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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

New Silver Bullion Opportunity in Pre-Launch at Lower Prices.

QuickSilver Backoffice

If you have been looking for a lower cost way to accumulate bullion silver rather than buying collector coins, and you want to get started at a much lower cost also, then you need to click the link above and watch the 1 minute video.

Get a free 1 gram bar of silver just for taking a short tour and a brief survey!

Use automated systems that are simple and low cost to find thousands of people who want silver at very low costs, and build a lifetime residual income over time.

Robert Kiyosaki says "Silver is the biggest opportunity I have ever seen!"

Ron Paul says "If there's one thing investors should buy right now, it's silver."

We are in pre-launch so get in at the top and get first mover advantage.

Yes, this is a new company that is partnering with Mint Builder, for those who want bullion silver at low cost in smaller quantities on a continuous basis.

Quick Silver will Launch on June 1st and start shipping within a few days of launch.

I am in.  If you are already in  Mint Builder, once you watch the movie and put your info in the form you will be taken to an intro page. Just click on Get Started. That takes you to the pre-launch registration page. Above the rocket click on the login in the upper right corner. That will bring up a login form where you will use the same ID and password you used for Mint Builder.

This can be used as a feeder program for Mint Builder or it will also stand on it's own for up to a $10,000 per month max income per position.

Go ahead and log in and look the system over. You will like what you see.

If you have any questions at that point you can email or call me.

Best time to call is mornings  8AM to about 1 PM weekdays.

Paul Stramer   office 406 889 3183  cellphone 406 253 4257


  1. Rock says: If this silver is federally taxed, then this this is not low cost...or freedom...just saying...

    1. Silver is just a commodity like wheat or corn or any other bulk commodity. There are no taxes on it. At least not in Montana where I live.

    2. Hey Paul. I am interested in purchasing silver, but unfortunately I have spent 3 years researching and subsequently correcting my status on the public record. This offer is only available to "Residents" of the listed countries. RES: Thing. Ident: identified. The "Thing" identified. I am a New Jersean. I am not a "Resident", a British Territorial citizen or a Municipal US CITIZEN OF USADC, a temporary "resident" on the land.

      IS this a test to see if we will undo everything we have corrected so we can get something "free"? I do not see the peace time American flag listed. Please contact me at

      Thanks, Annie

    3. Governments and other businesses in America have different definitions for resident. I'd only be worried if you were taking up this offer on a .gov type website.

    4. Annie, if you are waiting for someone to build a network marketing company just for American Nationals you are going to be waiting for quite a while. This is not a test. I would not recommend anyone that is out of the system to join it.
      But many of us are working at fundraising for this effort, and are still using the system, and there are many people who are needing something to boost their finances, which this can do if it is done right.
      Another aspect is that there are lots of people who are still in the system that need the boost but would not consider supporting Anna's work. Their money spends just as good as ours, and it's up to the individual how they want to go about it. Silver is probably the best investment on the planet right now. It's up to you what you want to do, or just do nothing.