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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Europe and America

By Anna Von Reitz

Even though this is mainly for my friends in Europe, it needs to be read by Americans as well. 

Every week, I get lots of correspondence from people in Europe who have awakened and realized that they are in the same boat as the Americans.  Invariably they want to know --- what do WE do in our country, with our situation?  Can you help? 

About all we can do at this point (with a few exceptions) is share what we have found and point Europeans in the right direction to research how your national government has been corrupted --- but it is slightly different in every country, because it was all done by legislation.

A key point is that "legislation" by its nature is not the Public Law of Mankind.  Legislation is law for corporations and is meant to apply only to corporate workers and officials, not to the General Public at all. 

The "State of State" legislatures in America have attempted to wear two hats --- one as a legislature passing "General Session Laws" that apply to the State Trusts that were created after the Civil War, and one as a legislature running the business of the State of State corporations, which results in "State Statutes".  

The two different kinds of laws are a direct result of the "State" Legislatures trying to act in two separate capacities --- one as Trustees for our State of the Union, one as business moguls intent on making profit for their State of State Corporation at our expense.

This is an obvious and gross conflict of interest.  You will see the same pattern of abuse of and "bilateral operation" of the provincial and county and parish governments in Europe.  Since the Second World War in this country at least, it has been even worse. 

We have had one legislative body acting in three conflicted capacities --- and then, people wonder why the Congress and the "State" Legislatures are always gridlocked and can't get anything done and when they do something it is almost always wrong?  Well....

In Alaska, for example, you have one body acting as -- purportedly at least -- "the State Legislature" and calling itself "the Alaska Legislature" --- but in fact, it is one body of people acting in three different and conflicting capacities: (1) Board of Trustees for the Alaska State (a trust) and (2) the "legislative body" for the British Territorial franchise doing business as the "State of Alaska" and (3) the "legislative body" for the Municipal franchise doing business as the "STATE OF ALASKA".

As you begin to examine how your government is actually working versus how it is supposed to work, you will observe that it has been similarly mis-used to usurp unauthorized powers over the people these institutions are supposed to serve, and that your legislative bodies have also been thrown into irreconcilable conflicts of interest.

This has been a slow creeping miasma spread internationally by the US Military under the direction of sleazy mostly European banking interests that have used and abused the US Military and are now trying to use and abuse the Chinese Military, too. 

For a pinpoint on where it really got going in earnest in recent times, we point to the later reign of Queen Victoria in England and the actual nature of the Disraeli and Gladstone Debates. Disraeli promised the Queen to make her "Empress of India" if she allowed the "enfranchisement" --- think Dairy Queen franchises --- of the English, Scottish, and Irish working classes. 

Promoted as a good thing and a step forward for the working classes, it was in fact a form of entrapment, by which the victims were enslaved and claimed as chattel under Admiralty Law and by which "citizenship" was conferred upon them as employees and dependents of the government of Great Britain and later, the UK. 

Now, the Masters and Lords of the Exchequer (Mr. Disraeli, especially) and the Commissioners of the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Roman Catholic owners and operators of Cede and Company, the DTC/DTTC, and many other such organizations --- they all knew and they still know that it is totally illegal, unlawful, and immoral to "securitize" a living man or "hypothecate" debt against a living man --- so they abused the Probate Court and the Queen's "Other Office", The Chair of the Estates --- to declare all those newly enfranchised English, Scots, and Irish "legally dead". 

They could then "legally" --- but still unlawfully and immorally -- seize upon the names and estates of the victims, establish Cestui Que Vie trusts in their NAMES, and "securitize" their estates and issue credit based on the value of these estates to the guilty government corporations.

Thus the secretive robbery and enslavement of the English, Irish, and Scots paid for the conquest and not-so-secret enslavement of the Subcontinent of India.  The Queen got her "Empress of India" at the cost of her soul, and if the general public had truly understood what was done to them, it is quite likely that she would have been de-throned as well. 

