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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

More than 60% of French citizens refuse NWO fascism

You really, really need to watch this video.  

If we don't get busy this will come to America.

Powerful. Please pass to others.

Watch this full screen!


  1. I watched this 4 hours after your posting Paul and I am surprised it is still available on facebook. Thank you for sharing it. I shared it on my fb page.

  2. Anna, the parasites sprayed nanobots on us for years. They remotely program them to see what we see, hear what we hear including our own voices, etc. Step one: we have to eliminate these bots.

  3. There is only one microscope that can detect nano bots in the blood or water suppy....a "scanning tunneling electron microscope "....and hardly any doctor has heard of it even though it was invented in the early 80's....!!

  4. After sailing around and meeting a lot of people from around the world it seemed the most problematic troubles people have is governments. People themselves amazingly on their own seemed fine, got along and generally want to enjoy life and be peaceful. Cannon emplacements, fortresses and signs of overthrow and killing still adorn the islands where these struggles for world domination of peoples is evident. Venezuela is such a beautiful place of land on the Earth and now becoming more scarred each day as government powers tangle over the "prize" ignoring the people as though merely cattle to be rounded up and penned in and of course given a snack or two as long as they obey.

  5. weve had "corporate fascism" for decades/century. pointed this out to white house staffers when she was in the edu dept. re: reagan's broken promises (and agreements with soviets, see "perestroika deception" "new lies for old" etc.)

    their reply? "gee, i never thought if it that way"

    a lot like margaret thatcher: i dont think gorbachev's a leninist anymore. i dont think weve been deceived -- at least i hope not.

    there may be clever/satanic "occultists" at high levels, but they manipulate the people around them.
    these supposedly "private" "charter" "schools" are more of the same. just give it all to the law merchants e.g. goldman sachs without even elected school boards nowadays, the "Gov." appoints them. LOL. "corporate fascism" ezra pound pointed this out decades ago re: roosevelt and the "new deal". mussolinni or jefferson IIRC.

  6. fascism == corporate-governed state, hyperfast/inflated "Economy" for "Business" (which has "merged" with "gov." or captured it/etc.). even green party ralph nader used to point out "corporate government" taking over, taking over "schools" etc.

    kind of sad but utterly predictable the "new" green party, is in love/bed with the corporations. whether people care about "the environment" or not etc. they are 180* away from ralph nader, who had no love for corporations. the "new" "green new deal" (meet the new boss, same as the old boss) is entirely co-dependent on corporations.

    this is why the "conservatives" really hate the "green new deal" -- intruding on their corporate gov. territory. they love a "managed" planned economy of worker bees/slaves, but only for "business" and "profit" not for the "Earth".

    1. ralph nader was one of the few people with a clue re: corporate gov. aka fascism...but the new "green" party has stabbed him in the back too. he pointed out corporate elections private "Debates" the fact "parties" are all "private" long ago...but this was ignored, because the hegelian brainwashing show must go on.

      that tells me all these "new" "green new deal" people are totally bought off, certainly not the "old" green party. i hope the old folks despise the "new" green party for selling out.