of this situation in short order.  No, I am not a well-paid, smug, and protected Judge in a cushy job just sitting on my velvet tuffet.  I am a retiree that was called back into service as a volunteer and instead of getting paid for this, a lot of what should be my retirement goes toward the expenses as enumerated above. 

I also have all the other burdens of life that everyone else does -- sick grandbabies, electric bills, dripping faucets, health concerns, and that list goes on for a page and a half ending "….. and to clean all the toilets in the house before I leave on another trip to try to save the world."

On top of all that, we had a 7.0 Earthquake that really jumbled things up and broke a lot of equipment and unsettled house foundations and caused other disruption that we are still digging out of.  It is now spring in Alaska, so it's melting and as the frost goes out of the ground we have to address problems that couldn't be addressed while the ground was frozen. Hello, Houston?  There are house foundations and car port footings and roof repairs.... and all of that takes away from what we, Alaskans, can put toward the expenses of researchers in Minnesota and Illinois and Utah --- volunteers, most of whom are elderly themselves and on limited budgets.   

I guess some people need more than a wake up call.  Anyone who could ask "why do you need money?"  is probably not dealing with all the facts, so here they are.

Americans --- not "US Citizens" --- are owed trillions of dollars worth of land and trusts and precious metals, but the "US Citizens" can't pay anyone.  So what they are doing is offering our assets to pay their debts and our position as their Priority Creditors is not being brought forward by anyone but you, me, and the chickens.

As a result, Americans stand to lose everything and there is the very real prospect of a worldwide bankruptcy and shut down that would make the Great Depression and those 1930's G-5 bankruptcies look like child's play ---- unless the work that we are doing here and now succeeds.

The schemers who set up the Federal Reserve System and the idiots that dreamed up Bretton Woods are cows that have come home.  The "asset to credit ratio" that should be always within the realm of nature, is completely blown into fairyland and beyond.  There is no way to "fix it" by any normal means.  Not by a GCR, not by a Brexit, and not by enslaving Mankind for the next billion years. 

The banks worldwide can't ever pay what they owe, so the military goes, "Uh-oh!" and now you know why the plot to kill off ninety percent of humanity exists.  It's not because of pollution.  It's not because of inability to feed people and animals.  It's not because of anything but human greed and stupidity.  The people who got us all into this Mess don't have brains enough to get us out, so their answer is --- well, let's just kill everyone off, seize their assets, collect the life insurance policies, and start over.

So.  What do you do?  Stand there like dumb cattle?  Ask me why I need money to bring forward your claims and enforce other solutions that can actually work and keep the boat afloat? 

It's not "me" that needs money.  It's you that needs money applied in a way that will save your lives and homes and families.  And as I look around, our group and a few others are the only ones out here doing the work and developing the systemic remedies that are needed.  So that is why we need money. 

And that is why you all need to get your BC's and Witness Testimonies together, get your paperwork recorded, assemble your States of the Union, restore the government you are owed, batten the hatches, and yes, send whatever you can possibly squeeze into our efforts here.

We are in the process of joining with two other major well-known law research groups and this is very good news because it expands the data base and capabilities and range of skills we have -- but again, and even though nobody gets paid a dime for doing the work, the expenses expand along with the increase of these capabilities.

So, that, too, is why we need money and why we can't do it alone and why it is in fact to everyone's benefit to put the hammer down and get this job done.


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  1. So why, pray tell, are there not Crowd Funding sites set up to generate money for your various needs? They seem to bring in funds for far less important reasons than your amazing "helps all Americans" projects? I assume if you asked for volunteers to set them up to support this mission people would come to aid you. I brought this up before and nothing happened. If you are reading this and think this is a good idea and could help or know people that could..... post it here! HeartLightLove~ PRK

  2. Anna, I deeply appreciate your third paragraph!

    Re: "non-Bar lawyers" - What is your definition, description (or the like) of a "non-Bar lawyer"? .........