We, Americans, have been unknowingly been used as cheap mercenaries in wars for profit, and then we have been required to pay for the expense of waging the wars as well.  This is a pattern that began with the Thirty Years War in Europe and which has continued with only a few bumps since then.

For this, we and the rest of the world, can "thank" the Swiss and French and English and  New York bankers, plus, ---and especially--- the various Securities traders and Securities Exchange authorities that are supposed to ride herd on these traders and transactions, military personnel who have been lied to and had access to only compartmentalized information, all the members of every Bar Association worldwide, and politicians who have been either: (1) intelligent but crooked or (2) elected because they were malleable and dumb as stumps.

The rats have legislated themselves a series of unconscionable contracts and then enforced them under color of law and used these contracts to "redefine" us all as government workers or officials in order to establish their purported control over us and enhance their ability to enslave and dominate us using their own ability to legislate "Public Policy" for their corporations.

That is not how things are supposed to work, but it is the direct result of the conflict of interest exposed above, and the practice of letting one legislature exercise two or three or more such divergent capacities.

Now that you can see what the situation is and how it arose, you also understand the necessity of objecting to these "unconscionable" contracts that have been foisted off on you in the form of "conferred" citizenships.

An "unconscionable contract" is a contract that you are literally unaware of and can not reasonably be able to be aware of ---- such as a contract with a baby, which is precisely what these monsters have done with the birth registration practices they have put in place worldwide.

In America, the British Territorial [Military] Government is responsible for this and has its own cute story trying to justify it.  

They have pretended that our whole country is still engaged in a "war" --- that in fact, The American Civil War, is still magically ongoing more than 150 years after hostilities ceased. 

Using this vain excuse, they have defined our whole country as a "battlefield" and they have set up quasi-military districts and district governments to go with them, and they have been going around on "the battlefield" --  taking "protective custody" of "lost and unidentified infants" laying in their Mother's arms-- and "presuming" them to be "United States Citizens" and also "presuming" the Mothers to be mere "Informants" who "found" the babies on this bogus "battlefield". 

This is how they "conferred" --- "gifted" --- us all with United States Citizenship and dubbed us "Federal Government Employees"  and brought us under their corporate Statutory Law without our knowledge or consent while we were still babies in our cradles --- via the exercise of an unconscionable Admiralty contract. 

If you believe this rot, we have approximately 350 million government workers in America, with nobody to serve but other government workers.

As if this shameless fraud and breach of trust by our disloyal British Territorial employees was not enough, the Congress acting in its "Municipal Capacity" --that is, as the plenary government of the Municipality of Washington, DC [Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17], got into the act as well, and "conferred" an even worse "gift" of "municipal citizenship" upon us, setting us up to be "defined" as SLAVES, DEBTORS, FUGITIVES, and whatever else the vermin cared to say about us.

It is, thus, with a sense of wonderment, that they have been able to get away with this for 150 years. 

Nobody has even examined the source of all this crappola--- the Enrollment Act of 1863--- to determine whether or not the elected corporate officers of the Northern Confederate States (which were in fact "States of States" and commercial corporations facing bankruptcy---not our actual States at all) had any authority to take any such action in the first place. 

I suppose it is our natural antipathy for "government" that leads the vast majority of us to jog trot away from it like a pile of dog excrement melting in the rain, hoping merely to keep our shoes clean ----- but things have gotten so bad that even the most offended sensibilities must be overcome, and we must pay attention to the history, the law, the facts, and the truly desperate juncture that a majority of countries worldwide have come to.

For those in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales --- we have just touched upon the basic scheme that was employed, who employed it, why they employed it, etc., and somewhat in big strokes how they employed it --- (1) incorporation and privatization of government functions using "Municipal Corporation Acts", (2) laws requiring birth registrations, (3) laws conferring "presumed citizenship on minors" and on "unknown civilians" under military and "civil emergency" auspices, (4) laws pertaining to missing persons and probate of their estates as Cestui Que Vie Trusts, (5) laws in Admiralty allowing the "attachment" of people as "presumed officers" responsible for the debts of derelict "vessels" -- that is, Warrant Officers and Tax Withholding Agents --- we found all that included as "Supplemental Admiralty Rules" magically added like an afterthought to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, but in fact being the entire reason for the existence of the FRCP, and (6) voter registrations and licensing of activities -- like getting married and driving your own car down to the grocery store -- that are normally NOT prohibited nor prohibitable.

