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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

This is what happens when we let them pass gun control and confiscation!

Look at what happened in Venezuela after they did it.

Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result.

This is what the politicians in the U.S. are trying to do to us, especially the radical leftists and the RINO Republicans.  Even Donald J Trump has got it wrong with his bump stock ban. Everyone needs to rub his nose in that one. Send this video to him over and over.

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  1. It seems to make complete sense, that the "British Territorial United States and the MUNICIPAL UNITED STATES, "Corporations" have the right to disarm their subjects. LEGAL FICTIONLAND granted rights to PERSONS.

    People have traded their unalienable rights for the illusion of "Saftey".

    It doesn't take long to figure out how much Saftey we get from "law enforcement", just dial 911 and see how long it takes them to show up.

    Are People really that Stupid?

    Yesterday I needed to pick up paperwork from one of their "Courts". While emptying my pockets I was asked if I had any weapons? I responded: "I have my brain but it can't be scanned". He laughed and said: Well, you are armed and dangerous." How true!

    The greatest error of presumption during my 60 years was to believe all people had common sense. How wrong I am.

    My spirit is created in the image of the Divine Creator. Not a portion of my spirit, My entire spirit. It is my greatest wish that those I speak to about this great deception, open their mind, ears and eyes because I would not waste my time, which is the ultimate gift, to pass on the knowledge needed so they can protect themselves from those making empty promises of safety.

    They have had 2 generations of indoctrination. Do we get Liberty or Freedom?

  2. Milligan Vs Exparte sets a precedent. As long as the people do not have their own government organized and currently serving doing the duties of the offices, leaving them empty the Feds can come in and take control or take actions like they
    did in Milligan. In that case the people did have their own American Common Law assemblies and offices with the result that the court ordered the men who had been arrested and in prison during the war to be released.
    This is based on the law of land not they corporate polices of foreign hegemonistin actors playing clown for the masters. Master above, slave below, unless you happen to be an American National and know how to respect others, govern your self and take care of life rather then use it for sales and profits.