    Re: WG1WGA - What is your source for this "slogan", Anna?

    "QAnon believers even have a slogan, 'Where we go one, we go all,' which they often abbreviate to 'WWG1WGA.' It’s become a rallying cry for QAnon fans that Q has attributed to President John F. Kennedy, although it actually appears to come from the 1996 action movie White Squall.":

    Do affirmations like: "Large sums of money come to me easily and effortlessly now" appeal to you? .........

    How about encouraging private individuals to create new products and/ or services that feature what is offered in your articles? ......... I.e. a magazine devoted to The Real American People (preferrably under another "title" because the initials of this one spell out TRAP ; ~ )

    A magazine could have paid advertising and subscriptions. There are people who learn much better when they can hold printed material in their hands so they can underline, highlight write notes in the white space, etc. Plus the magazine itself is an advertisement wherever it is seen or displayed. In any case the true American way is to create value in things and/or services. Creating is our inherent nature. A publication could start as a newspaper and grow into a professional looking magazine.

    The idea of the magazine came to me this morning and I thought I'd do some research about that possibility however now with this article I am inspired to just present the idea as it is.

    Thank you very much!

    1. I like this idea, and would love to be part of something like this.

  3. Everyone who learns the principles and practices of an emancipated American State National can begin to apply their new tax free Trading earnings on a tithing basis: What was learned from Anna led to a very good money earning Trade, sans taxation, so, it is more than fair that such beneficiaries of this research should donate to the effort to actualize national implementation of American State National Assemblies, in perpetuity, 1/10 of their increase through tax free Trading. Their free Trading would never have been revitalized but through Anna's information and know how, so that is very fair, very simple, and very effective method in developing millions, even billions for funding the cause of re-achieving freedom from tyrants and thieves for the sovereign American people.

  4. And this is why you stand out, your words are heartfelt, genuine truth, so ate your actions...providing the information on donation only. One human, helping others via their knowledge, without a profit.

    Yest thee serve another, thyne gifts be bountiful.

    I knew if I kept searching, I'd find that person that had the same goal in mind. Help yourself then help others by sharing what you know. That is the way it works. Shame on those profiting up front for information which should be available to all. I was appalled by one of these "entitled" to help me when I reached out due to time sensitive answers I really needed which was going to escalate if I didn't respond. This individual offered to help me on private consult - at $8K.

    Yeah, shook my head too. Thank you ANNNA, AND TEAM, for all you do.

  5. Let's everyone get our tax free Trading enterprises (listen to Anna's Monday night webinar) up and running as soon as possible for obvious reasons: for personal prosperity, for building Assemblies, for paying researchers, for costs defrayment, for removing income from the massive pile of corporate leeching enterprises, for building our America again.

    First get "papered up", then get Trading enterprises of your very private own, sans tax, sans incorporation or LLC's or Partnerships, or any other entrapment device proffered by the State of State establishment, bringing in vastly more earnings than possible with a corporate j-o-b ("just over broke"), which forcefully slots employees as a 'Withholding Agent" and reports employees "income" (not) to the IRS to come and force you to pay an income tax designed for U.S. Citizens, which American nationals are not.

    Hey this study of State Nationals is not only a stimulating mind exercise and a very cool reality check, but it also begins to come into focus as a whole new way of life including massive prosperity via free Trading, marketing our skills, Yankee ingenuity and inventiveness without the assistance of the thieves who had formerly lured us in to their paper captivity. Anything which currently is being "consumed" by people paying inflated prices is a potential product or service to offer in our free Trading enterprizes, sold at rates that will beat the corporate competition and swell the free Trading bottom line. 1/10 as a tithe to the American National cause is a pittance compared to the freedoms and values gained.

  6. God bless you have helped MANY with your invaluable insights and knowledge! We are grateful for you!

    I just want to say to those QUESTIONING WHY (?) you need money!
    The SHORT answer -

    for the SAME reasons YOU do - jackass!!!

  7. Cracking the code by Peter hendrickson