These six general areas of interest are what you all need to be looking at in terms of piecing together the offending "legislative history" while also keeping your perspective and claiming back your own Good Name and Estate and restoring your rightful National Governments.

If enough of us wake up worldwide, and determine that this criminality has gone on far more than long enough, won't be tolerated, and has been the cause of 90% of the misery in this world ---- we can change things. 

By taking up our birthright political status as living men and women and by operating our lawful National Governments quite apart from anything the Liars and Schemers do, we can remove and liquidate the corporate pirates using their own rules and never fire a shot.  We can support and defend each other, and eventually, the immensity of this criminality and its terrible impacts on everyone including those who are currently promoting this "System" of things, will become apparent.

To this great and necessary cause we are all being called and the call is urgent.  Tell everyone you know.  This is where we are, this is how we got here, and this is what we have to do --- record our claim to be who we are and claim back our birthright political status, get organized, and operate our lawful national government. 

Obviously, when we do this, we are no longer part of the Babylonian "System" that Queen Victoria and her perfidious Lord of the Exchequer foisted off on us, but we can still make it hot enough for the purveyors of this "System" simply by recognizing the fact that they are operating in Bad Faith and as criminals and also by informing them and their minions that they are acting under Color of Law, using Unconscionable Contracts, improperly prosecuting landsmen under Admiralty Law, and participating in a vast host of crimes including:
unlawful conversion, identity theft, impersonation, barratry, conspiracy against the lawful government, treason against the lawful government, violation of commercial service contracts, unconscionable contracting practices, Bad Faith, false claims in commerce, kidnapping, press-ganging, enslavement, and inland piracy. 

Present this information to your local lawyers and judicial authorities and law enforcement officers and ask them if they have any "stomach" to be further involved in this?  And if not, offer them two choices --- stay where you are within the "System" and work Heaven and Earth to change it, or, leave the Bar Association and enjoy the wider world as a Counselor of Law, and help change the "System" from the outside.  For the Law Enforcement Officers, this choice would translate to functioning as Peacekeeping Officers instead of or in addition to functioning as LEOs. 

Good luck, Europe!  Especially to all my beleaguered Kissing Cousins in Germany and Scotland!  Remember in facing up to all this, we have one great advantage over the corporations --- we exist as the living, breathing, handiwork of God; they are stuck on pieces of paper and housed in file drawers.


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  1. Everyone have a listen and be aware at all times
    Coordinated effotts at all levels to keep us in bondage
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. This reminds me of Plato's "ALLEGORY OF THE CAVE", controlling our perception of reality.

      There are many A points but the point is: No external authority exist!

      Evolve, set yourself free through fully integrated honesty and wide scope accountability.

  2. This goes way back, even before Plato's "REPUBLIC".

    The external authority concept was implanted and manipulated in the minds during man's early discovery of consciousness and the breakdown of the bicameral mind, implanted and manipulated by those wanting to extract and maintain unearned and undeserved values from others.

    1. Most certainly true, Craig! That has been the his-story and it has continued through today - however a genetic-based evolution of consciousness[1] will change that. We just have to "hang in" here a few more years and, if possible, do all we can to prepare the way.

      [1] See the "Gene Keys" by Richard Rudd

    2. I'm not familiar with "Gene Keys". Yes! A quantum leap in consciousness based on fully integrated honesty and wide scope accountability is needed.

    3. I would also add, that breaking free of the external authority cult mentality is absolutely essential.

  3. When it is a violation of the Genver convention of 1926
    to be an involuntary employee of any Gov. Inc., why is it
    not possible to use this convention and sue alle the
    perpetrators on basis of the established law ??